It was early in the morning, 8 AM, did the meditation of Twin Hearts of Pranic Healing, which is meant to heal the earth, and red Psalm 19 in Hebrew. I felt more energy than the usual, a very fine quality of energy coming from my hands. It really felt as if I was doing something to help. Received an e-mail of this on July 16, and mailed it to all my spiritual friends so that they too could make a difference. Love
- Gail A. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


The most touching thing for me during the meditation was to feel an intense and warm love coming up from the earth to my heart. It was so deep and strong that I started to cry. No sad, no happiness… only a gentle and sweet warm feeling of great and pure love. I saw an image, of many persons floating out of the planet, bounded to the earth through a bright cord. Was a colorful and peaceful image. Thank you all for share this.
- Maria E. S. (Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina)



My husband and I started our meditation at 7:11 a.m. our local time. I opened my heart and 7th chakra and started to channel pink energy. I asked Archangels, Saint Germain, angels and beings of the light to help all of us to channel healing energy. I just felt the energy flowing deep into the earth and surrounding it. It felt great to have participated in these important event. My husband did his meditation too, although he did not stay the complete one hour because he had to go to work. I would love to know if all of us around the world who participated did help to our planet. My friend meditated in his own home, only for 45 minutes because he had to leave for work.
- Evelyn (La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia)



One hour passed like a few minutes. I enter in meditation immediately I felt I had no body, a golden light brings to me joy, and many colors appears. Images from Africa, China and Middle East came into my mind. Feelings of abundance and beauty came into my heart. And I saw all over the world people celebrating. I saw animals, whales, forests, oceans, rivers, mountains... It was a very intensive experience, thank you for the opportunity. Sorry my English. Light and Love
- Reni S. F. (Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)


It was easy to concentrate and keep connected for the full hour, which most felt impossible beforehand. We all saw the beautiful colors sparkling at the grid and I heard amazing sounds and hums. Waves of gratitude and joy and bliss overflowed us, so we all knew that the task had been successfully completed even before hearing from others. Thank you for the wonderful experience! Let's keep doing it!
- Celia S. (Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL)



Hi. I am a reiki Master and whenever i meditate i send energy to our planet using my hands and intention to heal. On July 17 again i asked to be a clear channel and be of service in this great cause. As a reiki master i can contact mother earth Spirit using the symbols (that’s how we do long distance healing). usually I see her with my inner eye as a blue and green planet ,small enough in front of me so i can put my hands around. This time I saw a magnificent energy being so great that i could not see her whole body. I saw her round border (a small portion) the way you see it from a plane but very close to me. She has white light around her and she is beautiful. I wanted to tell you this because something has changed. She is now aware of what we are doing and she is responding to us. I am doing long distance healing to our planet 3 times a week and thank you sooooo much for what you are doing.
- Gina C. (Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile)


Weeks before finding out about Fire the Grid when I would look at the clock in the morning it would always be 7:11 am and I wondered why this was happening. Then I was sent the information about firing the grid and lo and behold the time I had to begin meditation to fire the grid was 7:11 am. During the meditation I felt an incredible amount of love, it brought tears to my eyes. Love and hope and peace is what I felt. Hope that our world will change, that we will all come to realize the importance of loving and caring for each other and the planet. We can do this. All we have to do is decide to do it each one of us.
- Lisa C. (Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile)



I offered my entire being and world to be the open door that no man can shut for the Light of God to pour forth through me to bless, heal and raise up All Life. I quieted myself beforehand and then prayed solidly for the whole hour, using my own prayers and decrees given by the Ascended Masters. I communed with the Mighty Elohim and asked for their intervention in all areas of life on Earth. I often felt the vibrations running through me and down into Mother Earth, knowing that the energy was on its way to Fire the Grid. When the hour was complete I knew that, collectively, we had been completely successful. Thank you.
- Hiram C. (Armenia, Quindio, Colombia)


While meditating I saw cracks on the earth's surface and I was repairing them in the meditation, and I was flabbergasted when I saw the pictures later that day of the earthquake in Japan. It was those same cracks that I had been mending in my meditation. In Colombia it was 6:11 in the morning and my 9-year old son, who was at his father's house, put on the alarm clock to meditate and pray for our wounding earth.
- Anette S. (Bogota, Colombia)


It was the most intense meditation I've ever had. Although normally I lose concentration after 20 minutes I held my concentration for the full 60 minutes. I felt connected to the earth and to other people. There was an intense white light behind my eyelids that seemed to come from a heat source above my forehead. It felt like this light connected me to, and partially came from, a web to which I was connected on many points and that seemed to stretch all over the world. I felt at that this web energised me and that at the same time I was energising it. This energy seemed to emanate from me in a ball that kept growing and getting stronger, I felt like had turned into a beacon of light. I could feel other people, or beings, around me, some observing curiously and other walking around me. I know for a fact that none of these people were physically there. In some cases I could even sense whether it was a male or female presence and how they were dressed. Some of them were going about their business. I wonder if I was sensing people that were close to another participant in the event, but some were non-corporeal entities. Since then, I have felt energised like never before and it feels like reality has been altered- the world looks and feels different. I constantly sense other presences around me. Many of the people closest to me seem happier as well. Something very powerful definitely happened. It would be great to share in meditation with so many people again.
- Mauricio G. (Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia)



I like to sleep a lot, so I was so nervous about not waking up that I actually woke up three times during the night!! (My time zone is -5GMT) But I did it! I was up 05:50am, ready to sit and meditate for the hour, with the intention set on healing the planet. It was a nice time, with the quietness of the city as it was starting to wake up. Close to the end I felt the need to put my hands before me as holding a ball, sending energy to the earth. I feel very happy of being part and helped firing the grid!!
- Mayte B. (Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador)


We did not meditate and pray, we did what we felt more comfortable, and listened to both melodies Sky Sent and Be Still Thy Soul. Let's hope our little support is worth to help the Earth and its living creatures, including human being.
- S. L. Family (Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador)



I imagined the spiritual flame of great central sun in action on the earth. Violet flame, blue flame, gold flame, pink flame, white flame, green flame... Regards,
- Sebastien/Group of French Guiana (Cayenne, French Guiana)



I felt so much at peace during and after the hour of meditation. It was a wonderful experience for all of us in the group.
- Louise C. (Lima, Peru)



Special day feels good to know all around the world people are meditating for healing
- AnneMarie (Pramaribo, Suriname)



Just a few days ago I got the information about “Fire the Grid” to be realized on July 17 at 11:11 GMT. This is the moment I have been waiting. The moment to open our mind. The moment to open our heart. The moment to connect all of us in an effort to start the needed changes to make a better world. July 17, 2007 will be the turning point of the humanity. The recognition of our ever unity of all of us since always. The moment we will be able to look our Light, our Happiness, and our unending Peace. This is the moment Creation started.


I am one of the blessed people who received the information about the FTG activity through your web page (just last Sunday July 15th) so I had the opportunity to be part of the meditation yesterday 17-07-07. I live in a small farm at the Andes Mountains and had the chance to witness the most beautiful experience in every sense, before, during the activity and after that. I played the music from your web page so at the time of the meditation, all this place and its surroundings vibrated in that marvelous tone... Also birds sang more than ever... more flowers opened, etc., etc. And our hearts have been blessed since Tuesday morning. Even Monday night I felt so joyful I couldn't fall asleep. Also neighbors, relatives and friends whom I had the chance to notify thru internet, joined with us in the meditation. Finally since I have read all of Shelley's page and because I am one of those believers Bradfield mentions in his beautiful song SKY SENT, I am contacting you because I want to join you in this loving crusade for our planet as a team leader. I will prepare the list of people who can be counted upon for all activities that I hope are to come in the near future. Thanks to all for this beautiful effort! Let the Light of the Universe involve all of Us.
- Teresa Reyes S.A. (La Azulita, Mérida, Venezuela)


Since i did my meditation for the planet i'm feeling more connected to IT! also, i have developed some strange connections with people with the same or similar views or quest in life. some of them i don't even know personally, we speak to each other over the internet though, but it just feels right and wonderful, i can sense them in my heart. I feel that with this subtle awakening in individuals we are doing a superb job. I'd like to be a team leader in my region. what do i need to do? thanks, and you have all my love and respect brothers and sisters!
- Eugen H. (Maracaibo, Venezuela)


For that hour, I let all my cares and preoccupations that have been haunting me go away. I concentrated on the vision of a world with no war, no famine, no draught. a world of joy for my children and grandchildren. I felt peaceful and at one with all. we swam and communed in the water. I was hoping to hear a message, but the message came as a reminder to keep feeling that way no matter what. I caught a glimpse of an electric blue tailed lizard that my friend said was her lucky lizard, and then I came home and found a small beetle walking on me. These things give me joy.
- Luisa M. (Porlamar, Margarita Island, Venezuela)


At 7:11 am, the time for firing the grid in my country, I was lying on my bed doing visualization along with the cleansing of my chakras. After that, I visualized the grid that surrounds the planet in a very bright dark blue color. Suddenly, the grid turned gold, I tried to focus on each one of the continents and the bodies of water, starting with my continent, South America. As soon as I reached Europe, I lost my focus and started falling as in a whirl. I lost consciousness of the moment, I couldn't hear, nor "see" anything in my mind. I just "was." Floating in the "void". As I "returned" to my own self, I decided to say a short prayer thanking God for the joyful moment. When I opened my eyes, it was already 8:10! Please, keep in mind I am trying to use words to describe a moment with no-time, peaceful and quiet. I don't know if everybody experienced the same. That's why I decided to share my experience with you. I love belonging to “a conscious humankind.” In Love & Light, To Life!
- Ruth A. (Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela)




I was privileged to join a group of approx 50 people at a metaphysical centre in Adelaide. I "experienced" many things in the meditation and felt the energy very strongly. At times I felt like I would lift off my seat and unexpectedly started to chant (in my mind) "OM SHANTI". Immediately I saw the Great Pyramid in Egypt and was viewing it from above it when I saw lines of energy coming from four directions into the base of it and white light directly from the then started spinning. I was then taken through what looked like a wormhole and came out in South America to the pyramids… then to Ullaru where I saw many aboriginal elders standing in a line smiling...then to Russia and Thailand and on and on…then back to the pyramids...still spinning. I then saw Mother Earth being cradled in massive pair of hands and huge smiling eyes lovingly looking upon her with ribbons of Rainbow light being poured over her. I saw men on battle fields put down their guns and embrace each other and people all over the world smiling and embracing each other and saw deserts flourish with lush green grass, flowers and wildlife...real went on and on.. Thankyou Shelley for having the courage to follow through with this "plan" and allowing us the opportunity to fulfill part of our sacred contract at this time...I felt very blessed and privileged to take part in this project….I told many friends as the time approached that I felt it was what I was here to do at this time on this planet. Thankyou and Bless you! OM SHANTI


Where I live in Australia, it would be 9:11pm that I would join with all of you to Fire the Grid. Knowing I needed to get myself ready for bed soon, I would do so after this 'one thing I was working on'. Then, a clank from some dishes in the kitchen occurred (I live by myself). "O.K., thank you" I said, as I took this as a message that I needed to leave what I was doing. I got up from the sofa and headed to my dining room table. Out of the blue I started singing Aum Namah Shivaya. Oh my, I thought, where'd that come from? I hadn't any prior thought through the day or anything. "Ah, how beautiful" I thought. I will take this into my meditation this evening. Now, only today, after the event, did I read of the suggestions you'd made Shelley for our sharing of the one hour. I giggled in appreciation that song came to me - and oh what a passionate one and one of strength to sing to Mother Earth! I had sat one weekend in 1989 in Tokyo, Japan with Gurumayi of Sidha yoga. It was there I chanted for the weekend this very beautiful mantra. Since then I sing it sometimes, but not frequently at all, in my continued practice of yoga and meditation. The last time I can remember singing it was over 8 or 9 months ago. I sat on my own, in the stillness and beauty of the night for a long time. Then all of a sudden, no prior thought, just knowing I had to light a candle, I leaned over to my nighttable in the dark, grabbed the matches and lit the candle on my bedside table. Ahh! Light! Just curious what time it was I looked at my clock - 10:11pm. Mother Earth is in fine healing, Her fire in Her belly/energy has been lovingly reenergized a voice seemed to say. I felt humble to have taken part with all of you wonderful souls in this most inspiring event. Let us all do so again, real soon! Gratitude to you Shelley and all who gave their time in their own gracious way. With love,
- Della G. (Ballina, New South Wales, Australia)


Many experienced a feeling of waves of electricity passing through their bodies at different intervals during the meditation. They also felt movement inside their heads and bodies as if some internal components were being re-aligned. Others felt like they extended outside their physical bodies into their surrounding aura. Towards the end of the meditation many reported seeing the mountains and the oceans being resplendent as if they had been born anew, others saw the grids lighting up with white light. We meditated to Bradfield's Light & Love CD which arrived the day before the meditation and the music was hauntingly beautiful! Everyone said it was a meditation like no other. My friend Jan had a birthday last Saturday, so before the meditation we had a celebration dinner and after we celebrated Firing The Grid by eating chocolate moose cake and drinking flower tea! It was amazing! Sending you all the love in the world, and then some... Blessings
- Linda/Angelic Wisdom Group (Carrum Downs, Melbourne, Australia)


It was beautiful, and it felt like 5 minutes instead of an hour. I felt the energy throughout my body, especially in my hands. I felt incredible love for/from the Earth and the other meditators. I visualised a light grid around the Earth, starting to glow and then radiating light very strongly. I then saw Mt. Everest sticking up through the grid, then I was looking out over the Himalayas from the perspective of Mt. Everest and started intoning 'Chomolungma', the Tibetan word for Mt. Everest, which translates as 'Goddess, Mother of the Earth'. This raised my vibration even more and I saw beautiful golden/violet/white healing colors. It truly was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to hear of the changes starting. I know it worked. Love and Light,
- Michelle (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)


It was an amazing experience to share with a group of people I didn't even know until last night. Our meditation was led by a beautiful woman who gently coaxed us into meditation and then we left the room and flew around the world as a white light circled the earth. I felt overwhelmed and felt the plight of Mother Earth then I felt great joy and had huge tears running down my cheeks. There was a wonderful energy in the room when we came back and said goodbye. Today I have been floating all day.
- Chris W. (Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia)


My experience was very emotional. Before 11.11 GMT I felt very wound up, I had to go for a brisk walk a few hours beforehand and take a hot bath! I then meditated when the moment arrived, alone for over an hour listening to the "Light and Love” CD by Anael and Bradfield. I drifted in and out of deep relaxation and images, I felt such intense love and joy at one moment that I wanted to cry tears of happiness. I could not wipe the smile from my face at times. I could see veins in the earth filling with liquid gold and my soul was flying around so free in the universe. I could see sparks of light flittering around me, most likely other souls, firing the grid. I also had many visions of the beauty I have seen on this planet and the other beautiful souls around the planet who joined in this project. Afterwards I felt so content within, then my baby son toddled in and I gave him a big cuddle and fell asleep.
- Jackie (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)


I saw the grid during my meditation, it was like I joined the souls and spirits connecting together above the earth looking down. The earth was sparkling, lighting up. It was beautiful. The souls and spirits danced together, weaved in and around each other enjoying each other without words. No one had a face only a feeling of joy, we lost our identities in this feeling of connectedness. It was beautiful and I felt peace, joy, connected and grateful for all that is in my life. I don't know if it was my imagination or real, and I do not really care, I enjoyed the experience and enjoyed knowing millions of others were happy for that hour as well. It is the following day here now and I am still feeling very happy and at peace. My vibration has changed, hopefully the earth's has as well. Happiness is the key to life!! Thank you for organising this and I look forward to finding out how many people actually participated, out of curiosity. All is very well over here.
- Sue L-M. (Melbourne/Montmorency, Victoria, Australia)


At my location Fire the Grid occurred at 9.11pm. Originally I had planned a meditation with a group. However when the night arrived, three out of the four couldn’t get away from home due to children commitments. So we decided that we would all do it from our own homes, and link together in the etheric. I was guided to do the Fire the Grid meditation whilst having a ritual bath. So I did. I had a beautiful steaming hot salt bath (its winter here now), it was divine. Whilst I was meditating and 'feeding' our Mother (using pranic breathing, cyclical breathing) I could feel the fires that were going on around the world. I could also feel a great celebration. The feeling was electric. I could sense the excitement so easily, and it was not 'mine' as I was relaxed (oohhh so relaxed) in my ritual salt bath! This was the first time that I have EVER participated in a world wide meditation/healing. LETS DO IT AGAIN!! Can anyone else feel the 'zing' in the air lately? Something is shifting.
- Megan (Muswellbrook, New South Wales, Australia)


Reading 'The Story' I started to physically resonate - an intuitive signal that I am connecting to Truth. Being female and now long lived enough to trust my intuition, I chose to support, and broadcast Shelley's story to others. When it came time to connect, my children and partner were invited to join me…or not…all very casual... no pressure to last longer in Light thoughts than they felt they could sustain (my 9 yr old fell asleep, smiling) All is valid in this process of weaving the filaments of Light. My family got so much from the exercise, we've decided to do it one night a week, collectively, for 10 minutes, then share the visions and feelgood thoughts afterwards. Thank you Shelley and helpers, for introducing this opportunity to apply the love we All have an over abundance of, if we only allowed it to fill the cup and overflow. Love and Light to you and you and you.
- Eleanor W. (Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia)


There was such a great peace and energetic experience when we all linked up. It felt like the Harmonic Convergence 20 years ago when many of us committed ourselves to this amazing journey. Here we are, it is all happening and I couldn't be more thrilled. When we woke up yesterday morning after the grid was activated we felt such a knowingness of the success of it all. Such an amazing time we are living in. Onward and upward!!!!!! Thank you Shelley and thank you troops of like minded Beings, We are doing it, just like we knew we would. Sending love and gratitude from down under,
- Rayah and Raheem (Ocean Shores, New South Wales, Australia)


It was very powerful. I was full of love and joy, sending it to the Earth and all life. My body felt as if it was full of electricity, like a lightening rod conducting loving energy, which I was grounding into the Earth. I felt really connected, there is no THEM, only US, family. There is no OUT THERE. In LOVE we live and move and have our being. Thank you Shelley for this fantastic project!
- Susan G. (Pomona, Queensland, Australia)


I am a fellow lightworker. I sent advice of your project to everyone on my email list, and I just finished listening to the Youtube viewing of Shelley's talk - it was so moving! I couldn't help but have tears come to my eyes particularly when she spoke of the indigo children, as I am one. I'm even teary now writing this and it takes a lot for me to be moved in this way! It's almost like I had this huge release, thankful that someone is getting that knowledge out there for all so that us indigo children don't have to be afraid to truly express our creativity and love for all. That when we give our love there will be people there that will have open arms to embrace what we have to give and we will be understood. I had a lot of compulsions to do things in the lead up to this event that I don't normally do, such as the previous night to get coloured pencils out and draw a picture of a love heart and sleep on it and to also note down my experiences in a diary in the lead up and during the event - then what do you know?! I find Shelley's is asking us to recount and share our experiences! Here's an extract: 'When I was preparing for FTG I didn't intend to do so but I felt the need to collect a number of my crystals including all my clusters and position them so that they surrounded me with a need to have some in a certain spot such as my clear quartz cluster and selenite pyramid to be placed directly in front of me. I played a guided meditation by Dr Gillian Ross and found that I didn't necessarily need to follow it word for word although where I was at in the meditation was in sync with what she was saying. There were various visions I saw with particular reference to expansiveness. At one time I felt like I was in a massive crystal that connected me with a "diamond light". My hands were maneuvering as if I was spreading out light and love from my heart. At one point it was though I was a beacon of light, like a lighthouse, and my arms were at full length moving around me in full circle front to back, spreading out love to all. Gillian Ross spoke of sending love to parents and to those least liked, amongst others, and heal any misunderstandings. I had tears of joy falling at this point. Towards the end of the meditation my torso lunged forward and coincidentally my head landed into the clear quartz crystal and I rested there as if I was allowing all mental clutter to clear. It was AMAZING and I did not control any of this experience. Namaste,
- Linea. (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)


I decided to do the meditation from my own bedroom. At the moment I focused my intention on Mother Earth, I felt a huge fire ball in the centre of my back level with my heart. I noticed it immediately as I have never experienced heat like that before during a meditation. I had very powerful energy transmitting through my entire being and was channelling it into the earth. At various times extra surges came through that made my body vibrate. I saw the Earth completely filled with GOLD light radiating out into the entire universe. Exactly one hour after the start time here which was 9.11 - I came out of the meditation. I am so happy to have been a part of your Fire the Grid. The next day I woke and something in the atmosphere felt different. Things have changed. Congratulations......and I look forward to helping again. Lots of love


For two hours leading up to the crucial time (Sydney 9.11pm) my body was flooded with strong electrical impulses, from head to toe. When we began the meditation the energy of love and peace was palpable within our space and beyond... At one point i felt the strongest pull out of my physical body and was drawn to a crystalline city in a higher dimension that appeared to be within the earth itself! The beings there were celebrating, dancing around childlike in their joy and all I could hear was "The river of gold is flowing again!" and cries of joy declaring "the master crystal is re-activated" drawn back to my physical body the tears of joy flowed freely.... I then witnessed the most incredible light show in and around our planet and saw the many beings assisting with this pivotal moment in our evolution. All I can say is WOW,WOW,WOW!
- Lenita V- K. (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)


I played Stevie Wonder's, "Secret Life of Plants" cd on my ipod. I meditated and saw images behind my closed eyes and felt emotions associated with what i saw. Cracks in the earth filling with sap, healing residue. I felt myself dissolve and become no-thing, I saw myself as a molecular shape electrically charged I dissolved into grey rock. I saw the core of earth, a golden ball. I saw and felt earth crack in to two. I saw the earth from space and a giant umbrella opening like a satellite and directed silver light through it to earth. I saw a ball of glass made of many hexagonal shapes sparkle and glisten and I felt it become part of me. I spiraled and glowed in a flame of colours from flesh reds to greens to silver. I turned into gold and lines of gold fed into the ground all the way to the core. I remembered my country and its beauty, I opened my heart, zipping open my face and my chest and I placed both hands on the base of Uluru in central Australia and I fed gold into the sacred rock. I became aware of many other people and we joined hands in a ring around the earth floating cross legged in space in a ring around our planet and feeling immense joy so much I teared. Then I saw us...all the people involved have a party! Dance around. I saw seeds cover the ground in a format like that of sunflower seeds...and like little black eye'd peas these seeds unfurled and grew, I knew they were us, our children. Many of us turned into blood red seeds and sprouted like been sprouts from the ground and fed the earth with faces tilted to the sun. Hard to explain will have to paint it. I then had a moment alone and saw each of my family members with love and then melted into my partner and our love was one love we were one blood red stem. .....I am a painter and saw this hour very visually and emotionally. I hope my descriptions resonate with those who would read this.
- Miranda S. (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)


During my meditation I went to Uluru (Ayer’s rock) and was one of many doing synchronized movements, as the energy flowed in. i heard that there are now some new "Angels" sent to help the earth. The energy at the start was profound and I felt it was completed around the 45 minute mark. We used Anael and Bradfield’s music which was beautiful - thank you guys
- Coralie P. (Taree, New South Wales, Australia)


I personally experienced a prickling of my skin and hair. The energy was strong. Also felt a connection with other ''fire the grid'' sitters. Hope and wish all the world will achieve the peace that I felt. Best wishes and light and love to all our world family.
- Lynn P. (Town of Seventeen Seventy, Queensland, Australia)


It was amazing just feeling all the people there it was similar to my world healings i do every day but so much more intense after i couldn't get to sleep for hours because of the energy i had and i don't know about others but at some point i could actually see the grid. My cat even joined in, her name is angel and she came and sat with me for the last half hour with her head on my arm joining her healing energy with mine.
- Isisa (Towradgi, New South Wales, Australia)


It was a most wonderful hour of sending love and remembering happy moments, so many of them!! We all felt incredibly wonderful after this special mediation. Personally, I did not want anything to break this magical moment and when we had finished we all very quietly and with incredible peace went to our respective homes and had a wonderful nights rest! Thank You So Much!! from me, my friends & the universe!! Blessings to you Shelley & your family
- Janine/Wynyard Spiritual Meditation Group (Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia)


We all felt the energy begin to build about an hour before 11.11. Then as the time for meditation started we all felt pulled into a very deep meditation. Datu sang his latest peace songs while we simply bathed in the experience, then for the second half of the hour we all sang songs we love. Datu is a gifted musician and chief of the Higaonon Tribe in the Philippines. He is here is Australia to share the tribes message of love and peace and fund raise for his projects to save the last tropical rainforest. He felt the joining of like-minded people in this fire the grid meditation to be very powerful. The energy surge was finished just after the hour was up which I found amazing to experience. In other group meditations I have not been so aware of the strength of energy connecting us all.
- Simone D. (Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia)



I felt if a weight were being lifted. In the months since I have witnessed over 8 humpback whales in the bay near my home and countless dolphin.........what a wondrous experience it is.
- Katrina L. (Papara, Tahiti, French Polynesia)



I'd created a PowerPoint of beautiful Earth scenes and views from outer space beforehand with music off the FireTheGrid site to go with it, and played it just before 11:11am GMT (11:11pm New Zealand time). The views of Earth at night from space, with the cities and communities shining in a lacework of light were very beautiful. The process itself, once it started, was profound. We had a model of the Earth suspended by a magnetic field, on a coffee table in the middle of the group, with 7 tea-light candles around it. It was a nice focus, but inwardly, I had the sense of a massive number of beings; so much Presence that it reminded me of the lacework of light that we had seen earlier. Immensity. Plus the sensation of a huge funnel of energy pouring down into the Earth. It's all too much to describe, but I give my utter thanks to Shelley and all those who gave their time and energy to the website and the music, and everything else. Above all, to the wondrous Light Beings and lightworkers who have poured out their love to lift us and the Earth back to life. Ignition. Whoever hatched this plan was brilliant :-) but, then, we know that. Love to you all.
- Murray S. (Auckland, New Zealand)


Some of the experiences from the group: Anticipation, quietness and appreciation. Inner Dancing, being in an ocean, sailing to new shores, with whales and dolphins in company, blessing all those close to us, feeling a sea of joy, tingling and connection. A move, a wave of recognition that there's a new way, and it’s not against anything, it’s just a new way, people joyfully joining, facing in a new direction. Excitement and opportunity.
- Ian D. (Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand)


I was overwhelmed with joy, my whole being was vibrating. I knew that I was experiencing the connection with others who were meditating for the same purpose. I went to bed happy and woke up feeling lighter and happier. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this.
- Vanitha S. (Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand)


Kiaora and thank-you. Initially preparing myself to fire the grid at home with my partner, I was delighted to be invited last minute by a friend to a gathering at Lotus Magic. After introductions and feelings shared, we were guided through a pre-firing meditation. Before listening to the cd at 11:11pm, a wonderful Egyptian instrument, a large bowl made of quartz, was played. The sound of the instrument struck to the very centre of the heart and left me feeling excited and open to the experience to follow. Throughout the hour, I had huge feelings of love and connection surge through my being. The knowledge that there were countless others sharing my experience at the same time around the world opened my awareness limitlessly. I felt the warmth of intention and desire to create healing for myself, others and our mother earth. Last night I dreamt of my experiences, sharing joy, connection, love. i cannot remember the details but know when I woke my knowledge of the dream's feelings were amazing. I rose from my bed to welcome the shining sun, with a warm feeling of peace in my soul. Aroha nui,
- Eve (Auckland, Browns Bay, New Zealand)


I would say the essence of my experience was bliss, waves of it going deeper further than I’d ever experienced before. I experienced a deeper understanding of those people who were my gratitude muses, especially my father. My father actually contacted me the day after to ask how I was. This is something he never does, until now. At one point in the meditation I could audibly hear a light being say; end of phase one completed, human joy anchored to the earth. It was a joy and an honor to be a part of this vision. During the day I could almost see golden codes of light streaming through the sky. I took time to write in my diary and had a beautiful dream. I saw my self with my future grand children and I was telling them the stories of the 'old days'. When we had pollution and people did not believe in angels. I could sense the energy of a future that is more beautiful than any one of us could possibly imagine and it is my wish. At the end of the meditation I said to everyone that one day we will talk of this time with the wonderment of how we have come so far and wasn’t it the most incredible journey to participate in this great shift. Today I feel as though I am on the other side of some thick foggy night that I was only able to make it through because so many beautiful people won my heart and helped me to feel what was coming, and that of course is the dawn of the new world thank you to everyone Blessed Be
- Emma (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand)


Kiaora, I was made aware of this event and website on Friday and it felt like a calling of something huge, and something i must be a part of. Texts and emails were sent to all to spread the word and I made a cd with the songs from this site plus others, including 16 min of whale and dolphin sounds (our cue to know the hour was up was the end of these sounds) for our gathering. 3 of us woman gathered in front of the fire with 4 beautiful candles burning and nga champa incense having prepared the room for meditation earlier-yay!! It was a beautiful experience, focusing on sending positive, healing energy to our planet. White light was pouring in all directions, cracks were mended, oceans and water ways cleansed and an outpouring of love exposed!!! Just to mention some of this journey. My 3yr old woke and called out to me exactly on the hour 12.11am, which I thought in itself was pretty amazing. I feel blessed and honoured to have been a part of this precious experience and only hope it is the beginning of the journey towards a new and healed earth. Thank you Shelley for sharing, organising and inspiring! Love and light to all xoxo
- Sarah and Breeze (Dunedin, Brighton, New Zealand)


This was the greatest experience I have had for a very long time, it was as if I was one with the world, travelled deep into our wonderful earth spread love and light and emerged feeling fresh and free. As we left I looked up into the heavens only to see a falling star.
- Jan W. (Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand)


I began by hearing my eagle call. Next thing I was flying over the ocean beside the eagle. I flew to China(?) and saw the pollution in the air, and the people walking around with face masks on. Then I flew to the pole and saw the melting ice and the poor polar bears :( Then I dived down into the earth and saw the inner core. At this time tears are flowing down my cheeks, and I have the feeling in my heart of seeing something that has been abused. Next thing I surfaced again and was running with the buffalo. I could hear their breath and feel their elation of being one with each other. Then I zipped off again, and this time was sitting with the aborigines as one played a didgeridoo I grooved with them for a bit and was then with an African tribe doing their dance - mate - I felt SO connected with these people! Finally I took off again - I flew past the Easter Island heads, over the pyramids, over the Nasca lines, over macchu pichu, and finally came to a rest in Stonehenge. There were thousands and thousands of people, and the feeling of love was overwhelming. SO I had a nice little trip of the world. I was so euphoric when I came back.
- Pip L. (Kerikeri, Northland, New Zealand)

During the whole day I was conscious of being in my joy. So it was with great excitement I joined some friends 2 hours before 'FiretheGrid' time. We chatted, laughed and waited with anticipation. When the time came we sat and listened to Bradfield’s songs (over and over)as we meditated for the whole hour. I thought of all the wonderful moments in my life and gave thanks for every thing that flashed before me in my mind. I saw all of us in the room surrounded in a hexagon of light and we were connecting together and then we became part of a blanket of these bubbles around the earth. Lots and lots of hexagon light bubbles with people in them all connecting up! I felt my body temperature lower and my third eye was buzzing. I visualised with joy beautiful forests, lakes, oceans, mountains so on. I saw energy pumping into the earth I didn’t want to come back from this meditation as it was so wonderful. Afterwards we all hugged and said our good byes(went home to bed as it was after midnight). I felt so joyful and full of energy. I left with a smile on my face and the next day I was still smiling! Before the 17th I had told my children all about what was to happen and then reminded them before I left to go join the mediation group for 'FiretheGrid', to go to bed with joyful feelings and gratitude and to think of what ever makes them feel happy, so they can link in and be a part of this healing of the mother Gaia. Many Thanks for all you do. Blessings, xxx ManyWings Underneath the Rainbow
- Lisa G. (Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand)


Sitting down to meditate, i visualised a pipe linking me to the very core of Earth, and also linking me right up into the universe. Concentrating on everything i love about this planet, i felt wave after wave of gratitude flowing through me and into the Earth. I also felt light being poured down via me from the Universe. As i sat there focussing on this, I had a vision of people all over the planet focusing on the same intention, and it was like acupuncture needles of light all over the globe. It was a beautiful thing to feel part of, and the hour passed very quickly. Today, the day after, I have been utterly drained, but it was worth it and I will gladly do it again. It felt so good to give something real back to the Earth.
- Polstar (Nelson, Aotearoa, New Zealand)


I was actually away on holiday, sitting in a cafe enjoying a lovely cup of tea when a small column in the local newspaper caught my eye - basically it just called for people to participate globally in a meditation for world peace. So when I joined in at 11:11 July 17 I basically did a "loving kindness " meditation to all beings and our planet earth. It was only after July 17 that I learnt about "the fire the grid" meditation. I'm still shaking my head as to how I became involved in "FTG" - totally unaware of the story and the people behind it! With metta,
- Judy L. (Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand)


We were amazed and deeply touched by the vibration of joy and transformation around us. We felt like lightning conductors. The non-material beings supporting this action seemed so very tangible and close - as if we were channeling their energy down to the earth while basking in it. Although there were only 6 of us together at my home, I had put an article in the local paper about the event, and quite a lot of people I know joined in from their homes. And then in the middle of winter here, the next two days had the most perfect warm weather.
- Kayla M.-K. (Raglan, Waikato, New Zealand)


My husband, our 21 year old daughter and the friend, who told us about this event, all sat together in our lounge, at 11 pm, with a central candle lit and the music from your website playing in the background. We each meditated in our own way. My own experience was that I spent the hour in a heightened sense of love and joy. It felt amazing to be connecting with so many others around the world with this intent that I was filled with love and joy for the whole hour and the next few days! I have participated in quite a few such global events over the years but this one felt the most powerful for me. And it seems that whenever I think about 'the grid' I can link in again and feel like I am adding to it at any time with the same sense of love and joy. Does anyone else feel this too? Blessings.......
- April S. (Taupo, Central North Island, New Zealand)


Being 11.11pm I went to bed with firing the grid on my mind. To me there is no right way or wrong way in how each individual of the collective consciousness performed their ritual of passing love onto Mother Earth. All I know when I awoke on July 18th I was more tired than when I went to bed...I know why and that is all. Thank you for allowing me the chance to participate in this global charge of our earth. Love and Light
- Pip A. (Te Aroha, Waikato, New Zealand)


To anyone who is not a geek, animal nut or music aficionado, my bliss would have seemed odd (it seems odd to me, too, but there you have it): I simply spent the hour on the internet, being amazed by images of "Edge" creatures...those tiny mammals that one rarely hears about, that live in small, out-of-the-way places, and which need energy and attention. I also goggled at numerous species of dolphin, and listened to *their* music. This activity was accompanied by the most excellent music you've offered for download off the site, as well as material from the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. The bliss continues, some 3 hours later.
- Steph (Wellington, New Zealand)


If I were to write in detail I'd probably be writing all night (and still wouldn't give an account that got close to being able to describe such an experience (words are rather limited that way)). But I'll say that for someone who's only an amateur at the art of meditation, it was more than I could have hoped for. Shelley talked of 'lifting your field' and i FELT that, physically, fully, my energy, my self was up, hovering above my body…although I couldn't see it, I could just feel that I was more than my body and I WAS this energy, it was incredible, and at one point I was lifted right up, I felt like I would of been right above my roof, I was up there with everything...only for a little while, before I think I got too excited...still fully conscious this whole time, and I know I was crying and grinning and almost wincing with the emotion of it all…if that makes sense. There was a point, too, where i sort of felt like my energy was starting to go off in different directions, sort of slinking off in clouds to the right. Was very strange. But wonderful. Unfortunate that the next day it can seem almost like a dream, unless you get back into it, I wish it didn't have to be so separate from everyday life... So what’s the next step? Cos I am definitely. All. In. Has there been a shift? I thought I felt it, but then I thought maybe that was just cos of my experience.
- Annie M. (Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)


During my meditation in the night i felt so light and at peace, i just wanted to stay in that state. I have never participated in a mass meditation before an was amazed at how connected to everything i felt.
- Jennifer (Whangarei, Whareora, New Zealand)




I find the site on the evening of July 16 at 10:00 p.m. while looking for the moon cycle. Curiosity I log in. After reading about it I e-mail some close friend with the attachment of the "THE PLAN". On the day of 17th at 1:11 am Gibraltar time I sit alone and play the music, open my palms and invite all my family in telepathy to join me and we all hold our hands and pray and give our energy to each and everyone and especially to those who are ill, lonely, disturbed and our mother nature. I feel emotional, electrified and fulfilled even I am alone. God Bless you All and join the Blessing of God once more. With love
- Cristina B. (Gibraltar, Gibraltar)



We had little time between learning about Fire the Grid and the actual event happening, but we notified our members, colleagues and as many people as possible about the event, inviting them to join us for the meditation and if they couldn't make it, to let as many others know as possible and to be aware at the given time and participate however possible. Being peak season in a tourist area, many people were at work and couldn't come, but between our staff and visitors, we had around 20 people in our group. We sat in a circle in our "Pavilion" workspace, a glass building set in the middle of our beautiful pine-woodland grounds, where we can feel close to nature. We accompanied the meditation with music by Bradfield, with tracks from "Love & Light" and the sensation was wonderful. Personally speaking, I could feel a presence with us in the room and a connection with the earth spirits. At times I could feel myself getting very hot and felt a sensation like my body was expanding, so when this happened I asked for a breeze through the room to cool us all, and it came! At the end of the meditation, there was a feeling of calm and contentment and nobody showed any desire to move - despite only being a small group, the intention was pure and strong and the feeling was good.
- Fiona A./ Quinta da Calma Centre for Integral Yoga & Holistic Health (Almancil, Algarve, Portugal)


My room was buzzing with energy as I prepared to Fire the Grid. As a Reiki Master, I cleansed the room and used a Reiki mantra meditation and felt an amazing connection with one of my daughters who was also firing the grid. After a while I imagined I was floating over white clouds, arms outstretched and was joined by an aunt and my grandmother who are both now deceased. It was beautiful, we all looked down over the earth and sent our loving energy down within. Some moments were sad, but mostly it was incredibly uplifting. I don't know about anyone else, but I did have a very heavy head for the rest of the day! Love and Light to all.
- Irena (Calheta, Madeira, Portugal


We took place in the forest above our little village, each one chose a tree and sat below. We were from different nationalities, like usually in this village : Portuguese, English, French, German and others. During twenty minutes before the time, one of us played a gentle drum, and stopped at 12:11. The forest kept very silent during all the hour, and at 13:11 precisely, a little bird started to sing... So delightful ! During the meditation, who seemed very, very quick to me, i took contact, very briefly, with the energy of the earth!!! Incredibly powerful, there is no word to describe it. But because it was also too scary, i couldn't go on. Two days later, i still feel the energy i got from this meditation, it is like i don't need to eat because i'm so full of energy.... We all thank you very much, very, very much, to have shared all this project with us and to have given us such an opportunity to manifest our love. Be blessed. (Sorry for my bad English).
- Isabelle/yoga course (village near Lagos, Algarbe, Portugal)


I chose a most beautiful place to meditate: the western most point of Europe ("where the land finishes and the sea begins" as a famous Portuguese poet referred to it), out on the open air with sunshine. The sky was blue, there were clouds below the place I stayed and the scenery was simply breathtaking. The experience was intense, beautiful and strongly emotional because at times I found out I had tears of joy in my eyes. I occasionally used the music "Be still thy soul" from Anael and Bradfield to help me further concentrate and it worked miraculously :) You know being surrounded by nature has its occasional challenges (specially when sitting still for a considerable amount of time) like ants curiously exploring that strange and huge being recently arrived to their favorite spot :) When the time was over, I kept meditating for 10 more minutes for I didn't want it to end. I remember seeing images of happiness and joy not only of people I know but also some others I never saw before but clearly symbolizing a whole new approach to life and love. I saw people helping each other, embracing, sharing and caring for one another. When I decided to return I felt quite nostalgic but happy inside!
- Paulo (Lisbon/Cascais, Portugal)


First, I'd like to thank Kathleen who wrote about Fire the Grid. I passed the information on to as many people as I possibly could and also found other people who already knew about Fire the Grid which was very exciting. There were quite a number of us who meditated or lit candles, incense, sent out prayers at the designated time, although it wasn't possible to do this by being physically present with each other. I sat with my three youngest kids in the garden, the youngest of whom is nine; we sat in a circle holding hands and I guided them to think first about family, friends, then about the animals and other creatures that inhabit this earth along with us. Finally, we took our thoughts to the earth itself, sending out positive energy and thoughts. We did this for about ten minutes and then I sat by myself in meditation. What surprised me was that the positive energy was not only tangible on that day, but also on the preceding days. It was very uplifting to know that there were so many people who were prepared to stop their daily routine and come together for the well-being of the planet. It definitely feels as if a turning point has been reached in awareness and I hope that at some time in the not too distant future there will be another opportunity for us all to come together in this way again.
- Susan L. (Lisbon/ Sintra, Portugal)



We had a lovely experience on the 17th...just beautiful. It was like a dream. My partner made lunch and we went off to a magical place in the forest where we often go to meditate. We laid out blankets and placed flowers around it. Then we just stayed in our loving circle, meditated for while, connecting with each other on such a deep level, sharing, laughing, being totally present and aware of the Grid. And we had a great lunch too! Just awesome...Thank you so much for offering this unique event for all of us to share! :)
- Marcos & Ana Maria (Alhaurin de la Torre, Andalucia, Spain)


I think my good friend, Lea has already written to you, as she and her partner, Trevor hosted the event in a little wooded pine grove on their land. It was a hot day, as it always is this time of year in Southern Spain. We sat in a circle on cushions etc and sang for a bit then each of us shared our greatest joys. We sent healing and joy and love to the planet as we visulaized it in the centre of the circle. We chanted OM for a while, which built up a wonderful energy. We were a mixture of German, English, Spanish, Irish and Canadian people. After the OM we sat in silence and attuned to all the others tuning in. It was very powerful, joyous and tangible but in a gentle and peaceful way. We celebrated afterwards with a little food and music and danced. Blessings and Gratitude for such a coming together in Peace, joy and love.
- Alice F. (Alozaina, Malaga, SPAIN)


It was amazing, the energy was so strong, especially at the beginning that I couldn’t stop crying, for joy... I felt sooooooooo connected and so full of love and gratitude... thanks you for give the opportunity to be part of this.
- Franca M. (Barcelona, Spain)


I felt immense Power; my hands tingled with its warmth. I was moved to tears when inspired to pray for all those who have not yet awakened. After the meditation I could 'hear' the Powerful SILENCE in my mind. Blessings to you all,
- Valerie M. (Don Benito, Badajoz (Extremadua), Spain)


As I sat in the park with my intentions to nurture the planet, give back to her and thank her for all she has selflessly given us, I began to feel such a powerful feeling of healing energy towards me! Issues in my life began to reveal themselves and I could work on them a bit. Towards the end a real life situation manifested itself and I was able to confront it and resolve it as I had never done. I felt a gentle cooling breeze at the very end and knew the hour had concluded... I realised that this is about healing each one of us in order to raise the frequency and heal the planet. Looking forward to more. Thanks.
- Mary F. (Madrid, Spain)


I held the world in my hands sending healing energies to the core of the earth, I visualised holding hands with all my brother and sisters around the world and our energies melded with the earth as we became one. In my minds eye I could see starving children and people with aids, war and suffering all around me, I know that all these situations will be helped because my heart was pouring out Love and the joining of millions of people around the world our Love will be magnified and raise the vibration of the earth and heal minds and spirits. I saw the earth’s grid light up and I surrounded it with violet light. Love, Light and Healing,
- Sheila (Mazarron, Murcia, Spain)


I held a rose quartz, lay down, closed my eyes and 'went inside'. I 'went' deeper and deeper, and felt the energy building, building. Then at about ten to two (our time in Spain), the energy just 'left' and I knew that it had been redirected into Mother Earth. I got up feeling clear, joyful, refreshed and centred (still do!) - what a wonderful feeling to be able to help and give back to Mother Earth. It feels like an amazing start. Well done us earthlings, and thank you Shelley for staying with it! Love and blessings,
- Astrid K. (Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain)



My experience was very heavy (in meditation). Fire the Grid is a project that seems natural to me, like I already knew it would happen. Be assured that your work is blessed and so are you, by the support of light workers and the angels above. Namaste
- Louise G. (Fanabe, Arona, Tenerife)




i am an American artist. i live on the Croatian islands with one of their major opera celebrities. i went to the private cove we always go to, and swam, and constantly remarked how i live in heaven, how i love nature, how i love God, Spirit, i love, love love,... the energy of all of us was completely profound, felt it so strongly, i wanted to cry, saw the matrix shift as i absorbed the joy and gratitude so much...everything around me became magical. count me in!
- karen c. (kukljica, croatian islands, croatia)


I asked my boss to let me leave my job for few hours so I could meditate in peace for Fire the grid program. I meditate in my car at that time, and although it was very, very hot in my car I didn’t regret it. In the middle of meditation I felt vibrations, and after the meditation I felt peace. Thank you.
- Maja (Zagreb, Croatia)


Dear all, I was on my vacation in Istria, visiting my friend exactly on 17.7.2007 and I did not plan it that way. But, it happened that we were at the time of meditation in the old town in Istria called Motovun. Experience was very very strong and beautiful! We were in the church in Motovun during first half an hour but due to restoration work in the church we had to go out, so we sat in the town, on the walls and continue to meditate. I strongly believe that there is a big change made during that hour...i felt like I was not in the body…well, yes, but also somewhere else…and lots of angels and other Light beings were there...I was so astonished with that "view"...but it was like that. After we were feeling dizzy, and we had to put ourselves together before we continued the day.. I know it is very difficult to talk about personal experiences of that kind; everyone has different experiences yet all is the same; depends on our capability of understanding and our spiritual development; so I only want to share with you that someone in Europe, in Croatia, in Istria, in town Motovun, was connected on the Grid...And I hope that my little being was helpfull to all other thousands and thousands angels who were working then and still work now to save, to change the lovely planet Earth.. with Love
- Sandra (Zagreb, Croatia)



The music just made us fly, we felt ourselves so light. All of us had wonderful pictures during the meditation, and we could physically feel the energy going through us; coming in on the top of our head and leaving us down to Mother Earth. We almost could touch it. There is a very warm weather in Hungary (40 Celsius) these days, so we didn't feel so fit and fresh, when we started, but excited. After the healing process we all felt reborn, we were full of energy and joy. It was so special experience, what personally I have never felt before. Thank You and Everybody for this wonderful Event. We join again for the Earth, for the People, for the World... Love,
- Csilla D. & friends & colleagues (Budapest, Hungary)


It proved to be a powerful experience, beginning with a deepening of the inner quiet a few minutes before the appointed time, so that by 11.11 GMT it had well and truly started. Was in deep latihan (i.e., a state of spiritual receiving) for the full hour, much of it being a manifestation of what I call the Presence, and the whole event went through a variety of phases. The last 15 minutes was a period of gradual return to normal, rather like a diver decompressing on returning to the surface. Can still feel the blessing and am so grateful for it all.
- Emmanuel (Budapest, Hungary)


Hi All! As a FTG team leader I shared the project with alot of friends, relatives and with the reiki association in which I am a member. We were not together physically but the reiki group sent reiki energy to the Earth. For me this one hour meant alot. I felt a kind of ultimate love, the air in the room became warmer really. I also had a kind of vision: I saw that a beautiful dancing silver energy-veil covered the Earth and I had tears in my eyes. I know we fired the grid! Thank you so much for the information that help me to do it. Best wishes
- Zsofia A. (Budapest, Pest, Hungary)



First, I emailed your website to friends and relatives in various parts of the world; then reminded those I could reach via SMS. On July 17, I sat in meditation then reminisced on my blessings in life while listening to the instrumental music of Graceful Passages (M. Stillwater/G.Malkin) album the rest of the hour, rubbing my palms together then imagined Mother Earth in front of me and barely touching its aura and sending/ firing to it all my wondrous energy and affection--continent by continent, country-by-country (as I could remember). Then felt an overpowering feeling of gratitude for all the blessings in my life. Prayed most especially for those who needed healing among all creatures and beings on earth. At the end of the hour, the room turned unusually sweet scented. I said to myself, the angels are probably here and thanked them for the experience. By the end of the day, we got a call from a relative in France whose wife was on the rounds for chemotherapy since last year. They are celebrating, he said, because as of that day, 17th July, the new x-rays showed no more cancer cells. My husband thought, we've fired the grid, indeed!
- Josephine P. (Shtip, Republic of Macedonia)



I went in a park near the place i work, it was an incredible feeling, my palms started burning and I was listening to the Bradfield music. I closed my eyes as I remembered so many beautiful moments in my life...and when I opened my eyes, everything was sparkling and the trees were dancing in the wind...and I felt connected to everything. I caressed a tree next to me and whispered to the Earth : everything will be alright, we will take care of you, my dear…there are a lot of us feeling love and joy and we will unite .. And instantly a feeling of peace and happiness came over me and I just Knew I will be a part of the change... So God bless all of you...and see you soon
- Andreea S. (Bucharest, Romania)


hi i felt all day waves of energy here 11:11 meant 14:11 so at 13 and something i went home.. but the street, the music in my car.. the ppl on the street was so beautiful, it was so joyful seeing them, that i didn't went home, i went for a tour in the mountains, letting the beauty to penetrate my eyes.. i get tired, i went home happily at 14:11 to start meditation but the plants in my apartment, my all apartment was so beautiful, that i couldn’t close my eyes so i was watching.. and feeling joy.. i eat a peach.. it was very warm, unusual for this region i get undressed than i observed my body.. my thought about my boyfriend-twin flame captivated me.. i felt ecstasy toward him.. toward... just toward.. :) finally i started meditation!! thinking that we are so many.. is unbelievable being thankful toward Shelley i thought, that only a "nonspiritual" being could have a such a huge effect: with the most simple words.. meditate.. or pray.. or be with your family, or just feel the JOY by drinking a beer.. it is soooo simple...... so... i was thinking about this.. and get asleep i was dreaming i woke up, reminding that i was dreaming about some "energy electric units" i don't know what that was.. related somehow to electricity.. and this words: "this is the future" amazing.. and that's all :)) thank you.. for all of you... morning energy waves was in my heart and had. not in the same time: when my hand was burning, my heart was so pleasantly calm and cool.. when my heart was burning, my hand was cool and calm.. this states has changed several times: my heart or my hand was burning.. it was a little bit frightening now...... i feel joy and i decided to feel joy is a decision from my soul and is my soul purpose also: to feel the joy it is so simple.. so simple.. that i don't know, why i didn't realised this before? thank you........ PS. there is a danger to make a business from this.. please, don't do this.. there are so many ppl, who corrupt themselves because they make commerce with spirituality and their economic interests doesn't fit with their soul purpose
- Anonymous (Transilvania)



My mother and I were fortunate in sharing in this joint manifestation for a better world on July 17 at 6:11 a.m. in Texas (Central time zone). I am now in Moscow, Russia, and will be helping to expand this enlightened understanding. I thank spirit for you, for you sharing your experience(s), and for the opportunities which are and will cross my life's path to help others.
- Dr. Eva M. (Moscow, Russia)



One hour of blissful meditation while the music from the three songs I downloaded from this site played in the background. Experiencing an intense feeling of calm and the deepest sense of oneness with the planet and all of its living entities that I have ever felt. If what I experienced was a taste of the peace that will come to this planet than we are all truly moving close to THE SOURCE of ALL THAT IS!
- Sherry D. (Ratkovo, Vojvodina, Serbia)


First of all, I wish to thank everybody on this Planet for doing this magnificent work! I felt beautifully connected with something great, much larger than my personal feelings of love. It was like floating in an ocean of high vibrations! This morning, as I went out to the town, the first thing I saw, was a huge silver jeep with a license plate number: 11-11! I called everybody I could think of and many of them responded positively, even my mother (who is by the way a very skeptical person in relation to anything spiritual) started calling up her friends and telling them about this event (!!!) So I can say, that at least 7 people besides myself did this for sure, (and even more, if I count that I told them to forward the information, so approx. there was more than 10/15 people. Not everybody was from Serbia, some of them live in Hungary. So we had 2 more countries participating i this event. Love and happiness to all of you, and MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH! :-)
- Melinda (Subotica, Vojvodina, Serbia)



I went to wood near my house. I got there (to a little meadow - a particular place under one of the trees there) exactly at 11:11 GMT. My meditation took almost one hour and during that time I was sitting and then lying under that tree, then I took a little walk, pushed some energy into one coniferous tree in our deciduous wood to drain my energy into the earth with a little help of this tree and finally while walking back I stopped and tried to ground the energy of angels to earth and to its core. I really felt that, it seemed to me as I was a lightning conductor ;-) Hope there were lots of us...
- Ludo L. (Bratislava, Slovakia)



i listened to your music on your website, i put my headphones on and listened to it for an hour... i was taken to different places, through my memory, i remembered nice events in my life (not that i wanted to, they just came to me, one after another) with people i love... i was in an almost trance state during the time, but the events i went through were so vivid... i saw sometimes just a flash of light, sometimes, an eye which evolved into something else then... but it was all beautiful, i guess, because your beautiful music as well... thank you for your work and for your organization of such a great energy burst to all of us. ps. a long time ago, i was drawn to this 11:11 "thing" that Solara came up with... those numbers just mysteriously appeared in my life over and over again... and they got my attention... later on i encountered the book 11:11 - you can't imagine how i felt when i saw it in the catalog... like i was struck by lightning... or like someone is joking with me... but you know how that feels :)
- Diana C. S. (Ljubljana, Slovenia)




First I prepared myself with taking a shower and than having a short chakra-cleaning meditation. By the time started I asked for a beam of light from the universe with which I filled up myself, then I asked the light to go down into the ground of the place where I'm living and to give his healing energy to mother earth. After doing so I found the beam of light coming up again and going his way through the street until it reached the river Nile and then it went northwards through the delta to the Mediterranean sea and started a higher flight around the whole world. During this flight I felt very happy and open hearted and tears were running. After a while I asked the light beam to come back to Egypt and the whole near-east area and to spread this healing energy especially to our neighbours in Israel. By this state of meditation I felt physically, that a line of people holding hands to each other and this line is surrounding the whole earth and all of the people having only one thought in mind, which is to keep the planet earth in a healthy condition and nothing counts but living together in peace and in thankfulness to mother earth. This was the end of the meditation. Thank you for sharing with you this wonderful experience.
- Susanne N. (Cairo, Egypt)


I entered the Sphinx site shortly before the time began and meditated alone, surrounded by tourists. At first nothing much happened, but after a few minutes I felt pulses of energy coming through my feet. It is hard to put everything that happened into words, but I felt a deep sense of joy through out the hour. When I looked at the Great Pyramid I seemed to "see" or sense an orange-red light around it which wasn't there before or after. I want to thank all those, incarnated or otherwise, who made this happen.
- Margaret P. (Giza, Egypt)



I was only introduced to Fire the Grid the day before and I put the reminder in my mobile phone. My friend just entered my office to do our 2-weekly Pilates exercises the moment the 11.11 was there. I meditated love & light only shortly before we started to exercise and afterwards I realised I had the best session ever, on my beautiful veranda overlooking my tropical garden with all the birds singing for us. I realised my friend was also telling me every 10 minutes that she was feeling so good and the movements came to her so easy. Thank you for this wonderful experience, I felt a change in the intensity of life all the way in Afrika so our mother Earth will be very happy. When is the next date?
- Beppie S. B. (Kombo North, Gambia)



I was busy at work, then travelling to class in town. I decided to find a quiet place to be at the time, inside, to connect with the love. I had been reading a lot about Hooponopono and that was how I chose to heal the world. Saying the words, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you and I love you. Mainly thank you and I love you. It was wonderful. I felt a shift in me that I am sure was demonstrated outside of me. And gratitude for being able to be a part of it. Thank you.
- Samantha W. (Nairobi, Kenya)



I had a beautiful experience in meditation with my 4 year old daughter, having created a sacred atmosphere, we concluded by painting together.
- Muhsana (Dakar, Senegal)



About 35 of us gathered; I had hired the hall at a local library, and sent out the invitation to my data base. Over the past six years we have had a program of weekly speakers, exploring the many facets of new thinking with regards to mind, body and spirit. So my data base represents many very conscious people, who were glad to have this opportunity. We sat in a circle, with candles burning in the centre. I welcomed people with a brief reminder of what the purpose of the gathering was, then played the music from your site. Then I played the Twin Hearts meditation of Master Choa Kok Sui, used in Pranic Healing. This is such a powerful meditation for blessing the earth. I finished with the great invocation from Findhorn, and then we sat for a while. Many people came to give me hugs afterwards, and some expressed the hope that we would do this again. It was a wonderful feeling to know we were connected at that time with people all over the world, and with something so deep that it goes beyond our understanding and yet so real that we felt activated and energised at the end of it. Blessings and love.
- Hilary B./Seven O'clock Talkshop (Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa )


There were several periods of time in that hour that i became very warm and felt connected to everything. It was lovely. Then it would pass and come around again 10 minutes or so later. Interesting and wonderful. Cheers
- Virginia (Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa)


I planned to mix for the hour, as I’m a DJ passionate about my music...Mixing is my meditation...I had an 11 o'clock appointment at the V & A waterfront. Plenty of time before the firing which was at 13h11...I went to the beach to embrace mother nature & was captured by her electricity. Wrapped in excitement, knowing that the whole world was about to be fired into healing...Wow! That’s where I stayed until the hour was up......watching the waves & sending all my LOVE to the centre of our wonderful Earth.... Thank you for new hope! Love & Life....
- Angela E. D. (Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa)


Blessings everyone, This was a very emotional experience for me. I really was not sure what I was going to do, but when the time approached, I sat down quietly by myself and just started with a prayer. While I was praying, I started weeping. I felt a deep sadness and found myself asking for forgiveness, not only for myself, but for everyone. My eyes were closed so everything was "dark". I continued speaking to Source and while I was doing this I started hearing a faint heartbeat in my head. I then felt my "imagination" take me on a journey, I was now travelling towards and into the earth's core. I could now see beautiful hues of reds, oranges and yellows. The sound of the earth's heartbeat was really loud now. As I stood in this huge space of brilliant coloured energy, I felt my heart send a strong red pulse into the centre of the earth's heart and connected with it creating a bridge. All the love I could flow through me, I channelled into the earth. Others were there too, doing the same thing, but I could not see them. I spent the rest of the day being really quiet, but very hopeful. Since that day, I have been feeling alot of discomfort on all levels, but especially with my physical body. How was it for everyone else?? In Lak'ech
- Tamsyn E. (Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa)


It had initially seemed a little uncoordinated that all should just 'do their own thing' during this hour, but from the moment that I opened my heart to 'give' love, there was such a tremendous inpouring of love, images and healing thoughts that I soon realised that the best I could do was just to 'be' and allow the flow. The more I opened up to 'me' the greater the flow of loving energy could pass from and through me. At times the physical sensations were so intense that it was almost painful but that passed to a feeling of complete bliss and one-ness. At the end I was the one that felt healed but I know that my healing heals the world. Blessings to all who partook in what was surely a miracle of love.


We gathered in a spiritual garden at 12h50 South Africa time. There were 12 human beings. Our guide was Allan, (he is an energy healer and body alignment therapist). Alan uses the Tree of Life (Kabalah protocol) in his work, he used the Kabalah process as well as the Merkabah to guide us through the one hour of igniting "the grid". First, we did a protection prayer for the group. This was followed by a meditation to balance and energize the middle pillar. Then using one person as a proxy for the group and the universe he did an energy balance which was followed by a quiet meditation. We sat quietly listening to the beautiful music that was kindly accessible for download. Here we were asked to intend love and healing for Mother Earth and All of Her Children. Joining us on this very special day was 144 spiritual guides as well as 3300 souls. This was the most awesome amazing powerful experience.
- Hayley & Friends (Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa)


The vibration that we picked up was intense and phenomenal, the love that was experienced was a sensation that one should have and share everyday and all day!! If we could all live within that energy what a wonderful planet/plane it would be. We saw mother earth repair herself and in doing so repair all that lives in/on her!! Magnificent. How small we are!! Yet if we all pull together how powerful we are. Love and Light to All... Always
- Rose Mary K. (Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa)


Waves and waves of energy in all the colours of the rainbow emanated. we even had a dog that was ill sit in the middle of our circle all by itself and incidentally its condition has improved since! The entire experience has had me clearing in much deeper ways and being able to access my higher self the feeling of ONENESS is so much more evident
- Surya and Tass (Welkom, Free State, South Africa)



It has been a wonderful experience, all my six billion brother and sister souls have been connected in oneness to god. I could nearly see god walking for this hour among us on earth, though I saw mother Mary at first. Feelings of joy and happiness filled my heart, and I asked for energies of peace, prosperity and love to be activated on earth. How wonderful! Finally, I do think those who were skeptic should have surely misunderstood all about firing the grid. I do not think, we disturbed the grid, I understood this action as lighting a big fire, bringing the light of God on earth, opening our hearts to light especially where darkness prevails. It has been a great experience, Shelley, how wonderful and lucky you should to be among the chosen. Thank you.
- Anita (Trou aux Biches, Mauritius)



Dear FTG- team, our earth healing project group met in the afternoon (our due time was 3.11 pm) at the "mission", an energy source up in the mountains of the national park "morne seychellois" in mahé. We chose this place, because it is absolutely beautiful and the energy there supports the process of spreading love. Since we are doing earth healing monthly, it was easygoing to fire the grid, and we enjoyed it a lot. We could see the earth becoming brighter and brighter from the centre through all strata and from its surface towards the universe. a lot of light beings were there to support all of us. it looks as if all over the world people and our spiritual helpers have done a good job during this hour. Lots of love and peace to you!
- Duniam and the Earth Healing Project (Victoria, Mahé Island, Seychelles)




At exactly 6:11 pm at the start of firing the grid - there was briefly total silence in this mega city, even the wind stopped. The meditation was extremely powerful and for me I was sitting on top of earth and observed all the energy release at different points on the planet and disbursed into the universe. Very moving experience.
- Susan L. (Java, Indonesia)


Honestly I'm not experience any special things, except great energy vibe that come from the sky and down to earth through my body. During the vibe, I think I "see" a lot of people and another life form are in happy situation. People smile, laugh, etc. I meditate for 45 minutes, not 1 hour, it's OK? btw, I'm sorry if my English grammars isn't well enough. :)
- Toni A W. (Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia)


A group of 35 travelers and expats came together at Balispirit Yoga Barn in Ubud Bali for the meditation. We meditated in an open air loft with views to the rice fields. We were surrounded by the sounds of frogs and crickets in the still night air. About 10 minutes after the meditation, the skies opened up and we had a wonderful rainy night here in Bali. Sending love to all of you from this beautiful place.
- Mark A./healingvibes (Ubud, Bali, Indonesia)



I volunteered to create awareness of this wonderful and much needed project of uplifting human consciousness through our SAI BABA ORGANISATION throughout the world. I received positive response by emails from our members and was delighted that many had taken upon themselves to do this at the appointed hour . The feedback was tremendous and although I did not ask for the members' experience, I received an email from India the next day, from one who said that there were strong vibrations , lots of light and that the psychics who were present could see light above the crown chakra of the people present. Over here in Kuala Lumpur, similar experiences were felt by some meditators. Lots of light, good vibrations and a feeling of lightness. I am happy to be part of this project and will continue to be supportive. Thank you


We chanted Vedas and 108 times Gayatri. The energy was tremendous. Many felt their energies of love and consciousness being uplifted and projected into the world. Some experience strong rising of Kundalini and healing energies. Those strong in vision could see a Divine Light embracing the earth. And they also see a light projected upwards towards the universe from where we chanted. We felt God's Presence our greatest joy.
- Sathya S. N. (Kuala Lumpur, Taman Yarl, Malaysia)


I meditated for 1 hour visualizing myself as part of a huge matrix of inter-connected beings of light. Each being is sending out love and joy as well as receiving. As the process continues, the energy multiplies and is spread to 'touch' others who are not so tuned into this energy grid yet. This energy is connected to earth and universe as a whole, thus able to 'channel' energy to earth and universe (vice versa as well). Tears came a few times during the meditation from feelings of joy and love. At certain times, i would feel a huge wave of love coming to me, while at other moments, i would feel my love and joy touching many many others.
- Nicholas (Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia)


I am not a meditator and have no "god" to pray to so I prepared some photos of things I love like light on grass, light through trees, light and clouds, moonlight, orchids. On the day of the event I added a picture of a soldier carrying a child to remind me of both the pain of living and the forces here to help bear that pain. I played the photos accompanied by Sky Sent in the run up to firing the grid. Then I spent 50 minutes remembering all my joys as well as holding a vision for all those buried in unconsciousness and darkness. I held the vision of war lords being touched by ordinary kindness and extraordinary love and them waking as if from a nightmare to smile and feel good again. During the hour I felt the heat of energy flowing. Just before the hour ended I found myself playing the photos and music again and dancing, sending out tingling joy to the four corners. I am grateful. This was a special day.
- Zurina S. A. (Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia)



I used meditation and lit 3 candles as i started breathing and asking for clarity. There was immense love that came over me then I started to pray for change, the end of poverty the end of war the end of corruption then tears big tears of joy came over me and a feeling I have never felt before of great power and love. Then i had peace has I prayed for cleansing of mother earth and a upliftment and change for every living creature here. I was visited by God and saw what we perceive as the face of Jesus. I then saw wonderful lights and vision of those things that i had prayed for happening and what I am to do at this time. it was a great time as I felt connected to millions of other people here. What a great experience for me looking forward to more of them blessings to all we have the power to change this world together we are victorious. When I opened my eyes only one candle was burning we are all one
- Gary C. (Davao, Mindanao, Philippines)



After a friend of mine told me about fire the grid, we told the children about it and it was my 3 year old that kept on telling me we have to be happy and what it was that would make him happy. So for the hour my 9 year old and 3 year old watched a movie and ate dinner in front of the television. This made my daughter very happy as she snuggled up to me eating and watching. The 3 year old decided to sit on top of me. My other daughter was extremely happy as she was sitting watching a movie with friends and my other son was at a sleepover. I even got to talk to my mother and father who live in Australia.
- Sharyn S. and Family (Singapore)


We did it in a small group of 12 people, Energies around us were so powerful and strong, I saw a Hexagonal Grid around our planet which was becoming luminescent and was radiating so much light that it cant be explained in words, kind of being held in the arms of the council of one, also the other 4 platonic solids making shifts in the grids of our emerald planet and repairing it, re-constructing the broken structures, Re-infusing, Re-calibrating the codes of our existing grids, It was so clear my clairvoyant vision, as if I was also one among the Etheric beings who were holding our planet from a higher dimensions, so much golden liquid light was being poured into the Grid of the Earth. Energies that the beings radiated was blue-platinum. Mainly South-East Asia, Middle-east, Africa were intensively repaired and energy structures of the masculine-feminine aspects of countries were being balanced and the grid kept on appearing so luminescent and so healthy , it was glowing with so much Love. Thank you, Shelley, thank you Bradfield, thank you Spirit, it is an experience that we all wish to keep alive and we look forward to working together in the future to further develop this powerful and totally uplifting experience. Love & Blessings to all.
- Kaveeta S. (Singapore)



I felt a great sense of excitement beforehand - like the night before Christmas when I was young! Then as I sensed the connection with others around the planet at 11:11 the tears began to flow big time. This turned out to be a necessary clearing and cleansing to allow joy to more easily arise. I went on to breathe in pink, silver and gold and send that out to the planet and ended with recalling the most joyful things that I had recently experienced, a big smile on my face as the most joyful experience had been tandoori chicken and nan bread at a restaurant in Malaysia....
- Susan B. (Bangkok, Thailand)


What an awesome hour. My friend and I met early, about 4:45 pm and did exercises and Padmasadhana yoga, then diving into Kriya breathing and then into this wonderful meditation with loving music and a BIG SMILE on our faces. None of us wanted to "get out" after 7.11 pm, it was that good and powerful. I love you,
- Tim H. (Bangkok, Thailand)


I am an American woman currently ordained as a Therevadan Buddhist nun in northern Thailand. July 17th, 11:11 GMT coincided with our regular evening chanting time, so I asked the chanting leader to include the metta-chant (loving kindness). We also meditated for 20 minutes during the chanting. I honestly did not feel a powerful connection to the Grid, but I did my best to be open and present and supportive to whatever light beings may have been present. Love and light! Thank you so much for this project! I look forward to the next step, Project Cause.
- Marabeth M. (Chomtong, Chiang Mai, Thailand and Loa, Utah, USA)


We sat at 6:11pm local time and I guided us all in to a process to connect with the planet and with the love of God. We listened to soothing music for an hour. We all could feel the effects of the other groups and the energy felt very very strong. At the end we were all very spacey yet felt as though we were part of a very special occasion. Thank you for organizing such a special occasion. With Love & Healing Light
- Michael (Hua Hin, Thailand)



At the time that people all over the world were firing the grid i was teaching a yoga class in Hanoi. I first told the students about firing the grid and talked about the intention of the class. Towards the end of class we participated in pranayama followed by a fifteen minute sit. I was glad that my class was exactly at the time that the meditation was happening because i would be able to bring others into the meditation who normally wouldn't have heard or experienced it. I had a very relaxing deep meditation that i did not want to end, but my students were beginners and the class was ending. During my meditation i felt a great amount of joy from all over the world. I felt as if i was connected to all my meditating peers who were joined together for the well being of the planet and all beings. After class students came up and said that they had a great class. I hope that they were aware of how powerful their actions were and that it will grow with each day. Thank you to everyone that participated and to all those who made this happen.
- Dollianne L. (Hanoi, Vietnam)




I was meditating at home, I was planning that my son would be sleeping while I was doing this, but he decided to be very close to me, which for sure had a meaning. I felt the energy rising already hours before the firing, when the time to fire became close, I was already in other state of mind. I laid myself to my bed with my son and closed my eyes. Soon I felt how through all of my chakras the energy from above was spiralling to the earth. It was really amazing and felt very very good. At the same time I was sending loving thoughts to the humanity and whole earth. I lost the feeling for time quite soon and when I stopped 1.5 hours had been gone. The energy was rising enormously towards the end of meditation. I felt really that I was one with everyone else. One amazing thing also I gotta tell, my son got from doctor last week 3 such wooden sticks that the doctor puts into mouth when looking at throat. When I stopped the meditation, my son had already left the room to play in his room, on my bed were these wooden sticks laying on a formation like "fire the grid" logo, 2 sticks standing and one above (as he only had three). That was for me proof enough that the firing of the grid really took place and my son had also been part of it, he is 3 years old. People this is all so amazing and so beautiful, we are really going to save this world! I love you!
- S-P. (Baden, Austria)


Due to my job I couldn't meet up with friends, so I sat below a wonderful old tree next to work and there I met a complete stranger who was here for the same reason! We sat and meditated together and even being a shy person I started to sing and share my songs with him... I felt connected to all my friends in different places spending this special hour with the same intent, I felt connected to all other people with the same intent, I felt strongly connected to mother earth... in the evening a group of 5 -we gathered at a holy spring and did another meditation and dance - the present energy kept sending shivers down my spine and it still does if I think about it ... mother earth says thank you! love, peace and light to all,
- Felice (Vienna, Austria)


It was one of the intensive experiences in my life! My heart opened to degrees i have not believed that it would be possible. I became the Mother embracing Gaia, loving her absolutely and unconditionally far beyond my human consciousness would ever be capable to! I hold Gaia in my arms, sang to her, rocked her, loved her, honored her beyond measure until she started to glow from inside! I know that beloved Gaia is a star! Deep ecstasy, compassion, beauty, unconditional Love and acceptance was abounding! i merged with all the beings around the planet and the amount of love was breathtaking! i constantly kept asking Spirit for ever expanding capacities for ecstasy and Love! I feel totally fulfilled and I know there is more love since then! THANK YOU for initiating this event! I could do it weekly! daily! Blessings,
- Viola (Vienna, Austria)



Well, I must say the whole experience has been very strong and I started to feel the vibration about two hours before the actual time. The strongest vision I had was that of a young women's bust. There were two black patches instead of her breasts. I was somewhat puzzled by that vision, as I would have imagined Mother Earth as a more generous figure and could hardly relate her to a young women's body. Still, the message was crystal clear: Mother Earth has no milk left and cannot nurture anymore. I continued sending my most loving energy towards our planet and about ten minutes later, it could have been 15 minutes later, I saw the same bust again, but this time, the breasts were glowing with incredibly white light. This has given me great hope and I was very happy to think of all my fellow beings, joining everywhere in the world, in one big vibration of pure love!
- Cassandra D. (Albertville, France)


I felt energy to a degree that I have never experienced before and was flooded with joy and love, throughout my meditation, also a profound sense of gratitude for the healing of creation and the enlightenment of mankind, bringing us into oneness. It was humbling to know that there were people all over the planet, working in partnership for this healing to take place, true synergy, where the intent of each individual combined to far greater effect than the mere sum of the whole. It has had such a powerful effect.
- Felicity L. (Chamonix- Mont Blanc, France)


We were around 30 people in the mountains of Western Alsace, France, gathered for a training in meditation and mind-body-perception harmonisation (nice coincidence, isn't it?). On July 17, we had lunch earlier than usual and thus finished around 13:00 CET, which gave us enough time to peacefully join the event (another nice coincidence). I just reminded the others of it, told them that I would participate and invited them to offer as much time as they would like. During approximately one hour, people were coming and going, participating freely and according to their consciousness, and everything was really fine. At the end, there were only 3 of us left, and we shared our impressions. We all had felt our hearts vibrate tremendously during the meditation. There truly were love, joy and good will in enormous quantities, like we had never felt before. The day after, when I woke up, I strongly felt that our humanity and reality had shifted, and that the path leading us "home" would be much easier and happier than one could have imagined just one day before.
- Gianni P. (Colmar, Alsace, France)


My preparation was 45 minutes of yoga, which I usually end with 10 minutes of meditation. I moved into my meditation mode a few minutes before 11:11 GMT. When I next opened my eyes it was 12:11:30 GMT. I was not aware of the time passing. I recall that the colours and patterns that I normally experience had a new depth and quality. I felt a presence of mind(s). I recall a smile on my face. I thought about all the happy times and people in my life. It was a wonderful feeling of sharing. At some time a voice said to me "your IBS is cured". I have suffered from IBS for over 10 years. I didn't ask for it to be cured, but I haven't felt it since.
- Miallet (Dordogne, France)


WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR Yep … it’s happened alright! THANK GOD I Love You. We Are One. What else is there to say? Well - plenty of stuff actually! How about WOW!!! How completely and utterly amazing! So that’s what a 20 million person hug feels like. When’s the next one?! I’m still in a ‘state’ of heightened deep aliveness, being lifted sky high of all my baggage and conditioning, being used as a jug to pour limitless gratitude upon everything I perceive, bursting into giggles every few minutes and sporadically into crying, with a grounded seriousness underneath all. I just heard that some UNBELIEVABLE things happened within my family at that time … but that’s not my story … I wanted to say also something along the lines of, no ‘thing’ has just ‘happened’ and ‘ended’ – THE BLESSING IS US - WE ARE THAT MIRACLE, WE’RE STILL HERE!! I wrote this account of my 7/17/07 experience, virtually straight afterwards to the guy that sent me the Fire the Grid information/invitation. (Also, something that just clicked with me this morning, is that the numbers 7/17 are in fact one of all time my favourite numerical arrangements, as when they are displayed on a digital clock as 7:17 they look very very close to the Hebrew word for tenderness! (rokh). I always cheer when I turn to look at the time and find it at 7:17). Oh yeah – my name is Alim, I’m an English dude living in France, Loving God and practising Calligraphy. Right, so then … I had finished all my morning bits and pieces, had my muesli brekky and was about to get started with my Calligraphy practice, when a little cheeky pixie thought jumped in and suggested that I go check my emails. The library that I go to do all my internet maneuvering is shut Saturday, Sunday, Monday, so I got a bit of a Tuesday morning internet ritual on the go. It took me less than a few seconds to succumb to the suggestion and I promptly left the house even though I felt like I was skyving! There waiting for me is an email from a spiritual collective in a town I used to live in. A short message with a link to an 8 part video talk given by Shelley. Checking the dates I was pretty shocked that it was still current (coz I’m not an everyday internet guy, I usually get these things days after the event). I turned the volume right down on the library computer monitor so I could craftily have a listen without getting into trouble and loaded up part one. Within a half a minute of hearing Shelley speak, with my eyes full of tears and my body feeling soaked in that light, tingly almost painful gratitude (like being punched by Love), I hit the pause button and ran back home to get some headphones. As I listened to the rest, I felt myself lifted up into the bosom of the Human Family. I stopped a few minutes into part two to quickly forward the link to my Mother with the message “You got to watch this and you got to watch this NOW”. About halfway in, now I know what it’s about, I glanced at the time in the corner of the screen and my heart missed a couple of beats while my head tried to work out if I’d missed the 11:11 kick-off time. My mental gymnastics were a bit clumsy, so I checked it out on the ‘Adjust Time/Date’ yakadeeshmakadee … YES !!!! AMAZING !!! French time is GMT +1 hour! Which means I’ve still got time, but it’s gonna be close! I finished watching part seven, just as the library was closing at 12:00 (11:00 GMT) – (at the moment Shelly talked about 2012, my clock read 12:02 !). I ran out the library, wishing the Madame a very good day, and allowing my body the un-self concerned freedom to smile all the joy it wanted to share as I walked very quickly back home. 5 minutes to go, just long enough to pack my incense, meditation cushion, blanket, Moldavite and Angelite crystals, grab a guitar and stick a pretty “I AM LOVE” on a bottle of water! As I walked out the house, my clock says 12:12 – one minute off, but pretty numbers! I knew straight away exactly the spot to go to – a field that I was guided to a few days a go, nicely tucked away, surrounded by trees and full of long grass and flowers. Arriving there, I let my feet take me straight to the power point, bowed and kissed the ground and rolled out my blanket and cushion. I lit a charcoal disk and let it do its thing while I did mine. I sat on my cushion in lotus position and gazed out over the indescribably Beautiful field in reverence, stillness, awe and delight and poured from my heart of hearts my prayer, gratitude, invocations and affirmations. I sat simply and bore witness to the holy magnificence laid out before me. I felt the preciousness of all. I felt my simple Humanness. I felt my connection to the Earth. I felt my connection to all my Brothers and Sisters. I felt my innocence and childness and held up my recognition that I know nothing and I just want to Love. After just being washed in Shelley’s uplifting and deeply inspiring communication, there was a fierceness behind my ceremony. I touched the ground in front of me in the Buddha gesture to silently and fiercely say: “By virtue of my undeniable Humanity and Divinity, I Am worthy to turn to the Joy that I Am. I Am worthy to soar in the skies of freedom that is my birthright. I Am worthy to abandon wholly any trace of shame, guilt or blame. I Am a beloved child of Perfection, I Am stainless and unstainable. I Am worthy to serve this Planet with all my heart and work in Love for the immediate return of the entire Human Family to Wholeness and Wisdom wherein not a single person will ever again be hungry or in need of anything”. (I said it with words as well!) When I felt the time to move, I offered some incense and more prayer, got out my guitar and sang a Hafiz poem over a jump-up Ska / Dub ditty I’ve been practicing recently. After a few minutes of Stillness, I went to take a look at the time … and check this out for a last smartie on the cake … the time was exactly 1:11 !!! The exact end time and a tidy salute to the GMT start time of 11:11. I buried my Angelite crystal on the spot where I was sitting. Before placing it in the ground, my mind went blank for any words to say, so I held it up and asked God to fill it with Her blessings and prayers and wishes. So that’s that. Thank You SOOOOO much God, Thank You SOOOOO much everyone – I REALLY needed that and I’m SURE our planet did too. I think I even said in my prayers that morning “God, I have NO idea what you’ll bring me to today”! I find this wonderfully hilarious and so like God’s “Look what I can do” cheeky timing, that this project as been planned and known about for years and I find out about it with literally 5 MINUTES left to participate!! All my unconditional Love to Everyone Forever WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR
- Alim G. (Nontron, Dordogne, France)


We sat my boyfriend and I in meditation and prayer, connected to the planet, thinking of all humankind and of all of us that where praying as one. It was very powerful, very moving. My boyfriend Phillippe meditated and had sensations he had never had before of being huge and very powerful. I sat and prayed out loud and was conscious of the importance of the event, I felt so excited being part of this, and so thankfull to be living at a time where a new way of life together is becoming possible in the World. I was grateful for participating because I heard about firing the grid only on July 16th in the evening! Less than 12 hours before this planetary get together took place! I guess there are no coincidences! I feel part of the huge family we all form as human beings even more so now. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love and light to each and every one,
- Léa D. (Paris, France)


yesterday i sat for the hour or so before sending text msgs to everyone in my phone telling them that this big event was happening and that if they wanted to for the hour from 1:11 to 2:11 paris time to think about or do the things that gave them their greatest joy and to remember to say or think thankyou to whatever their idea of god the universe life higher power is . i then went to watch puppies and kittens playing and bought some ice cream where i met a lovely friendly german student spending her summer working in france and then i walked to a bridge in the middle of paris called the pont des arts there was one empty bench in the middle so i went sat down and when i looked up there was a big smilely face looking down at me from the glass panel of a lamppost imagine every time i opened my eyes there was a smile looking down on me !!! i later went to a store which i normally always take the same route but yesterday turned a different corner and there in front of me another smiley face painted on a wall i love the law of attraction!! i got back a few messages from friends telling me that they had spent the hour sharing things they felt grateful for or walking and singing to themselves and being gratefull a great start i think
- ron f. (Paris, ile de france, France)


Truthfully, I felt no connection to the other people meditating - which I had hoped for - no awareness of anyone else except the ordinary background noise of the street. Closed the wooden shutters, lit a candle, burned some lavender, and put on two favourite CDs. Schubert's String Quintet in C, the Adagio (if you know it, you'll understand why that had to be the one) and Mozart's Requiem - but it could equally well have been any other mass by Mozart, Haydn, Brahms... Thoughts were always swirling around, but it was still an uplifting experience: quiet pictures, tranquility. I feel vaguely disappointed that there wasn't anything markedly different afterwards - I wish I could say that I felt a change in the overall atmosphere. Of course I'll join in again next time.......
- Gill D. (Rochefort, Yvelines, France)


The centre of the planet became a pale pink, almost white rose. As the love from the planet surged upward and surfaced, I knew I was placing a rose in the heart of every person I knew.. they passed before me like a role call, in groups, my family, everyone including those who have passed over, my friends, my acquaintances, my neighbours, then strangers, they put their hands over their hearts.
- Pam W. (Sauze Vaussais, Poitou Charante, France)


My composer husband played Mozart on a grand piano in a shopping mall, dedicating his joy. My musical relatives played duets on two grand pianos in our music studio. I sat under a huge oak tree listing my gratitudes ... then went up to our top meadow where there is a 360° view of the surrounding valleys, and lay on the grasses amongst wild flowers, under a huge blue dome of sky watching a hawk ride the thermals ... talking with the Authority behind all of this beautiful natural world ... offering my life energy to fire the grid ... and felt utter and complete joy, in being part of such a global miracle. And was overwhelmed ... tears being the only language of love when words fail. And after the hour, was thrilled ... jubilant, that 'we' all DID it!! Fired the Grid!! And now send blessings and much love and gratitude to you Shelley, and to Annie and to all your fabulous team, both seen and unseen. What next can we do to help? Luv U xox
- Faye B, (Tarn, France)


We listened to Bradfield’s music, hugged, danced, smiled and love filled the room, tears of pure joy fell from my eyes. My heart, mind and being were opened. I was joined by blue beings radiating love and bliss. I had a vision of dolphins and saw the eye of an elephant as I flew freely round the world, all connected, all at one. What a wonderful experience and the best is that I still feel that way, at one, connected and ready for the journey, Thankyou, in love light and laughter, namaste, nandana.
- Jennifer B. (Vannes, Brittany, France)



Shaman singing, Didgerdoo and drums intuned with a special crystal-singing-bowl starter into the 1 hour meditation, which brought great shivers and overwhelming moments, wow! Ended up in a great sharing of insights and singing and starting the new network. We were all happy to join in this special moment. Love
- Native Blue Spirit - Deva Sakshi (Anzing, Bavaria, Germany)


We are at the very core of Mother Nature... an hour before the meditation we prostrated and gave our offerings with water, light and incenses... at the exact hour we all sat divided the group to face the four directions and sat for the hour in total silence and one very silently whispered a prayer to Gaia... after the hour one rang the singing bowl for an hour, and the group continued to sit for another 2 hours. There are no words to actually express this moment... we all just felt as one, quiet and so very calm. And the candle we lit on July 17th is still burning. I wish to also add we lit 1000 butterlamps and everyone who was there also lit a tea candle and a sandalwood incense... afterwards we ended with a five point prostration and remained quiet for 15 minutes then we celebrated with a meal... a truly HAPPY moment for us all to feel such a connection with Gaia and all the beings who participated on this day...
- Rakeo H. (Bad Camberg, Hessen, Germany)


I picked both children up at summer camp and we spent the hour (my kids, 7 and 11 years old had been well prepared for this) in our backyard, lying in the shade of our old oak trees or leaning against their trunks, sending all our love down into Earth, saturating her with affection and healing and soothing feelings. My daughter, 11, told me later the dancing sunlight casting shadows from the leaves of our trees on the ground had spelled beautiful sentences full of special meaning to her, and my son, 7, remembered having spoken silently to Earth and she had responded with a beautiful incredibly deep tone that filled him up.
- Barbara M. (Berlin, Germany)


It was a wonderful and special experience. My yearning to help in some way to heal our beautiful planet and get myself back in tune with the Divine had found a perfect way to express itself in this meditation. I felt united, my heart responded and resonated strongly, i felt it aching from the intensity of my love wanting to explode and share itself in gratitude with mother earth and all suffering beings. Thank you so much. i believe in our potential to save ourselves and to awaken to pure and boundless love and harmony, in becoming the perfect vessels or channels for the Divine to express itself through us and manifest in the world. Much of what i feel cannot even be expressed in words. Thank you for this, and may the process of awakening and healing prosper and bloom in all our hearts, overflowing to reach all corners of the universe and reconnect us to the source.
- Ariya (Berlin, Germany)


I had to work, but I cut off a little time and drove to my place by the three big trees at the city-park's lake. This was my power-place and there I rested for a while and I let my love flow into mother earth and thanked her for everything. This was a good feeling. My wife Lisa stayed home that time and thought about many very enjoyable things as said on this website. So we both do love mother earth by heart. After a few days I received a voice in my head saying "Spüre die Liebe der Menschen." which means "Feel the love of the people.". Yesterday the voice said to me "Verstärke die Liebe der Menschen." which means "Empower the love of the people." So there is something in progress and I am very excited about this. Thank you for your effort and I will come back end of summer so look after Project Cause. Meanwhile I will do what the voice told me to. Bye and have a good time,
- Johnny B & Lisa (Hamburg, Germany)


We were 4 people meditating together in Germany - two women, a Tibetan lama and a 10 year old child. For me the first 20 minutes were very hard. My mind was turning around itself and energetically I felt disconnected and like in front of a wall. But then suddenly the wall disappeared, and I reached an area of ease and light. I could get in resonance with it like with a field and my own feelings were lifted, so that then my own joy and love were activated and could flow into the field and I could give something back. During the meditation a "Deeksha" reached me - a special energy form, like a gift of love and freedom - which someone who I was connected with gave into the field. This intensified my experience of being lifted in a level of joy, oneness and love. Problem: afterwards I was oversensitive and I felt intolerant against noise, which caused just something like pain inside. I am very thankfull that this event has taken place and I believe that it will have positive effects in a longer term.
- Lutz and friends (Königsberg, Bayern, Germany)


Hello, my experience was amazing. First I have to say I didn't know about this whole thing until 15 minutes before it started. My girlfriend came home and told me about it, so I ate my lunch read about the event and started to meditate. And what happened was amazing. Just recently I started traveling -don't know the proper word for it- to the light beings. And that's what I did yesterday. And what I found was a gathering of a lot of beings in space around the earth. There was chanting, I heard music, dancing. A celebration of the souls. I saw and helped with the energy exchange for mother earth. The greatest joy was to be with all these beings and giving energy together. I have never felt such a power. Amazing. It feels impossible to put into words what I saw and felt in that hour. I wish I could but I just can't find the right words to describe all those things. I am more a visual person and I still have the images in my head. Maybe when I read somebody else’s experience I say oh yeah exactly like that. In the end I saw the planet in a huge ball of light. Well more like energy coming out of her. It felt like she was stronger than before. And I saw an orange Aura around her. And one more great effect was that I myself felt much stronger after that. I had the feeling to be connected to something far bigger than I could ever imagine. It gave me a sense of what is possible if we stick together and believe in ourselves and start connecting to our source. I want to thank Shelley for walking her path, Bradfield for the amazing music, and everybody who gave their time to this great event. Love and Peace
- Ingrid (Lüneburg, Germany)


I thought that I wanted to fire the grid sitting in meditation, but when the time started I felt to put the music of an incredible master musician called Gilberto Gil from Brazil to help to create a celebration energy field. I felt also that a good way to fire the grid was radiating many green light spirals on the grid. I was firing bliss, but I could feel many times a big interference of negative thoughts and feelings and than I felt, gosh, not easy to keep the flow of bliss... I felt then that the good thing was to move my body and dance. This was great and opened a beautiful stream of joy, beauty and gratitude. Great and now I feel that everyday is a good day to fire the bliss!!! Thank you Shelley (and team!) for sharing this wonderful inspiration. Love and care in action!!!
- Pashianti (I am brazilian) (Munich, Bavaria, Germany)


I had a disagreement with the person i wanted to fire the grid with, but instead of going into drama, i resisted for we had pledged to be of service to the benefit of all and the highest good... so i just walked away, into the park, sat in the grass: and punctually as ftg was over, a young man shows up and asks, whether he can sit next to me for a while... sure... after hours of talk and silence he tells me he had spent the past hour (ftg) trying to kill himself!!! Just as he was about to drink his poison, a dove showed up above his head in the tree, it got lighter and he had to walk on... having prayed for a miracle...that’s what he called me. I am very gratefull for this opportunity of serving!
- Nane (Stuttgart, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany)


At 12:11 German time I connected and at once, I felt to be a part of a gigantic wave of love and healing, who was so powerful. At 13:11 I was a part of a group of 15 women, who came together to have a meditation for 1 h. In solidarity with you and all we had an intensive hour. My inner picture was a activation in the core of earth - with much geometric forms. So, as when a code was broken up. I felt that a gigantic wave of female energies come over the world. Never before, I feel the oneness with the earth so intensive. Thanks so much, that you initiate this project. When is the next project? I´ll be with it! Sending you huge waves of Love!
- Claudia (Uetze, Niedersachsen, Germany)



Initially, some of the group sensed the destruction and pain that Mother Earth is experiencing through our ignorance and tears we shed. Some of us experienced being showered with “golden star dust”. I am sure that this is connected to the gratitude that mother earth felt when we were sending her healing. Also waves of energy were experienced during this time as well as heaviness of the body. Another person connected to the young children who are suffering in different parts of the world. Another person saw us in a circular formation holding hands in the sky. I saw black barbwire being removed from my head and then dark clouds being lifted from humanity and the planet. The message from Mother Earth came loud and clear "we must let go of anger and disappointment. To embrace acceptance and to allow the bigger picture to unfold". We felt united in love, power and trust. Mother Earth would like us to continue with the healing meditations which we all agreed to with enthusiasm. Thank you and thank the blessed light workers.
- Stellar House (ATTICA, GREECE)


I was told to "connect", so I did with each member of my family, my animals, my friends. Names kept popping into my mind, also of family members and friends who have died, and then places, countries and finally the whole earth. It was so peaceful I may have fallen asleep with the music and strangely enough I woke up 10 min. before the end of the hour. I was then told that wherever I would put my hands on my body for a few minutes, the energy would be much stronger. I am a Reiki master. So I did put my hands on three parts of my body that are sometimes painful. May I take this opportunity to thank you for having made this all possible. It was a wonderful feeling to be alone in my room, knowing there were so many people around the world participating together with me. Light, Love and Blessings to you and our mother Earth.
- Viviane L. (Athens, Greece)


Having been related for almost 2,5 years now with the feeling / consciousness of the energy, the miracle of healing and the reconnection with the Source, with my guides and through them, with my divine part, Earth is always the receiver of my daily co-creation and wish. Yesterday, during this huge global meeting, wishing and sending together love and healing to our Mother Gaia I felt Her reaction / reply as a strong (the strongest I've ever felt) vibration in my body and a marvelous feeling of peace in my soul and around. It is not easy to describe this kind of feelings to everybody (yet) but lightworkers know... This initiative is great, humans are great when they wake up and find each other. Please go on, we are many and every day we are becoming more and more, each one knows that we are parts of the Spirit and when we are together, finding each other… we can make the miracle..!! Be all blessed...!!
- Maria F. (Athens, Greece)


I was on my own in my room at Florence where I stay for a couple of weeks. I felt I participated to something truly big that would make a positive change to the world. In the beginning tears came to my eyes thinking that what I have been reading in books and discussing with very few people now is becoming a reality, that Love IS here. Soon I went into a meditative state and at some point I saw that all the people participating in this were forming a circle around Earth holding hands exchanging energy while sending energy to the planet. I saw Light covering everything, like a glow. I was feeling both very small but also very big amongst Creation and also connected to everything and everyone! Thank you ALL for making this happen. This is just the beginning! Love n Light to All!
- Eleni S. (Athens, Attica, Greece)


It was my first time with such an experience all together. The lights I could see with my eyes closed were out of this world. I could truly feel the love our planet has for us and was glad -- no make that overjoyed -- to be able to give some of this love back. Thank you for believing...
- Katerina. P. (Vari, Greece)



I did a sitting meditation focused on love using the mantra 'i love myself' and it was amazing i felt all this laughter rise up inside from my stomach and just broke out laughing, laughing experiencing pure joy with a powerful connection with the energy! I got a vision i could see the stars and a horse just appeared truly magical experience!! Thank you, love is the way.
- Peter (Ashbourne, Meath, Ireland)


I sat with my eyes closed visualising energizing the planets leylines. About half way through the hour, a pink form, in the shape of an opening eye appeared until my vision area was entirely pink. This gradually darkened in colour until it was purple. Soon after in my vision area appeared the colour orange on the bottom of 'the screen' and yellow on the top, blending in the middle where they met. Soon after, another pink image appeared-this time in the shape of an iris with a darker centre, like a pupil. I also had a noticeable rush of tiddly feeling in my feet at a certain point.
- Phil (Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland)


My friend Rosie & I sat together & listened to Amma chanting & singing.. & also some native American chants.. I held out my hands & tried to let kindness flow through my body from my crown & out through my hands to the whole world.. My mother Brenda is in the spirit world & was a wonderful spiritualist medium & minister.. I heard her voice tell me to not smoke as much as she drank! It was clear & made me laugh alot.. I'll be doing my best.... I felt re-energised.. as did Rosie... I am truly delighted & humbled by this initiative you have created.. I'm ready to participate with my whole being & I've already discovered I have new/old soul friends, who have reached out to me in the spirit of love... Fantastic!
- Tracy H. (Cork, Ireland)


I felt instantly very still whilst sitting to meditate, which is unusual for me unless I am in a group. Despite being in the least conducive place imaginable (work), I was able to maintain this focus throughout the hour. I felt a definite sense of tuning in to a global stillness. Some way into the meditation I felt a pressure on my crown chakra. This lasted for some time. I sometimes experience this during meditation but it is quite rare. Then I felt something I had not experienced before which was a definite pressure on two points on either side of my head above my temples. I am unsure if these points are energy centres as I am only familiar with the chakra system. It was a light pressure but a definite sensation which again lasted for possibly several minutes. I can only say the meditation felt very still and very deep.
- Nelly H. (Cork, Ireland)


I was going to get a group of children together and do some art and some singing particularly WE RISE as kids have great purity of heart. As it turned out I was on my own in my beautiful home and I did 5 decades of the Rosary to beautiful Mary the Goddess of Peace, then I listened to some of Anael & Bradfield gorgeous music as well as Shawn Gallaway's I choose love 3 times and finally We Rise 3 times while feeling the lovely music wash over my body receiving in love and sending out love and light to the whole world, gorgeous! Thank you , Love love love Light light light Grá le Grá (Gráinne with Love in the Irish language)
- Grainne O. (Cork City, Munster, Ireland)


I cannot even make myself write that I fired the grid "alone" – I was not alone! I did not feel alone! I was with a huge mass of other people and beings, all participating in the event together! I was away in the country, doing a course with a group of people, I had to leave class and meditate – I told everybody else about the Grid, and people seemed interested in joining me, however they told me afterwards that they had forgotten about it. Thus I left class, went into a room alone, put on my Bradfield and Anael disk and focused on beautiful memories from my life. I centered and grounded as I was focusing on joy. There was a lot of incredibly light and "alive" energy during the process – I "called upon" Shelley's light beings and got an incredible lift, and the room filled, no over-filled with light! I felt light, happy and in my mind's eye I was dancing in a very happy, lit-up way around the room for most of the hour – it felt like I was flying and dancing in a ballerina-fairy sort of way – my heart was filled with purity and joy at the same time! I felt that I was part of a huge group of individuals – I tapped into a stream of powerful energy. I do not meditate enough – to my shame – and that definitely limited my perception of what happened! However, I had the clearest of intentions for myself, our beloved Planet and for all the humanity, the intention was to join this event, fire my grid, fire the Earth's grid and join with everybody else in the process and to send a pure intention of Peace, Love and HEALTH for the Planet and all its inhabitants with a special emphasis on Earth itself and her well-being! I envisioned our planet from above and I sent it love, I also focused on all the places I hold so dear – the forests and meadows and trees, which I personally know and love – this helped me to open my heart to Earth and filled my heart with love and sadness at the same time – I love her. I tried holding the highest possible vibration - it was challenging when things came to our Planet – since whenever I open my heart to her, I start to cry, which I know lowers my vibration. However, through that – I sent her love and I did my best at staying happy and loving at the same time! I did not have the alarm set for the meditation, although I started feeling a decline in this whirl of energy after a while – and a clear thought came to me that it was over; however, the funny thing is that I also felt some lingering "resistance" to end the process from many people – resistance in letting go of continuing to fire the grid and soaking this energy, as if many stayed and continued to fire the grid, send love and work on the planet – I checked the time and it was fifteen minutes after the official end of the meditation at that stage. Thank you from my heart to the Light Beings for working with and for us all! Thank you, Shelley, for realising this incredible project into life – I believe and send my intention that we will and do all live in the most harmonious future and present there can be! I am grateful to the Universe – to God for all the blessings we have in everything we do and think. Thank you all for everything!
- Kamilla R. (Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland)


I had a wonderful time and I felt so peaceful while Firing The Grid. I sat with two of my friends in a beautiful Reiki room surrounded by violet. I called upon Archangel Michael for protection and St. Germain for clearing and I sent all the love I could possibly send out to mother earth. In the beginning I got a huge headache, after approx 10 minutes that cleared and I could see Mother Earth like an old woman that kind of looked like a cloud but she was grey and really fat and spoke to me like she had smoked 1000 cigarettes a day for the last 40 years. As the hour continued she began to get brighter and then she was a beautiful shade of red and orange like a sunset until she finally went a radiant gold and had the biggest smile I have ever seen. During the hour I received a bolt of energy in my spine, and my fingers and legs twitched a lot I don’t really know why so I just went with it. When it was over my two friends and I all shared our experiences, amazingly we all said that we all had felt connected to every single soul during the hour and we had all simultaneously imagined all these souls holding hands in a big circle above the earth. The three of us in the room had also imagined that we were connected to each other by beams of light coming from our heart chakras. I would like to thank Shelley Yates and anybody else involved for bringing all our beautiful souls together it truly was a beautiful amazing experience. Love and Light
- Roisin K. (Dublin, Ireland)


It was a very emotional experience. We could feel light emanating from the heart of millions of people around the world. It made us get emotional. We all felt a release in our solar plexus. Some of us saw the grid knitting back together. It was a very uplifting and inspirational experience. We were very pleased and honoured to be a part of it. Thank you for sharing your website with us. The more people that know about you the better. Love and Light to you all x x x
- Sharon K. and group (Dublin, Ireland)


I was preparing myself to FIRE THE GRID in the peace and quiet of my home when I was told I had to attend a training module for the company I work for. To start with I felt bomb but then I decided to invite the other participants to share the experience. The group I am training with is made up of people from all sorts of different background.. And I was really pleased that 7 out of 12 decided to join in. So yesterday we took our lunch break in time to prepare for 11:11 and I explained everyone what we were going to do and how. I felt elated, happy . We took possession of a meeting room and everyone found a place a spot for themselves. Within minutes the energy stared to raise and flow it was amazing considering that of the 7 only myself and Nick are conscious lightworkers. The room was soon swarming with beings of light and the vibration kept rising and rising. Personally I felt blown away by the energy this was possibly the strongest collective meditation I have experienced . The light and love you could have touched they were so thick in the air. Everyone felt amazed and astonished by the sheer power of what we experienced and everyone in the room commented on how they had felt the surging waves of energy as we progressed through the meditation . I feel so humbled and blessed by the all experience that putting it into words is quite difficult. Love and light to everyone
- Gaia & Coaching Group (Dublin, Ireland)


Wonderful experience! Massive current. Like no other meditation before. Sensed many light beings present in the room with me. Called in my favourites; St. Francis of Assisi, Dom Inacio, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, St. Padre Pio, Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael and Intralaphia, my ET guide. Re-encountered "ancient friends". Felt connected to all my brothers and sisters across the world, met and unmet. My first time to partake in an event like this. Absolutely loved it! One of my greatest joys! Filled with love, praise and gratitude. So blessed to be alive at this time. Full of hope and anticipation for the wonderful things to come. xxxx
- Breda W. (Dublin, Ireland)


It was profound. I hadn’t expected it to be so visual, i saw colours and shapes i have never seen before, i could recognise blues, greens, reds and yellows but not like ive ever seen them before. Archangel Michael was with me as i always call on him for protection or to help me stay focused when I’m meditating. I was also offering up Violet Flame Mantras and while i was doing this i could hear every participant chanting with me, Men, Woman & Children. I could see us all in a huge rainforest walking towards a divine light, and also sailing down majestic rivers in boats, more like canoes, i think we were in groups of 7. After that my mind went blank, i know i was conscious but don’t remember where i was brought. When i came back, i was in a field of the greenest richest softest grass and a turquoise blue sky, the sun was a solid orangey-yellow ball high in the sky. Michael gave me a pendant with a blue ribbon, it was shaped like a triangle but not as precise and had a symbol in the centre, he told me that every participant had received this symbol also as a gesture of gratitude and love from the Divine Source and Mother Earth. I started getting confused as i thought i had disconnected and stopped meditating and started to try and re-connect but my guides and angels kept calling me back telling me i had done enough. I was so sure that only a few minutes and gone by and was trying desperately to reconnect with my higher self so i could go back to firing the grid when i heard Michael say calmly "It Worked", at that moment my alarm went off at 13.11 indicating the full hour had gone by, i was amazed! My 2 friends where with me and my sister was a 20minute drive away and throughout the whole experience i felt we were all connected through our hearts. It was such a wonderful exciting experience, the pure joy i felt afterwards lasted for the rest of the day. To me it was a confirmation of all my beliefs and dreams and that I’m on the right path. I cannot thank you enough for the gift of this website and your messages from the light beings, Love, Light and Peace to you! Namaste
- Emma Rose W/Only Love Is Real (Dublin, Leinster, Ireland)


Extraordinary! I was blessed to be in a newly completed wooden pyramid on a very sacred land known as Ard Na Ri near the ancient abbey of Clonmacnoise, where 7 Irish Kings are buried! There were 20 of us gathered together this morning beginning at 10 am for the twice yearly download of blessings from Kuthumi, the Angels and the Spirits of this magical land. Eric Dilworth, the visionary and caregiver of this beautiful place, and Daniel who has been the Energetic Guide for the Spirits here, gathered many of us who had just completed a 2 Day Retreat with the wonderful teacher James Twyman focusing and building a sacred Emissary Wheel of Peace. So all those energies preceded the FTG meditation which was so gentle and loving and opening and deepening for all of us. We each put a rose on the alter and then received a Deeksha blessing from Eric. Concluding with three Om's and a prayer thanking the Earth for her Grace and her Love and committing to walking lightly on her with Love and Respect. Thank You!
- Lou M./Ard Na Ri (Killaloe, County Clare, Ireland )


After two months of rain for a 'summer', today is a beautiful sunny day. Where I work is right beside the river Shannon. I brought my bodhrán (Irish hand drum) with me and took an early lunch and went down to the river to play. It took me longer than I expected to get to the spot I wanted to sit in - a place where I'd begun learning to play the drum from a wonderful friend and teacher. So on the way I started singing, improvising a song on the word 'buíochas' which means 'thanks' or 'gratefullness' in Irish. When I got settled in my spot by the river I started playing my drum and singing - sometimes songs I knew, sometimes just improvising. I stopped a few times to meditate, just imagining my body filled with light and then imagining the planet fill with light. I finished my July 17th healing hour by eating the most delicious sandwich and giving thanks for this glorious planet that provides me with food each day! I sang several songs that came to me in the moment. They weren't recorded - I give them to that moment that was today. I offer them for the healing of our hearts and our beautiful home. Much love,
- Aisling O. (Limerick, Ireland)


When I started I felt like I was sinking into the earth & becoming one with it. I then felt as I was part of a grid of light the covered the earth. The energy I felt was very very strong. I felt as one stage I was holding the earth and sending healing. After about half an hour I felt as though my heart charka opened & light/healing energy was been channelled into me & out of my heart and into the earth. Very moving & powerful experience. Thanks
- John (Navan, Meath, Ireland)


Thunder and lightning storms, the worst I'd heard happened all morning. When doing the meditation I felt I had support from my angels, I'd never meditated like that for an hour before! I saw the grid and a ball of energy at the centre, it grew bigger as I meditated. In the ball of energy I saw a baby in an egg, it was beautiful. The grid and ball caught fire about half way through. My heart opened towards the end of the meditation and I felt myself send love to the grid. I used Buddhist meditation combined with Reiki for the hour. It was a very powerful experience. Thank you, Love and Light,
- Regina (Stillorgan, Dublin, Ireland


We gathered at 11.00 am to prepare and shared a beautiful meditation. The Lord's prayer was said and we attuned with Tibetan gong music gently playing in the background. We concentrated on a framed picture of the words "PEACE BE STILL". Later we went into the garden which overlooks the sea and were filled with joy and wonderment to behold a pair of Dolphins playing in the bay, a very unusual sight. These two played and circled in what seemed to us great joy and playfulness. WOW! It was raining to start with, but as we meditated the Sun shone bright and warm. Just as we departed it started to rain again; it was as if the heavens smiled down on our hour of meditation and prayer. We prayed the Prayer of Protection for the World and all the people in it- as follows. The Light of God surrounds you, The Love of God enfolds you, The Power of God protects You, The Presence of God watches over you, Wherever you are God IS, And all is well. AMEN With much love and unlimited blessings
- Nuala S. (Union Hall, Co. Cork, Ireland


As I could not be alone at home, I started praying while walking though Milan's busy streets, I sent silent messages to people who passed by and connected with friends over the phone to involve them. I spent the last 15 minutes sending love through the internet and visualising water, food and joy for the children of Africa and for peace for all of us.
- Graziana B. (Milano, Lombardy, Italy)


I went into meditation at 11:11am in Italy which was not the scheduled time but I wanted to send the energy and have it held because I was going to be at work at 3:11pm. As I meditated I encountered a lot of negativity which seemed odd as it was constant. I had a little negativity to work on myself but nothing this heavy! At 3:11pm, I was teaching a lesson to a private student when I consciously went into meditation while I was teaching. I repeated, I AM the Victory of the Light in all situations! I AM the Victory of the Light in all situations! I AM the Victory of the Light in all situations! And so it is. Beloved I AM. I was immediately transported to another level, which felt like a semi-trance. For the next hour, I felt waves of ecstasy and bliss. I received understanding about a relationship I've been doubting and felt spiritual love for my student whom I saw as a spiritual being rather than a "difficult person to teach". I enjoyed this beautiful energy for the rest of the afternoon. When I met up with some colleagues who had also participated in the meditation, it was clear that we were connected to this incredible universal love that was being transmitted all over the world. Wow! The hope I felt for this planet brought tears to my eyes. I felt compassion for poor planet Earth which we've been abusing and taking advantage of. I also realized that the negativity that I had experienced in the earlier meditation was probably the force of the darkness that was trying to muscle its' way in prior to all the light that was going to wash away it away. I want to do this again! When is the next one??
- Keren (Parma, Italy)


I turned on the music and lit candles. I held a piece of rock taken from the Egyptian desert where my heart center opened recently. I immediately felt OVERWHELMED by LOVE and JOY and felt connected to what I have heard referred to as the Soul of the World ! I saw the faces of many loved ones float before me and relived some of the most precious moments of my life. The music was absolutely beautiful. I had not listened to it ahead of time because I wanted the newness of it. I feel honored to have partaken in such an event. I absolutely believe in the possibilities. At any rate, it gave me an hour of peace and love which can only make my life richer !
- Cathy F. R. (Zola Predosa, Bologna, Italy)


It was so profound!!! I had goosebumps all up and down my legs. I first and foremost put on Bradfield's music and that immediately skyrocketed a feeling of ecstasy. Then my thoughts went into visualizing golden light all around the globe--people holding hands uniting together to make our beautiful, glorious earth a kingdom of LOVE and joy. Visualizing the lakes, mountains, forests and all other resources thriving because of this absolute magnificent shift in the consciousness in the world. Thank you to spirit and to Shelley (Samoiya) for holding steadfast and sharing with the world a perfect solution. I am honored to be a part of this community. This truly fills my heart with overwhelming joy and LOVE.
- Jennifer R. B. (Rome, Italy)



I felt relaxed and peaceful, happy and grateful for that special hour were I knew that millions of people were supporting each other for the same cause.
- Claude S. (Attard, Malta)


The experience on July 17th was amazing. There was a special connection at the heart centre-like threads connecting the different units. Obviously physical, objective change will not come overnight. People will begin to realize certain things, start to change decisions and slowly a new era will be ushered. I also found the image of a grid being fired a very powerful one especially since the energy of Light Beings were pouring in great potencies. At the end of the meditation there was this explosion of Light and Love pouring to the Earth. It felt absolutely wonderful.
- Malcolm B. (San Gwann, Malta)


We are a group on a tiny island in the Mediterranean (having the oldest free-standing temples in the world, 1,500 years older than the pyramids). A friend sent us your site about 'Firing the Grid' and we immediately decided there and then to form a group and e-mails were flying all over the island and around the world telling as many people as possible about this Blessing. We met at a friend's home and people of all ages came pouring in and the meditation started at 1.11pm. We were lucky that Louise, one of the organizers had bought 'Light & Love' CD so Janet, our meditation teacher who has been receiving 'guidance' for 30 years, and has done masses of work on the world grid working multi-dimensionally, led the meditation following the instructions on Shelley's site accompanied by Bradfield's Divine Inspirational music, which was Everything! Words cannot express What Happened to everybody's consciousness and Heart! It was the Highest and most Beautiful Experience Ever! We are receiving so many e-mails and messages from everyone who attended, it has Changed their Lives, unimaginably Beautifully - it has been such a Great Opening both individually and Collectively around the planet. How Blest - how Wondrous! It is the Moment of Awakening! Thank you Shelley, thank you Bradfield and all your wonderful team for putting this through, all your tireless work and love will surely come pouring back into your lives a millionfold. We are with you in Heart and in Spirit every step of the way. Today I sent so many e-mails and messages telling people to buy Bradfield's 'Light and Love' CD for the very Opening of the Chakras and Communion with Source! Bless You All, P.S. A friend Wendy was 'given' the most beautiful poetry during the Event, she has to send it to you. P.P.S. Our spiritual Yidam is Kuan-Shih-Yin, the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion, and the Buddha’s are best friends to many of us, so when we heard the mantras, it was just like going home - absolutely Loving and Effortless!
- Geraldine C./Matrix Malta (St. Julians. Swieqi, Malta)


This day was very special. We all lifted into the Void and created a new Earth. The Energies were really fantastic. In 40 years of meditation, i never felt such a directed downflow of Golden intense energy. It really penetrated the Earth from all levels. There were intelligent Evolved Beings directing everything. There is no way that anything can interrupt this process as the levels were beyond. The rest of the day and so on i feel as if the wind can blow right through my body, as i am as light as a feather. I also feel now no separation from my Spiritual focus Kuan Yin. Thank you Shelley. Keep the good work up.
- Janet/Malta Matrix (Valletta, Swieqi, Malta)



While meditating tears fell from my eyes even tough I wasn't sad at all! They were just flowing without a feeling of sadness...
- Pia B. K. (Bern, Bern, Switzerland)


When I did my meditation for the earth, I felt very much supported. After giving my healing power during about 45 minutes, during the last 15 minutes I myself received a wonderful healing. I felt very straight und upright for the next three days as I never felt like before! It was amazing. Since then, my life changed tremendously: I finally started to LOVE it!!! After 38 years of struggle and fight with and for myself... It's a pleasure. I just started to live for others, than for myself. It feels just much more playful than before! LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!
- Seraina (Dornach, SO, Switzerland)


I was alone, facing the lake in a park, being moved by the thought that so many people in the world were uniting their meditation at the same time. Feeling that we could use our common power to create a beautiful energy. Then I thought about the beauty of the planet and felt the pleasure of being in a beautiful natural world. then I felt the grid, and felt that each human being was a point of the grid. Literally the grid itself. I felt that the energy sent to earth was a benefit to me in return. What a pleasant moment. I would have loved sharing it with a group, but was anyway very grateful. A thought for the friend who pass me the information on. The next day, I was happy to read an article about it in the newspaper, with a picture of a group of hundred people meditating in another park in Geneva. To see that bright events can take a quarter of a page, usually devoted to human misery. I feel a change now, optimistic feelings. Wish to continue. All the best to all of you
- Christine M. (Geneva, Switzerland)


As I arrived at the "Parc des Bastions", the closest park to Geneva's "Old town", on my bicycle around 15 minutes before meditation time, I saw between 100 and 150 of us gathered there. People had congregated in little clumps, spread over a large lawn in front of the "Reformation Wall". A few minutes before 11:11GMT (13:11pm in Geneva), someone decided it would be nice to form a circle. Most people seemed to agree, and placed themselves in a large circle. Florian, the young man who took upon himself to organize this gathering in Geneva, placed a stereo player, a chalice of water (I think) and a candle at the center. Then we started meditating. A few were standing, most were sitting... eyes closed or not. I can't tell much since my own eyes were closed for most of the next hour. My mind became quiet pretty quickly, but my attention was still pulled periodically by the music playing at the center, the sound of cars passing outside the park, and the Didgeridoo someone was playing a quarter-circle away from me. Overall, I'd say it was a good, deep meditation. I felt a strong connection with the earth, as if I sunk into and was part of Her, and my heart was very open. An hour later, I opened my eyes and saw that Florian and a few people were holding hands at the center. As myself and more people joined, the small hand-holding circle enlarged itself more and more until all present were included, and we stayed there, over a hundred people holding hands, for about five minutes, until the current track finished playing. This was quite a very strong moment for me. Then Florian informed all of us that his original intention was in fact a group hug rather than a circle (not that he minded, of course), and he invited those of us interested to join him now. When I joined this group hug, there were about 10 people. After I closed my eyes I felt many people joining... maybe we were 50 there? Maybe more... I don't know. Then one person started softly chanting Ooooooommm, then another joined, so did I, and pretty soon everybody was chanting. It was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't stop myself from shedding tears, and as I did I heard a number of people doing the same and sobbing around me. The chanting of Om came to a peak, then subsided after a few minutes. When we "disengaged" from the hug, I couldn't help but notice how many faces were smiling. And that's about it. After that, I had to get my stuff and leave quickly, since I was eh... about 90 minutes late to class. Not that I minded. That was one h...eaven of a firing up of the grid. Something I'll remember for a long time, and which hopefully will have a definite (even if minute) and lasting effect on whatever level it can, on the local consciousness... and on the collective consciousness of the earth. ~~~ Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti ~~~
- Samuel de R. (Geneva/Parc des Bastions, Geneva, Switzerland)


I was on the mountain in Switzerland above Lake Geneva, literally looking down at the Rhone River running into the Lake, the mountains swooping down, all of nature, clouds, sky, birds, insects, trees taking part. And knowing that all friends, family all over the world were doing something joyous and part of the global movement. I had heard from Findhorn, Scotland; Masuru Emoto and the Hado instructors; the Mystery School at Chartres, France, and the South African "The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network" where everyone was told to check out In Switzerland I received several mass list emails in French. So I can only imagine that we really were a critical mass who fired the grid.
- Beth G. (Leysin, Vaud, Switzerland)


It was a very interesting relaxed and at the same time exciting meditation. My body felt calm and relaxed and at ease throughout the whole hour, even when sitting in the same posture for most of the time. The music was a through guidance and helped get my mind set on this meditation. In the beginning I felt tremendous joy arising thinking that millions of people are focussing on the same cause, it fulfilled my whole body. I kept focussing on pleasant moments and on my Be-Loved Unicorns. Later I felt a swirling wind around my body followed by a strange feeling in my hands who were both open facing upwards, as if air was coming out of them. Followed by a pleasant cold sensation in my palms. This happened throughout the whole meditation with little intervals of time and every time I felt more joy arising within. I had a thought that an hour might be too long but as a matter of fact when the alarm went off, I could easily have gone on for a little while longer. I thought I might feel tired after offering my energy, but the opposite was true. Although I know of the power of meditation out of own experience, doing this with the knowledge that so many more people are doing the same at the exact same time, just makes me the happiest I can imagine. I am looking forward for the next "fire the grid". I had taken a half day off and will do it again when necessary. Mother Earth deserves my complete Respect and Love. This is an easy way to give something back to this Loving Being and to Every-One on it. Be Well.
- Sandra (Wallbach, Aargau, Switzerland)


I had a most beautiful, powerful, touching, empowering, upflifting, widening, healing, connecting, wonderful meditation experience and was deeply touched and thoroughly happy! I am veeeeeeeery thankful to be able to be part of all this! :-) all my love to all of YOU/US! :-)
- Sabrina (Zurich, Switzerland)




I very much loved the idea doing a meditation with people all over the world at the same time with the same intention to heal the earth. I went to a park near by my working place. So I was sitting under a tree and it was easy to feel connected with nature. After the meditation, when I stood up and started walking, I felt like I had a "light cable" from the top of my head into the sky and cosmos. That gave me a special feeling. It feels now, a day later, like it's still there.
- Ilse B. (Antwerp, Belgium)


The experience for me was overwhelming... I felt a very clear energetic vibration. I think the feeling I had was comparable with the ecstasy described by the people of the Hare Krishna movement when they chant their Maha-Mantra. It is not that I have tried it yet, but it is a way for me to describe how I have experienced it. Anyway love was all around and in me...
- Debby (Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium)


We gathered in a big garden, all adults seated in a circle, kids playing around. In the middle of the circle, we had placed stuff related to mother Earth: food, flowers, heart-shaped stones, crystal pyramids, etc and candles. The weather has been beautiful. Some clouds, much sun, warm breeze, everything was there to remind us of the powerful nature. After an hour of meditation (with background music "Light & Love"), we all gave hands standing up, kids included and whoever wanted to express an intention to improve things in our present humanity could freely speak up. Messages of love, hope, gratefulness were floating through the air. The kid's words were the most powerful and made many of us cry... After that we shared lunch (each had brought something to share), we danced, sang, and shared thoughts and emotions. It has been a wonderful and magical experience.
- group at Ter'Majic (Silly, Walonia, Belgium)


It was wonderful, we meditated in a big group. Everywhere colours and images in my head :D fun fun fun In the last 15 minutes we all thought of joy and laughed in our meditation. Well, i really was drunk for another hour after the meditation :-) such power........
- Bart (Zemst, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium)


I started meditating at 13.11. At 13.15 a shower of energy came out of heaven going through me into the earth, bringing feelings of peace. It also resolved feelings of being powerless (in my right upper arm), the feeling that "the earth is not a good place to be" in my left hip and feelings of having no self-confidence in my left ankle. I also used the Quantum Touch technique, visualizing the globe between my hands. At the end it had a grid of light and the earth radiated with light. It gave me the feeling that the fire the grid action was successful.
- marian van w. (Aduard, Groningen, the Netherlands)


We came together in our park close to my house. I've downloaded the music from your site, and have read the story, the problem, the plan and the preparation. When it began it was 1.11 pm over here, we have given our mother earth, the positive vibration what's belong to her. The music is so nice, I thought about all the good things and gave that to her. I felt my solar plexus give energy and it felt good. Since that time i feel it more and more. I'm sure that the coming years are crucial in our development to reach the fifth dimension. Sorry for my English, I’m not that good in typing. I hope that together we can reach the next level, so that earth can go on, with love and respect! We want to thank you for your life story and solutions for the way life is suppose to be. Greetings,
- Iwan, Sophia and Pascal (Alkmaar, Noord Holland, the Netherlands)


We, my husband, our daughter and I, went to the forest on a beautiful place near the water with a fountain. The weather was very nice. We sat down and put 6 clear crystals around us to connect heaven and earth and to feed the earth. My husband had his guitar with him, so after a meditation (I felt so connected to all those people, doing the same thing, very special indeed). We sing some mantra's for mother earth. I felt so peaceful, I said to my husband we should do this every day, so we are going to do this more often. Thank you for this experience.
- Sloot (Amersfoort, Utrecht, the Netherlands)


We had a long meditation, first with the music that I downloaded from your website, then silent and afterwards guided through a cd by Sri Vasudeva. The experience was very expansive. With light golden hues in the mental space. Strong feelings of caring pouring in. Very special. This was already coming a day or so in advance. One of us felt like flying over every continent, spreading love and oneness. I hope WE can all do this again soon!
- Berent K. (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)


Hi everybody out there. I meditated local time 13.11 for ~40 minutes during a break at work, using the intention to participate in 'firing the grid' with my share joy in my system. During this time three times I experienced something like a very mild shock-convulsion in my body, which felt kinda pleasant and seemed to lift my energy level up. The flow of joy towards my object of attention, a plexiglass pyramid I use, was in waves and not always steady, but I regularly had a distant sense of being connected to a greater source of joy. After 40 minutes I grew tired of meditating and stopped. In addition to a more cultivated sense to being connected to this joyful source I had a very inspired conversation with a younger colleague of mine on Fire the Grid. The experience has strengthened my sense of hope for a positive future, and more faith in the increasing number of people taking actions that matter to save our race for this beautiful planet by regaining a life in harmony with her. All the best,
- Jörgen (Amsterdam, Noord Holland, the Netherlands)


We went for the best ice cream in the Netherlands...with the dogs…on a beautiful terrace along the river Meuse. Children playing, people on holiday…smiling faces, sun shining. Pure delight around us and inside me. I felt dizzy at moments...and other moments I was totally free and happy. Aware and present in joy...It lasted the rest of the day..
- jenny van l. (Arcen, Limburg, the Netherlands)


Though I meditate daily I was sure that one hour was going to set into my mind and body, but to my surprise I could have gone on. I used mental imagery and spoken word to guide myself. At a bout 11:33 GMT I experienced a moment, that I can best describe as; "pure light" - I've experienced something similar when praying/giving light to a sick person. Afterwards I was very tired and fell asleep - a good sign :)
- Ingi J. (Arnhem, Gelderland, the Netherlands)


During the world meditation my friend, who has an intensive contact with extraterrestrials, had an emotional 1 hour experience. She travelled through native forests and through oceans while hearing dolphins and whales. She saw a beautiful healing energy building up and surrounding our planet and later this energy started "working" on the spine of Gaia. She heard the words "we embrace you with millions of arms". Meanwhile she felt the deep respect and gratitude towards our "tired" planet. She heard a beautiful choir singing a "healing song" for Gaia. At the very end of the meditation {14:12 Holland time} she heard the sound of many, many leaving ufo's. She told me that her extraterrestrial friends participated in and supported this important event.
- anja s. (Baarn, Utrecht, the Netherlands)


I felt I connected to the energy of all the others who were firing the grid. I felt a stream of energy entering my field from the left side, and leaving my field again from the right side. I saw the mental image of mother Earth, covered with a illuminated grid (the grid lines were of a brilliant golden and white light). It was beautiful! When I asked my inner guidance if we had 'done the job', I received the message that we had taken a very important step in the healing of the earth, but that the healing wasn't completed yet. It felt as a major first step in the healing of Mother Earth.
- Femke W. (De Rijp, Noord Holland, the Netherlands)


Before the meditation I felt the connection between all people who were going to meditate for The Earth. I was very moved by this feeling. Tears run down my face. I followed the internet Indigo Radio channel. They played your music and they told a meditation. The sun burst into my room during the hour of meditation. I saw violet and yellow - gold energy pulsing. My head and third eye were tickling. I felt deeply moved and I had to cry. Feelings of gratitude, connection. I saw the planets en the stars and then Mother Earth. A wave of light ran over the surface of the Earth and then the Earth began to pulse light. In the end I had the feeling that someone was 'working' on me. I felt little pulling on my head. I felt the gratitude of The Mother and I felt peaceful and touched. The dogs were laying at my feet and they were peaceful. I am very thankful that your plan came on my path. Lots of Love,
- Esmiralda R. (Delft, the Netherlands)


Focussing for an hour was easier than I thought. I had very special feelings, especially when I realized that we were all over the world, doing what I did. I felt the unification with all the others. My whole body started to tingle, I never felt this so strong before. It came over me like a cloud and disappeared that way. There were more of those clouds, waving through me, but this was so special, I hope everyone felt this... I don't regret I took the day off. Love and peace,
- Marjan B. (Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands)


We had a Fire-The-Grid meditation with 19 of us (and 5 on distance, connected with us). The youngest one a 17 year old girl, the oldest an 80 years old lady. In our livingroom, sitting in a circle around an altar (a green heart chakra candle and the “Golden Triangle” stones rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst around the candle). And our dog Gaia (!) was lying on the floor in the middle of the room too. Everyone was smudged before, to help clean the aura. We burned special sandalwood incense. Apart from the heart chakra candle we burned a Earth Peace candle Detty bought about 35 years ago: now was the moment to burn it. Because this worldwide meditation felt so special. We all felt the connectedness with mother earth and also with other groups meditating at the same time all over the world. We felt a lot of happiness, light, togetherness. Two of us saw the Grid in purple, violet. Some saw the earth lightening up and beaming; one of us contacted the diamond core of mother earth and some felt how happy she was then, and almost everyone felt the strong earth-energy. Greetings from our heart:
- Detty and Cor + friends (Drachten, Friesland, the Netherlands)


Wow! Great anticipation in the air, especially after 11:00. Didn't need my watch then to know that the exact moment was there: shivers down my spine. I felt so much joy already, knowing we were with millions. This hour i spent with my son of 4 and daughter of 1. We played music, some children's songs, classical music, and the two beautiful songs of Bradfield Be-still thy soul and Sky-sent. We danced the three of us, then the children made drawings while i "meditated" for a while. Towards the end i visualized other people and groups of people around the world, and felt our connection. Nice detail: at about 11:20 GMT a really beautiful bouquet of flowers was, unexpectedly, delivered for me! Isn't that great. Love to you all,
- Nynke S. (Enschede, Overijssel, the Netherlands)


It was a beautiful experience. I was together with a friend in her bedroom and I was sitting in front of her altar with Krishna, Shiva and Devi in front of me. I had placed a picture of my Beloved Amma on the altar. My friend lay on the bed looking at the clouds. I recited the 1000 names of the Divine Mother (Lalita Sahasranama) with a lot of love and then afterwards sang the Mahisasura stotram that sings about the birth of the Divine Mother and Her glories. It was very serene. The cat of my friend was sitting in my lap and seemed to also relish the moment. Then afterwards I lay down and we were silent for some time. We started talking at exactly the right time, when the hour was over, without looking at the clock. We just felt it. It was very sweet. Jai Ma! :)
- Aisha O. (Haarlem, Noord-Holland, the Netherlands)


10 persons gathered today in the Dutch Goddess Temple in Hillegom. We mentioned the names of our friends who could not make it but were sitting with us in their homes. We knew that in Glastonbury's Goddess Temple also people gathered in meditation. We spoke of our intention, then we shared the love moments of our lives; we sat in silence and listened to some music of Anael/Bradfield. And we ended with the powerful loving song of "Mother I feel you under my feet, Mother I hear your heart beat". We sang out loud and joy was all around and in us. We felt warmed and uplifted and overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. We laughed, we cried. And we know: from now on it will never be the same. We are grateful to have shared this wonderful blissful loving moment. May the Goddess bless us all. Blessed Be.
- Godinnentempel Hillegom (Hillegom, South-Holland, the Netherlands)


Dear Shelley and all of the team, Wow, it was awesome!!! I lifted my spirit by playing the Bradfield/Anael songs. (I only heard of this project a week ago, and barely had time to read and download, and tell all my friends...) When I read the words along with listening to 'Sky sent' I shivered and got goosebumps all over, and cried because it touched me to be part of this, because it' s a great prayer for help to the Hierarchy and they will know that we will be ready. Then I sat down in my small, green city garden and while I could feel the warm rays of the sun and the gentle touch of the wind on my skin, I started my meditation. My cat snuggled up with me and I could feel her sensitivity to the event. I could feel a gentle encouraging and hopeful atmosphere; all the normal city noises seemed to be more peaceful and harmonious. I meditated for one hour on healing the earth and all its inhabitants, the four elements and all, and the coming of the Hierarchy to guide us. Then I ended with 'Sky sent' again and felt very thankful and peaceful. When my husband came home he shared that during lunch time he got out and meditated on a bench near a green zone between all the offices and afterwards fed the birds as a symbol. He too could feel a distinct and beautiful shift in atmosphere. I want to thank Shelley and her team for the persistence and faith, courage and love. Your words really touched me and the website is beautiful. If I'd heard earlier, I would have put all of myself in to help organise. So please keep me posted about what's next... Love love love, and many thanks
- Judy K. (Hilversum, the Netherlands)


I just enjoyed being together with my husband in the attic room of my sisters' house, guided by the beautiful music. Perhaps the one greatest magic was that my husband (a skeptic) had agreed to join me in this meditation out of his own free will. I only extended the invitation. It was a great feeling to know that we were there together. It felt really bonding. At one point it felt as if I was at the head of a large group of people, all standing in a large triangle behind me. It was as if I was there in the meditation, representing them. All people who could not be there in person. It was the first time that I felt as if I was a chosen leader. It felt incredibly humbling and I felt so thankful that I was allowed to represent these people in this great event. That anyone even thought that I had the capacity to represent them in such an important event. I am very much interested to read about some experiences others' have had. Will you be posting them on the web? Thank you for uniting us. Love,
- Nadja and Steve B. (Hoofddorp, the Netherlands)


I worked joyfully in my vegetable garden, harvested my red onions and admired their beautiful colour. Meditated under our walnut tree and felt a part of nature. Thank you... The air/energy seemed to be thicker than usual. More compact. I felt little pressure on my breast. Being loving and grateful felt good. I intend to 'practice' this on a daily basis. For me, it's a learning process. It was exciting to be a part of such a worldwide project. Also hopeful for a more spiritual tribal future. Greetings and thank you for including me in Fire the Grid,
- Hanne P. (Lochem, Gelderland, the Netherlands)


It was an uplifting experience. My wife and I sat comfortably on the couch, with our hands palm upwards. We meditated and prayed, it was a experience i do not think i will forget. At one part of the meditation I saw my chakra's from inside, i was travelling around my inner body seeing all. In full colour. I saw my chakras, and i was overwhelmed with gratitude. I saw and 'felt' the earthing energy being channeled through me. It made a 'noise' much like a waterfall...Since this meditation I have been energetic, and my harmony and balance have become better. Also my left arm is vibrating so hard, I can physically feel it. Also the back pain my wife suffered from has gone. In Light and Love
- Geoffrey and Astrid P. (Maastricht, Limburg, the Netherlands)


I told, with a lot of enthusiasm, people about Fire the Grid after I saw Shelley telling about it. I asked them to do something at the specific time. I care a lot about Mother Earth en see what we are doing. I went to the river "the Lek" near to the place I live. As I sat down I suddenly felt so very angry: How can we heal the planet? WE are destroying it! We have to heal the hearts of the people, because healing now and carrying on like we are doing now does not help. I was shocked myself by the anger I felt because it came out of nothing, but I understood my feelings. And I started singing, and I sang for 1 hour, for mother earth but especially for all the people of the earth. Most people I spoke with did not experience something special. I wonder what people all over the world experienced. Greeting from the heart.
- Ingrid N. (Nieuwegein, Utrecht, the Netherlands)


I heard about this event from a friend of mine called Soma in Amsterdam, he did it with a couple of people in his house. I live far away and i decided to do it alone in my house. I sat in lotus position and played the osho whirling meditation, very tranquil and chanted the Hare Krishna mantra in harmony with the music very slowly. I also had a pink quartz to enhance the love. After 45 minutes i laid down, my legs became a bit painful, this fitted exactly with the music. There was a fifteen minute silence on the cd and it ends with three sounds from a Tibetan bowl. I had a good meditation and i like it. I heard stories about many people meditating together and decreasing criminality in the city where they where doing that meditation. I am busy with it for years and this gives me faith, so thank you.. Love from
- Thijs (Oss, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands)


I had looked forward to 'fire the grid', fired as I was by Shelley’s enthusiasm and love. When I sat down it took me - and probably others as well- some time to enter into the feeling that we were doing this all together. But when it started it was as if liquid warm butter was running through my body instead of blood. I lost track of time completely while I listened to the feelings connected to inspirations that occurred in me. I felt so loved, so connected, so alive and so very very deeply grateful to be here on this earth at this very moment. I thank you for going out and asking/inviting us all to fire the grid. I'll do it again, anytime! Love
- Marjolijn (Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, the Netherlands)


I sat on a bench in a small city park. There was no other person there, but there were several birds - notably a blackbird couple that were going about their business with purpose, running and hopping about the park, chucking to each other. Just before 'the time' I threw some bread towards the birds. The female blackbird carefully hopped over to the bread, always keeping an eye out for danger. She then collected a few pieces of bread and hopped back into some shrubs to eat in relative safety. I felt happy to have shared and that she had taken the bread. At 'the time', I closed my eyes and started to meditate. A bird started singing in the trees above me - this was the music I listened to. When I'd finished, I thanked and blessed the place and the birds and walked back to work. I felt very calm and joyous.
- Paula T. (Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, the Netherlands)


At first I encountered my own barriers, when I finally sat down it so easy to join in to the different groups. It was like gliding. I felt I was moving around to join with people, children of the playground, animals (whales and dolphins especially), the nature spirits especially those I met through the Inca tradition of the Queros, the Tibetan people, Hawaiian. And I saw literally all people as well my spirit guides around me whom I love and we all covered the earth. Looking at the earth from a distance it was like a honeybee grid which at the near end was fired to bloom. I felt a tremendous surge of power, light passing through me my energy body. It was overwhelming and I felt several times shivers running through my body from top to toe. I do feel this is making a difference. Already last week I felt the building up of the focus and power.
- Catharina (Soest, Utrecht, the Netherlands)


For the first 20 minutes I couldn't stop crying. I simply thought of the Earth itself and was so happy to be born and to be here and to enjoy Earth's waters and air and the soil and the forests... I didn't pray but kept on repeating my little sentence. I simply want(ed) to help! Hugs and kisses,
- Tihana (The Hague, the Netherlands)


Hello I'm Anna of the Netherlands. I never did something like yesterday, I mean, a meditation with a group on the planet. And I thought I was already grateful to the earth and the opportunity to live my life. And because of this I decided to do something in return. But since the meditation yesterday, I feel it in every cell of my body; and outside my body; Everything we do, we see, we eat or drink, we use, that we are living, everything is a gift from the Earth/Cosmos/Love And I'm so grateful, there are really no words to describe my feelings. With Love,
- Anna (The Hague, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands)


I felt great joy and happiness doing the Flying dance meditation to fire the grid. My dancing for the grid was really passionate and happy. I felt connected to the world … the love…to me ....and everyone around me , where ever they were and I felt a tremendous loving and joyfull energy. What a great experience. With warm greetings of love and respect,
- Elleke H. (Tiel, the Netherlands)


I am a teacher primary school. I teach 8 and 9 years old. On the 17th I told the children in my class that the earth is in very bad shape. They could all relate to that cause of the strange weather we're having lately, sun and than heavy rain with lightning. At 13:11 we all gave our best wishes to the earth and send energy to it .One of the kids came with the idea of cleaning the neighbouhood around the school. So we did! They all brought brooms and garbage bins to clean up the neigbourhood. It was great fun and it put our minds to the earth. They keep on asking me if it worked, so what should I tell them, did it work? I had a great day, hopefully it worked, we surely did our very best. Lots of love
- Sandra Rosenhart and class (Utrecht, the Netherlands)


M: At a certain point I felt we are with 6 million now (meditating). Feeling and seeing the connection all over the world. Seeing and feeling dolphins, they were with us firing the grid. Felt helping the earth cleaning itself from pollution. Near the end: Very strong feeling of joy, seeing a large number of people celebrating the fact that we (people and all other beings involved) succeeded in firing the grid (a voice also told me we did succeed) S: Feeling the connection with people around the world. Dancing and rejoicing on planet earth, with the beauty of nature around me. Experiencing the energy as waves of intensity and more smoothness. With Love and joy
- Mim and Sjak (Utrecht, the Netherlands)


I had no idea how to meditate for one hour on the day that our grandson is with us. But to my relief I read that Shelley told us that we only had to do something which would give us great joy and bliss and then give thanks. So we blew bubbles with our 4-year-old grandson in the garden and we were all very happy. The love we felt for each other and the beautiful colours of the bubbles that went up into the air just lifted my energyfield tremendously and I could feel that we were not the only ones enjoying life and sending love to our planet and giving thanks to our Creator. There was really 'something in the air'. I'm looking forward to the second project after the summer and the outcome of our joint efforts in the near future. With love,
- Paula (Vogelenzang, Noord-Holland, the Netherlands)


My friend and I were sitting on top of a dune overlooking the other dunes, green with white sand slopes here and there, and overlooking the sea. I heard the frogs in the little pools in between the dunes, seagulls where yelling at each other, a beautiful red lighttower was looking down on us and all of this covered with a sky as blue as a sky can be, filled with white sheep shaped clouds. We really found the best spot and had the best weather to meditate. I felt on one hand so small being part of the universe and on the other hand so powerful, sitting on top of the world. Thank you for inspiring me to have this wonderful experience
- Karin (Wervershoof, the Netherlands)




I found out about FTG one day before the event, via an email from a spiritual distribution email group. For some reason, the email attracted me although it was in the spam folder. After visiting FTG website and reading about it, I believed it and decided to send the message to all my friends and relatives so they can support and help FTG. I even decided to cancel a work meeting with my boss and some VPs from our partnering companies, only to hear from my boss that I didn't have to go to the meeting. How lucky I was! My boss even said that. I was skeptical in telling my boss the reason I wanted to take leave, but then I told her the truth. I was surprised to hear from my boss that she's very interested in healing our planet. So I forwarded the email I sent to others to her. I then forwarded the email to another boss of mine. I hope this planted the seed into them. During the hour of FTG, I did meditation with my girlfriend in our living room with music. During the hours before and after the FTG hour, I felt headache. However, after a good night's sleep, I am okay now. To World Peace! :-)
- Alfred Y. Beijing, China)


It was very simple - I went outside and sat in out garden alone as the sun was setting. I closed my eyes and chanted the Gayatri mantra. I felt the skin on my body hum - it still is actually. I prayed. I did not really know what I was supposed to do but I knew I had to do something. So I showed up and felt this 'hum' and my heart felt open and exposed. Thank you for bringing this consciousness and love and awakening. It DOES seem possible - just hearing you say it might be!! In love and gratitude
- Tracy-Kim (Hong Kong, China)


I was in a very special place surrounded by lake and mountains and the cloud formation and movement was such that the moon seemed to be chasing Venus through the clouds which, with the setting sun, were a beautiful pink. Our planet has rarely seemed more alive or beautiful. I played "Be Still My Soul" and "Sky Sent" - thankyou - prayed, meditated and consciously opened my heart drawing the pink from the clouds into my heart chakra. I felt my heart expanding with love for the planet and her beings and felt filled with love, joy and peace. In being there to help heal our planet I felt that I was blessed a hundredfold. I cancelled a dinner party because I knew that that was where I had to be. It was an amazing experience. I would love to know how many beings across the earth were involved. And obviously, the outcome!
- Anna Kelly/Discovery Bay (Hong Kong/Lantau Island, China)


I sat on the floor near by my crystal fountain. I had lit some candles and all the lights were off. I opened the door of the balcony where I have a garden facing the lake and I played the Fire the Grid tunes on and on and on. Several times tears of emotion rolled down my face. Then for that hour I tried to imagine how we were all united around the world and I thanked the Nature for all it has been offering us: the trees, the wind, the water, the animals, the sunset, the lakes, the flowers, the scents...I felt myself flying over many different areas of the globe and thanking for all I could see. I also felt very privileged to be involved in this so special event. That hour went by very fast...
- Fatima A. (Macao, SAR, China)


We gathered around 6:00 PM (GMT 10:00) in a central park in Taipei city. For many people didn't understand the story of Shelley, we had a team of story tellers to share Shelley's video talk on youtube. Then we start a group meditation at the exact time at 7:11 PM. With the whole group, include the major adults and some kids, there was only divine silence, everybody just got ready to move to the moment. I was so touched. And we expanded our joy to connect to the worldwide groups who was doing the same, and it's so powerful to feel the energy transmission to fire the grid. We were so glad to join. Thank you. Love & light,
- Lucia/Light Workers in Taiwan (Taipei, Taiwan, China)


Above the Seashore Mountains, the new moon and Venus were right next to each other in the dark sky of my side of the world. It was a magnificent sight when we were sending our love to earth on at 7:11 pm (our time)on 7/17. The linking was so strong that we were feeling loved and happy in our heart for days. Sharing with Love
- Dave & Rolly (Taitung, East Coast, Taiwan, China)


we were sitting at the foothill of a mountain, in a row at long terrace facing a mountain lake. we went to a deep state of meditation. we were all there, and the wind start to blow, slowly stronger and stronger and you could here went it started from the other side of the valley many kilometers away and whoooosh instantly came and blow through our line of beings sitting in meditation. when the wind started to calm a bit a great white dog walk in, cross in front of all of us centered energy with buffing energy strongly from his nose and majestically walk back. It was the dog of a neighbour, soon it sit in the background and start to bark to the storm with every other dog in the neighbourhood. those barks took the last tiny bit of fear out of our spine and thus we sit there in impeccable way in our truth facing the world. afterwards our friend said, that’s the alchemy all right, to have the right ingredients and you have the effect. Sincerely in the truth.
- yushu (Yunnan, China)



Incredible. Felt extremely hot. Full of joy and gratitude. Peaceful. Kept seeing moving purple light in a moving band of green, it also encircled the whole earth as if I had a purple body and cuddle the earth in my arms. Jesus mother and baby came to me too. I felt I was so lifted I was going to come out of my body. Towards the end I was under a shower of white light full of gold dust. Never had this experience before. Afterwards and since then very very peaceful, happy and calm even in the most annoying of situations and while I am arguing about things (highly unusual for me). I still listen to the music even while working and it energizes me and calms me down. May you always be blessed.
- Andri H. (Paphos, Cyprus)



We fired the grid sitting with our children in the garden viewing the green ricefields in the monsoon... We connected with the love of all the other beings and YES we felt it....the peaceful, powerful presence of US being connected into this ONENESS....lets be there 24/7/365...because its soooo much FUN....LOVE to you from
- Dariya, Jean-Pierre, Kalen, Zorah and Kiyara/Healing Here and Now (Assagao, Goa, India)


My whole day was planned around giving all priority to that event which here would be at 4.41 pm. At 11.45 am a dear friend just arriving back from France appeared unexpectedly at my door and invited me for lunch. He is very talkative (and interestingly so, all on topics related to helping our collective conscious evolution), and went on and on from one thing to the other. I was sorry to suddenly discover it was already nearly 4.30; I remembered mistakenly the time for the meditation to be 4.14, so I thought I was already late, and hurried back home... just in time actually for being seated down and starting, exactly at 4.41, which by that time I had remembered to be the real appointed time for our worldwide hour together!!! On my way walking back home, an old man on the village street had jasmine flowers in his hand, just picked up from a bush near his house; he gave a big smile to me, and put some of the flowers straight in my hand as I passed by him!... I was stunned and overjoyed, and filled with gratitude for this beautiful gesture on his part, which was also such a nice wink from 'The Universe'... Once home, I improvised at once my own kind of little ceremony, placing my dear Earth globe at the centre of the living-room table, with first my jasmine flowers around it, and then four Kryon books arranged in chronological order in the Four Directions, plus the fifth one on my lap; in my left hand I held a small volcanic rock given to me at La Réunion recently, and in my right hand two small river rocks supposed to be extremely old, which were given to me many years ago and I kept preciously; my left foot rested on the cane of the table, my right foot was on the floor. A small bottle of the bio-energized water we make in Auroville I kept also on the table, after drinking some of it; then feeling all set, I started sending a big beam of love spiraling down joyfully towards the center of the Earth globe in front of me, sometimes closing my eyes while doing it. A love-song for the Earth that came to me years ago came back playfully into my consciousness, and also the magnificent Promise of Elendil that in "The Lord of the Rings' third and last film, 'The Return of the King', Aragorn chants softly to 'Middle-earth' when finally crowned as the High King Elessar... Every morning at dawn, after welcoming the Sun, I myself chant that same Promise, as a way to dedicate that new day to our beloved Planet Earth, so it was just perfect that it found once again its way into my heart while I was seating there on my sofa to honour and help heal the Earth!... After a while even my cells started joining in, adding their own tiny but strong beams of loving light to my own; so I can say that although I was 'alone', we were actually billions of beings together sending love to the Earth, and it felt fantastic!... When the hour was over and I was getting ready to get up, I suddenly got a vision of the Earth's heart now starting to pulsate again wonderfully... Checking for the first time this website right after all this, I discovered the beauty of it, and the great music that started playing... and has accompanied me all the way while I was writing this little report...! That was yet another absolutely fulfilling experience. With my heart-felt gratitude to all of you who have made this happen... and to the Light-Beings that have been the starting-point for it all!...
- Bhaga (AUROVILLE, Tamil Nadu, India)


It was an amazing experience for me, I started 10 mins early just so that I would not miss being part of it, the strange thing is while I was meditating at the start of it I kept getting distracted, some thing that does not other wise happen and I knew at once there was some thing keeping me from doing this. But I did not give up, on an astral level i called for help from fellow light workers and I was helped and I sat right through my meditation i felt my self connecting with others from the Light and the closeness & love i felt with nature and my creator was some thing I could never have imagined. I felt the gathering, I felt the Unity, and I felt the Love & Positive Energy of "ALL" Firing The Grid. We should do this more often for God is Divine and so is the Love we have for Mother Earth.
- Candice T. (Bangalore, Karnataka, India)


It was 4:45pm India time when the meditation started...I was driving and on my to work...about 15 minutes later I started to cry, for no apparent reason. Then I reached a quiet road where I parked my car and sat quietly and meditated for 15 minutes. The need to cry was gone and I felt lighter after a while. I also ensured that 4 of my closest friends were meditating at the same time. Even though I am out of sorts with emotions surfacing, I’m sure the energies of this planet have been raised yesterday.
- Sangeeta (Delhi, India)


We got together in a yoga center in Bhagsu, near Dharmsala. I arrived to the area 3 weeks before and the news about firing the grid spread very fast. We were many people from all nations sitting together, meditating, singing, chanting OHM, sharing our love together. The Love energy was so strong many were in tears and later we went on together, eating and singing till midnight. Every one was very aware that we became a family and each one can join this human family with LOVE. Many expressed their wishes for more meetings like this. I felt the blessing of Nature spirits to us and I still feel it today when I'm back in my country. Thank you for making it happen and we'll go on doing such events for the opening of the New Times of Love.
- Dvora P. (Dharmsala, Himachel Paradesh, India)


There were 7 of us and we sat down together at 4:40 pm and each one of us read a short statement of Intent to connect to the Grid, heal Mother Gaia and raise our own vibrations so that we can be in service to all humanity. All of us felt the amazing amount of Love pouring into the Grid. Some of us [most of us are Reiki Masters] felt the energy surge in our beings to an extent that we were vibrating. It was truly a wonderful experience and we would like to express our gratitude to Shelley and the whole 'Fire The Grid' team for bringing us so much awareness, Love and Light. Spirit bless you all.
- Ranjana D. (Gurgaon, Haryana, India)


I am a 55 year old housewife. I kept myself free at that time, stayed alone in my room, and prayed at my Altar, meditated for world peace, imagined Lightworkers all over the world holding hands and praying and meditating with me..Also sent my Intentions, as described in your website…even wrote my letter to my Soul, also heard the amazing, superb music of Buddha Spirit2 at the website of Fire The Grid…kept sending Thanks & Gratitude for everything... It was an amazing experience, I loved it and felt great Peace.. 2 other friends who believe, prayed and meditated at their own homes, sending Peace, Love & Goodwill to Mother Earth. Thank you so very much.
- Mehroo F. (Bombay (Mumbai), Maharashtra, India)


I started meditating exactly at the appointed hour, which was at 4.41 Indian Standard Time. I also put on some spiritual chants. I was feeling very peaceful. However, I must confess that a part of me was a bit skeptical if I could fire the grid, with so much negativity in the world. But, this morning that is on 18th July 2007. I feel that PEACE HAS DESCENDED ON EARTH. I cannot explain it, but there is a subtle change and I am sure that changes will be visible for all to see very soon. Love and prayers from India,
- Dr. Rajesh V. (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)


We are at YRF studios Mumbai. 14 of us are working on my upcoming album. I just found out about this today 17th of July 2007 1:00 am India time. I was so tired I was about to let the e-mail pass, had no strength to read the e-mail carefully but then I realized that my room number at Taj West End Hotel Bangalore was 1111, I was in Bangalore for one day only, and my room number seem to match the given time 11:11 greenwich meantime. That is when decided and I watched the videos of Shelley Yates on youtube until 4:00 am India time. And I decided that it would be nice for all of us to support Fire the Grid. I came to the studio at 11 o'clock in the morning and suggested to everyone that we take time between 4:41 pm and 5:41 pm to pray for World peace along with millions of other people. They all agreed and we had a wonderful time, all of us closed our eyes and smiled the entire time.
- Nominjin aka Nomin Cater (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)



We pray our mother earth healing with Yoga excises. Since then, I feel my vibration is getting higher. I easily feel nature and animal's emotion, I feel like I touched with the nature's grid. I still work on spread your movement 'fire the grid' to my friends. I'm really looking forward to seeing your new trial. Thank you.
- Ringonoki (Fukusaki, Hyogo, Japan)


I was with my son in his bedding time, it was just about 20:10 (Japan time, 11:10GMT), then about 20 min until my son went to deep sleep, I was with him patting his back and legs, watched his lovely face, felt so much joy and gave gratitude for this wonderful moment. Then I lighted up the FTG candle I got from Yuki (FTG Japan), played Light & Love, started meditation. I saw so beautiful vision that the earth is gold, gold shower towards up and down to the earth. I've been volunteered to translate FTG project materials such as You tube, World Puja, CD Text, etc.. and it was one of the greatest joy to me to do this translation work, Thank you very much for giving me such a wonderful occasion and I'm so happy to be part of FTG project and now ready to move on to Project Cause. Much Love and Aloha! from tokyo, Japan.
- Ryoko (Musasino, Tokio, Japan)


It was 8:11 pm in Japan when we fired the grid. Right after I finish dinner with my husband, I laid down on the floor and prepared for the moment. I started with thanking the earth for the blessings given to us every day and the joyful life with my family. My husband was watching TV beside me and I was just simply appreciating my everyday happiness. I got goose bumps all over my body around that time. I was thrilled to imagine that people all around the world were praying for our future and became one for one cause. I would like to thank you for this opportunity from the bottom of my heart.
- Tabinosora (Osaka, Osaka, Japan)


I suppose I did pretty much what most people did! I was by myself in my flat and when the time came, I lit a candle, put on the music from the site as well as some of my own and meditated. Trying to send out as much energy as i possibly could to every world corner, the earth and all its people. And I must say that it was one of the most energizing things that has happened to me for quite a while. And I'm a daily meditator. I could definitely feel the connection with everyone and the earth. And today at work I was so full of energy and everyone around me seemed lighter in some way! If that makes any sense! I would like to hear from Shelley herself on all the feedback that she has received and if possible any communications from her star friends about the effect it is having. Thank you Shelley and everyone for sharing this special day together! It was GREAT! Namasté
- Michael B. (Sakai, Osaka, Japan)


I spent the hour with my mother holding hands, on a bed, listening to wonderful music, sending loving energy to everyone I could think of, as well as to all the humanity, plants and animals, every being on the earth, and the earth herself. It was a wonderful opportunity to feel sharing love with people all around the world, as well as with my mother. Thank you for providing us this opportunity. I felt honored to participate in this opportunity with my mother. Aloha from Sapporo
- Ms Mieko H. (Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan)


I cannot say I had as dramatic an experience as others I have talked with. But, nonetheless, I don't doubt my intentions as, ever so briefly, I felt my body enveloped in overwhelming feelings of love. My voice is just the tip of the iceberg, but if nothing else, I hope it can help turn the hearts of the more skeptical to realize that there is nothing more powerful than love, no matter what you believe.
- Justin T. (Tokyo, Japan)


I played my guitar and sang for the universe, the earth and all people. Singing brings me great joy and I thanked my guitar and gave thanks for my voice. Then I meditated and connected with the grid firmly. My inner energy body was really vibrating alot. I felt I could share healing energy with all those connecting with the grid, so I sent out endless healing to everyone, not just to the earth. I received a gift of connection with some people I have been searching for and I now feel I will connect with them very soon in reality. Afterwards I became very sleepy and had a little nap. Since I wasn't sure if I would be available to fire the grid I had written a letter of permission for my soul to connect on my behalf. I think my soul's opportunity came while I was sleeping. I was happy to let my true self do good work for the world. Afterwards I have found some special things that I had lost somewhere a long the way recently and I feel fantastic. I hope that my song will ring out and continue to heal the world. I also had a strong feeling that I would meet many of the people who had fired the grid, and I mean a lot of them. I'm looking forward to every moment of my life. Thank you so much for having the courage to bring this event to the world. Woohoo!!
- Mel M. (Tokyo, Kantou, Japan)


My meditation was uneventful apart from one image, a great light was seen beyond the moving clouds, brighter and whiter than the sun. A voice told me to be still in the peace of that light, and I felt a oneness around the globe as me as an individual in Japan yet as me as one of all of us, a group individual combined for a common cause. I saw the words 'I AM' repeatedly then this image faded. I would say it lasted a few seconds approximately 15 min into the session. It was emotionally moving for me to feel each brother and sister in synch with sending love and joy
- Kevin (Tokyo, Japan)



As a Buddhist I did a practice of tonglen during the hour meditation. It is a practice of taking the suffering and giving back happiness and joy. So much of the suffering on this planet is self-imposed and created by ego, we have a choice and each of us can change our minds.
- Karen B. (Kathmandu, Nepal)



I really liked the Idea of doing something like this with millions of people all over the world? I meditated for the hour with healing thoughts for the planet. It was nice. Did it work? Time will tell. Peace
- John B. (Pyeongtaek, Gyeonnggi-do, South Korea)


The energy of this region tuned at lower level astral realms and vibrates in low frequency for so many years. I recently had a visit from the planetary logos and their entourages’ right before the FTG meditation yet, the meditation wasn't as good as I expected. Korea, its history is quite dramatic. Recent hundred years of it was just the same. After having been under Japan's extreme control for several decades, Korean war, and several decades of military dictatorships...still what's happening all around this land simply can be explained with killing dogs very cruelly almost everyday, people's social gathering of drink-up until pass-out kind of... So many devoted Buddhists and Christians with pure intent of spreading love energy exist though. I think we should shoot next year again. One hour every year until 2012.
- Solbeena (Pusan, South Korea)



I had to meet someone at the gate at 4.30, but then I had one hour of absolute quiet (none of my dogs barked, nor did anyone come to the gate)... that was the first miracle. For forty minutes I just enjoyed the silence and the loving vibrations of so many together sending their goodwill into space. Then I came back to my own little world and understood that this change we wish for our planet has to start at our own little place and in our daily work... we all know where we lag behind our ideals, don't we? Then I listened to "Be still Thy Soul" three times, rejoicing in the new hope, which has come into my life. Point 5.30 someone knocked on the gate. I gave thanks for the hour I had been given in peace and left the room with much joy, which lasted til late in the night... but during the stress of everyday hassles I unfortunately often forget, that I am not alone anymore and still get lost in negative emotions at times.
- Padma (Kandy, Sri Lanka)




We came together, 43 people from various communities in northern Israel, gathered by Shula, a teacher and channel. Each person there was acquainted with only one or two of the others and it was lovely to know that there are other like minded people called to join in such an experience. It was a glorious day. The sun was shining and the temperature mild as we sat on a beautifully tended swath of lawn under a huge eucalyptus tree by the side of the Jordan River. 11:11 GMT came at 14:11 our time, in the early afternoon. As we came to the site we naturally and easily created a large circle and prepared ourselves to join the millions participating with us. And as we did so, we heard the sounds of laughter and shouting as young holiday making kayakers passed by us paddling and floating down the Jordan River. It was a perfect punctuation for the day's focus on joy and love to hear their sounds of pleasure and delight as they unconsciously joined in with our spirit. We were excited to be engaged in positive action and it was very moving to think that at that precise moment millions of others were gathered together, connecting to us in spirit and intention. Shula brought through some channeled information on giving to mother earth and we each connected in our own way. A wonderful breeze made the leaves of the tree sheltering us rustle loudly as the sun glimmered through the moving branches. After the hour was up we shared fruit and the feeling of communion without discussing what we had experienced. There seemed to be internal connection to the grid continuing and the personal experiences were too fresh and developing to be immediately shared. Some of us feel a continuing heart connection as we move on about our lives, now a few days after the event.
- Dr. Nili M. (North Israel)


In the moment i set to meditate, the spaciousness, which usually takes some time to be felt completely was there, then i realized that this moment is shared by many, the focus of a shared goal was resonating strongly in the collective consciousness and i was surrounded by it, it was an intense feeling and an intense session for me, it was literally wonderful...
- Daniel B. (Beer Sheva, Israel)


While sitting for meditation I had first many memories running through my mind and had a wide smile on my face I couldn't remove even after the hour and several more. My heart was blown open, almost open and blissful, full of endless gratitude for soooo many blessings I received and keep receiving all along my blessed life! After fire the grid I needed to take a bus and looked at fellow beings with so much love and acceptance. It was truly an expanded state I am certain everyone benefits from! Thank you Shelley and all those who have given their time and heart to this cosmic project. Blessedness shall fill your lives! Love,
- Avivit D. (Givataim, ISRAEL)


I had a MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! During the process I felt flow of energies which pass through me to the ground and by the way filled me with great intensity. When doing the meditation there were flashes of visions that I could see the planet and the grids which were illuminated on it. In addition, from that day until now I am feeling like a new man. All my senses are working more clearly, I see more lucid and hear more too. In addition I feel more powerful and more focused. More charming with people and more confidence. There are times that the amount of energy is dropping down and in that time I am going again into this website and reading the story again and during that time I am listening to Anael and Bradfield magical music and in a moment I feel lots of energies which are coming from above and filling me again with new intensity. And because all of this I feel that it was a privilege to participate in this important process of healing our planet. And I want to thank to Shelley who found the way to my heart, and thanks the light beings and to all of you people all over the world.
- Shay E. (Haifa, Israel)


It was a such powerful experience, i could feel such strong energy, i felt that the whole universe - the Divine Consciousness - All That Is - was engaged in it together. The energy was spiral entering mother earth to its core, caressing the heart and awakening the grid with the divine's light-love. What i wrote was only a bit of what i really felt... Thank you Shelley for bringing us all together!
- Einat (Jerusalem, Israel)


On beautiful location - the Yarden Promenade - on the lawn near the water in the shade of a big tree. Shula I. of nearby Amir Kibbutz led the meditation. Some 43 of all ages participate. Arousing and much enjoyed experience. We hope some positive goal was achieved. Let me know if there is calculation for how many people share 11:11 GMT 17/07/07. Thank you. Best blessings. SHALOM.
- Avishai C. (Shaar-Hagolan Kibbutz, Emek-Hayarden, Israel)


I was sitting on a beach, drinking bear, listening to a best led zeppelin record - physical graffiti - my spiritual sister with me. smiling. enjoying. grateful for a moment of such...
- Meitalela (Tel Aviv, Israel)


We were about 100 people, men and women, who gathered together in a place in Tel-Aviv called "Hodaya" - which means in Hebrew - Gratitude. My own experience was wonderful, the feeling something was going on started the night before and went on the whole day. At 14:11 i felt a great expansion of consciousness, i left my body and traveled to India, New-Zealand, China, Tibet and Jerusalem, to bring Love and Light and share my Joy. When i came back to my body i felt great tranquility, peace and Love with All That Is. Thank you so much for making it happen, tell if i can help in any way from here in Israel. Love and Light, Cookies and Jam,
- Sol (Tel-Aviv, Israel)


Our group met in Jerusalem just at the entrance to the old city. we Fired the grid inside this big, very big CAVE called: Zedekiah's Cave ( or King Solomon's Querries) Inside the Freemason's used to have their secret ceremonies too. The last king of Israel escaped from the Babilonian king (who conquered Jerusalem) into the dead sea, but was caught and killed. This amazing cave, 320 Meters long and total of 9,000 square meters large, goes under the old city all the way up till the northern part of the Dome of the rock - the second most holy mosque for the Muslims with the Golden Dome....We began by purifying ourselves in Zedekiah's water creek inside the cave. Then we walked deep inside the cave under the holy city and the Arab market...and when we found a perfect quiet spot, we sat down, our small group of dedicated people to Fire the grid. We made a circle, inside we had our altar with special Crystals, a large one and also small seed crystals which we later seeded inside the cave. We meditated and we read the words of the song: Be still thy soul, as we could not play the music there. We sent our love & Light to mother Earth, to the all Life on the planet and everyone was doing their own thing. We then sang some beautiful songs in Hebrew, songs of love and praise to God and to the Earth. We did some tonings and OM and we laughed together in harmony. After that we went to Zedekiah's secret creek so we washed our hands and blessed each other in the cold waters of purification. When we came out of the cave into the daylight of Jerusalem- we noticed that the air was different, it was brighter and more peaceful. We each shared what we have experienced at the cave and all said they saw and felt such powerful energies all around them. All around us in the cave. Some saw the Angelic Beings and some saw the rainbow colors everywhere....some saw planet Earth being rebirthed as a NEW infant....and all the trees and plants and oceans were purified.....a real celebration of Love & Light we shared on that day in our beloved Jerusalem. later, we walked all around the old city of Jerusalem, laughing and singing and being happy, and at 4:00 PM we went on the rooftops of the old city and meditated again as a group in a circle, gathering at the sunset over Jerusalem and the golden dome of the rock. It was a perfect ending for this perfect day. Thank you Shelley and everyone else all around the world who Fired the Gird with all of us.
- OFRA b-s./ Brit-H. (Tel-Aviv, Central Israel, Israel)



I started with inviting the circle of direct friends on a network I was connected in called Facebook … and they were around 10 people all located in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia … the next morning I found out the each friend of mine was touched with the event and invited their contacts and that extended friends invited more friends till it reached around 300 in 3 days … then the number grew up to 500 .. I recommended to all of the them that since it was a time that people would be at their work places, to delay their lunch break and do meditate at their work places .. I was involved in earth healing for over 2 years in a weekly ritual even before I learned about Fire The Grid so when I heard about it, it did click within me and made so much sense. Two days before the event my spiritual guides were excited and I could feel they were looking up to it as well ... and I did feel a gradual building of the right moment really building powerfully and slowly while the count down came closer to the time... I decided that I will be doing it outdoors under the sun ... nurturing the piece of earth that directly on my home , so I started an hour before then watering the garden and just making love to earth in such an ecstatic way .. when the time came I did feel my feet were stuck into ground like if it were glued .. and an a lot of energy did feel like shower or light or rays of energy filling every cell of me ... then in the middle of the event after about 30 minutes I started feeling all love of the world surrounding me .. in a little overwhelmingly way .. I could hardly stand ... I started to shake then decided that to continue in my healer position and lay down .. so I did .. but this made things even stronger .. I remember feeling my base chakra was very much on autopilot and started to work based on my intentions ... to heal earth it felt like a vacuum tube attached to earth supplying it with the channeled cosmic energy. I think few members of meditateQ8 have developed their healing abilities and some had their psychic abilities charged … I still haven't got detailed reports but some of them felt as if they were into a shock! blessings, love, and light.
- Sami/MeditateQ8 (Kuwait City, Kuwait)



It was the greatest landscape here in Lebanon on July 17,2007 at 02:11 pm, the sky was the bluest ever I saw on that day, and this is very unusual in summer times where the hot moist coming out of the sea and the large pollution from museums cause the sky to turn to grey and the scenery becomes disgusting, but on July 17, the weather was so pure, the sky blue and a soft gentle and cool breeze was there, really amazing !!! The energy was really felt and feelings of Love and Peace were all around... Although I have been passing hard moments, when I shared in firing the grid, all those troubles diffused on that day, there was a feeling of Forgiveness deep inside of me, I have been at hospital visiting a patient friend of mine, when I fired the grid again at night with deeper meditation, that person recovered the next day and his illness was weakened ! It was the greatest healing work I have ever shared in, and it was blessed with LIGHT, it was a great Joy and I will continue on firing the grid whenever i find myself ready for that, and would be greatly glad to follow the instructions of Light Beings in upcoming projects... Light, Love and Peace be upon Mother Earth
- Carlos (Beirut, Lebanon)



Greetings, On 30th May 2007 my father (75 years old) had an heart attack at home. It was a sudden event. I am a medical doctor and immediately realised the importance of the condition. As we were taking him to the car to bring him to the emergency department of the hospital I am working in, he lost consciousness. I could not get his heart beat and he stopped ventilation. He was in this state of cardiac arrest for 25 minutes when we arrived the hospital. To my surprise, his heart beat returned and he was immediately taken to coronary care unit together with ventilatory support. But his consciousness did not come back. While he was in this condition, I got the mail about the importance of 17th July on 19th of June. For the last one month I was spreading this information to everyone I meet. We lost my father on 17th of July. On that special day, at 11:11 (14:11 in Turkey), I was looking at his face for the last time. This was a special message from him to me. Regards
- Ayse A. (Ankara, Turkey)


Me and my daughter started to prepare little before. I was directing her at the beginning, some time later each of us saw Gaia in different ways. After the meditation my daughter (16 years old) said she saw the planet earth in front of the sun, it was a beautiful green, and she also saw an angel came and joined us while we were sending our gratitudes to the universe for the plenty of clean water, food, air and the other beings living in our planet. We send our love and light to heal the planet. We both were happy to be a part of this project. Thank you. Love and light
- Filiz and Kardelen (Ankara, Turkey)


We meditated on the beach for over 1 hour @ Dehkelia in beautiful sunshine with the waves of the sea in our ears, we both practice the Merkhabah meditation & felt so much love for all of creation in this world & all other worlds. It was a beautiful experience & we sent our love, intention to mother earth, all beings of light & helped to fire the grid
- Ralf (Famagusta, Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, Turkey)



I dedicated my chanting to the earth before I began and thought of the earth with love and respect. I then chanted Om, the primordial sound for the hour. Usually I can't sit for more than 30 mins without my body going into pain. I managed to sit and chant for the whole hour without pain and i believe it was because I knew it was for the earth. Because I was doing it for the earth, she gave me the strength and clarity to just keep going. I experienced waves of bliss and waves of sadness, and visualised a giant energy grid I was pouring my energy into and it was also pouring energy back into me so I glowed like a cosmic lightbulb. Was very powerful. Thankyou.
- Holly W, (Doha, Qatar, UAE)


Listened to the free music downloads as it is not possible to purchase anything on Itunes in Dubai. Then meditated in silence, successfully getting to the level of depth where i feel most at home - experiencing deep love and well-being - in a very steady grounded way. It wasn't an experience of bliss or ecstasy for me - but towards the end especially, strong steady sense of connectedness that felt profoundly reassuring. My daughter who was also with me and I both subsequently experienced a subtle buzzing sensation of energy in our bodies for the rest of the day. It has subsided now - and we slept very badly last night - too much energy! This was a truly wonderful experience - to know that as we were sitting there were millions of others also around the world - very very special. I also sensed that our task had been completed - the grid fired!
- Liz H. (Dubai, UAE)




My brother and I were together for the experience. He and I were living in Los Angeles, California before returning to Belize, our home in Sept. of 2001. I am Angela and I am known as a Lightworker. My lightwork began with my Own experience of Light Beings in Los Angeles in 1994. So I was ecstatic when I received word of our global prayer day, that is what I told people here in Belize. July 17, 2007 was an auspicious morning here in Belize, Central America. Immediately after the meditation I could feel and see an energy shift. I am very sensitive to auras, and energy fields. Since that date I have seen instant reaping of my thoughts and feeling. I have been able to more quickly keep myself focus on positivity. I know that July 17, 2007 is the beginning of what we must continue to do. I feel an invincible power. We must continue to understand that our thoughts and feeling do shape our reality. I have been able to more keenly communicate with our Father Mother Creator's Divine energy. Thank You and know that Belize, Central America is on the list.
- Angela C. M. (Ladyville, Belize)



I live in Costa Rica, Central America, so we had the 5:ll AM appointment.... I woke at 4, bathed and drove over to a centre, whose existence I found out yesterday!!!! 8 of us, 5 women 3 men, shared the time, meditating and singing some mantras, and later on, during the day, I have been by myself in meditation and gratitude. NAMASTE, ESPAVO
- Andrina H. (San Jose, Costa Rica)



I meditated, focusing on sending loving energy to the center of mother earth. That hour felt as short as the 20 minutes I normally meditate. I had gotten the information about 17/7/07 from 3 different parts of the world. First from Mexico. Then from the States and at last from a friend in Denmark(where I was born). Shelley: El Salvador often is visited by Sixto Paz from Peru. He is about 57 and is a very dear and elevated soul who has been out of his body visiting Light Beings similar to the ones that contact you. What I like is that the knowledge he has received is similar to yours. I have also recently come more in contact with the message of the Mayan calender, it all points in the same direction. WOW. Love
- Lise Lotte Z. (San Salvador, El Salvador)



Since Monday July 16th, I took two days free from my job and responsibilities, to go to the beach and be there for the 17th. I wanted to meditate in front of the sea, facing the sunset, which happens in my country during that precise hour. As I woke up, I felt joyful and with a deep sense of peace. While meditating, I started feeling my connection with all that surrounded me, and my mind translated it into the words "right now we all are becoming one single wave of love". At that moment, I sent this humongous inner movement of love to Gaia and also felt the unity with her, and with each and every single elemental in it. It was so amazing; I had and still have no precise words to explain it. But deep in my heart, I know a change did take place in the planet, and in each of us human beings. Also that the power of all humankind to start anew and do better is wonderfully working already. I feel grateful for that experience, and today I awoke with this same feeling of being in touch with every single person holding this intention and wanting so greatly to bring it into manifestation. I may not know the numbers of how many joined in, nor the names, but I feel no need to know it. Just knowing you all exist and we are working together makes me happy beyond words. Thank you, every single one of you, for dreaming my dream and being part of this miracle! May you be always surrounded by Light and love. My gratitude also goes to all the Masters, Angels and Light Beings that assist us in this process. I LOVE YOU ALL.
- Margarita C. (Guatemala, Guatemala)



We had a very powerful silent and guided meditation with the most beautiful kirtan music held at 6am at the Love Daily Temple in Panama City. Because of Panama's ever growing cosmopolitan culture, the party consisted of two Rastafari, a Scottish man and and his Polish wife, an American couple, a Panamanian, and myself, an Irish man. My wife, Sunne J., the temple creator and keeper was out of town, but had a very strong experience while meditating in Miami Beach, Florida.
- LOVE DAILY TEMPLE (Panama City, Panama)




Four of us went to a beach on Bimini to meditate for Fire the Grid. This is a place where there are ley lines and an energy vortex. As soon as the meditation began it felt like a powerful and connecting experience of love and light. the hour passed effortlessly and I felt very light in the process, none of the usual aches and pains and wanting to change position. All of us found it to be a wonderful experience and were glad to be part of it. There was another group meditating as well at another location but I don't know numbers, should be at least another 4. Many thanks for bringing this experience together for us all and the planet
- Julie K. (Alice Town, Bimini, Bahamas)


As the sun was slowly rising, I took some time to create a lovely and abundant altar by the light green Caribbean Sea, with a hibiscus flower, roses, a mango, crystals, photographs of loved ones and musical instruments such as a crystal singing bowl and windwand. I sat and connected myself to my breath and to the sea and my heart filled with love and gratitude for my Guru and for the earth and for this life. As the time approached, I chanted the Guru Gita, which is the highest, most loving prayer that I know. I sang for balance between the sun and the earth and between the masculine and feminine energies on the planet. The sun, which had been very strong, began to hide behind some beautiful dark storm clouds and soon it was raining lightly and there was a refreshing wind coming from the sea. The sun was shining out so angelically from behind the clouds with rays of light that fell across the sea like hands. There was a beautiful balance in the sky. I then went into the sea in the rain and sang to the mother of the sea yemanja and to mary star of the sea to rise and assist all come into balance. I envisioned golden light spirals flowing into the central heart of the planet. This was such a special experience and I am glad to be connected with this community. I look forward to the unfolding of so much potential for good and for transformation. Aho.
- Laura M. (Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas)


We meditated for an hour on a beautiful beach . We were six adults, a teenager and a newborn baby. The sky was a crystal clear blue as was the sea and the sun was warm and bright. It was a perfect day. We sat ten feet from the shore and focused on pouring light into the earth's core. At the beginning of the meditation I saw the earth's core as totally dark surrounded by light (like a total eclipse of the sun). As the meditation progressed it became brighter and brighter until finally near the end, brilliant light was just pouring out of the core. We went swimming afterwards and we all felt light and joyous. It was a wonderful experience.
- Theo T. (Nassau, Bahamas)



I am Brenda, and my experience was one of deep relaxation, with a constant awareness of a very strong pressure at the back of my head and between my eyes. Around the fifth track of Light & Love I could not feel my arms after a while. Michael, a group member, experienced two areas of the earth bubbling for attention. Earl, another member, experienced a deep relaxation with a connection, but he knows not what it was.
- New Birth Study Group (Warrens Park South, Saint Michael, Barbados)



I practiced my Tai Chi forms, having cleansed my energy and my body, I spent some time cultivating and moving my chi in the hour prior to 11:11, I was in a garden in a grove of trees and the sun was shining, it was beautiful.... then as the time approached I went through my I finished my form I felt the need to take my "place". I stood in Wuji facing the southeast and allowed my chi to settle....after a few seconds I felt as though my hands were being held as if I was in a circle, suddenly and overwhelmingly I realised that I was one of many united, not just in a circle but as circles within circles...I felt great joy and privilege....and gratitude was just a natural consequence...I also started to cry, tears of joy streaming down my cheek. As the joy flowed through me like a joywave it encompassed all who have played a part in my life story up to now, I was not consciously calling them up, I just Knew they were all there too, through me. The intensity of feeling passed and I was left feeling joyful and ready to face the day...I know that something wonderful happened, and like ripples the effects will be felt for time to come. I will forever be grateful that I was a part of it.
- Annette H. (Shelly Bay, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda)



As time grew nearer to the moment, the rain fell harder and harder in the central rainforest of Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean. It was glorious! First a gentle rain began and as time hastened, the sound of the rain grew at a marked steady pace louder and louder, heavier and heavier, until it was just on the verge of resounding over FireTheGrid's music, when the Laurant River added its thunderous sounds- sounds only a freely flowing rocky river can make, and this began the most magnificent symphony that lasted what seemed to be an eternity –moments in harmonic time warp. And I, in gratitude, joined in the dance.
- Donna K. (Belles, West Indies, Commonwealth of Dominica)


I meditated inside of my shambala pyramid and sent out joy, love and healing to the earth. I live on the ocean which had been tumultuous all summer mostly. After the morning prayer, throughout the day and the day after, the sea and the ocean breeze and the entire feeling here has been sooooooooo tranquil. I could almost feel that there had been a shift and I am sure there has been one. I m grateful for the experience and pray we’ve reached critical mass indeed!
- Dena L. R. (Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic)


I came across the whole notion of "Fire the Grid" the night before as a result of a series of "coincidences" and felt blessed and fortunate to be able to be a part of it. I am not an early riser, but on July 17 I woke up very energized and lucid. I had plenty of time to prepare and was profoundly happy to be able to join in. Since I could not be with my family that day, I spent the whole hour practicing yoga, meditating and mentally connecting to my mother and daughter, as well as with all the lightworkers around the world who were firing the grid. It was a beautiful, peaceful and joyful morning for me. I felt completely sure that what we were doing was important and that we were really making a change. I was lifted and energized the rest of the day.
- Sonja A. (Santiago de los Caballeros, Santiago, Dominican Republic)



I received the information two days before the event and was most excited. I tried calling radio stations but could not get to speak to any announcer. However I sent out as many emails as possible with the hope that others would see and join on. My partner and I made an effort to set our alarm and woke at the appropriate time. I spent the first half hour in silent contemplation and the next in giving LIGHT to the corners of the world and the universe. I am a member of SUKIO MAHIKHARI light bringers. The experience was wonderful and I felt light headed upon completion. The most interesting thing was when I went outside the apartment into bright sunshine which seemed stronger than ever but not hot. The trees seemed to glow and I became aware of all the plants in the garden each with its own essence. Inside I felt calm and peaceful and enjoyed the feeling throughout the day. I was going through several challenges regarding my children and had difficulty obtaining a visa to travel. However after that things took off and I had everything I needed to accomplish my desires. Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey. I will continue to pass on this website
- Shirley L. (Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica)



There were four people at our house, we lit candles, and thought positive. The hour went so fast. After the experience, we talked about it and had the same visions. None of us had ever meditated in our lives before, but we had the same visions of positive cones (spirals) of energy flowing to all. Giving and receiving the Divine.
- Lori (Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico)


I visualized all Lightworkers meeting in the center of Planet Earth, greeting each other and sending love and happy thoughts to our Planet. After a few minutes I could see all that love pulsing, expanding from Gaia's core to the outside, covering all her surface. I felt so much joy I could cry. Then I saw a bright golden grid, and our planet turned crystal clear. Just before finishing with this meditation, a frame with some silver letters/symbols was presented in front of me but it was so fast I could not read it well. However, I'm sure my soul knows what it was. Beautiful, joyful experience!
- Lourdes (Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico)


Our session was very early (at 6:11), we were together persons with different spiritual paths and was very strong. Personally, I felt very tired after the practice, but with a deep sense of grateful and joy. Thank so much, and I hope to be useful
- Edgar H. L. (Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico)


This is a small town in central Mexico and nobody I know had heard about Fire The Grid. Not many people here are open to new things, so all I could do was to talk 2 friends into doing the meditation together with me atop of a roof downtown. The ten year old daughter of one of them decided to join us for the experience. We were all very exited counting the days before the firing. Another friend who was in Mexico City also radioed us to let us know she was doing it in her bed. My mother did her prayer at home and so did another one of her friends. I felt exhilarated and elated all the time with a feeling of anticipation. What is strange is that now, three weeks after the firing I've been having a feeling of emptiness for the last couple of days like I'm looking for meaning, even though I am conscious of what we all are.


Just after 6 am, I put on Anael and Bradfield's uplifting music and, accompanied by my two cats, sat cross-legged on my bed surrounded by my collection of crystals and minerals. I thanked the crystals, Mother Earth, her children and Father Sky, my teachers, friends and family for the many blessings they have brought to me. I set my intention to connect with the Grid to heal our Earth and unite humanity. Then I let go. The meditation was soft and floaty inside the crystals’ dense energy field. I had no measurable notion of time or space, but I felt like I was very, very slowly being drawn into a deep, deep black place - one I wasn't familiar with. At first I thought I’d fallen asleep while sitting up, but then I realized that I was perfectly aware of what was happening. I felt no fear, just a feeling of being gently absorbed into a soft nothingness that was totally everything, but suspended. I was "me" no more, and I was quite comfortable like that. Then there was a colossal pulse of the *strongest, gentlest* light. It flashed through me in an instant, my eyes flew open and I could still see it. The word Anahata comes to mind, the Sanskrit name for the heart chakra: “The sound two things make without striking each other; unstruck note”. Except that it was made by more than two things! As it expanded I was filled with the most sublime joy and a feeling that I can only describe as “complete ease of being” . . . a glow that still has me smiling, and crying with happiness by turns. That feeling grew even more when my thinking brain came back on-line, some 40 minutes into the meditation, and I realized that we *had* revitalized the Earth's grid, that I was now firmly reconnected to it, and to everybody else! We did something so wonderful. What a privilege to participate. What a magnificent gift! Thank you Shelley Yates.
- Bianca (Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico)


I connected really easy, I think the music helped. I felt very energized (somehow empowered) and peaceful. It was a joyful experience with the feeling that everything fits together. Love and blessings
- Elia (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)


It was a unique experience. I was able to connect easily and felt that I was contributing to a significant purpose. I felt happy and full of love and joy for our planet. I visualized beautiful places like rivers, mountains, completely free of pollution and a healthy and happy planet earth. I also visualized the connection with millions of people at the same time, through the grid. It was a fantastic experience.
- Jose L. E. (Huixquilucan, Estado de Mexico, Mexico)


I felt waves of energy that overwhelmed me with joy. First a wave of gratitude, then love, followed by freedom, compassion and peace. I had a good cry, I cried of joy. I began my time with a prayer for about 20 min. and then I meditated for the rest of the time. At that time I could feel the energy of all. It was a unique day, a wonderful day for me. I felt peace in my heart, and a lot of love from the world. I felt eager with anticipation and excited. My trust is in my creator. I was grateful for that day and the days to come. Thank you Shelley! Thank you, thank you.
- Lourdes A. (Matamoros, Tamaulipas, México)


I was starting to meditate when suddenly i felt a strong wave of energy that connected me into a love feeling as if I started to float traveling around different places on earth, forest, oceans, cities, old joyful memories came to me some i had totally forgotten, my chest was full of this healing energy that took away pains in my body, i saw this big rainbow around the earth touching every corner, every person, plants, rivers, animals, i felt a presence of a being whispering loving words, my body felt warm this energy kept coming and going like taking all my loving wishes to the grid and then feeding me back continuously. This peaceful and happy feeling that you are so small and at the same time when you connect with the source of life how big you can be. I thought I want this awareness to last for every moment of each day Thank you for this opportunity to share a grater vision for human kind and mother earth, to reach hope, forgiveness and bliss. I think we should fire the grid every day!!!! LOVE & LIGHT ALWAYS

I sat outside on my patio in front of Bahia de Banderas. The sky overhead was filled with electrical charges (common during the rainy season here) in the distant horizon, so far away that there was no sound; only that of the waves rolling in. I focused my attention to aligning my feelings and thoughts, which calmed my body and helped me find the joyful experiences I've had in my life and I silently expressed my gratitude. Suddenly, there was no sound of the waves - they were perfectly calm, like a lake's edge and I felt goose bumps, as if my body were charged with the electrical energy of the light in the sky. Even writing about it brings back the feeling. I knew we were making a difference.
- Dianalyn C. (Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico)


Wow, I quietly cried, laughed and I went back to all my wonderful great memories I have experienced in this lifetime. It was beautiful and peaceful... there was a point I felt complete bliss of a state of peacefulness I haven’t felt before. My love for this planet was amplified doing this meditation I realised how blessed I am to see such wonders of this world and how much I want it to stay beautiful as it should be. I realised I had forgotten about all the wonderful experiences that have happened in my life and the people I shared it with. All I can say is THANK YOU for re-awakening me... Love and light and forever a light worker, xxx
- Miss Sharron H. (Riviera Maya, Quintanna Roo, Mexico)



A terrific peace that stayed with me . A calmness surrounded me. Love to you all
- Greta (Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles)


I did my regular meditation, visualising the planet from out of space, sending a beam of healing energy to it all around. I saw the energy field/aura becoming larger and brighter. - Thea L. (Saint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles)



My entire family including my 4 year old daughter offered prayers for world peace and blessings for all earth's inhabitants. It was truly a joy being part of this caring community and this monumental event. Thank you.
- Arlene H. (Chaguanas, Caribbean, Trinidad)




I meditated quietly for the first 45 min. listening to soothing meditation music. I had several "incidents" where just the mere thought of millions of us doing this together just blew my awareness wide open. Wonderful feeling. For the last 15 min i did Reiki healing, repeating to myself "please let love, peace and healing pour through me to our beautiful mother earth. I felt energy surging through me several times. Wonderful! I so look forward to hearing about other's experience. Lots of love to you all.
- Ann C. (Albertslund, Copenhagen, Denmark)


I was told of Shelley Yates' incredible experience in November 2002, by my mom some 2 days ago. I learned basically most of the history and the following plan the next day. I feel extremely privileged and so much gratitude that I was able to learn about this global leap and new journey of humanity, just in time to participate in the grid event. I have been a Buddhist practicer of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism for 12 years, and know about the importance and urgent need for inner change of life force and transformation of the self absorbed mind. I know it is necessary for me, and whom I might be able to inspire, to rediscover our true identity as spiritual beings with very important missions as human lighthouses in this lifetime. I have a strong inherent tendency to undermine and doubt my own wonderful talents, it is my challenge to keep my doubts from clouding my perspective and hope for humanity. To listen to Shelley’s words and powerful life force reawakened my natural desire for following my mission, in a way that I have been cut off from in a long time. I called my soul mate and told him about this event, and we decided to do the grid event together. This has made a positive and strong refuel in both our lives, and I feel I'm ready to reembark on this wonderful journey and tremendous challenge of changing the barometer of life force of humanity.
- jonatan j. (århus, jylland, denmark)


Sitting in our hammock, facing the sea, the smell of ripe golden fields in my nose, with the wind in my hair, the birds singing and the blue sky above - here on our beautiful, bountiful, generous Earth Mother we connected to all the millions of our brothers and sisters all over the planet, people of good will who want peace and love - and the Earth to be preserved for our future generations, our children and grandchildren. This was like being in a cosmic church together with people from all walks of life, with all our different gods, our different races and nations, gender and ages - uniting in One Language: The Language of the Heart. I felt us unite - One People. And we connected to the core, the heart of Mother Earth, kindling the flame of Her hearth. We connected in a grid of Light around Her - to the grid around me - to the grid in every cell of my body - to the grid of everyone around the Globe who joined in the Firing. It was overwhelming, with tears of joy. When did this ever happen before in the history of humanity that millions agreed (!) and focused on healing of our common home?? This must be urgent and of utmost importance! You and I - WE - everybody counts! I'm sure there were angels and beings of Light from all over the Universe to join us, cause the Earth is so precious and so is Humanity. Thank you so much that I could join you all - and Our beloved Mother. Imagine what we can do together! Today humanity wrote unique, spiritual history. We are ready.
- Kirsten B. & Jørn B. (Askeby, Moen, Denmark)


We were on a tent holiday on 17 July. Miraculously my 4 year old son suddenly wanted to take a nap just before the meditation started and so my husband and I sat outside the tent for the whole hour. I was practically sucked into the meditation. First just resting in being and love, then my consciousness started contacting and seeing the healing of people from all continents. I connected with people, with animals, plants, waters and the earth herself. I saw the healing of men, of women, of contacting beings that are not earthly but are connected with us here. I was crying a lot of the time, feeling that this is what I have been waiting for since early childhood. Feeling so deeply connected with all of life, so supported and supportive. This is what life and this time is all about. Connecting. There was a period when I was told very specifically what my own role in this is. Finally I saw every person on this planet joining hands. I saw how everyone was making sure that NO ONE was left out. This felt so important. Leaving no one out, letting every one know they are valued and loved and part of the whole. I wish we could all do this again ... and again ...!
- Anne Christine H. P. (Charlottenlund, Denmark)


I had already asked several times for it to be made possible to fully engage in firing the grid, since I knew I'd be at work at that time. I work in a kind of children's nursery, and it's not possible to just take an hour's break when you feel like it. Neither is it easy to find a place where you can sit without being interrupted. But the perfect opportunity came: I was assigned "Sleeping Duty" which means I was to sit with the children while they slept. This was a great way to get uninterrupted time! The only problem was that all the children had to be sleeping by 13:11 (Danish time)! This is not an easy feat, especially while it's warm weather. But they all did fall asleep before! And although I didn't get the whole hour, I got a good ½ an hour. The rest of the time I gave up to my higher self to take care of. Thank you for such a great opportunity. I love to be a part of such a great great project!!!
- Melissa G. (Copenhagen, Sealand, Denmark)


One day before the "fire the grid" I learned about the event, the story touched me so that I did something I would never do - send out a message to nearly all the people I ever had an mail address from to join in on the event. Although it made me a little uneasy to do so, it just felt as if I had to do it, and so I faced my fear and followed the voice in my heart that said it would be all right to do so. And guess what, I only had loving responses on doing so. Since I read about the event I have not been able to let go of it or stop sending loving and thankfull thoughts to nature, angels, friends, family etc. When the time came for firing up the grid I went outside and opened sacred space to get assistance from my helpers. Then I connected with mother earth and began thinking of things of love and joy, things that makes me gratefull for being. Put on some music and began painting. A beautiful painting in golden and bronze colours came forth, representing mother earth, gloving, full of life and beautiful. After the 60 minutes i just could not stop painting and another beautiful painting (not finished yet) emerged - full of light and joy. thank you for this wonderfull experience - and for reaching out to so many people around the world to come together in this. Thank you for the wonderfull lesson in listening to my heart, for giving me a chance to give something to the mother who is always there for me and for an experience so great i don’t yet know how to describe it in words. Lots of love, joy and light
- Stine D. (Horsens, Jylland, Denmark)


Was sitting on a bench at our farm... halfway through the meditation I felt I should open my eyes and some 30-40 metres away a deer was standing looking at me..... and I felt connected with everything around me.
- Jorgen M. (Naestved, Denmark)


Felt like a pillar of bright golden light came down/sprung up from the earth, then ripples from the center of the pillar of light spreading out over and under the surface of the Earth.....much like when you throw a stone into still water only the light ripples continued wave after wave. Really beautiful :o))) Much love and gratitude to All!!
- Cecile/Oneness Center (Samsoe, Samsoe, Denmark)


Greetings... Thank you so much for firing the grid. I felt an incredible anticipation building already a week before, and was having meditations which seemed to signify that the grid was ready and already active, to some degree. I would be physically alone during the activation but I had connected with certain friends here and around the world who would be meditating the designated time. About an hour before I was talking with my twin over the phone, who lives in Oregon, and the energy was already very beautiful. It felt like people all over the globe were entering a space of unusual calm, intention and reverence. I had created a little altar for myself, lit the candles and things, but the real beauty was the heart intention I felt flooding consciousness all over the planet. The meditation itself was beautiful. I could feel an amazing joy coming from the planet soul, and how that everyone participating was feeling a tremendous heart and love connection. There was a beautiful kind of opalescent light shimmering over and around the planet and it seemed like beings from far away were attending the event. I'm thankful to Shelley and everyone for this opportunity for us all, and I'm looking forward to further events. I want to participate in any way I can, and connect to those drawn to this work. love,
- Russ N. (Silkeborg, Jutland, Denmark)


Full of happiness I connected Mother Earth with the highest God energy of all. I stated "THE GREAT INVOCATION" from Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan over and over again because I feel that the beauty and the strength lives in this statement and it express the essential truth which all people spontaneous and naturally can accept. After this beautifull and very balanced experience I heard a voice who told me that my work was done. Love and light
- Jeannette L. (Vekso, Sjaelland, Denmark)



It was some kind of a dream. I felt my soul was connected with the Universe, although my mind didn't catch all the information. It was like resting and peace around me. Time went by very quickly. I felt the energy on Earth. Thank You all!
- Marian H. (Kirikumäe, Võrumaa, Estonia)


Me, my girlfriend, mom, grandmother and uncle were doing it. Mother was really meditating, others were just laying down and thinking happy thoughts. Mother had wonderful experience and she said it was the most powerful meditating experience to her. Thank you and looking forward to do next project! By the way - YouTube clips (part1 to part8) were wonderful! Thank you!
- Magnus N. (Kohtla-Järve, Ida-Virumaa, Estonia)



In the morning hours it was a great sense of love in the atmosphere... during the meditation, it was remarkable, how deep it was and how easy to step into concentration.... I meditated on om namaha shivay and god is love ... beautiful experience and I want to do more... especially here in Iceland.
- Senin (Reykjavik, Iceland)



I walked in the nature with your music that I listened by my son’s mp3. I prepared myself a good while before the time of meditation. During the meditation I had a lot of feelings going through me; love, peacefulness, but also sorrow and pain. I meditated the hour in the northern Finland, very near by the home of my childhood. That is an area where a lot of people have ended there life by themselves. I felt their sorrow and pain during meditating. Nature has always been the best place to get healed from the agony of living here on the earth. But now it was a time to help nature to get healed... Vibration went through me and I let myself be a channel... With gratefulness,
- Kati K. (Akaa, Finland)


I had a day at work in our family-company, but a little before the chosen time i went up on the roof. Laid down there, watched the sky roll by, with seagulls floating high in the air. It was a beautiful day, fortunately, with light clouds and easy wind. Every once in a while i closed my eyes and let the sun warm me, which is a really wonderful feeling. For more than an hour i just laid there, thinking of all the wonders and joys this world has given me, but also thinking of less nice things, things i have feared and disliked in the past, and present.
- Ilkka M. (Hanko, Finland)


After a while came warm beautiful light, very powerful. I could feel the connection with some great force. The light changed - different colors - and I sensed how the flow in Earths veins proceeded. I sensed a sickness in Earth, kind of pain and stress. It was almost numb, like sleeping first. It was waiting when the medicine we brought began to affect. Then there came feelings/voices (believe me or not) like burps and twisting and farts. I saw murky clouds rising... Then came release and rest, peaceful period. The coloured lights came back, the being was not heavy anymore. I noticed my hands were moving; there came deep breaths, feeling of liberation, expandedness. In the end there was like a gentle rain, the light was glowing on the Earth and the moist was green and absorbed to the soil. I felt grateful. - Pipsa G. (HELSINKI, Uusimaa, Finland)


Way I perceived firing the grid was that it was done in three stages: Purging, constructing and loading. First, a group of people descended to Earth's heart where we removed a huge artificial device (that's how I perceived it on energy level, others may have seen it in different form) designed to obstruct Earth's well-being. After it was removed the core began to glow in bright white light and to grow big and powerful. This was the first stage and it took about 20 minutes. Then we began to construct the grids around the core; the first four grids (each bigger than the other and all linked to the core) were quick to construct but the fifth, the one on the surface level where we all live, took considerably longer. All around the world the dark places where evil has concentrated or where it is being deliberately maintained kept exploding as the grid was being opened. Finally it all came down to a spectacular showdown over the World's central stream, or energy line, where a gigantic evil energy form much the shape of a mix between an octopus and a starfish stood, now with its "tentacles" raised up because of all the light from the lit grid threatening to burn through its illusion (since all evil is simply illusion). We proceeded to burn the tentacles away with light and then noticed a mechanic link (again, my perception) descending to the core of the Earth. We'd already detached part of the device earlier and now went and disintegrated the whole mechanic "arm" at which point the creature's grounding was cut off and it took to the air. But only for a moment since the full power of the Earth's main energy line now streamed free and burst right through the creature, destroying it. This all took another twenty minutes. Next we rebuilt the grid high up in the atmosphere and it was a happy thing to observe how the central energy line got linked back to the grid of the galaxy! Nice. For the remainder of the time we were asked just to take a place and stay still in one of the "acupuncture points" of the Earth, and the charging of the grid began. I think the whole process ended about five minutes before the hour was complete, but we stayed in our spots channeling love and light just to be sure. Overall, a great project and I thank You for organizing this chance for all of us to participate in healing the world. Be well and take care.
- Sami (Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland)


I meditated with some beautiful chillout and new age music playing background to stimulate emotions. I asked for Spirit Guides and Higher Beings of Love and Light to send healing and uplifting energies through my energy system to heal the wounds of the Mother Earth. Sometimes the flow was very strong and I felt how energies flowed from my crown chakra through my body. From time to time tears flowed when I felt how much She has been loving Humanity without blame and judgment apart from the wounds Humanity has caused Her to bear. It was now time to send some of that love back to Her and help Her to open and heal Her heart center. How a beautiful and magnificent Being She is! Then at the Pacific Ocean I dived with a flock of dolphins (being one of them myself at some time in my earlier incarnations) to heal the coral reefs, and asking for the Holy Spirit to undo harmful actions and thoughts of ego's blindness. I also programmed thoughts to Humanity's Collective Consciousness to help people to awaken and turn from fear to Love, from a victim to a Master - to help them to see how this all is our own creation. We create our own reality and the experience of it. Together we have the ability to create a future how ever we wish! It is so and it has always been so... Love and Light!
- Janne K. (Kajaani, Oulunlääni, Finland)


I went to a nearby area, just under couple of power lines between two forest areas, very close to home but far enough so that i could be alone. I knew that meditation or praying wasn't really my thing so i took my mp3 and played those three songs. I tried different things; first i just kind of blessed the earth and tried to give out positive energy, then i prayed just for a while, also talked to the Earth as if it was the little boy on a hospital bed and told all good things and how there are soooo many people here to help her etc. I also sang couple of times along the mp3. It was really powerful experience, i did actually feel that i was listened to. Every time i thought i had like a deep connection going on the wind started to blow very strongly and as i placed my hands on the ground i could feel the earth moving (not much, just so that i felt that it's 'alive'; it's hard to explain) and there is practically no seismic activity in the area i live in; well of course some but it can't be felt without proper equipment… afterwards it has not felt that different, but i have to admit that I’ve been a bit more peaceful and relaxed.
- Emilia J. (Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finland)


Our group of about 30 persons sat on a beach on an island in between Finland and Sweden in the archipelago of the northern part of the Baltic Sea. We started with a small information about the Fire the Grid project, follow by the recommended music by Anael and Bradfield and then spent the hour meditating, praying or thinking enlightened thoughts. We were surrounded by very strong elements: water, wind, wood and earth and the fire was fired in our minds for the grid. My personal experience was that I was at peace and very calm for days afterwards. Yet some really unusual things happened to me and people around me. The immediate experience after firing the grid was that the weather really increased, the wind started to blow, the unusual cloud formations moved along on high speed, the sun shone down between the clouds and formed pillars, then later in the evening we had rain and shine and towards midnight unusual thunder, frequent and very strong lightning. July 17th, 2007 was a day that I will remember for a long time, the influences were peaceful and calm yet very, very strong. Be Well, in light,
- Pia-Helen E. (Vardo, Aland Islands, Finland)



I and my 2 daughters were together, we lit candles, sang, danced, sent best wishes and love for everyone. For about half an hour there was a real activity, but then my children got tired. I felt really strong energy for about half an hour, people all over the world really hold out hands each other. After half an hour I used Reiki energy to warm our world and humanity. After this activity I was really tired, so I and my youngest daughter had to take a nap.
- Agnese G-K. and children (Sa, Limbazi, Latvia)


I started the meditation sitting in the garden, then I felt the necessity to lie down to feel all my body connected with Earth. I thought, prayed, warmed the Earth with my hands. After about 40 minutes the flow of energy decreased - my thoughts and feelings turned to those people who have heard this appeal and were giving away a part of their power and love to Mother Earth at that moment. With all my heart I wished them all luck, strength, health, love.
- Inguna and Guntis S. (Salacgriva, Limbazi, Latvia)



As I listened music from Light & Love CD, I was saying a prayer for the Earth and for all humanity. I got tears in my eyes, because I felt how this event is touching my heart, I was feeling a wonderful energy increasing and my heart was full of Love, Joy and Gratitude for that so many people share my vision for the New Earth. I believe we have made a huge difference and will soon see the results of this. Thank you with all my heart for giving me an opportunity to be a part of Fire the Grid!
- Kristina K. (Kaunas, Lithuania)



During the meditation hour it happened that I removed black illness/pollution/negativity by breathing in and by breathing out I sent light/healing/love into the earth. I asked for help when I came to very black areas like Middle-East. After a while I was being drawn away from the earth and the breathing process, it was like it happened also without me doing it. And when I came closer again the earth was glowing. No more black. May all the children that are sick, alone, cold, afraid, dirty, pursued, molested be happy, healthy, loved and secure. I love them. In love we are one!
- Hege V. U. (Bergen, Norway)


Being on a ferry, in the middle of the North Sea, whilst giving my contribution towards firing the grid, I felt a connection between the divine light and mother earth via my heart. It was as if the ocean had disappeared and I was surrounded by earth, bringing divine love and light to the core of the earth from above. 3 times during this hour of meditation I also experienced a cheerful physical sensation of love exploding inside my heart and spreading throughout my entire body, which made me laugh out loud like a little child.
- Marthe S. (Heggedal, Akershus, Norway)


It was an intense experience, with lots of love and joy. Personally, I just felt great appreciation for the Mother and all the joy and beauty I have experienced on this planet. The sensation that followed while my eyes were closed enjoying this high vibration was like a pressure coming down around my head. My upper body twitched a lot especially with a lot of involuntary movement of my eyes which has happened a lot lately when meditating. At one point it felt like a being entered me with a jolt, perhaps it was my true connection with my higher self. I visualised the pyramids connecting around the globe on the grid, the connection was with the light we were generating and it all started with the Great pyramid. I saw intense white light from the center of the earth push up all the dark energy and out of her in clouds of black smoke. Then I visualised pink inside the Earth. I saw the light beings Shelley described watching and hovering doing their part from their pyramidal shaped energy ships while we did ours. I saw the sea, the sky, eagles, animals, whales, dolphins, even the wind express appreciation and joy. Everything felt it. There was such a feeling of joy that my eyes cried tears on their own without my wanting to cry. We voiced the sacred ohm sound together and felt great silence and peace afterwards. We played the recommended music too at the beginning which was beautiful. It was really beautiful and everyone clapped and cheered when it was done. I feel that great work was accomplished yesterday. Thankyou for sharing that time together. Wishing everyone on our planet love, peace, health and harmony. And so it is.
- Johanne/Unity House group (Oslo, Norway)


I was made aware of this project the day before it started. So i sat up until 3:30 in the morning watching Shelley on YouTube (great talk Shelley!) and i decided to do this in spite of my skeptic and judge. So... I though where to do this etc… And something or someone told me that i should do it at the nearby mountaintop (bout 45min walk from my house). so i said okay, let's go! The weather was grey and thick with the kind of energy right before a storm, and i though great! Because i love storms! so i was out, drove to the foot of the path to the mountain, and started walking. And a caught up with another human being, and i thought "he's in on it too!" i was a little shy and didn't know what to say, and he made a casual remark about the thousands of tiny little frogs jumping around our feet as we walked up the hill, in silence, together. Then my mother called and we spoke about the grid, etc. after i hung up, he asked if i was "in on it", i went "YES! Awesome!" so we started talking, etc. we got up to the top, and decided to work on each our spot. So i put up incense in the 4 directions, creating sacred space for my work, and as i am finished lighting the last one (north) i hear "brarooommm" thunder!! I look at my watch and it's exactly 11:11 GMT! wow! the next hour was filled with intense light streaming through my body, intense rain, crying, laughing, dancing, and intense sensory impressions inside my 2 sacred space. I saw Mother Earth being filled with this bright silvery light and then accelerating into an explosion of bliss. On my way down i was running like a little kid, jumping in ALL the puddles, wet to the bone and really enjoying that. Mother Nature was SO beautiful. THANK YOU ALL!! This was an amazing experience! My heart swelled up with the thought of doing healing for my Mother. Mother Earth!
- Sindre Shining Cloud (Oslo, Akershus, Norway)


I was working, driving a messenger car, so I took a couple of hours off, to walk in the forest. It was raining, but I had a wonderful walk along a river, and felt the joy of the world there, in the forest, as the rain came down, making everything even more green. I ended up at a beautiful lake in the forest, where I embraced it with my energy. A family of ducks swam up in front of me, and it felt almost surreal, like they were attracted to me, communicating. I felt very much alive and happy, and, after having meditated for a while at the lake, I went back down to the car. It turned out I had been gone for 2 hours. I had a wonderful time!
- Harald S. (Oslo, Norway)


We sat looking out over the Oslo fjord. Our music was the sound of small waves against our dock and the calling of seagulls. In addition the sound of rain on the roof over us. Just as we were finishing up the hour, I had a strong urge to sing these two lines of a song: "Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me, Let there be peace on Earth, the peace that was meant to be..."
- Maryanne & Gregers R. (Snaroya, Akershus, Norway)


Half an hour before, I could feel the energy starting to build, like an itch on my back that just grew. When I sat down in front of the screen and watched the countdown, the pressure was building, making me quite cross-eyed, and then, at point zero, the dam burst and it all flew out. Then I started crying. Tears of joy, tears for the overwhelming energy and connectedness. I had no choice but to let it out. I felt so in touch with all of Creation, and eventually I moved, sat, stood, lit a candle - whatever I felt compelled to do to keep focus on love and the sacredness that is life on this planet, and to connect to the grid and be a channel for energy. I was never alone (except in the physical). Afterwards I was out of it for a long, long time. I had a pint of water and a light snack, but still walked around in a daze. It was like being drunk. Seriously drunk, and in a way I guess I was. I was drunk on energy. Fantastic.
- Berte W-S. (Sørumsand, Akershus, Norway)


I sat down on top of a hill in the city of Stavanger, Norway and just enjoyed the view and my music. It was a fantastic moment of gratitude and joy. I was filled with tears several times...! I could feel the energy around me, just beside me were some ancient farmer-houses, dated from 300 a.d. I know our common effort has made a difference and I can't wait to do this again...!
- Orjan H. (Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)



My partner’s birthday is July 17. We celebrated the day on the beautiful northern west coast of Sweden. At 11.11 GMT we sat on the top of a hill with an amazing view over the sea and gave our energy to our wonderful planet. I also did some cleaning up down at the little beach below the hill as a practical mini-contribution to Mother Earth. It made a difference and it was very satisfying to see the result.
- Johannes E. (Borås, Sweden)


Seven brave souls (one was a cat that absolutely wanted to come with us), out in the forest in the rain and a thunder storm. Started to rain when we began, and stopped raining when we were done! Mother Nature was really participating. We chanted and drummed half the time, the other half we were sitting down in a deep meditation. Several of us experienced lots and lots of light and saw how the light got into the grid. We also saw lots of other people out there, working with great peace and joy. It would be so wonderful to continue once a month, perhaps a certain time the first of every month, or every Sunday on a specific time..... Thank you so very much for starting this! Together we can change the world!
- Northern Lightworkers (Borlange, Dalarna, Sweden)


I had the most beautiful vision: I could see angels dancing round the earth covering it in yellow/ orange/red energy. Spirits from the other side was watching all around in thousands or millions. It was all lighted up by the love and light of Christ. My deepest love and thanks to everyone in heaven and on earth for participating.
- Eva K. F. together with Rebecca M. tel.conf (Järna, Stockholms, län, Sweden)


I went for a walk in the sun and wind on a small island in the middle of Stockholm. They were preparing a jazz festival there. I sat down for a while under some big trees looking at the clouds and the leafs dancing in the wind. Tourists passing by. I enjoyed just being still, watching tourists and people passing by. Went for a walk around the island and thought of things that make me happy, about my friends the dolphins, about my work and about Mother Earth. I prayed. The last 15 minutes of the hour I sat down in a church just beside my office. Peaceful and nice. Thank you for sharing and planning and preparing :-). Love and joy.
- Berit S. (Stockholm, Sweden)




Where I was for the hour: The centre of the Sun Stone Circle at the ancient Avebury Stone Henge in Wiltshire, U.K. What I was doing: A combination during the hour of prayer, then also offering lots love and heart-felt gratitude to the Earth Mother and visualising the most beautiful natural places that I have enjoyed and have filled me with joy on Earth ... mountains, streams, lakes and lochs, fragrant flowers etc. In addition, some meditation followed by asking to be used as a channel for healing energy (for the Earth and the Life on Earth) and offering myself as that channel. Visualising the energy going into the core of the planet Earth and filling and surrounding the planet with healing love and light. I asked that my intentions / efforts etc would be in accordance with what would be for the 'Highest Good' of the Earth and it's beings and God's Will and Plan. It had been pouring down greatly with rain just before, but the sun came out and shone during this hour gently kissing our faces and it remained dry throughout the hour.
- Kathy (Avebury, Wiltshire, England, UK)


I spent the hour performing a Medicine Buddha sadhana of the New Kadampa Tradition of Mahayana Buddhism. It was a wonderful opportunity to really focus on the true meaning of love for all beings and to make strong prayers that ALL living beings may be free from suffering and experience everlasting peace in a world that is free from hatred and selfishness. At the end of the session I felt calm, peaceful and full of hope. I wish good karma to all those who participated, and for all who will benefit in the future.
- Judy A. (Bath, South West, England, UK)


It was 12:11 in our local time when myself and a friend started the meditation with few of the recommended musics found on the web site. We sat inside a triangle crystal point grid with a rose quartz placed in the middle - this instruction was 'given ' to me while I was cleaning the room before starting this beautiful work. During the meditation we saw many colours and in our mind's eye we fed the Earth, through ourselves and the rose quartz. We saw our Earth surrounded by pure light. We felt other presences with us, and funny enough my little puppy came into the grid and played with "something invisible" and he was very calm after that (he's usually "hyper"). As we were the channel we felt recharged after we finished. I hope more and more people become aware of the power of this love source, and try to bring the light within and spread it around to the family, the community and to all nations all over the world, allowing the mother Earth to heal itself.
- Ana G. (Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK)


I felt many wonderful things during the FTG hour but the most wonderful thing for me was to experience something that had not happened to me since I was an eight year old boy. I was shown an image of my soul. When I was a boy I can only describe the image that I saw as an amorphous light entity which was covered in scars which I knew instantly I was meant to heal in this life time. The image I saw during the FTG hour was a similar amorphous light entity which was clean (no scars) only this time it was being held in a pair of cupped hands which made me feel as though I was being held in the palm of the creator. The image then changed from my soul to Mother Earth being held in these hands which was then covered in an 'electric blue' grid. A very moving and beautiful experience. Thank you Shelley for all that you have done. The physical world is a better place with you and your son as part of it. Love and blessings,
- Matt W. (Bolberry Down, Devon, England, UK)


I was very keen to join in the experience of FTG - it was the first time since 9/11 that I'd done something like it and again I got a feeling of well being by adding my own contribution to something I care passionately about - our beautiful earth and mankind's Light development. At the beginning of the meditation as I join the action, I felt a very strong and actually heavy energy come over me - like I could feel all my fellow 'firers' and the power we were creating as a result of joining forces. After that I went light and felt quite carefree and playfull as I thought of beautiful/happy times, places, people - just the millions of things that make up the joy and delight of living. Afterwards I was able to get on with my day. There was no residue as it were. Just a clean 'in and out' process and I felt happy about that as I felt like I was being very much in the 'now' and maybe that was a glimpse of the future for us all. I look forward to more of the same -this is very important and so easy to do... Thank you to all concerned for the opportunity.
- Elizabeth B. (Brighton, West Sussex, England, UK)


A unique experience. We all found it intensely emotional and many spent much of the sixty minutes in tears. A two way journey: the love given to the Earth was reciprocated extremely strongly and this was a major factor in making this such a powerful happening. Communication from other levels confirmed the importance and strength of the episode. Gold was the colour which almost everyone said dominated their internal vision. There was universal agreement that the coming together was something they would never forget. Some of us have sent healing and loving energy to the Earth on a regular basis for many years but none has been comparable to this. Congratulations and love to all those who have worked so hard to bring this about. Clearly it is only the beginning.
- Michael from Whitegates (Chester, Cheshire, England, UK)


Upon hearing about this project at my Kundalini Yoga lesson, I became quickly interested in participating and getting others to do so, because my way of life of Sikhism is about healing and uplifting people. I also quickly realised that the Age of Aquarius is fast approaching in 2012, and that if we shall not begin to heal the Earth now, then when will we? If we as individuals will not take the responsibility upon ourselves to meditate, then how can we progress to a new level of awareness? When I woke up and realised the time for Firing the Grid was fast approaching, I tried not to rush in case it created negative vibrations, and I eased myself into the meditation. I meditated in various ways and postures, all which came from the heart to heal the Earth and which allowed the light within to flow into the Earth. It was a beautiful experience. I felt the pain of Mother Earth and how much Mother Earth cares for us unconditionally, but we do little in return. I gave my entire heart to Earth healing. The meditation was very deep, and when I opened my eyes 45 minutes had passed when it only felt like 5 minutes! The remaining time, I read the scared healing scriptures of Jap Ji Sahib, the Song of the Soul from the Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the Sikh holy and living scripture. As I finished reading the Jap Ji Sahib, the entire hour of meditation was perfectly up, and I felt reassured that the world is going to be better off. However, I also felt, the challenges that lie ahead for the human race to become conscious shall be vast, and we must prepare ourselves to get through these challenges. Sat Nam. God Bless. All Light to You.
- Jasdeep S. (Derby, Derbyshire, England, UK)


I sat with a group of friends who had come together to help fire the grid. I had a story unfold in my meditation i saw beams of light rising up from the world and making a lattice around the world in some areas they were quite condensed and others that were not so condensed. then i saw a funnel where a soft mist was rising up and it seemed as this happened the lattice stretched out and made a geometric patterns around the earth. towards the end of the meditation i had a very quick flash of turquoise and purple in the lattice and then it changed very quickly to orange this happened twice. then i saw a white almost like linen or muslin being woven around the earth. throughout i felt the energy rising and my eardrums vibrated for a while! (a first for me!!!) after the meditation i felt a very healing presence with the people i was sitting with and also an overwhelming sense of love for mother earth. peace be with you.
- Alison T. (Exeter, Devon, England, UK)


There were 6 young children & a baby in the room with us who added their energy to a very powerful guided meditation to send our joy, love and passion for life right to the very heart of our most beautiful & sacred planet. We also spent some of the hour talking about all the things we love about life & this world. We have been experiencing extraordinary amounts of heavy rain in England now for the past two months, but as the hour drew to a close there was an exceptionally heavy rain storm & some thunder which felt very cleansing & almost like an electrical, elemental acknowledgement of what we had just offered to the earth, Thankyou for making this happen. Lets continue. I for one wish to stand up & be counted amongst those who are committed to helping to birth a new era on this planet founded on love, honour, respect & absolute integrity. We are creating a new reality & we are actually more powerful than we can possibly imagine. With love & gratitude
- Katie W. (Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England, UK)


I am a channeller and was asked to lead the hour meditation for a group in Croydon, Surrey, and we connected to many beings who were helping with Fire the Grid world wide. It was an amazing experience for us all and we were encouraged to breath together, visualise together, and we were getting updates throughout the hour about the grid, what was happening to it, and what we were achieving as a group and as a planet. It was so moving and I felt honoured to be part of such a wonderful experience. The channelled meditation was far better and more powerful than I had expected it to be, and the group came together "as one". We were told that we could continue to work with the grid from this point on whenever we felt guided to. I look forward to the next phase. Blessings and love to you, and well done.
- Natalie L. (High Wycombe, Bucks, England, UK)


Dad and the four kids when to the local Catholic Church, prayed a Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy in front of the Tabernacle where the Eucharist is kept. Mom was away at a seminar on Waldorf Education. She told several classmates about the event and they gathered together to meditate. This was how the C. family Fired the Grid. Look forward to future endeavors.
- Steven, Sue, Katilin, Tanner, Matthew, and Faith C. (Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England, UK)


From the moment I started meditating I felt tingling in my hands and I asked for the white gold Mahatma energy to be channeled through me into the earth, I saw it go deep into the core of the earth then swell and spread through all the layers of the earth then I thought of happy times in my life and felt the loving energy, I then saw a column of white loving energy which was constantly growing and getting brighter and brighter and eventually it completely covered the earth and everything that lives on it. During the meditation I seemed to expand and just feel so much love both given to me and sent from me to others. When I finished I felt really relaxed and peaceful and full of love. Thank you for starting this. Your story is amazing and I wish you all the best life has to offer. xxxoo
- Rowan (King's Lynn, Norfolk, England, UK)


It was so wonderful! I felt so much during that one hour. I cried. I laughed. I smiled. I felt high. I felt connected. It was bliss and I could feel us all holding hands and linking our energies around the planet. There were moments that I felt us all go out into the universe and become completely one with her. It definitely felt like one of the highest moments in my/our life and I hope we get to do it again a lot and soon. I will definitely continue to do it in my own way as much as I can. Thank you for getting us all together Shelley to begin the process of healing!!! Peace and love.
- Arwen K. and Danny W. (Lewes, East Sussex, England, UK)


I felt an enormous surge of emotion as I connected in at 12.11pm which was the time given to connect in UK. I felt very emotional at the enormity of it all and then things settled down and in the middle of the session things felt very calm and towards the end I started to notice feeling very energised and uplifted. Significantly the weather outside was very calm beforehand and then afterwards it was gusting with very strong wind - felt very significant to an energy shift. The rest of that day I felt on a high. I felt a little nauseous a few hours later and wondered if it was part of the energy shift. Today (the day after) I feel so "up" and very positive and still riding on the waves of yesterdays energy. The energy feels very 5-dimensional today. It felt very honourable to be on earth at this time and to be given the opportunity to make a difference. Thank you Shelley and to all those who managed to help get the word out, I will never forget that day. Blessings, xxxx
- Amanda F. (London, England, UK)


As the meditation went on I saw a thick, sweet, translucent, opalescent sort of LAVA pouring out of the Tor, out of the hills and sacred spaces. It was a glue like coating on the earth like a protective layer of mother-of-pearl. It wasn't the fire I was expecting. The stones circles spun so fast they blurred. Then I saw the wheat fields of Wiltshire heaving and breathing, crop circles formed and disappeared in waves of ecstasy, the fields in a continuous geometric conversations. I got a thought... we should pay special attention to any that were formed on the 17th... maybe something special came through! The flow continued from mount Fuji, temples all over the planet, Sometimes it washed with the energy of an ocean, especially over New York. It seemed to take special care washing the wounds of the World Trade Center/Ground Zero. I got the distinct taste of salt...Purification? I wasn't sure what any of this was about but it sure was beautiful!
- Aoife N. (London, England, UK)


I sat in the garden and enjoyed the sun, wind and plants. I was tending a sick dog so had to focus on her needs, too. I noticed the presence of nature around me which seemed more real than ever before - but also I felt the imbalance in the weather here - not usual July warm and calm! I felt several times a great peace and calm, and the power of Love as I sent it to the earth and all the other people meditating at that time. I felt very in touch with life and excited at the potential of the human race, united in focusing on love and happiness! Would like to do this again, soon...:>)
- Jane R. (London, England, UK)


Hi, I'm Ali and along with my partner, Ade, I visited a beautiful site overlooking the River Thames. The area is a nature reserve and is managed to protect rare chalkland grasses, flowers and butterflies. It has an amazing view of the Thames valley and the Chiltern hills beyond (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). As it was raining very heavily, we meditated in the car for half an hour and then, coats on & in the pouring rain, we walked through the fields, connecting to the nature and in joy and sheer bliss at the experience. At the end of the hour, we turned to walk back to the car and there was the most enormous clap of thunder! It was like the earth was responding. It was a magical experience. Thank you Shelley.
- Ali & Ade (Newbury, West Berkshire, England, UK)


We gathered in a wonderful little Temple set in the middle of a stone circle where Pagan rituals were held for many years before the Witch hunts. This has a clear view down into the valley and overlooks Audley End House river and grounds in Essex. Our leader, Carolin had brought 7 chairs and until 2 minutes before we started there were only 6 of us... the 7th turned up. It was as perfect as anything could be. Carolin also brought with her 100 tea lights, crystals and singing bowls. The preparation for this event was as magical as the event itself. We brought in the 5 directions, we brought healing via Archangel Michael's sword deep into the core of the earth. It was a wonderful and very healing event. Thankyou for your inspiration
- Felicity C. (Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, England, UK)


We stood, sat or laid on the grass in the garden, we shared our happiest memories of times spent in the presence of the earths beauty and majesty. The top of Mount Everest with the snow blowing off it, the gritty feeling of a sand storm in the Sinai desert, a hike through a tropical forest to a waterfall in India. Diving below crystal waters and swimming with huge rayfish in the West indies. All the beaches we have been happy on, all the views of the earth we have marveled at, we pushed our noses into the grass and smelled the quintessential smell of childhood. We took off our shoes and danced barefoot on the grass, the merkaba dance for the well-being of the earth and our own energy, to the sound of wind carried from the sea through trees, sun warm on our faces. We knew our family and friends were sharing the moment wherever they were at work or play. In our closed eyes we saw vibrating colours and ever moving geometric patterns, in our open eyes the blue sky, white speeding clouds, and leaves dancing. We offered it all......... Wow, what an amazing hour...lets do it again tomorrow and every day.........
- C. Family (Peacehaven, East Sussex, England, UK)


I had a fabulous meditation - I got a special circular alpaca rug that has this amazing symbol on it that looks like a star with many points - I put a special powerful crystal at the point of each star and sat in the middle of the circle - I began by sending out love and light to the earth and imagined a pink orb of light surrounding it....I then got carried high into the air by the angels and they danced with me for a while....I remember putting a pink bubble around all of the animals that are threatened with extinction and then I went on to float around in a pink bubble myself with all of my family and close friends in their individual pink bubbles floating around me... about 45mins into the meditation the heavens opened up and there was this mad electrical thunderstorm (like a confirmation that something extraordinary was happening here) - after the meditation I asked for a sign from the universe and at that moment a little robin landed in my garden and stayed for a while looking at me - WOW truly amazing - I have awoken today a new day and feel so full of love, hope and joy - something really special has happened. Love and light to all xxx
- Michele P. (Spalding, Lincolnshire, England, UK)


I have participated in many meditations, but that was awesome. My hands burned and happy tears ran down my face all the way through. We were all really spaced and took some grounding afterwards. The time "flew" past. The music really helped - it was the first time I had downloaded any, but I got a lot of help from the angels to do it on time. We all felt privileged to have been able to partake in such a wonderful event. Thank you for giving us the opportunity
- Jennifer P. (Stockton on Tees, Cleveland, England, UK)


We met at 11.11 on the 17th July at a Fair Trade Shop called Wikijum in Stone. We normally meet at 10am but we wanted to tune into this global gathering of like minded people and light beings for the highest good of all. Your messages were powerful and inspiring and touch many hearts which in turn brought us all together at that time on that day. We felt the build up of the energy for days before the event and we were all very excited. Everyone felt very connected and the energy was extremely powerful and one hour flew by in no time! Many felt an incredible healing for themselves too. I led the meditation but only to introduce and raise focus and attention each quarter of an hour with some shared words of peace and healing. Thank you for your inspiration and giving us the chance to link in with something so powerful and important for our Mother Earth.
- Lesley B. (Stone, Midlands, England, UK)


We all gathered at my home. Everyone had been feeling the excitement for several days. We used the music Light & Love and travelled through the chakras together. The energy was very powerful but also gentle. Some had visions of "snowing" sacred geometry. Others felt very emotional in places. All had different and profound experiences. We all shared lunch and joy afterwards. I have not stopped popping light bulbs since!!
- Val W's Group (Tadworth, Surrey, England, UK)


It seemed to start early - about 5 minutes early - a rush, a feeling of connection, lightheadedness, an impression of many many voices, but not like a crowd. Then it settled down to a steady hum, then a hush, like a choir before they start to sing. That's it. Then I was concentrating on sending energy to the earth, bringing up all those joyful memories to lift my effort. Time passed smoothly, swiftly, a blur of effortless concentration. An hour later, my music stopped, right on 11 minutes past, the player stuttering, skipping the tracks until I stopped it. Wow, I thought. How cool is that? :)
- Chris R. (Telford, Shropshire, England, UK)


We were accompanied by a symphony of weather; a swirling maelstrom of rain and wind as we began, sitting in my friends' conservatory...then suddenly, peace, sunshine, blue sky. We went out on the wet lawn with bare feet, and whirled like dervishes, then came back in and meditated, sang and prayed for the Earth, for our brothers and sisters in light and for the children. Tonight the sky is clear blue with deep pink clouds. Blessings to all, we can make a difference
- Jennie, Ann, Ray and Linda (Weybridge, Surrey, England, UK)



I sat on a rock overlooking a very beautiful mountain and with a river running behind me. I could also see some fire damage on the mountain side which symbolised, for me, our damage sustained by the Great Mother. I said some prayers Christian, Reiki and Seichem for sometime and then began sending the symbol of planetary healing which I continued to do until 11.15 GMT. The sky cleared during this work and the sun came out. At 11:30 the energy subsided and it clouded over. I drank and washed in the river and went home. The forecast was for inclement weather, but it was fine and lovely, for the rest of the day. I yawned all the way home and felt very tired. The next day I had a bad attack of tinnitus and a heavy head, which lasted 24 hours. The day after I felt very strong and renewed.
- Bonnie H. (Annalong, Northern Ireland, UK)


I decided not to try too hard. i decided to let the energies talk to me. I have been working on purification and reconnection for 7 years now and was delighted to be joined by the globes foremost energy workers. After the High Hour, the grid glowed so brightly the earth looked more like our sun. As the Hour began at first I felt very tired and shaky, like someone who had finally found respite at the end of a long journey. So I gathered myself and began to paint and listened to the vibrations intuning with the grid. I could hear chanting and prayers and felt the silent meditations of those who chose solitude. My heart began to soar, and I joined in the song. I have felt such safety since, that I have never experienced in Earth, and last night my husband dreamed that all his friends, some who he had not seen since childhood, all were joining him in celebration, united in some way, with their health and happiness intact. Now we need to focus on our future, to build solid foundations that will last for hundreds of thousands of years. Set the standards high, pity none.
- Alix C. (Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, UK)



As it was school holidays, I decided to include my ten year old son and nine year old daughter in my Fire the Grid meditation. Meditation is something that I have done for a number of years, but always on my own and I have never tried to lead two restless children in meditation, so I was a little apprehensive as to how this was going to turn out. I imagined a lot of giggling and squirming about. I told the children about the story and was quite surprised then they asked if they could take part. July 17 at 11.11 I started a guided meditation. As soon as I started I felt a beautiful energy surround us and I felt truly honored to be taking part in this momentous event. After the hour, we discussed what we visualised, and both my children said they saw "people". My daughter said she saw a tall woman dressed in white robes with long blonde hair, her name was Grace and she embraced her. My son said he saw a short stocky man, who's face looked a bit like one of the statues on Easter Island, he had no shoes on and his name was Syrus. We also spoke about how we imagined a world where every soul would live in abundance, joy, freedom and love. Before I started the meditation I asked for guidance and I certainly received it. I have never seen my children so still and focused for so long. I felt that on some level they realised how important this was and I am honoured to have spent that hour with them.
- Sharon (Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland, UK)


Tremendous heart and soul connection, great joy, tears of love and open-ness, all the while listening to Bradfield / Anael , had a complete tour of every happy instance in nature from very early childhood onwards - many I had forgotten - family picnics, time in nature, etc, sent all my love and blessings and hope and thanks to this beautiful planet we are part of. We had a globe in the centre of the room as a focus. Thank you to you and the Light Beings for giving us this wonderful experience - I truly felt connected to everyone else around the planet who was part of it - and still do. I have a renewed appreciation of our beloved planet as the living Being she is, who I can send my love to and revere constantly - and with the Higher Realms also. Blessings to you!
- Morag M. T. (Dunblane, Scotland, UK)


We found a hillside overlooking the Atlantic, on the west coast of Scotland's Isle of Mull. The sun was glorious and the sky an endless blue with white fluffy angel clouds. As we settled on our blanket a golden eagle coasted past us and wheeled a few times, then disappeared. We sat and thought about our hopes for the future. For much of the hour I lay on my back looking up at the sky and lost myself in the ever-changing cloudscape. At one point the clouds took the form of feathers being slowly swirled into a circle above us by unseen energies... After the hour was over the eagle sailed into view above and gave another magnificent performance just for us. A truly memorable experience.
- Bren & Erika (Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland, UK)


A group of about 50 people meditated together in the main sanctuary in the heart of the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community in the North of Scotland. We sounded into the grid and to the core of the planet and played crystal bowls. It was an extremely powerful meditation held in a sanctuary which has been used daily for over 40 years. Many of the meditations held there are for planetary healing.
- Frances R. (Findhorn, Morayshire, Scotland, UK)


I find it very hard to put into words what I experienced today, but I'll try. Before I went to bed last night I watched Shelley Yates telling her entire story on YouTube (thanks for link Chantal), I was transfixed. At 12.11 I put on the Anael album and started by reading the beautiful Angels Prayer that Susan had posted. I read every word from my heart as I said it aloud. I 'spoke' of what I was grateful for in my life - starting with my 2 daughters, and as I was speaking I was completely overcome with gratitude and love for EVERYTHING. I sent love and healing to the planet, and every living thing within it and felt that love come straight back to me. I sang the disclosure song and every word of it resonated with me. I felt privileged and proud to play my part in this huge 'mission' I thought my heart would burst. I sent love and prayers to all my family and friends saying their names as they came into my head. I meditated and I saw my soul beam from within me out on to the planet which I was looking down on. I could see all the energy coming from every part of the world and it formed a blanket of love and protection around the globe, and from the Universe I could see my soul and everyone else's link together, 'I' started spinning and as I did the love and energy within me started to 'fly out' and spread wider and wider and showered all over the entire Universe and on to the planet. I sang and sang and I felt pure joy. When the last note of the final song played I looked at the clock and it changed to 1.11 - the hour had flown by. When I looked in the mirror my face was a picture as I had cried so many tears (good tears not sad ones) - I had been totally overcome by the magnitude of what I had experienced. I had quite a few 'lightbulb' moments during it and I know that there has been a definite shift in my energy today that I am so grateful for. Love and Blessings to each and every one of you my friends, it was an honour to share this hour with you and the millions of people all over the world. In Love, Peace and gratitude
- Myra P. (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)


I spent two beautiful hours of reiki, meditation and Zpoint. Surrounded by the gentle, loving energy of Kaun Yinn, She Who Hears the Cries of the World and many spirit guides, ancestors and other unseen spiritual helpers. The energy was palpable, just beautiful, this is truly the beginning of a new me and I believe a new world. Blessings to you all.
- Barbara (Symington, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK)



We happened to be at the seaside following an appointment for my son at hospital. i had a short meditation during which i saw countless people holding hands around the earth. i joined them and for a time felt love and light emanating from all beings present. then i went down to the shoreline and played in the water with my beautiful young son.
- Kira P-S. (Aberhonddu, Kentucky, Wales, UK


I thought I would find the hour tiring. But as the time passed, I grew stronger and more confident, energized by contact with the Earth spirit and with the countless others who shared this experience. It is true that the more you give out love and energy, the more you have! It is so reassuring to know that - in the spirit of the Celestine Prophecy - there are a vast number of fellow 'travellers' out there... unseen, but felt. Love and Peace to you all.
- Rev Malcolm C D. (Bridgend, Wales, UK)


A most amazing and beautiful experience. We went to a power place with a standing stone, where we regularly meet to send healing and love to the earth grid. We have not all shared with each other all our experiences of that hour so I will just share some of the highlights of mine. Very vivid colour's of peach, bright green with gold , intense violet/purple. Also a milky neon like mist that enveloped us as we sat with our backs against the stone in meditation. Visions of new beginnings like witnessing a growing egg sack with new life within. John Lennon singing 'All you need is love'. The Dalai Lama smiling the biggest smile.
- Sue T. (Carmarthen, Zulia, Wales, UK)


I chose a power spot down by the river that runs through Cemaes Bay. I went into the meditation. My head began to sway - as is usual - but then it began to gather speed and I was aware of the millions of folk around the globe and this response was a kind of 'hook up' surge with them. I poured light and love into the ground. Then I took hold of the Earth and held it - putting my arms around it - and LOVED it! I was with two friends, one of the Bahai faith: he prayed for the earth in his own way. Lisa - friend number two - saw a huge White Eagle with the Earth in its talons. She was also drawn to Africa. She too gave a love meditation.
- Paul B. (Cemaes Bay, Anglesey, North Wales, UK)



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