Yesterday morning (7-17-07) just before the sun came up my wife and I took our fishing gear down to the wide banks of the Tennessee River, found the best spot, then said hello to the warm, clear water with our bare feet before settling down. At 6:11 (11:11 GMT) we meditated and shared our good memories with the earth silently. I visualized a vortex of love wider than the river (subsequently shifting in size depending on the energy given) and inwardly chanted the HU while breathing, and before long was adrift in an ocean of Love. The solemnity of being part of this incredible journey called life in a place so awesome and beautiful caused me to remember the Source, and at this point I was given a view from the moon, seeing thousands upon thousands of huge circles of sheer Love shining with various shades of violet, white, green and blue enveloping the plant and being absorbed by it, and was brought back to my spot on the river as a passing goose honked its good morning. My wife and I shared our times together in nature: the long hikes, the many failed attempts to teach me to swim (and keep me from sinking), the wedding among pine trees, squirrels, geese and fish, the trips to odd places just to see a waterfall or cave, the drives through mountains and forests, all the highlights we had shared on the earth. The hour passed deliciously slow, and we found plenty of time to step back into contemplation. It was unforgettable, real and exquisite. About 7:30 we cast our lines and fed the fish for about an hour and a half before I joked to my wife that there was a fish in the water that told me he'd grab my hook and trust me to let him go back to his home only if I agreed to breathe as much water as he breathes air. I joked back to the water and said, "Just hold your breath as long as I can and neither one of us will have to breathe each other's element." The next time I cast into the river, a foot long catfish took the bait and gave me quite a moment trying to haul him in. I kept him in the shallow water while my wife grabbed her cell phone for a picture. After a couple of deep breaths, I held it and hauled him up. Two seconds, maybe three after that the picture was done and I went to work to free him. He did not struggle at all as I twisted the hook off his gill, and though I know nothing about fish anatomy, it seemed he was holding his breath, too. Within twenty seconds I tossed him back into the water, had a good laugh, and threw the rest of the worms into the river in thanks. It was a grand morning! (breathing again and fired up)
- Abdullah (Florence, Alabama, USA)


We gathered in our community's sacred space under a pyramid constructed of bamboo poles emblazoned with prayer ties from many. There were six of us and the event was uneventful. I was fantasizing a celestial event or earth tremor, but alas, committing to a call is not a spectacular event. I am however intending results and change and joy and transformation from all parts in the moments we are given here. Magic is afoot!
- Robert M. (Fort Payne, Alabama, USA)



We met in a group at a Unity church and 2 ordained ministers explained the intent of this project. We did a meditation on Christ Consciousness and then sent the energy of Christ Consciousness into the Grid. Later, the participants shared what each experienced. Some received messages which were personal. Some of us saw the energy we sent exploding into the Grid like the most glorious fireworks display! To me personally, as one of the presenters, it felt like high, holy ritual. Blessings on your mission, Dear One!
- Rev. Mari K. (Anchorage, Alaska, USA)


I never felt such a rush of energy coming from everywhere! When I first sat down and started chanting, I felt goose bumps all over, and noticed the top of my head feel numb as if a channel had been opened. I also now notice little golden lights flash in front of my eyes on occasion, but this started prior to the meditation; not sure how long it will last. The top of my head is still numb, by the way! Blessings,
- David W. (Fairbanks, Alaska, USA)



On July 17, at 4:11 a.m., I fired the grid while in a warm bubble bath, listening to the CD "Light & Love." I visualized peace and love for everyone in my sphere of relating, along with all the inhabitants on our sweet Mother Earth and beyond. I also noticed that as I held my palms in the air, they became very, very hot. I am a Reiki Master and have experienced this many times, but the heat was definitely more intense than usual. Also, a tingling in my head and spine were very apparent as the hour passed. Since I was surrounded by crystals, the energy was amazingly electric for me. Afterwards, I could feel a profound difference in the way I felt and the air around me. Also, I felt calm, peaceful and so much lighter than the days and weeks before the experience, even though I had been doing world peace treatments all week beforehand. After the hour of meditation was finished, I got out of the bath, and got dressed to go outside to be in nature. The first thing I noticed was the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. The colors were vibrant pinks, lavender, and fuchsia. The sight brought a smile to my lips and joy to my heart. Also, my beloved cat, Angel, made her ascension during that week. I was later told by my guides that she used that special wave of light to take herself home. She literally vanished! She has helped me to release so many emotional blocks as I grieve to let her go. Thank you so much, Shelley, for your story and commitment to the healing of this planet. I, too, have had a near death experience, which changed my life. You are an angel and an inspiration to us all!
- Barbara S. (Black Canyon City, Arizona, USA)


A remote part of the Painted Desert of northern Arizona where we live, my wife and I celebrated our gratefulness for our Mother Earth as the high desert awoke gradually to the predawn light. We lit a candle, walked out into the beauty all around us, and opened our hearts to the many ways we are blessed to live at this time on this wonderful planet. We remembered taking part in a similar way in the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, and we are grateful that we are part of a network of beings who are welcoming such a transformation.
- Mark S. (Flagstaff, Arizona, USA)


My husband Steve and I walked to the Franciscan Renewal Center near our home in Paradise Valley at 4:00am to meet with our friend Terri. We went to the Labyrinth where we lit some sage. Terri and Steve walked the Labyrinth and I stayed at the front and quietly prayed. It had rained quite a bit so the smell of the desert was particularly intense and very close to 4:11 several coyotes began to howl. The sky was beautiful...dotted with many clouds and the air felt a little like Hawaii. What a most splendid day to begin a new beginning. I felt several surges of incredible bliss during the hour and at the end, as we all three held hands at the foot of Guadalupe, as my husband was saying a closing prayer I became very hot and my left ear felt as though a hot flame was near it. As we walked home we witnessed one of Arizona's amazing sunrises. The sky became light pink and then completely lit orange, golds and pinks around the clouds. It seemed to be saying "Yes, it happened. We "Fired the Grid." What an experience.
- Trish M./StarShine Academy (Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA)


Fabulous energy, lots of energy movement, I went to my medicine wheel with a Native American CD which honored the earth. I prayed, kneeled on the ground, put my hands on her and sent her love and healing, peace and joy. I included all who live upon her also. I apologized to her for our human errors. I felt energy from everywhere. I raised my hands in the air and felt the energy all around. I felt it coursing through my arms and hands. The birds were just awakening for the day and I experienced their joy of being alive. I watched the stars recede into the before-sunrise glow of morning. My neighbors consist of wildlife as my location is very remote. People are few here, living on their individual ranches, other than the ancient ones who lived here 1000 years ago. We find ourselves sharing this land with them. I felt positivity and hope within the energy. At the end of the hour I went back inside and was exhausted. I fell asleep and woke up dizzy and disoriented; similar to the feeling you experience when you take a high powered pain killer. This lasted into early afternoon. The following morning I felt the same, only my heart was pounding and my arms were tingling. That lasted until about 11 AM. Now all is fine. Oddly, after the morning ceremonies, we had a dead car battery and our water well quit on us. We had to get a new battery and a new part for the well, both electrical. My friend who also participated in Colorado had electrical problems and also felt exhausted and not well. She felt extreme sadness during the ceremony. I am wondering why we felt so depleted and what caused our numerous electrical problems?
- Diane T. (Redington, Arizona, USA)


We are fortunate to live just south of the Vortex Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona. We made our way through the dark at 4:00am to meditate and fire our grid on Bell Rock itself. When we opened our eyes we gazed out at the beauty of the red rocks and the majesty of mother earth. My face was sprinkled with a very light rain as our meditation concluded. I love mother earth so much. More Firing the Grid and loving her are in our near future.
- Daniel H. & Friends (Sedona, Arizona, USA)


I don't use an alarm clock, so I told myself to get up approximately at 4:00 AM. I awoke at 4:06 got some clothes on and went outside and promptly at 4:11 I began my meditation. I was in wonder at the beauty of the grassy fields of BLM land behind my house that are rimmed by the Mustang and Whetstone Mountains in the pre-dawn light. Mother Earth, Gaia, my home! My heart has been so worried at her slow destruction at our hands. I was thrilled to tell her how much I love her and am trying my best to make help keep her that way, (but like most of us, I drive a car, use energy from a power plant, generate refuse). My whole being was in amazement that the "Light Beings" are helping us, that there is hope for us and our Beautiful Planet. I walked, swayed and sang softly. I was surrounded by reverence for Gaia and her loving and forgiving nature. May our hour of love that we sent her truly begin a new way of living without destruction!
- Cheryl Lynn S. (Sonoita, Arizona, USA)


I want to share the experience that I had the night of “Fire the Grid.” I mentioned to my grown children that this event was taking place gave them instructions and headed to my room for meditation. (Two of my grown children and my two grandchildren live with me at the present time…it is a blessing in disguise ;) ) My nine-year-old granddaughter Alissa followed me into my room she said nana can I stay up and heal the earth with you tonight. I told her that it was late and she would be asleep she said I will set my alarm I really want to do the meditation with you. She gave me a kiss and headed to her room. At exactly 4:00 A.M., she was at my door sleep eyed and all. We began our meditation sitting in lotus position on my bed facing each other with our hands on front facing upward eyes closed. She then proceeded to put her palms on mine I felt a surge of energy as our auras blended with a beautiful spiraling golden light. Suddenly we heard shuffling steps, we both opened our eyes and looked around, the room seemed to glow (only the two us in the room… physically that is). We looked at each other, closed our eyes, and continued with our meditation. Alissa whispers Nana is it ok to talk? She said I know what’s going to happen in a few years after the Earth gets more healing. She stayed quiet for a moment as if listening. She continued to speak after a few seconds she said We are all going to be taken up in a space ship by those that love us in the stars up in the universe. After the Earth is completely healed, then they will bring us back to Earth… but it will be different. There will be no wars and no hungry kids no one will be mean to each other. All the animals are new and happy. Then she stopped for a moment and then said nana it looks so different like really bright and sparkly. A lot of people so happy no one is loud like now…nana I wonder if my daddy and Daniel (her mom’s new fiancé) will fight while we are on the ship? In the same breath, she said Oh that’s right only people that get along will be going with us, no wars only love. She then closed her eyes and remained quiet for the rest of the hour meditation. I whispered sweet one the meditation is over she said I know, she springs up, kissed me goodnight and said see you tomorrow nana I love you. The following day I asked her what she thought about the experience and her thoughts on the meditation she said “I was so tired nana…sorry but I have to tell you that I fell asleep sitting down… the parts that I remember were cool though”…then ran off to play. The feeling of peace and joy has remained with me since. Quietude has filled my spirit. The words that Alissa spoke reminded me that all is as it should be… the plan will fulfill itself in its own time. Meantime I will continue to reach for higher vibrational realms and keep on evolving with a grateful heart. Grateful that I have chosen to incarnate during these wonderful times…this is the lifetime that I have waiting for…transition and completion of the third dimensional self and the evolutionary journey of the fifth root race. Grateful and blessed to be able to share. In love and Light, we are one.
- Mara (Tucson, Arizona, USA)


About the 14th of July, my old high school friend Barb forwarded me an email about Fire the Grid with her own “Check this out” notation at the top. I read it and clicked the link to Fire the Grid. It asked that we join together on 07-17-07 in group meditation or prayer at 4:11 a.m. (my time) to help heal the Earth. I thought, sure, I can give an hour of my time to help old Mother. I don’t know anything about Light Beings or chakras or group meditation, but I’ll do it. I downloaded the Bradfield music recommended by the website. At 4 a.m. MST on 07-17-07 I sat down at my computer, opened itunes, linked to the internet and found a lovely NASA image of our blue-green home. At exactly 4:11, I turned on the music, looked at the image, and began sending out my well-wishes. I was a sender. I had no expectation to be a receiver. But in very short order, maybe 20 or 30 seconds, my entire body was flooded with a wave of joy. My heart swelled in my chest. My hands and feet tingled. A huge lump came into my throat. Big fat tears poured down my cheeks. For the entire hour, I was caught up in wave after wave of love and joy. My beloved ancient 18 and a half-year old cat was swept up with me, looked at me with adoring eyes, and purred furiously. I kept sending my little message. What I received for my effort was glorious. My vision was altered. Everything was brighter, clearer, more distinct. In fact, this clarity of sight continued for six or seven hours afterward. I was one tiny spark in an immense, brilliant, and adoring light, and, at the same time, the light itself. I am still awestruck by my experience.
- Diane L D. (Tucson, Arizona, USA)



I sat with my sister here at our family home built by my grandparents on the beautiful bank of Horseshoe Lake. We have inherited this precious piece of the earth and are custodians of a thousand acres of rich farmland and lake front property. It was empowering for my sister and I to sit together on property that has been in our family for four generations. And it was deeply healing for my sister to join me. I felt great surges of love and an abiding and deep sense of peace. The beginning was so strong that I could feel the love burning through me like a fire, cleansing my channels and becoming stronger in the process. Then the energy settled to a sweet, pure love that poured through me. Each time I conjured up a memory of joy in this lifetime, the strength of the love was so strong that I was moved to tears. These surges came in waves throughout the hour, and towards the close I had a clear image of endless beings bowing in gratitude. And I bowed back, as did my sister, expressing immense gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this global event at such a critical time. Thank you.
- Martha M. (Hughes, Arkansas, USA)


The time of the firing was at 6:11 in the morning for me. Even though I had my alarm set for 6:00, my spirit aroused me an hour before it went off. I suppose it wanted my full attention before the firing. About a half hour before the designated start I settled in my comfortable spot and began my meditation. I relaxed, opened all my chakras and commenced to connect to the consciousness of the grid. I was overwhelmed and exhilarated by the power. My heart leapt, my throat constricted, my eyes watered and my skin began to tingle. Thoughts of world peace, solutions to environmental problems and the means to provide equal opportunities for all people flooded into my consciousness. Soon a feeling of total surrender and peace overcame me and I drifted on the many voices playing in my head. The ride was powerful and sweet. Once I emerged from the experience I glanced at the clock. It was exactly 7:11 am. Divinely inspired? I should think so. Blessing to all of you who participated and blessing to our Mother the Earth and the new age to come.
- Scott J. (Oxley, Arkansas, USA)



eWll, it really began before 11:11. I was asleep and dreaming. Everyone on Earth was aware that the night was special. We were all outside watching the sky. Suddenly there was a "light show", like fireworks that stayed up and danced. But it wasn't man made, it was the stars dancing, more stars than anyone had ever seen and everyone was enchanted, not fearful. We knew it was a once in a lifetime event! Then I woke up at 4 am (PT) and was drawn to sit outside for meditation. I had my portable ipod and speakers and the 3 beautiful songs playing, my horses came up to the fence to stand and I could hear them in the dark, breathing deeply, my dogs laying at my feet and the cats winding between my legs purring loudly. My husband, who has said that he had lost all faith, tiptoed out to join me, not wanting to miss out! I felt tears run down my cheeks in gratitude for my wonderful place of sanctuary and asked God to accept the humble offerings of whomever was joined in this moment with us around the world. I raised my face to heaven and visualized the Earth from space becoming enveloped with all our love and when I opened my eyes, I saw a brilliant shooting star and moments later, another! I closed my eyes and continued to pray as the melodies played through once more and soon the hour was over. I felt sooo relaxed and climbed back into bed and slept for 2 hours and now I'm ready to begin my "renewed" life! Thank you.....
- Diane V. and friends (Agua Dulce, California, USA)


My daughter Emma is 5. We said prayers and wrote down our hopes for a better future. We put the prayers under our pillows. And sang our favorite rockin' song by Railroad Earth. We now hold a beautiful stone most days and nights and make similar prayers to each day. The next day I found a small coin in my car with a dove cutout through it. It said "Love Together". I think it was from my first aid kit in my back seat, but I had never noticed it before that morning. It was just sitting out waiting for me to find it. I knew right away that I had connected to the grid. Remarkable.
- Lauren M. (Albany, California, USA)


Having missed the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, I was so excited to hear of Fire the Grid. During my prayer and meditation time of 4:11-5:11 a.m. I was aware of feeling joyfully connected to other like-minded individuals all over the world--including many friends who I had told about it. I feel so blessed to have been able to take part. I am the program director of a mind/body/spirit television channel on the Internet (mypathtv) and was also able to write a blog about the event, which was picked up by the woman who produced and directed "What the Bleep Do We Know" and included in an email blast to 200,000 of her members. Needless to say I was thrilled. I had been telling as many of my friends as I thought might be interested and here was an opportunity to reach so many more! This was definitely the "Lightworker Activation" event I've been waiting for. My heart is still singing. And I look forward to hearing of the next steps. Much love and light to you all,
- Gail H.(Belvedere, California, USA)


My son who was hit by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle suffered severe head trauma and flat lined four times, the doctors call him a miracle as they can not explain how he survived let alone how well he is doing. Well my son and I Fired up the Grid together at 4:11am our time, and this was by far the most Joyful time I so far have ever had in this life. One joy led to the memory of another and another, they are endless. My son has problems with short and long term memory due to injuries of the brain, but while we were doing our Grid work there were none, his memories flowed and even helped me remember too. My son is doing very well and here with me today. Thank You for being our messenger to the world, Blessed Be to you and yours
- Virginia R. (Benicia, California, USA)


My husband and I sat in our living room, which is presided over by the Hindu deity Ganesha. We did a puja (Hindu ritual invoking and offering praise to a deity) and a long Sanskrit chant together. In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is the governing Deity of the Earth, the physical world, and all the spirits (elementals, genies, gnomes, bhutas or ganas, etc) who work within it. We then each had our own private meditation in which we sent out love, gratitude and energy into the earth. After the hour had passed, the large room was scintillating, vibrating with the presence of many radiant beings we call devas. The experience-and the vibration in our living room, lingered with us for many days. We have now made a shorter version of the earth meditation part of our daily practice of worship and meditation. We send our love and gratitude to Shelley and to all who participated and who will participate in the future. Aum Shanti.


At 4:00AM my sweetheart and I joined a small, but loving group of like-minded beautiful people. This is definitely not something we would have done 6 months ago-but we have both have had an "awakening". For 15 years I have had a knowing that the numbers 11:11 had great significance. This made this all the more real for my husband, Rock and I. At 4:11 our group began our deep meditation. I could feel such power and love all around and going through me. I could feel all of us as one voice all over the world. I admit that in the past I have had great anger and disappointment with the leaders of the USA. I truly just loved them! I felt so connected to everyone in my group-but at one point I felt that I left the room to travel and love, while being so grateful for everything, everyone in this wonderful world and Mother Earth herself. I am so grateful to have had this magnificent experience! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
- Connie W. (Carmichael, California, USA)


In Chico the time was 4:11am! Put green tea on at 3:45. My friend Justin showed up shortly after. Had an altar set up with 4 candles representing the 4 corners/4 directions with other sacred objects. I felt elated to get up early for such an event. My dreams leading up to my waking felt preparatory, I kept waking in excitement. I rang the bowl at 4:11 and felt ecstatic vibrations throughout my body. I created a large white pyramid above and below my home (the dragonboy art temple) and connected to all my guides and the rest of the light workers on the planet. I felt mama's (earth) body shuddering and breathing deeply at our devotion. The concept of gathering for worship/prayer/intentional communion hits me SO deeply, my soul knows this is the right thing to do right now. I am thankful for sharing in this experience and will continue to work on the global level. blessings to all enlakesh,
- David S. (Chico, California, USA)


First, I'd like to say that I am a born-again christian and at first I was very skeptical about the whole thing but Shelley's amazing story kept me curious. Well, when the time came I prayed to the Lord to show me a sign in my bible so I will know if I should participate or not, then I opened up my bible and it opened right to the book of Lamentations. This is something I've never read. I began reading and it is all about how God's people are destroying themselves and have turned their back on God. Then, the second to the last verse says (Lamentations 5:21-22) "RESTORE US O LORD, AND BRING US BACK TO YOU AGAIN! GIVE US BACK THE JOYS WE ONCE HAD!" Needless to say, I got my sign. I started to pray and thank God for all of the good memories and blessings of my life and the joy was so overwhelming that I literally burst into tears. I had to stop after 20 minutes because I was exhausted. By the way, I was listening to the music of Bradfield through all this and I kept listening and contemplating what had just happened for the rest of the hour. Thank you Shelley for not giving up!
- Gabriel G. (Chino, California, USA)


My husband and I were going to get up and meditate together at 4:11am, and then completely forgot to set the alarm clock the night before. Suddenly, at right around 4am, our home-alarm system went off waking us all up. To our knowledge it wasn't even turned on, as we never use it. We couldn't figure out why it had gone off. Once we were back in bed I realized what day and time it was and was blown away. We have our baby in bed with us, and had to stay with her to get her to go back to sleep, so we just layed in bed with her and meditated. It was such an amazing experience. I am so thankful that the Universe sent us this wake-up call!
- Kelly & Jim S. (Encinitas, California, USA)


Greetings to everyone, I just want to say that I just got out of work and I'm blessed to have a pleasant experience. The Fire the Grid hour has passed. It ran though my last hour of work. (4:11AM here in California) We were in our clean-up phase and under pressure to finish. The thought of the Fire the Grid hour was on my mind though out the night, and I wondered if I would remember in time. But, the most intriguing thing happened. I was sweeping the floor near my work station. As I was returning to check an area, I spotted a feather on the floor where I just swept. I never seen feathers at work before, and I find all kinds of things during clean up. So I picked it up, and the thought that ran though my mind was: 'Could it be time?' I checked the time on one of the computer stations nearby. It was 4:10AM. It was an incredible feeling. I was just reminded. I put the feather in my uniform pocket and began filling my mind with wonderful thoughts and feelings. While trying to finish my work, I kept thinking about the people I love. And through this I was filled with energy. I began to recite the lyrics of one of my favorite songs when I was young. "Peace In Our Time" by Eddie Money. It was a way to show my compassion towards the spirits who were always there for the tough times. I'm pretty sure they were the ones that reminded me with the feather. A big thanks to all that participated on this important day. Peace and love to all,
- J. C. M. (Fresno, California, USA)

Being an artist/healer/lightworker...as soon as I heard about this wonderful event I knew I had to be involved. I just heard about it on the 16th and rounded up my close circle of friends to help! I received information from my guides to do a Breathwork Activation during the hour. So, I got a wonderful assortment of goodies together last night and packed a bag to head down to the lake we live near at 4:00! We arrived at the lakeside and placed blankets on the damp grass...I set up a grid with quartz crystals and placed an antique Tara (the perfect representation of Compassion for the planet) Statue from Thailand in the middle with a collection of important crystals and stones. I cleared my friends' fields with a singing bowl and then we all laid down on the grass. We then proceeded to do intense breathwork for the hour. I could feel the tingly energy building up inside me and I placed my hands on the ground and sent it into the ground, into Her core. My friend came up with the mantra, "I give all my love and appreciation towards the benefit of Mother Earth's healing" during this amazing time. I guided my friends out of the breathwork and we sent an extra burst of energy down into the earth. We all sat up and began to tell each other how we felt. I played the singing bowl again to finish our ceremony. Today I feel the frequency is higher...I know we ALL need to continue to do this intense work. 2012 will be here before we know it. I plan on creating a group here in my local area to continue to this amazing work. I look forward to hearing from whomever wishes to contact me about it! Love and Light...
- Pamela D. (Lake Arrowhead, California, USA)


About 3 or 4 minutes into the meditation I felt a powerful surge of love energy and i whispered to my teenaged daughter what I was feeling. A few seconds later she said, "oh my gosh! I feel it." Later she told me her whole body felt like it was vibrating. I could also feel the energy waning towards the end but did feel a slight surge again at the end of the hour. It was a truly beautiful experience! My meditations normally only last for 15-20 min. but this hour passed so easily and quickly, that's the beauty of being fed by everyone's energy
- Chelle G. (Lake Forest, California, USA)


The night before, my little brother and I discussed plans for our meditation to come. We practicing breathing techniques, and focused our positive energies. This morning, I awoke at 4 a.m. and then gently woke my brother. He climbed out of bed and the two of us made our way to the backyard silently. We seated ourselves, side by side, relaxed, and began meditating. The hour slipped by so quickly! Both he and I experienced a warm, kind of blanket effect, despite the chilly air and temperature of the morning and the ground. Personally, at one point, while completely absorbed in meditation, I sort of lost myself in this image panning out from where we were seated, to the locations of others around the globe, joining in the event. This montage of peace and tranquility ended with a view of the Earth as a whole, looking brighter and more beautiful than ever. During our meditation, the sky was overcast. At one point, during a moment of intense happiness, the wind suddenly picked up, and a warm breeze was joined by what looked like a bolt of lightning in the distance! This was odd first, because there was no noise following the flash, second because thunderstorms are very rare here in our part of Southern California, and between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6:30 a.m., there's never wind! And this was a pretty forceful gust! The feeling of the wind left me feeling whole. Because in our time zone the meditation ended at 5:11 a.m., we were fortunate to witness the sky change as the sun rose, and greeted the new day, which was a very powerful ending to a truly amazing experience. My little brother said at the end, he felt full, as if a part of his soul was more complete. He's usually not very happy or positive, but today really changed his outlook on things. Firing the grid definitely created one more positive human being ready to help in the healing and reinforced the strength of another! We're both glad to have participated!
- Rigel and Robert R. (Lakewood, California, USA)


We all crawled out of bed at 4:00 am and began our meditation. We felt a lot of power in the atmosphere as we connected to the grid. At about 4:41 am our time there was a very solid shift in the energetic field which seemed to say we had made critical mass. After that the energy seemed to move more and open up. I am a Qigong master, so I look at these things in terms of energy. One of my favorite practices is to say Hello to the Earth, then I love you, and then thank you, thank you, thank you. I do this for my body and for the heavens too! It always feels great and is simple yet powerful. Don't know if anyone is really going to have the time to read this, but thanks to you for creating this amazing opportunity for our planet's healing. Love
- Wendy L. (Larkspur, California, USA)


*+*+* Thank you *+*+* Thank you *+*+* Thank you Participating in "Fire The Grid", was an extraordinary experience. To flow in my JOY for one hour was completely delicious. Each thought tickled my being from head to toe. Soft tears rolled down my cheeks as I was gently lifted into Nirvana. My heart bloomed as if it were a rose in the summer sun. Streams of light activated my 3rd eye with scared geometry fireworks. I am fully awakened, a being of light and love ...I am magnificent and the possibilities are limitless. Let's have FUN! Angel Blessings,
- Nicole P. (Los Angeles ~ City of Angels, CALIFORNIA, USA)


For the past two years, whenever I would look at the time (I would say seven out of every ten times) it would be 2:11, 7:11, 3:11, 11:11 and so on. I always wondered what it meant? Then about two months ago when I ran across Fire The Grid on YouTube (the video was linked to my video/book, SPIRIT EARTH) and the time given to meditate was 4:11, a chill ran through my blood. I knew this was "real". I had set the alarm for 4:00am. Got up at 4:05. Went to my computer and sat quietly waiting for 4:11. My two dogs followed me. At 4:11, I turned on the music Heaven and Earth Spirits. I don't know if it was just knowing there were millions of other people doing the same thing, or what, but WOW the energy was alive and pulsating all around and through me. I just went with it. But what was more interesting was, what was happening to one of my dogs, who is the most gentle, happy, loving dog on the planet. I could feel her really focused on me as I meditated. After about 30 minutes, I opened my eyes because she was making whimpering sounds. Her eyes were HUGE. She was freaked out! So I sat down on the floor with her, and assured her that I was okay. That the energy she was feeling and "seeing" was millions of people all over the world healing and raising the vibration of Mother Earth. She listened intently to every word. Then she just rolled over on her back smiling and gave me her paw. She was fine, and I finished the meditation with my animals.
- joan l. (marina del rey, california, usa)


I feel it's still unfolding. The actual hour was both heart expanding and emotional. Part of the time I was listening to various musics from Bradfield/Anael and also Michael and Rickie Beckwith (Use Me). Going back to sleep for a while at 5:11 AM I felt several energy jolts go through my meridian system, quite fiery. Then the fire alarm on the ceiling in the next room started making little chirping sounds(!) What a synchronicity, that has never happened before, and got my attention as well as some laughs. A confirmation that some shifts are underway. Please make these experience reports available for all of us to read. Thanks again for all your dedication and enthusiasm.
- William C. (Menlo Park, California, USA)


I experienced a complete joining of all nations including the native cultures and those of the inner earth. The pillar that was anchored in the room we were in was amazingly strong. I was taken out to space to see the planet, and saw millions of lights blasting out of the earth into our solar system. The message I got was that this was one of the first big things to help the Earth ascend and become a star. It was an amazing sense of unity.
- Emma C. (Mt Shasta, California, USA)


My husband and I woke at 3 am to go to the Divine Science Community Center in San Jose, CA to join MaDar and Trikaya and their group to meditate together. We arrived at 3:50. Eighteen people were already there sitting in seats in their sacred geometric pattern. With 6 chairs in a small circle, 12 chairs around that in a larger circle and 18 chairs in a 3 circle around the first 2 circles. At 4 am Trikaya welcomed us and suggested our intention for the meditation. Then we were quiet. I noticed energy flowing through my body… through my chakras as soon as I sat in a seat in the 3rd row. At 4:11 am I felt a serge of more energy flowing through my body and it felt wonderful. I focused on my own breathing and my own thoughts of breathing in love and breathing out love. My body tingled delightfully. After about 3 minutes the tingling flow of energy seem to become smoother and more peaceful. At about 5:12 Trikaya verbalized coming back into our body stretching, and wiggling fingers and toes. After about 3 minutes everyone had their eyes open. Trikaya directed us to stand up in a circle around the chairs. We held hand. He verbalized a blessing then we did his closing ritual of bringing energy from the earth to above our heads and send it to the world. We greeted one another with Namaste and/or hugs and left.
- Kathleen E. (Mountain View, California, USA)


Found myself grinning from ear to ear uncontrollably at the same time my heart would burst with so much love ...it came in waves and I saw a kinda of yellowish color to the lines going into the Earth to this cylinder like thing and it was connected all around the Earth at the same time! so I know it worked...cause of the goose flesh coming over me to boot... it does that when I drum, because of the vibrations it makes. I said thank-you so many times to the Beings for being there for us... they are why I found it easy to trust and be open to all this. Thank-You Shelley from the bottom of my heart… may you always "Drum till you become the Drum drumming" Like today
- Barbara C-Z. (Nevada City, California, USA)


In the interest of honesty I must say that I rose at 4:00AM pst with my husband and we meditated with intent of healing this planet. We did Kriya Yoga as is our practice and custom. It was like any other meditation. No special feelings or vibes, nothing sensational or unusual. Just peace. I write this to let others know that experiencing phenomena is not necessary to either light work or enlightenment. Sometimes we must do what we do on faith, without external validation or verification. The reward will come not in my momentary personal "high" but in the fundamental changing of the planet and in the raising of the consciousness of all people...politically, environmentally and spiritually.
- Claudia M. (Novato, California, USA)


Connected with my local community who were also focused on Firing the Grid. When everyone was focusing at the same time I tapped into a state where it is very apparent that we are all one and anything is possible. It was a powerful energy, it can be used for healing individuals and more. Here is the poem I wrote around 12:00 GMT. Love to all. Finding Comfort in the Chaos (written during Fire the Grid, July 17, 2007, 4:30 am PDT) Chaos in transformation That sound you hear That movement you feel That pull that draws you Is merely and wondrously the cosmic transformations, the grinding of galactic tectonic plates. Subatomic DNA level to star-to-star communications – all tuned We become aware in the crack of reality – all dimensions We see the unity of it We are always joined As one – fluid, moving, swirling One time-space destiny that never ends And always survives in power of all chakras resonating We are microcosms Of the planet Of the galaxy Of the universe Of the whole Through the hole Back to God/Goddess
- Melissa R. (Oakland, California, USA)


It was SOOooo Amazing! I got to be the birthing coach for a beautiful mother giving birth to an originally named Messiah And now Tafari! What Chirst names for one born on the day the skies are the same as Jesus was born under!!!!!!!! Wow ! Oh my guidance Goddess! The Mother is SOOO powerful! While i was assisting her my own 7 month old began crying for me to come home. So at 3:38am i drove home and fired the grid with my daughter son and husband around a fire in our back yard ! It was ORGASMIC as I united earth and central sun energy inside of me giving thanks to be magically rooted in the earth and to be able to communicate to ALL of us inside of me at the SAME TIME. I could see the earth TURNING INTO A STAR and we live on this star by becoming bodies of light so we don’t get burned! WE ARE THE LIGHT of THIS NEW GOLDEN SUN our EARTH STAR! Then Directly after I went Back to continue assisting Messiah Tafari in Being born and such a divine date! What a time to choose to come into the world! He had his name way before his mama new about firing this electromagnetic grid! I Love This Life! My experience is sooooo much deeper than that ...I am just too excited to tell it all! Mmmmmmmmmm..........good to the last drop! And the best part there is no Last drop! the good stuff is overflowing! ORGASMIC
- Akelah (Oakland, California, USA)


I leapt out of bed like a small child rushing downstairs to see presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. My husband awoke at the same time and told me it was a few minutes before 3 AM, PST. I turned off the alarm clock and then brushed my teeth. Next, I showered while visualizing bright white light beaming into the crown of my head, washing my body and soul. The night before, I set up a small altar comprised of candles set into a circle, amethyst, quartz, and rose quartz crystals, and the pictures of my Beloved husband, parents, son/Pug, Ammachi, and Sai Baba. Amma's sweet rose oil gently scented the air. I began the journey with the sound of HU. Along the way, I savored memories of my cherished loved ones and embraced those that have crossed over. I thanked each one of my friends and relatives for their love, and I thanked God for my life and God's infinite grace, wisdom, patience, mercy, generosity, charity, peace, and love. I relished in the memories of my learning times and trials and the many gifts and course adjustments I received from them. As I basked in the feeling of oneness, I began my Transcendental Meditation technique and then descended into the deep, profound quiet. From those brilliant depths, I opened my eyes at 5:09 AM, PST, and felt myself infused with light and love and melted into infinity. Thank you! Peace, Love, & Harmony –
- Donna P. (Oceanside, California, USA)


I focused on opening my heart and feeling gratitude for blessings I have in my life. I listened to Dolphin music by Frederic Delarue during my meditation, and directed my energy to both Mother Earth and Father Sky through gratitude and appreciation. I felt waves of tingling energy running through my body, most noticeably in my legs and through my crown chakra at the beginning of the hour. I was happy that I was participating in a group effort and enjoyed feeling connected to others spiritually and energetically.
- Bill (Palm Springs, California, USA)


We sent out the information for July 17th to everyone we knew. Listened to Bradfield’s and Anael's blessed music for days before and set our alarm for 4:11 am California time. On July 17th, we both sat up in bed at 5:11 am and realized the alarm had not gone off, but laughed because we knew we had been gone and just returned from working with the Alohem group, our spiritual family. We fell back to sleep immediately and this morning when I (Ellen) woke, I was told to go outside and lay in the hammock and just watch the sky. A parade of beings began to float across the sky, taking shape in the white fluffy clouds. If this wasn't amazing in it's self, some waved at me! At one point the clouds turned a hot pink and stayed that way for several minutes. I was given a song and video story in a dream a few years ago, called "The Indigo Song" and I was told now is the time to find someone to put it to music, for the tones in the music is a call to the children to awaken to their sacredness and begin as the stewards for Mother Earth. For myself and my husband we feel infused with confidence and determination since participating with the firing of the grid! I feel as if all the veils are gone now, no separation anxiety ever again! Mayan time keeping Kin 256,9 Cib, translates July17th, 11:11 as "The Yellow Emerging Warrior is Determined and Excels." I received this from Louise Burgan. Peace welcomes love and serves joy Love
- Ellen and Dennis S. (Paradise, California, USA)


I was happy. I knew I had joined in on something great. I knew my fellow beings were up, awake, on, setting a high-high intention. Poetry was waking me up. "I need an angel in the am, I need an angel in the pm, an angel that I am, an agent of evolution." I felt that we were in the right spot. The precise, hill-top, the stars were sparkling, while our minds were firing sentiments of LOVE! After I had to write this down: "Grid on Fire" I need an angel in the a.m. I need an angel in the pm, An angel that I am An agent of evolution. Let us reunite Let us re-fortify Our prominence Crowning our hearts Expanding our minds With each ripple With each act Let it be simple Spirits we are in fact One angel, Can perform wondrously Take a look around you Billions you will see! Seeds are sprouting More are being planted presently. Sprouting a consciousness of healing. So true, No propaganda machine can wipe clean. Send me agents or omens. Sparking me internally. Shining the light on solutions possibilities. This is for consciousness, And for all future creative deeds! Let unselfishness reign in my fears and greed! So that I may be an angel, purely supplying needs. Inspiration, This is the beginning. We are on the verge of healing, With every word we think, speak or sing, There will be a courageous reckoning for all beings to see! Let us re-unite, Let us realize, Who we are! What we were meant to be! Following our hearts, Open, loving and humbly. I believe. I know we will achieve. A re-kindling, A re-sowing, A re-thinking, Of mass proportion, INSTANTANEOUSLY! Right NOW!!!! Fire the grid! FIRE IT BOLDLY! 7-17-07 5:15am Peace and bless,
- Joaquin & Daniella F. (Placerville, California, USA)


Tears were already streaming down my face as I could feel the outpouring of love and joy from millions of other lightworkers. Once I was opened up, I began to meditate to deepen and strengthen the connection. I brought out photo albums of my children's births, their achievements, my achievements and just kept offering up a continual stream of moments of true blissful joy in my human experience. It was near the end of the hour when I was filled and pulsing with light that I began to get instruction or a sense of moving to make a 5 pointed star of my body, using my arms and legs and head in a Vesuvian man position. I visualized my body being placed in the lattice work of the grid, like one of those geodesic design structures on a kid’s playground - you know the kind? - connected to hundreds of thousands of other lightworkers around this planet. WE formed the grid with our beings of light and our light energy moved between our bodies like conductors, creating an endless stream of energy. It was one of the most intense, loving feelings of blissful service I have ever experienced. As I looked across from me and experienced the being there, I saw every face I have ever known inside of them, witnessing their true divine essence. Thank you so much for being brave enough and persistent enough to get the message out. I will never forget this experience. Blessings,
- Leigh A. (Pleasanton, California, USA)


To begin with I surprised myself as to how much excitement began to build inside me during the days leading to fire the grid. On the actual day I woke up and started counting down the hours just like a kid looking forward to their own birthday party. I explained to my hubby and kids what this was all about and they all participated in their own way. However my 10 year old son wanted to fire the grid with me. We slept under the stars in our backyard. It was beautiful. A clear sky with lots of falling stars and wonderful night noises from all our creatures in the area. At 3:50a.m we woke up and got ready. My son listened to music on his I Pod and I listened to Light & Love. On the 5th track my cd player went haywire. Lots of beeping and strange noises I could not get it to skip to the next song or even turn off so after fiddling with that I just disconnected the batteries and laid there in silence thinking about how I would love to see the world and at the same time thinking about what I love now about the world and especially my world. Then as we finished the sun began to rise! Incredible!!!
- denise (rancho murieta, california, usa)


I thought I'd just paste an email I wrote to a friend regarding my experience: The kids and I got up for the 4:11 AM Fire the Grid event. They got up for a minute to offer their intentions, then flopped down and went back to sleep :-) I really appreciated and was touched by their effort. I wanted to call you to tell you about my experience from the Fire the Grid event, but I know I would be choking with tears and not be able to get a word out. So, I write with so much joy and inspiration. At 4:11 AM, I heard girlish voices outside my studio but they faded away very quickly (kids and I slept in the studio last night). Blackberry, my beloved pooch, heard the voices as well and started barking towards the door. I have no idea what that was, but found it strange. Amidst the stillness of the night, I began to feel Mother Earth responding to the healing energies sent by all. She responded with deep, low, quiet roars and waves of slow, subtle vibrations. At first, I wasn't sure what it was and wondered if there was a huge, heavy 16-wheeler at a distance setting off the vibration and the roars, but the duration and the consistent intervals of the roars and vibrations ruled that out. May, I felt Her, Her aliveness, Her love, Her will to survive and to provide - Mother Earth was indeed responding to the radiating waves of our collective consciousness of healing and love. I'm filled up with shivers of joy and inspiration, especially when I recount my experience from this morning. Hard to convey with words, but I know you know. Thank you so much for telling me about Fire the Grid - I'm so grateful for the opportunity to participate.
- Yiwen S. (Redwood City, California, USA)


My boyfriend and I sat up at 4:00 am out of bed, we each took some time to create intentions and send out vibrant energy. My joy is to share laughter with others and it was amazing, when we started being with each other for the rest of the hour, we cracked each other up and laughed hysterically. Most of the laughing was over the idea to start singing Kumbaya. It was truly amazing how easy it was to go into our greatest joy, even though I'm usually never very chipper first thing in the morning.
- Erin C. (Sacramento, California, USA)


On the evening of 7/16/07 i prepared the bedroom with special incense and tones from my tibetan bowl. When i lay down i set my intention for gratitude for all the gifts i experience: hiking in the woods with my parents as a child, eating fresh grown food, enjoying rainbows and sunsets, all of you here. (mainly that i would wake up at 3:30 a.m., as we do not use alarms for waking) I got out of bed at exactly 3:30, dressed and drove a couple of blocks to the Ananda Community. There were about 15 of us. We started at 4:00 with short kirtan, then an elder lead us in expressing our gratitude for earth mother.( he did such a sensitive and powerful job) We meditated until 5:00 a.m. at which time we did some energy exercises and visualized holding earth in our hands and seeing light surround her and seeing clean water, a healthy green and growing tribe and loving creatures. We departed at 5:11 a.m. I came home, saw my husband off to work and took a lovely, welcomed and refreshing nap. Most beautiful morning. Thank all of you for sharing this with us all, all over the earth.
- Kathleen K. (Sacramento, California, USA)


Ten of us and a dog met at 3 am Pacific Time at a wonderful wild park on the banks of the American River in Sacramento. We waited in the parking lot until 3:15, and I smudged each person as we waited. We walked silently to the site I had chosen and prepared (by clearing the energy there). It was a massive cottonwood tree, ancient and gnarly, where full moon drumming circles happen. I chose it because there was already a vortex there. Once we arrived, we each lit a candle and said our names. I chimed a tingksha as each person lit their candle. We then had a circle of candles in the sand. I said prayers to the four directions and the above and below, and then guided people in some simples stretches to wake up the bodies. We then sat, and chanted the bija mantras for each chakra for quite a while. We did a little pranayama to lead us into the 4:11 meditation time. As we meditated, the wind blew cold, rustling the leaves of the tree. I was aware of all the other groups all over the world, and tried to hold the vision of each of us sending energy to the center of the earth. I silently asked the earth to use as much of this energy as she could. At 5:11, we came out of the meditation. The sky had lightened and dawn was near. I quickly said good-bye prayers of gratitude to the directions, while shivering from the cold, and we opened the circle and walked back to the cars. As we drove away, the clouds lit up with the golden light of sunrise.
- Satya (Sacramento, California, USA)


At 4:11 AM exactly, my tantric partner and I awoke and began breathing to move sexual energy and to connect to spirit before moving into lovemaking. I was very sleepy at first, but as always, my practice revitalized my energy and woke me up. I noticed a feeling of heavy dreaminess that is sometimes comes in for me when I am very deeply in the tantric state. It was not what I expected. In fact, I have been in that semi-trance state since my meditation, but it's a very relaxed and comfortable state, as if deep healing is taking place in me, and I find myself needing to rest more than usual, and at the same time, staying more peaceful and optimistic than usual in the face of everyday life. Later in the day, I led a tantric ritual with 18 men and women, and the majority of my students described it as being one of the most ecstatic experiences they'd ever had. I myself experienced a lot of tingling and ecstatic, joyful feeling in my body while I was leading the ritual of breathing and circuiting energy through the heart and the genitals. I am paying attention each day to how I feel, and wondering how this world pool of joy will change things and help me to stay in the place of love.
- Kypris (San Diego, California, USA)


Let me tell you I sent out the e-mail twice to those that might participate. I also went to craigslist and started posting your website in every country on the list. My husband and I woke up at 3:40 pst and I tried to get on to the website to be able to listen to your heart opening music but the server was down (too many others trying to do the same thing) so I sought out Shimshai (roots reggae) and called 3 girlfriends to make sure they were up. Another girlfriend called me to make sure I was up (so much love!!) My husband and I sat facing each other, my 12 year old son stayed awake until 4 am to do this instead of going to bed (such a trooper) and we meditated and Om'd and sang and I laughed when my voice tired and cried. It was a heart opening experience and I am so happy I was able to participate. Hindsight I should have had a Fire The Grid sleepover party but oh well! Love and light to all. Namaste,
- Lianne, Monty & Rio L. (San Diego, California, USA)


We were in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, Central Africa. We were in the one big shopping mall in town, Manda Hill, preparing for a Safari through the Luangwa valley. We wanted to find somewhere peaceful to fire the grid, so went to sit on an expanse of grass beyond the car park - where a number of Africans were having lunch under the trees. We sat, and in our own ways for an hour 'fired the grid'. Unfortunately the security guards made the people having lunch leave - as for some reason to sit under a tree on the grass and eat your lunch is not allowed. We too were asked to move on, albeit a little hesitantly (whites sitting under trees - at least at the mall, is a rare sight!) I appealed to the guards - and rather surprised them when I declared my love for them! I explained that we were praying and could we continue for the time remaining. They asked that afterwards I would explain ourselves to them, and so I did. They were very pleased, and interested to know which church we were from. I explained that my church was here and now and all around. I then explained fire the grid and they were evidently excited at the idea. As we left later in the day they saw us and were very happy and enthusiastic - waving and smiling. We had called in a lot of energy and were really blissed out - how glorious we 'infected' our African brothers! With Love.
- Elisa H. and Jonathan B. (San Francisco, California, USA)


We took our places at the appointed time, after lighting candles and offering incense at our altar (one dedicated to various Buddhist and Native American deities/spirits). A particular image helped me to visualize the healing of the planet. Some years ago I saw a photo of the Dalai Lama (of Tibet) placing his hands on a bird that had been rescued from an oil spill. I was blessed to meet the Dalai Lama in 1994, and he is truly the most 'enlightening' being I have ever encountered. So now, when I want to generate healing energy I often visualize His Holiness holding, or placing his hands on the subject/object of my intention. So as well as having the graphic imagery from the web-site, and the suggestions from Shelley, I brought my personal favorite healing image to the meditation. What's more--the Grid concept has a very close correlation with a Buddhist image called 'Indra's Net'. Indra was originally a Hindu god, I think; in any case, our interconnectedness can be likened to a vast net, in which each of us is represented by one of the knots. In some representations the net is made sparkly by a tiny diamond in each of the knots--our life-flames... Cool, huh? Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of Planet Earth, the galaxy, the universe, and each living being, separate but One.
- Rev. Setsurin M. M. (San Francisco, California, USA)


I had it all planned, even my alarm set at 3:30 AM but the night before, I got really sick, with nausea, body aches and fevers. I went to bed and slept until 430AM but when i got out of bed, i got the shivers and shakes and had to get back in. I tried to connect to what was going on but fell asleep again and woke up feeling normal again, with the bedsheets soaking wet with sweat. I don't know what happened or what was wrong. It shouldn't have been a big deal at all for me to get up so early, i do it often enough. Don't know where this mysterious illness came from or what it was.
- Jay R. (San Francisco, California, USA)


I set my alarm clock for 4:11am PST. Until the alarm rang, I had the strangest dreams, being half awake the whole time because I was so excited for the fire the grid hour. The alarm rang. I sat and started meditating, using a vipassana technique called "metta" which basically consists of sending peace, liberation and happiness wishes to all beings. I added wishes of love and healing and included the Earth in "all beings". It felt very very peaceful, and very very warm. My body temperature was very high, and despite my rare meditation practice these past few months, it felt effortless. I was very happy to know that so many of us were connecting at that moment. Very exciting. But the best part is what came after. Ever since that day, I've felt very light, and some of my biggest inner problems have seen light. Since that day, I feel like surrendering has been a joy. I have felt more connected to God/the Source/Mother of the Universe than ever... All of this is very very exciting...
- Nassira (San Francisco, California, USA)


My name is Hannah, I'm 13 years old and on July 17th (also the date of my late grandfather's birthday) my mom and I woke up and began to meditate. We played several songs from this website, and I felt lost in a world of joy and peace. I saw the world as one, without anger and destruction. I promised myself and Mother Earth that I would do more to help this world. I thought about all the happy/fun memories I'd had and imagined my energy flowing from the tips of my fingers, to the core of the Earth. It was the greatest night in my life. I have faith that everyone who Fired the Grid drastically helped save Mother Earth. Thank you!
- Hannah J. (Santa Barbara, California, USA)


My experience with FTG was one of unique anticipation and mysterious excitement! I am not an avid thank-you sayer, nor do I meditate. Yet, after learning of Shelley's story, I simply had to get involved. I (a little nervously) told a few people about it; luckily my boyfriend is very supportive and wanted to participate with me, even at 4am! After getting off work I stopped by a shop to purchase a candle to burn, a pair of matching beaded bracelets for us, and some incense. I also got the the Light and Love cd to play while we meditated. Okay, it was a little tough after about 30-40 minutes into the Grand Meditation to keep going (only because of the time), but I had a plan B: we wrote our Souls "permission slips" to continue if we fell asleep! All I know is I was so excited to be apart of Firing the Grid, and that is basically what I meditated on during that hour. I meditated on being totally excited to be a part of it, my kids and their laughter, my mother and her gracious smile, and my loving boyfriend. I told my boyfriend that our new bracelets were going to be blessed from also being a part of the event, and now we can wear them to remind us and give us added strength, which I truly believe. Thanks so much for this, all of you. I am still so glad to be a part of this effort, and I look forward to major growth and continued strength & wisdom, especially for the future of the children. "Be true"
- Petrisha W. (Santa Cruz, California, USA)


As we are in California, we fired the grid at 4:11 AM Pacific Time. I am not a morning person, so I decided I would pull an all-nighter and just stay up. In preparation, I watched all of Shelley's You Tube videos, and meditated on her messages to know how to best create the space for our intentions. Our friend Bob was driving over in the middle of the night to fire the grid with us, and originally the plan was he, my husband, and I would meditate together inside... However, during my watching of Shelley's videos, I realized we had to be in water, as that is where she gets all her messages. I also knew we had to somehow incorporate all the elements - fire, water, earth, air, and spirit. We own a lovely therapeutic spa, complete with a three speaker stereo system. I placed candles in glass stands around our back yard in a circular fashion, and inserted a 62 minute CD into the spa of Sacred Sites around the world to play softly, as the beautiful music I ordered two days before of your artists had not arrived yet. When Bob arrived, I woke my husband up, and we shared a tea ceremony while writing down our intentions for the next hour. We then climbed into the spa, settled in, and hit the CD button at 4:10AM so we would be ready by 4:11. WOW!!! Within the first minute of meditation, I was "plugged in." A feeling of euphoria came over me, and my body started to move in a spiral in the water over and over and over. The hour was magic. Being outdoors under the stars, in the warm water, connected to millions of others with the same purpose...thank you so much, Shelley, for creating this event. Afterward we spent another hour sharing our individual experiences of that time and discussing our hopes for our planet. Oh! At about 5:14 AM we heard firecrackers going off in two different areas in the distance! It was an affirmation that many others right in our area were celebrating their hour of Firing the Grid as well. Thank you for the opportunity to share our experience here with you. We are all so grateful for your light work. Love,
- Kathy and John C. and Bob O. (Santa Rosa, California, USA)


After lighting seven tea candles and arranging them in a circle, I meditated for the whole hour. Filled with love and joy, I imagined everyone meditating with me like little flickering lights decorating the whole planet and realized what a blessed, amazing moment this was! I was grateful and honored that I somehow became part of something so divine. My drive to work that morning for some reason felt like a dream. The brightness of the sun was muted and it felt serene and peaceful. I noticed myself being more attentive to the surrounding area: fields, trees, cattle, birds, etc. There was an "everything is going to be ok" feeling. It felt like New Year's Day but with a greater sense of hope. I was happy and music played in my mind all day. I wanted to celebrate and did, by sharing fruit pies with my co-workers. And when they asked me what was the occasion for, I simply said, "Just to wish everyone a happy day!" ;)
- Madelene N. (Santa Rosa, California, USA)


Hi Everyone, I was on the water, a house boat with friends. The seals came up to the boat along with fish, ducks, cranes and many more species, that you could hear as they individually arrived and joined us. Then the birds serenaded us with tones of nature, different species singing together, it sounded like 100's of birds. At one point the wind blew in through the house boat and the air filled the room, lots of air pressure changes going on throughout the hour meditation. There were two bright white and white with red planets that were in the center of the sky prior to and throughout the meditation. All night the sky was illuminated with bright, sparkling stars and planets. The sky we all noticed prior to going into meditation was turquoise blue hues, golden yellow and purples, the sky was bursting with color. When our meditation was complete the sun was rising and a huge beautiful golden angel cloud appeared in the sky. As I looked to the south east the sky was filled with golden dolphin clouds. The planet lit up and radiated white light upwards through the planet to the cosmos during the meditation. Feelings of incredible love, peace and calm came over me. I felt the meditation was complete and seconds later the alarm clock I had set went off. We sat outside next to the water for hours feeling a surge of energy, and at the same time a sense of peace and calm. Waves of laughter, talking and periods of absorbing the energy being still with intense gratitude to Mother Earth continued on for hours. The experience is difficult to put it into words, I know that both an internal and external shift took place and there was so much love radiated and felt. A dear friend and spiritual healer held the energy in Machu Picchu Peru. I took a group to Peru the previous 2 years and we held meditations at Machu Picchu sending love and light to Pachamama, Mother Earth and to all life on the planet. I shared information about 'fire the grid' with over 10,000 people from around the world on a spiritual ezboard (Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Board). Doreen had posted the Shelley Yates fire the grid website for us. I was allowed to begin a thread on the board to keep the energy alive and provide a place where we could share the location where we would be firing the grid from around the world. We came together prior to the mediation with our voice of gratitude for Mother Earth and to support each other as ONE in this global meditation. Love and Blessings,
Valerie C./Light Resonance Healing (Sausalito, California, USA)


A wonderful meditation! Gentle but luminous. Very active quantum relationships with Inner Guides who were ever-present with poetic verse and song. Inner journeys to the center of the Earth and outward to the luminous grid ... and beyond that to the stars. Nice to create this with the One and the All ... of humankind and the cosmos. Let's do it again, and again. In peace,
- Teka L. (Sebastopol, California, USA)


I was so excited and spent a few hours putting out fresh flowers, cleaning things and making my space beautiful. I took a bath and got dressed in beautiful comfortable clothes and looked forward to the freedom of whatever I wanted. I put my clock out and took a nap, waking up at 3:45 A.M. At 4:11 I went outside, looked up at the stars and planted my feet on the earth, and opened my arms. A huge redwood tree in my back yard glowed. I’m so happy to be alive and conscious of Real Love right here right now unconditionally. I’m so in Love with this living moment. I ended up going inside and lighting candles and putting on music that moves me, dancing and writing and connecting with all the people sharing this moment together. I dedicated all my hot-flashes to remembering my gratitude for the opportunity to love this beautiful planet. I really felt for the first time how important each person is and how precious, I can’t explain it but, people feel different to me today and I’m having alot more fun. This planet loves thriving. Thank-you for helping this opportunity to come together!! <">
- Tiare (Sonoma, California, USA)


A group of Mendocino County residents gathered last night on the beach at the mouth of the Navarro River. We spent the evening around a camp fire discussing the nature of our intentions and our aspirations for the experience. After a few short hours of sleep, we rose in the darkness at 4:00 AM PST. We proceeded to the ocean's edge where we sat in silent mediation for an hour. During the process I experienced profound feelings of joy, sadness, forgiveness, and connection. Several points during the meditation it seemed as if someone was shining a flashlight in my closed eyes, but when I would open my lids there was nothing there. After the mediation, as dawn began to paint the sky, we shared our gratitude for the opportunity to gather and share our common intention for planetary healing.
- Clifford P. (Ukiah, California, USA)


We woke up early, my husband and I. We gave the kids a choice to wake up or sleep on, but each one gathered sleepy eyed in our living room, blankets and pillows in tow. We played the background music, and a quiet, peaceful feeling enshrouded us. I could feel the energy of the gathered masses praying throughout the world. All of us prayed quietly for the things we were most thankful for, myself most grateful for the four kids and husband that was sharing the moment with me. It was a positive loving energy that filled my heart that morning, and I imagined myself embracing and forgiving my enemies, and spiritually asked them for forgiveness for my part in it all. I walked away when it was over, a lasting feeling of hope and faith following me, as I watched my children slowly fade back into slumber.
- Damea D. (Waterford, California, USA)



We meditated for an hour and the energy felt was incredible. We both seemed to feel a wavelike surge of energy every couple of minutes. It was definitely something neither one of us have ever experienced before. I started to feel tingling in my hands and feet after about half an hour or so. It seemed to get easier to focus when I concentrated on opening up my energy field. Thanks for the information we were glad to try and do our part to make this world a better place. Waking up at 5 AM was worth it!!!!!!!!
- m-f (Arvada, Colorado, USA)


I learned about the "Fire the Grid" project early on. (I had been searching in my personal life my purpose and the power to heal.) As I read about the project I knew immediately that I was to participate. I downloaded the music and printed copies of the lyrics. As I began to listen I could feel my very own vibrations rising to higher levels. I started to experience slight frustration, that some of the people closest to me were not able to share what I was feeling and the insights I was gaining. They were not ready to digest and understand what I was going through. I realized they were part of what this project was about. At times I felt a loneliness in my physical life. It forced me to search more deeply into the Spiritual areas use my telepathic areas more. It has increased the understanding we are all one. To love all is to love my whole self. I am excited to see the results as they unfold ...and are revealed. I look forward to the 2nd part "Project Cause" and know more will join as the raising of vibrational energy levels will assist them in opening to greater understandings. When I was a child my father would say to me "You can't change the world." and my reply would always be the same "but you can try can't you!" He would just shake his head and laugh knowing what a hard headed and determined child I was. I now understand, I am changing the world. As I write about this experience the world is changing. I choose to act. The world is changing because You choose to act. Our joining together to act simultaneously is Powerful! We are one. Peace & Love,
- Lily (Aurora, Colorado, USA)


My partner and I traveled to Avebury Stone Circle in the English countryside. I removed my shoes and circled the ring "in a sacred manner" as practiced by Native American cultures (to connect with the earth and enter from the East or the direction of wisdom in a clockwise from above direction). Upon entering the circle, I gave thanks and cultivated an attitude of gratitude for all that this planet offers. I visualized a circle of my warrior brothers and sisters gathered around a night fire in a desert scene. We wore the garb of Our Time: feathers...skins...and we held spears that we pounded in a rhythmic beat around this blaze. As the sparks and flames climbed higher into the sky and our rhythm deepened, a shaft of white light opened in the night sky and penetrated to the core of the earth...completely taking the place of the fire. We wept in celebration as we held our arms open and high. We had "fired the grid." Hey Naka, Toe Hey Naka! Now is the Time, Here is the Place...we are here to Awaken Spirits.
- Jason (Berthoud, Colorado, USA)


A close friend and I sat in meditation together, overlooking the spectacular front range of the Rocky Mountains as the sun was rising. Our intention was to abide in the space of I AM, and to "BE the change we wish to see in the world". Prior to the event we discussed how the mind projects duality into the One space- the place this One presence fills with its spacious awareness. The point is not to change the elements of humanity's dream of duality/ plurality- us vs. them, but to wake up from the dream. We felt protected, on the path of continued opportunities to heal the belief in separation from Source. Sparkles of Love and Compassionate Light,
- Tessalin G. (Boulder, Colorado, USA)


I woke up at about 4:50am and started my preparation. I said a short prayer of divine invocation just before the meditation. I then put my headphones on, laid down, took a deep breath, and meditated on Peace, Love, and Harmony for the entire hour. The energy was just amazing. I had the sense of being connected to the millions of others who were with me in prayer and I had flashes of people and places around the world that were in the most dire need of healing. The whole experience was uplifting and filled me with Love. I truly felt that a shift had taken place after the meditation. When I got up, I walked outside and the energy vibration was just humming. The sun was rising beautifully upon the horizon. Blessings!
- Robert M. (Durango, Colorado, USA)


We journeyed up the mountain to the Star House in Boulder, Colorado which is a consciously and lovingly built structure built with sacred geometry and a kiva underneath it. It is in alignment with the astrological zodiac and is in the midst of nature. We began in a circle and visualized our greatest joys, in turn talking about them, but for me the greatest joy was in moving from the circle and sitting facing the mountains, land and sky...listening to the wings and songs of the birds, greeting the dragon fly and the chipmunk. Greeting the small grouping of deer grazing on the property...and being thankful for the raccoons, the fox and the bear we saw on the drive up the canyon. It was so appropriate to see them all this morning for it is for ALL life that we join to Fire The Grid. From a point of Light within the mind of the Divine, let Light stream forth into the minds of people. From a point of Love within the heart of the Divine, let Love stream forth into the hearts of people. May the Plan of Light and Love workout and bring forth the New Age of Divine Humanity in Unity with all Life. All is well, and So It Is. So Be It. Amen.
- Diane (Erie, Colorado, USA)


I was blessed with visualizations like I have never had before. Mostly colors and patterns but on two occasions a flash of actual images. One of a river band and one of the surface of water with small ripples on its surface. The water was animated and I could see it moving. It felt like a movie clip. Both only lasted a fraction of a second but I saw both very clearly. I felt a world completely turned around. Clean air, clean water, healthy animals, fish, reptiles and birds, people loving and understanding each other, and a very firm belief this would all become evident in 20 years time. Sounds like a long time I suppose but considering the job at hand it is a time frame I believe do-able because the power within us is far greater than any technology available that would take 100 years to accomplish the same feat.
- Sue F. (Federal Heights, Colorado, USA)


Nothing special happened to us. Just a nice time knowing everyone was meditating for the earth. I’ve felt irritated and incomplete since like you do when the dishes are not done. I feel like I need to do the dishes.
- Tintera (Gunnison, Colorado, USA)


WOOSH!.... took a bit but about 20 minutes into listening to the music provided by this website, I wooshed into another plane... I followed a white stream of energy to a place I know and cannot name... I saw an egg-like shape and stayed with it for a bit sharing my energy...I went further/deeper into the "place I know and cannot name" and was simply still... as I came back, I saw our Mother Earth from a distance and She was aglow... then I consciously went to the Core of Mother Earth with my white energy stream and plugged into Her with Loving and Healing thoughts and energy... stillness came again and "wooshed" out to the "place I know and cannot name"... then it was complete. My thanks for organizing this....Namaste...Namaste...Namaste...
- Barbara (Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA)


I had an incredible 45 mins meditation starting @ 5:00 am MDT. I listened to Anael & Bradfield's CD Light and Love during my meditation. Highlights: Before waking I had a dream about diseased fish. It was an odd dream. As my meditation began and after sending deep roots into the Earth, I was directed to send light and love to whales and dolphins. Through out my meditation, light was directed through my crown deep into the earth. I couldn't see the bottom. My young daughter energetically curled up in my lap and concentric rings of light pulsed out, first beautiful children's faces in Africa, then to all children, then on to all humans. As the light pulsed, the words You Are Truly Loved coursed out with the light - it was awe inspiring!!! The feeling of love was beyond description... I saw thousand (millions?) of golden Buddhas sitting on the surface of the globe, funneling light through their crowns into the earth - humbling!!! At the closing of my meditation Tara (White & Green as one) floated in front of me. I burst into tears (even now thinking of it!!) Many Thanks and infinite Gratitude for initiating this Global meditation!!!! Are there more to come???
- Sue F. (Longmont, Colorado, USA)


A year ago I would have laughed at something like this, and wrote it off as more pathetic hippie minutia. However recently I have really begun to take a good look around me and at this world and suddenly things are not so easily categorized or defined. To make things short, I have experienced an awakening. I now see the world through a less absolutely certain, but more curious eye and indeed my mind has been opened wide and my thirst for knowledge and peace has become insatiable. On July 17th, 2007 at 5:11 a.m. I sat at my desk with my eyes closed and listened to a preselected playlist of music. I began by thinking about times in my life that I was most happy. Simple things, like a friend's smile or a funny happening. I thought of laughter and of peace and of simple contentment. Somewhere around ten minutes into this I was "summoned" by a feeling of great love and peace. In my imagination, I pictured an earth-sized grid of golden intersecting lines made up of light. At each intersection of golden light lines stood a single being of light (which I recognized as the energy and/or embodiment of another grid firer) I came down onto this grid and joined with those around me. I was filled with such a tremendous sensation of love and peace that my physical body began to buzz and vibrate. I was so overcome by this powerful sensation, that I began laughing. I felt so alive and refreshed. I was completely sated after just a few minutes of the vibration and I came back into myself sitting at my desk. I thought "Now, that was something!" I then wondered if I could go back to the grid. With little effort I was taken back to the grid and filled again (to running over) with the love and peace, my breath was taken away as if I had been submerged in cold water. Again I laughed at how incredible it all felt. For some time after that I simply basked in the sensation of this newfound spiritual experience. It felt good to just relax and think of nothing in particular. I then remembered that HEY! I was supposed to be "Firing the Grid." I took this to mean that I was to give some energy to this mass consciousness and I began to wonder just how to do this when an inner peace came to me and I realized that WE ARE THE GRID! Mankind is the grid. When we fire the grid we fill our own vessels up with the light, love, and peace. I was so amazed to think of how powerful this experience was and how real it felt to feel other people's presence as we all partook in it. As the last song on my playlist began, I knew the hour was almost up. Again I returned to the grid and felt a bustle all around me as if many people were in motion like at the end of a ceremony when everyone gets up to stretch. I imagined embracing the light beings around me thanking each one in turn , some I even "high-fived" as we exchanged smiles and best wishes. There was much happiness and a feeling of great accomplishment followed by the wonder of what's to come...I opened my eyes, stretched and went about my day as usual, however I kept thinking back on how incredible it was to feel so much energy and love from all who participated. I feel blessed to have been a part of this experience and I have so much gratitude and respect for Shelley Yates and the courage she has shown to assemble this, You are an incredible woman, Thank you so much and thanks to all of you whom I saw on those grid lines. I love you all. I hope to see you all next time.
- Elldan (Loveland, Colorado, USA)


My husband and I woke, to meditate together, as we settled into the calm of the morning, time disappeared into oneness. Very quickly it seemed, the hour was over, then we shared our experiences which were very similar. We both understood that it was time to live the joy of simply being, alive! Everyday is a blessing filled with passion, love and peace knowing our heavenly hosts are watching over us and caring for us in magnificent ways. Our joy was unshakeable for the rest of the day! We were uplifted to a wonderful height of new energy and clarity, thank you! Many blessings have been bestowed upon us since then and I attribute them to this benevolent force pouring down upon the planet right now. Believe! This is for real and for the good of all life everywhere, dreams do come true!! All that has been promised shall come to pass, thank you for helping us to make a difference. Namaste!
- Joel and Barry P. (Trinidad, Colorado, USA)


I took part in the "Fire the Grid" experience and found it to be a blessing... I have wondered if anyone else experienced what I did. Directly after the hour was over, I turned and looked out my window at the pine trees on our property just enjoying the peace I felt. Then, I jumped up because I saw a small ball of fire spinning round and round. It was at the base of one of the trees and about the size of a baseball. I was dumbstruck and ran outside to see what it was and it had disappeared. I went to where I had seen it expecting to see the ground scorched
but there wasn't a trace of any burning. Does anyone know what it was that I saw? I was NOT hallucinating... I watched it for about 30 seconds.
- Carol T. (Pinewood Springs, Colorado)



This morning at 7:11 a.m. I stood in front of my favorite hydrangea bush with it's gorgeous purple & blue flowers and I listened to the Light & Love CD as I recalled and gave thanks for all that I love about being a human being. It was so wonderful that I cried with happiness. I've been on cloud nine all day and I just keep smiling! I see people in a different light. I've never been one to initiate conversation. I've always been shy and reserved. Today my smile was infectious and people actually stopped to speak with me at school. I don't want this feeling to go away. I never want to be the pessimistic me again!
- Kerilynn H. (Brookfield, Connecticut, USA)


This morning, I came to work early and parked in a wooded area of the parking lot so I could participate in healing the earth. I was playing Bradfield's and Anael's songs in my car and I did my meditation for the earth. When I opened my eyes, a doe and two babies were in front of me. Such a beautiful day and such a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you, Shelley.
- Alice (Danbury, Connecticut, USA)


I spent my time with my young boys who also helped to fire the grid. They are 4 and 5 years old, and understood the concept. I was filled with excitement and love. I saw gold light coming from all around the world to one point in the universe in the shape of a triangle, that then turned it around and sent it down the middle of the triangle to the earth’s core. Then I saw the core, (that has started to cool off) receive a spark of fire. I felt a tremendous amount of energy flow through my body. Even as I type this, I have goose bumps. I am proud to be part of healing the mother earth.
- Annette G. (Danielson, Connecticut, USA)


I have an 18 ft. tipi painted with 9 chakra colors to represent some of the vibrant colors of our life and love. That 11 completely different souls came together inside the "tent" to meditate to the sacred music of Love & Light and then to belly dance together to the music of ancient language of Sanskrit around a beautiful spherical stone of Sodalite was really something. You should have been there!
- Mystical Road Productions (Mystic, Connecticut, USA)


We actually started (as a group of 15 at a wonderful store called Pymander) at 7:15. I'm not sure why we started at that time and not 11:11, but I'm sure there was a good reason. Along with the owner of the store, Kristen, and myself there were 13 other individuals from different local areas. The most interesting part was the diversity in the folks that chose to come. One of the areas that I work on for myself daily is trying to remember that we are all beings of light regardless of our race, creed and station in life. Or whether or not we obviously "practice" faith. This gathering was incredibly helpful in bringing that to the forefront. We are all as connected and able to "Change the world". That was my big thought of the moment. The energy at our gathering was quite strong and indelible. I plan on trying to keep it and the thought "Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Men" with me throughout my daily life. My thanks, love and light to all......................
- Anne G. (Norwalk, Connecticut, USA)


I didn't prepare much--I just found a quiet place and made myself comfortable. A rosary takes me roughly an hour to pray so I found my favorite set and began meditating on the Glorious Mysteries while directing my intention prayer to all participants and non-participants. Right away I could feel the energy surge--I pray often enough to know THIS felt different. It was overwhelming enough to bring tears to my eyes--tears of joy. During the last 1/4 hour I could feel my body again and it's nagging demands but for that first half-hour I felt lifted and free of mortal constraints. Amazing.
- Carolan W. (Norwalk, Connecticut, USA)


My partner and I met at the Redding Meditation Center in Redding, CT just before 7AM as a beautiful, softly sunlit summer day unfolded. Achen Da, the Thai monk who lives at the center, joined us for the hour long meditation. Meditation is often a struggle for me as I try to keep Thought from intruding ... much less so today. During the appointed hour after Sitting Meditation I walked alone in the center's tranquil Meditation Garden feeling profound joy and gratitude for the opportunity to participate in firing the grid, for being alive in this moment, and for witnessing the perfect beauty of every tree, plant, stone and bird sharing the Earth at this time. Both my partner and I feel that something shifted in us today ... the feeling lasted all day as we noticed we were more joyful, more tolerant and quicker to laugh. We both feel a qualitative difference that we don't ordinarily feel after a typical practice session: today's experience seems to attain at least a tenfold power, and so far [evening] the effect LASTS. Thank you for your loving efforts to bring this event together and to invite all to share the fruits of higher consciousness. We are eager to hear others' experiences and look forward to sharing and comparing notes as time progresses.
- Pam T. (Redding/Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA)


I meditated for the hour, which for me is quite an accomplishment! It felt good, though nothing exceptional. Mostly, I was filled with gratitude for the blessings of my life and glad to be radiating blessings back to Gaia as my form of thanks. In June I had had what I hesitatingly call a mystical experience. During a meditation, I felt a profound connection to Gaia. I saw myself hovering above our beautiful jewel of a planet. Then to my horror, I saw her begin to fall apart. I was a huge, goddess-like being in this image, clothed in green and blue. I wept to see what was happening to Gaia. Then plumes of rainbow colored light came out of the crown of my head and encircled Gaia, holding her together. I also reached down and embraced her, speaking to her of my love for her, and our need for her to heal. Since then I have felt the need to dedicate myself to working toward healing Gaia on an energetic and spiritual level. While I greatly honor the essential work being done on sustainability, and other concrete environmental issues, I believe we must also focus our attention on, and set the intention of, sending healing energy (love) to Gaia. I look forward to learning about the next phase of Firing the Grid.
- Linda L. (Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA)


I was driving my son to school at 7:11 a.m. but began to pray silently. After dropping him off, I wanted to find a place to pray and meditate but was now in the city. I remembered a little gem of beauty tucked away from everything called Indian Leap. It was just around the corner. I went and sat in front of the waterfall there, surrounded by the rock people, winged ones and the standing ones and spent the rest of the time praying for healing of the air, water, soil, all life forms and especially, for our Mother herself. I channeled my energy to Her with deep love, appreciation and gratitude. I then went to my massage therapy office and got ready to work. The first client I touched told me my hands were "like fire". Interesting choice of words! I told her what I had just finished doing. Not sure if she "got it" but now a seed has been planted. Thank you for doing this work. I was honored and humbled to be able to be a part of it.
- Jean M. G., LMT (Voluntown, Connecticut, USA)



Hello dear ones. I meditated at the Lincoln Memorial close to where Martin Luther King stood for the "I Have a Dream" speech. I envisioned a pristine Mother Earth completely healed of all her toxins and a new spiritually enlightened leadership of the World setting the course for a Global Peace Accord and a complete disarmament of all the World's nations. I felt great and powerful! Thanks for everyone's participation. Thanks Shelley and Bless everyone and Mother Earth!
- Dr. Lora C. (Washington DC, USA)


There were surges of energy and a sense of connectivity, I felt Gaia very close several times embodied as a woman in swirling purple. At one point there was a long lasting intense light followed by other smaller short light pulses. I felt very connected up until about 8:00 AM Eastern then, while still connected, the level of intensity dropped. The first 40-50 minutes went by so fast, but time awareness returned like I said around 8:00 Eastern. But on the other hand, I felt that was when my accumulated energies drained into the earth in a very tangible, water to dry earth, manner. It was a great experience and I was glad to participate. When is the next event?
- Martha W. (Washington DC, USA)


About 30 persons attended the hour of meditation at the Arlington Metaphysical Church (Virginia) where we heard Shelley speak a few months ago. I had sent emails to about 20 people, and followed up with phone calls - the night before and morning of - to about 10 friends to remind them to "fire the grid." It was a joy to participate in this remarkable event of honorable intention. I hope to continue to be a person who loves genuinely from the heart. I pray several times daily for light and love for all living things, and the continued healing of human hearts around the globe.
- Sallie R. (Washington DC, USA)


I was in Rome, Italy and started my meditation at 1:11pm for a little over an hour. It was a very powerful experience. I felt completely connected to everything & everyone; enveloped in the joy of feeling fully aligned with the energies of Mother Earth -- the Universe! I journeyed to all parts of the earth and the Universe; connecting with light, energies, the cosmos and nature. I felt the presence of all, allowing me to know many were in communion with me during those moments. Namaste to all who participated, making it a truly powerful and special experience! Love & Light
- Ronald L. (Washington DC, USA)


I listened to "Be Still Thy Soul", "Heaven and Earth Spirits", and "Sky Sent" three times throughout the hour. I listened as if an angelic energy were singing or playing the music into my soul. As each note and moment passed, I became more aware of my connection to, through, and of Universal Energy, and that everyone, during that time, who was also "Firing The Grid" were ONE. I saw a graphic visualization of the colors, sources of light, kinetic movement, and spheres of the combined and ONE Universal Energy swirling, circling, circulating, and engulfing the inside and the outside of our planet. The joy I felt came from my life's "moments of knowing" of extreme joy; soul-felt and celestial music I heard; bodily and spiritual caresses; and the remembered presences of those in and of this and the after-life whom I love and care about. My body and senses tingled with the flow of the Universal Energy and the Divine Right Action that manifested during this hour of incredible connection to and experience with those here, those in the spiritual realm, and those of other realms. And finally, I felt all of us being one with and of this planet's energy, and I felt her, we, and us healing, transforming, rejuvenating, and preparing for this "energy source of tomorrow" to take effect in a much wider, more visual, and greater broad-based way than ever before. I can SEE and FEEL this energy, and find true joy in seeing the effect it has on everyday life, people, and spirits. Thank you, Shelley, and the "beings of light" to have brought so many of us together for this truly blessed, sky-sent, soulfully felt experience.
- Vincent T. (Washington DC, USA)


I was enroute to work during the hour and though I would have loved to have been sitting in mediation or practicing yoga, I kept asking myself, "How can I be mindful even while on the bus or the metro?" The answer came to me that I can bring these people, my neighbors, into my heart. They're not apart from my 'experience'. I was also more keenly aware of trees and the sky that day. I felt more deeply connected to what Shelley spoke about energy between Mother Earth and the Cosmos and how if flows through us. May love continue to blossom, bringing harmony to us and through us...
- Rod S. (Washington DC, USA)


I was riding the subway on my way to work at 7:11am on 7-17-07. During the 20 minute ride I thought about togetherness and healing the planet. It was a strange experience because riding on the subway with a crowd of people all disconnected, no one really talking to one another or even trying to acknowledge each others existence. People just going through the daily motions of blindly commuting to work. It really made me think of what the world could be like if people were not so distant and closed off from each another.
- Martin (Washington DC, USA)



Six of us got together in the store where I do Reiki and psychic/medium readings. At least three others told me of their experiences at home. All seemed to have a profound experience of some kind. During the meditation the sun began to shine brightly through the window and I heard: “And with this new dawn, is a new day, a new time, a new love. It is a love that has always been, but hidden in the hearts of Humanity.” Shelley and friends, thank you for what you have accomplished here. God Bless.
- Deanna F. (Middletown, Delaware, USA)


i remember sitting in a chair with my bare feet in the grass & feeling the tingling energy come up through my body. it was definitely one of the more humbling experiences i've had while meditating and was very cool.
- Audra (Middletown, Delaware, USA)


Unbelievable timing of the pregnancy test. Just minutes before the start, my daughter announced that the test was positive. The emotion in this house was very high and heart centered. I have worked with Triangles so I also reached out to other peoples heart center and asked that anyone who is concerned about the planet be touched by or welcomed into the meditation, and invited to contribute to it even if they didn't know consciously about it.
- M. (Dover, Delaware, USA)



Joining in meditation with a great number of others was very exciting, especially for such a wonderful reason. During the meditation time, I was keenly aware of being in the presence of God (Source Energy) and aware that I am part of that wonderful Energy. My greatest prayer is that all aspects of Self will remember who they really are and realize how interconnected we are with all of creation. In my inner vision, I saw extraordinary colors of purple and gold swirling and flowing all about, infused with unconditional love and a peace that is truly beyond all understanding. At one point, I "saw" a great expanse that looked like a holographic netting.... I can only assume this is "The Grid". I understood that this holographic expanse not only contains all of creation, but is "part of" all creation. The interconnectedness of everything with everything is my greatest awareness. Being a Directional Healing practitioner. I found this experience very rewarding and hopefully the beginning of healing for mankind, our planet, our universe.
- Janet S./ DirectionalHealing (Cape Coral, Florida, USA)


I began at 7:11 EST. I visualized myself as one point of light in a grid extending out all across the planet. I visualized golden light pouring into this grid from where I was sitting. I felt a strong slow pulsing of energy as if all the other points on the grid were being slowly activated. In my mind I saw beams of light extending all over the planet, shattering through places where the grid looked deteriorated like old rusty pipes. The colors were gold, white and blue. Then I saw myself lifted up above the earth, joining angels and light beings and all the others putting energy into the grid, looking down as the whole earth was glowing, encased in this grid of light. And the light grew stronger and stronger, and I felt the pulsing grow faster until it was just a solid wave of energy moving all over the planet until every last inch was connected and glowing bright and healthy. And then lastly I saw myself flying above the earth with the grid both above me and below me and I saw the other light workers flying through the air, and the entire grid was this amazing work of light. At times I had tears running down my face because I could feel the connection with the planet and with the others working on this mission. I am so grateful to have been able to participate, thank you again.
- Patricia (Clearwater, Florida, USA)


17 of us sat in a circle on the sands of Clearwater Beach. The sky was an awesome pink hue, the color of compassion. We sang, chanted OM's, shared our hearts and felt waves of energy shiver through our bodies. We felt the energy of compassion washing over the earth. We meditated and focused on our intentions and our joy. We all laughed at the end, exchanged hugs and words of gratitude. We felt community and love. It was a wonderful gathering.
- Heather S. and Friends (Clearwater, Florida, USA)


I felt calm and at peace the entire hour. I tend to be distractible, but had no problem during the Grid time. I played the Light and Love music for my friend and I. He was pretty cynical at first, but then calmed down and meditated the entire hour. At first I sat and let my breath deepen and felt my heart expand with joy and gratitude. I felt so happy. Later I felt an overwhelming urge to move. I am a dancer and participate in a spiritual dance class. I moved and twirled and swayed to the music for about 20 minutes and gave thanks to and for each part of my body, from my toes to my head. Then I sat again and let images come of all the things in my life and in my world for which I was grateful. Thank you so much Shelley for your effort and risk-taking in doing everything you have done. I am happy and feel forever changed.
- Terry D. (Coconut Grove, Florida, USA)


One of the greatest joys I experienced in that hour was: I felt I was holding hands with everyone on the Planet. There was a feeling of hugging Mother Earth and all its inhabitants... petting animals... smelling foliage... and touching humans. I am grateful for this experience. I do hope that we have another hour of meeting this way again soon. I have found myself in preparation for this and now, thinking more loving thoughts. In my past I would join in with negative complaining with others, and now I find myself stopping and saying "no, what positive words of joy can I share instead?" Continuing this I can see that we can change our negative habits to positive habits. It is all just HABITS! To repent is to CHANGE ONES MIND!!! I Love You ALL!!!
- Pamela P. (Crystal River, Florida, USA)


I began my meditation using an E3 chime and I immediately felt a profound connection to others globally. I was in a deep meditative state and felt myself moving to energy vortexes around the world: Sedona, Hawaii, the rainforests, Stonehenge, Israel, Russia, and jungles in Africa. As I moved from one place to another, I sensed illumination and pure joy. My hands became increasingly energized over the course of the hour. As the hour neared completion, I used Reiki healing energies to intensify the both poles and the Equator. There was spectacular illumination. I was filled with joy throughout the hour. I again used the E3 chime for a minute to close the hour. Throughout the day, colors seemed brighter and I sensed a peaceful joy in the people I met. Everyone I talked to who participated, experienced feelings of calmness, joy and love. May our peace and love touch all from this day forward. Namaste!"
- Jeanne (Deland, Florida, USA)


It was a wonderful experience. So effortless that I kept wondering where the resistance and pain were? I'm used to crashing from such an influx of energy, and there was literally no resistance at all. For me, it was much like the flipping ship on ""Pirates of the Caribbean"". I saw us "flip" out of the pocket of darkness, into a glowing world of golden white light. The fissures from our trauma filling with this golden elixir and healing. Each darkness on the planet spontaneously transforming into golden white columns of light. So transcendent, So absolutely stunningly beautiful. And the energy is extremely light now, no resistance. It's like thinking you had to swim upstream against a huge current, and then realizing the current is with you, effortlessly propelling you in any direction you choose. While quite liberating, it is a bit disconcerting. Still getting my sea legs with it so to speak. I can definitely feel that we have stepped into a New World. I feel such gratitude for everyone. So very good to finally be here. Thank you for following your highest path, so that we could as well. Looking forward to being a part of "Project Cause".
- Mary Angela B. (Estero, Florida, USA)


I began my meditation at 7:00 a.m., eleven minutes early, and exactly at 7:11 a.m. there was a tremendous flood of light energy that I felt sweep through and flood the world. The hour was rich in flooding energies and I felt that world consciousness was indeed lifting and shifting. The time seemed both to stop still and to speed by, a phenomenon that I can't quite explain. I want to thank you, Shelley, for putting this project together and stimulating it into action. The World, the Earth, Gaia, and Mankind are blessed. I'd love to hear your follow up to this momentous project. Love, Light, and Joy,
- Shirley (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA)


It was very powerful, very full of love. 8 of us, mainly ordained ministers with the Alliance of Divine Love, met and joined in a circle, with an opening prayer for the success of firing the grid. We remained in a circle for the entire hour. My personal experience was the presence of many, many angels and of many, many souls joining as one to heal the planet. I was part of a circle of light beings surrounding the planet from space, sending healing love and light. It was a moving experience and afterwards we cried together and hugged one another. We all felt tremendously connected and still do. Namaste.
- Seraphim Center and Chapel (Gainesville, Florida, USA)


At 7:11 I began my usual T.M. meditation, but it was anything but usual. I have meditated in the domes of Maharishi University and felt a great joy being with so many meditators and sidhas, but what I felt today can not come close to being in the domes, I have never felt anything like this in my life! I am certain that this was a huge success and there will be great wonderful changes in the not too distant future. Love Peace Joy To All
- Bryan (High Springs, Florida, USA)


It was a dark and stormy morning until at 7:11am EST, I fed the frequency of eight healing flower essences, Christ Consciousness and a dozen other healing frequencies into Mother Earths Grid through my SCIO-QXCI device. Remarkably, the storm immediately cleared and my husband and I went and sat on the sands of Hollywood Beach. As we breathed love, joy, life, healing, neutrality and forgiveness in from the Cosmos and onto her exhausted body... we both visualized the Grid light up. She was radiant. I later spoke to another energy healer in California who told me that she also saw the profound radiance pouring from the Grid and she felt the presence of love. It was a healing experience for all! Thank you Shelley and all those who helped you bring us this incredible moment of Oneness and Love.
- G. V. (Hollywood, Florida, USA)


I set my alarm but was awake anyway, excited to begin. Both of my cats sat on the bed while I played the CD and began my meditation. Shortly thereafter, my 2 dogs came to the sliding glass door in my room and began whining. They never have done this before; they are true outside dogs. I just looked at them and silently welcomed them to the meditation. So my group was of 5, with the 4 unexpected guests. We listened to the CD and I focused on raising my energy. It was quite invigorating and I found myself raising my arms and moving them in an up and down manner while raising energy. I also found myself moving my arms in a side by side flowing manner at different points in the meditation. At one point I got quite chilled and covered up. All in all I enjoyed the idea that millions of others were doing the same meditation at the same time. Blessed Be!
- Jacqui (Interlachen, Florida, USA)


I practice Kudalini Yoga. I took a shower at 6:30. I got dressed in all white with my spiritual pearls around my neck and my jade mala. My tiger eye mala around my wrist and my white head wrap. I felt my body was prepared for the spirit to come forth. I set the mood even further with the music you suggested and with my own by Prem. With no effort at all, I randomly looked at my cell phone time, it read 7:11. It was time to light my candles. I sat in front of my alter, lit each color of my mandala and began to open myself to all of you. I felt all of you and began to weep. Then I felt the light beings with me. A calm came over and I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. I meditated on the Earth I treasure and her beauty. I sent out my gratitude. I randomly looked at the clock again it was 7:44. I knew for sure that the light beings were with me and this confirmed it. I began to do some of my kundalini yoga (one of my joys) and give some tlc to my digestive system for healing. I sent it my joy of eating! The next time I look at the clock it reads 7:55. WOW! at this point I'm realizing that they are trying to talk to me. I open up even further. I hear that I am to pursue my Kundalini Path more fervently. I am sure that I have neglected my spiritual self over the last 3 years and it's time to get back on track. This was the message: we will support you. I lay back on my back and massage my abdomen and send it more love and think about my life and how grateful I am for this journey as human. Then I rock myself for a while on my back and figure that we are done with our hour. I look at the clock again and it reads 8:11. WOW! AGAIN! It's been thundering during that hour here in Key West but when I looked at 8:11, the sun was shining on my porch. Like a sign. It has been done. I am so grateful to have shared this amazing experience with all of you that made this possible. We need to do this regularly. Shelley/Samoiya please listen for another date and post it here. There are many of us that will join you in this effort. Your sister in Light and Love,
- Stephanie D. W. (Key West, Florida, USA)


I didn’t really have a formal meditation or prayer time. I just sat with my morning coffee and looked out into my yard and appreciated my surroundings. Later that day my feelings of gratitude intensified and I experienced a cleansing of forgiveness. It was what christians call ""repentance"". I felt repentance for all the harm that we have done to the earth and to each other. I didn't feel guilt or blame, just a cleansing. I experienced mass absolution for all the damage done. After that the appreciation just spilled over into everything. I wanted to run out and tell the world how much I loved and appreciated them. It has been an incredible shift in consciousness to say the least. I'm so blessed to have participated and am continuing to participate. Thank you for this forum where those of us who did participate can communicate. Namaste'
- Linda R. (Melbourne, Florida, USA)


I woke up about 7am hit the snooze. At exactly 7:11 my alarm goes off again!! Ok then...so I go get some coffee...the electricity goes off for a few seconds. ""Interesting"" I thought to myself. I go outside to my usual routine of listening to nature and figured it was a good time to start meditating outside this beautiful morning. Silence....no birds.. no noise.. just pure silence. This is not typical in my neighborhood. I can always hear the birds and some traffic here and there. This silence was not eerie...it was peaceful. So get ready for my drive to work… thinking of all the wonderful things that make me happy and my wishes for this earth. I decide not to listen to the morning news, but music instead. I put my headphones on and drove to work enjoying the morning...I don't even remember the traffic. The music that I was playing on my ipod stopped. I looked at the car clock...8:11 am. What an interesting hour. I feel rejuvenated...and hopeful. I pray the world feels the same way!
- Lysette (Miami, Florida, USA)


I’m lying in bed with my husband and 7 year old daughter. I set the alarm clock for 6am so i could prepare myself. Just as soon as the alarm went off, I got comfortable in bed next to the 2 most important people to me in the world. I turned on my CD player and put my headphones on and waited with my finger on the play button for 6:11am to come on. Just as soon as it did, i pressed play and began to meditate telling mother earth how much I loved her and surrounded her with the white light of the holy spirit. Then, later on in the meditation i felt a ringing in my left ear and felt real heavy which is normal for me, that I’m out of my body. I just kept imagining the world, people coming together in love and light. I also felt an intense and i mean INTENSE loving emotion coming from my chest, I just teared up. For the rest of the day i felt like i was on a buzz and did fun things with my daughter and husband. I thanked the universe for letting me be able to take part in this experience. I really hoped it worked.
- Wendy D. D. (Milton, Florida, USA)


The moment we shut our eyes and began meditating, we both felt a strong energetic feeling. Jennifer immediately sensed a strong, almost heavy (in a positive sense), loving, and peaceful feeling. Adam felt a very noticeable relaxing, connected feeling. At that moment we felt we actually connected with "the grid." It was incredibly powerful. It was 7:11 am and there was total silence in the house. Even our cats were uncharacteristically quiet. About 30 seconds into the meditation, the exact moment we felt we connected with "the grid", we heard a loud rumble of thunder. Adam and I opened our eyes, said not a word, and grinned at each other. It had not been raining earlier, but it began to rain (cleansing the earth), and we continued to hear thunder a couple more times. By 8:11 am it was sunny and the rain had disappeared. It was an incredible experience! Thank you for letting us be a part of this!
- Adam and Jennifer W. (Miramar, Florida, USA)


My friend and I played the suggested music in the background and we began praying exactly on time. We opened the prayer with thanking mother earth and offering healing from us to her. Then we said the Rosary (only the glorious mystery because this is all about after Christ ascends into Heaven and it is all beautiful and positive). The weather was beautiful, sunny, clear, just beautiful then about 15 minutes into praying it started to drizzle (the sun was still shinning) then it started to pour (sun still shiny) we prayed and were in awe because of the beauty of it. It stopped raining but we kept praying. Then we read positive things from the bible. Then we went outside to see if a rainbow would be there and sure enough there was! We woke our children and showed them and they continued with the last 10 minutes in prayer with us. It was beautiful.
- Renee (North Palm Beach, Florida, USA)


I was listening to the Light and Love CD and reading the Light and Love booklet. I first began weeping until after Be Still Thy Soul. Then I felt an increasing sense of Union with God and all his creation. I prayed for this Love to Fire the Grid. I saw the entire earth radiating Light and all the walking toward one another over a grassy hill. They were joining hands, smiling, laughing, and singing. I was among them. We seemed to be living for one another. I felt light and fresh and sensed a new beginning. When Anael sang Light and Love I was laughing and crying at the same time. At the end of the hour I didn't want to leave. I replayed the CD for at least another hour and just enjoyed the energy of LOVE. Thank you Shelley!"
- Dr. Robert S. (Orlando, Florida, USA)


My experience during Fire the Grid was truly amazing. I felt so very connected to so much it was as if I was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. During the part of the hour that I chose to meditate and allow the earth to draw Reiki I had a very visual experience. Suddenly, I saw a fire light up, and yes it was an actual grid. It was completely powerful, I could feel the strength. I was very surprised and curious if anyone had this experience? Thanks all! Be well and live in joy always.
- Julianne N. (Orlando, Florida, USA)


I awoke just a moment before the alarm clock went off that morning. Like broadband internet, I felt the signal strength, and it was intense. I was tapped in and it was very easy, hours or days of meditation it would have taken to become so in tune. It was like being in a crowded restaurant with my eyes closed, we were united with the same relative purpose. I felt the cosmic consciousness for the first time in life and it was like a warm blanket. I knew so much and felt as big as a planet. I spoke to the world like she was my daughter. The best part of the experience was the security I felt within a community; I didn't want to leave...
- Josh (Palm Harbor, Florida, USA)

Woke up at 5:50 (a.m., c.s.t.) made coffee and called my friend who wanted to do this too to make sure she was awake. With a really great cup of coffee in hand, I went out into my garden and sat down on a bench. I spent the hour thanking Spirit for my life with all its complications, sorrows and joys. I dug my feet into the Earth and told Her how much I loved her- Thanked Gaia for my tiny, magical garden. Hugged "Grandmother Tree", who is ancient and dying (Hurricane Ivan split her in half in 2004) and let her know what her presence has meant to my family. Visualized all of this love moving down through my toes and into the Earth. Fired the grid =) and in doing so was fired up myself by all of you doing this too! I felt power surges/ rushes of incredible tingly light moving through me from time to time, the energy came and went in waves. Thanked Spirit for my family and thought of all the blessings in my life. Smiled a lot. Cried a bit. Showered the Earth with Gratitude. That sums up my hour =).
- Llisaja (Pensacola, Florida, USA)


Really nothing much happened that I could tell. I did go to the Global Consciousness Project to see if it registered and sure enough it did. Other that that I can't really tell any difference from before and after
- Gary (Pensacola, Florida, USA)


We were in the sanctuary of our church, a very old and beautiful church. We actually formed a triangle as we joined our hearts and intentions towards the firing of the grid. It was a very peaceful yet moving time for all of us. We all felt like we had contributed to a more than worthy cause. When it ended, the sun was coming up and shining into the stained glass windows, making dancing colored lights all around us. It was truly magical. What an honor to be a part of something so positive and inspirational!
- Joe'll D. (Pensacola, Florida, USA)


At the center of the earth I saw a sun. Embedded in it were three gigantic black crystal shards at a 45 degree angle in the upper left quadrant. I felt that they were not supposed to be there. As I prayed and directed my love and gratitude to Mother Earth, the crystals slowly pulled out. I was much relieved and gave my thanks. I then saw a huge black volcano that shrank into a harmless hillock. Again...more thanks. As I connected to Source, I brought down the light into my upper chakras and eventually felt an energy "shift" in that area. I do not understand what happened, only that it was powerful and good. Again...more thanks. I am honored to have been a participant in this venture and I will do my part in the future.
- Kathy M. (Port Orange, Florida, USA)


I work for a doctor and start at 7:30am so I had to use my time quickly, stand barefoot in the grass and stated intent of full use of my energy for however long it was needed even though I might be fully occupied otherwise. I don't know whether I was just totally excited or what but I began at 7:12am and talked to "that which is greater than me" and almost immediately I felt tingling throughout my body, a great giddiness, excitement and joy - I was able to stand there for about 15 min. before the first patient arrived. Just thinking about it now brings tears... Thank you and bless all who participated!
- Christine (St. Petersburg, Florida, USA)


I began with a simple ground and centering. During my grounding I imagined roots of this massive oak became my legs and lower torso, I decided to go with that, my upper torso became the branches and trunk of this amazing tree. I wanted at this moment to spread love, and what better way in this form then pollen. I imagined and watched as this pollen infused with love spread across the globe. Clinging to everything, infusing people with kindness, stillness and joy. Next I focused my attention on the ozone layer. I watched as these massive storm clouds grew and the lighting as primal as one could ever hope to see, started healing the holes. I moved to assist, giving it and the holes my energy and attention. Helping the O3 move into place and not be lost to space. Next back at the tree, I created a shield to transmute negative energy, and once in place transmute the chemicals creating the holes in the ozone into energy the earth can use. To help maintain this shield, I linked it to the earth itself. The last thing I did, I infused a handful of acorns with the intention of spreading love, transmuting fear, and cleansing the earth. These seeds have been placed around the globe, in all countries. I asked all the elementals to help in the growth and protection of these trees.
- Micahel J. T. (St. Petersburg, Florida, USA)


A beautiful vision was shared as well as an explanation of what was happening. We were told that expanding our energy of love, joy, and bliss moved the cells in our bodies into coherence and that anything that was dissonant or discordant had to either shift of be brought into awareness. This also was what was happening with the earth as all of the energy of love and joy was being poured into her. I could see the beautiful golden light grids around the earth and around each sentient being. As more people joined in the expanding energy the grids began glowing and increasing in energy and brightness. As time went on and more of the grid was energized the glowing filled the whole grid system and it burst into flames. Then a beautiful 1000 petaled lotus heart of love emerged from the top over the earth and emerged over each sentient being on the planet. We were told that this loving energy grid system was alive and would continue to be energized and pulsing this love energy throughout the earth, and would continue to be available for each being to connect in to (like plugging in). We were told that any thing that was dissonant or discordant would come up for healing, whether it was something in the individual or something in the earth. I was shown that things that might appear to be chaotic could happen. But regardless of the drama or dissonance that appeared, we could choose to remain centered and at peace by staying connected to the grid. The love and joy was and continues to be intense and beautiful. Thank you for bringing us all together to create this!"
- group at All Children's Hospital (St. Petersburg, FLORIDA, USA)


The morning was magical as my friend Sabrina and I set up the area on white sandy beaches with turquoise waters. She had a beautiful world globe with a stand which fresh flowers were placed on and nautilus shells around the base. A circle was drawn in the sand around the globe. I hung a world flag on the boardwalk to direct anyone showing up. Also we played the Love and Light CD for people arriving. Ten of us came together in the circle whereas we stated a prayer of initiation and rang a bell to begin meditation. I felt tingly and my vibrations were so high. It was an incredible feeling as the others felt it too. One could feel the firing of the grid. My vibrations were so high the rest of day. I felt so much love and acceptance. It was overwhelming.
- martha w. (santa rosa beach, florida, usa)


I felt a deep connection with the earth, a connection I haven't experienced until now. I also felt the connection of all of my brothers and sisters around the world as we all reached out to one another and gave healing energy to the planet and the world. I still feel this connection and feel that a permanent shift has taken place within us all. I also experienced shifts in consciousness and perspectives during this time. It was as if in helping to heal the earth I was also healing myself. Namaste,
- Keith D. (Sarasota, Florida, USA)


We went to the beach. There were other groups there all up and down. While we did not go in deep, there was a sense that it was okay, and there was this lovely feeling of the rhythms of life going around us. The birds, the child running to the water, the joggers passing by, the waves. I thought that the hour would be perfect for me if I saw dolphins and I did! Since then, I go to the beach in that dawn hour. It truly is magical.
- fendell p. (sarasota, florida, usa)


The night before I ever heard about FTG I had a vivid lucid dream about the experience of drowning in a box and while trying to rationalize the drowning phenomenon, voices told me that what happened afterward was what was really important. The next day I told my wife that I'd had a really bizarre dream that didn't seem dreamlike at all and I thought that I had changed. Less than two hours later, I stumbled across the FTG website and was brought to tears reading my dream in the story on the front page. Convinced of a firm message, I sent the link to a like minded friend of mine, who emailed me back a few minutes later that he was preparing to send the newly found link to me when he got my email....some things are too hard to ignore. I spent 07.17.07 at 7.11 am EST on the beach alone. When I opened my eyes at 8:10, there was a pile of shells next to me. Namaste


Beautiful. Purposeful. Enlightening. Full of Love! I had tears running down my face from intense emotion. Peaceful. Invigorating! Exhilarating! A little challenging to maintaining focus - but my determination won out over my sometimes-wandering mind... :) At the end of the meditation - I 'saw' a group of beings in a 'craft' thanking me for my participation. I was not afraid. I even hugged one! Did anyone else get this 'thank you'? It was an Honor and a privilege to have participated in raising the vibrational frequency of our Grid and our Planet and the collective consciousness! Thank You All! Most Sincerely,
- Heather L S. (Tampa, Florida, USA)


It was wonderful. We all gathered at Clearwater Beach in Clearwater, Florida. You couldn't have asked for a better day. The white sand was gorgeous and the gulf was a pretty blue. There was a fresh sea breeze blowing. It truly was a gift from Mother Nature and a wake up call that if something isn't done soon moments like this will be gone forever. For me it made this meditation all that more important. There were times during the meditation when I thought about all the participants across the world focused on this one goal, I would feel energy sensations come up through my legs and spread throughout my body. Kind of like a goose bump sensation. Overall it was a very enlightening experience.
- Tracy N. (Tampa, Florida, USA)



I have not meditated much in the past and certainly not for an hour. I felt tingling in my palms and my husband in his feet. I felt a slight energetic sensation around my arms and if I think about it is still there. If I get annoyed about something this feeling goes away. Lesson there! I believe in fire the grid 100%. There have been so many stories telling us that we can access the source or God only if we will stop being so preoccupied with the mundane and listen. Let us all connect. Thank You and Love,
- Mindy (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)


I've intellectually known that we are one. During my meditation I came to know in my bones that we all are one; that the Lord of the Universe is speaking privately to each of us and holding our hand as we take our steps. Most powerful! Five hours after we Fired the Grid, an interesting synchronicity occurred. A man came for routine maintenance on my air conditioner. His native country was not the USA. He was from Nepal; I mentioned I have friends in Nepal and I often go to India. We discussed India. I did not tell him that I'm a follower of Sai Baba, a holy man in South India. Prior to leaving we were in the kitchen. He is the first person in 10 years to comment on a picture; That's Sathya Sai Baba." Not only did he comment, but he knows this holy man. And this happened shortly after we Fired the Grid. This synchronicity tells me that something of great magnitude happened when we Fired the Grid.
- Jim P. (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)


The 17th was my birthday, which made it all the more special. Crows kept coming all around and cawing as I meditated in my medicine wheel garden (Native American inspired, a circle with four paths to the center, plants of the colors of the directions in each sector, a world tree at the center). My three cats also all joined me, which is unusual since they do not get along with one another and rarely are in close proximity. At one point I felt the whole circle was alive, shimmering, with a force field about 2 feet high into the air. I kept repeating and adding phrases the whole hour to a mantra of sending light, healing energy, and joy to Mother Earth, Pachamama. It was wonderful.
- Rebecca S. (Decatur, Georgia, USA)


Two minutes into the meditation, my body was filled with a tingling. I then burst into tears. The tears subsided and then again after awhile they started again. My fingertips are still tingling. A little girl wearing a small crown spoke to me and said she had to fight with a larger older guy all the time. Couldn't quite figure this out. I am a skeptic - this is my first effort at meditation. I don't care much for Earth either - never recycled in my life. I cried a lot today though.
- Sandeep (Dunwoody, Georgia, USA)


I put on a cd of harp music by Lisa Lynn and started to think of all of the beautiful things and experiences that we have on this earth. My eyes were closed. For the first 20 minutes joyful tears were flooding down my cheeks, they just flowed as vision after vision of beautiful, happy and loving things that I could see and experience were coming into my mind The tears finally stopped and I felt calm and peaceful and continued to enjoy the beautiful music and to visualize, good, happy loving experiences. When the time was over I was thanking the higher spiritual forces for giving me this beautiful experience. 2 hours later as I write this I still feel very peaceful and full of gratitude for this experience
- Barbara G. (Florence, Georgia, USA)


I have built a Baltic Labyrinth of Stone; the path circuits are filled in with wood mulch. I spent the entire hour in my labyrinth with this glorious music (all 3 songs x3) playing, with my 4 directional torches, firepot, candle and incense all lit, out in what I call Sky Country. A glorious time it was, and I felt the power to heal Mother Earth, and gave all of my love and dedication to this task. While on my Center Stone in the Labyrinth I saw the following birds pass by: a Humingbird, a Cardinal, 2 Doves, 2 Eagles, 3-4 Blackbirds, then a wonderful Dragonfly perched on a rock at the outer circuit and flitted around landing on another closeby stone. He stayed with me during the entire hour. One of the greatest things I have ever done. I pray my contribution helped! Blessed Be!
- Lela R. (Guyton, Georgia, USA)


My Coven Brother Griff and I got together to Fire the Grid together. It was not a formal Coven event, however, I said a brief prayer for success in today's event, and then spent the hour in silent No-mind (mental vacuity) meditation with Anael & Bradfield's music playing quietly but audibly in the background. Throughout the hour, I felt increasingly powerful waves of energy passing through me in the form of heat. It became so intense that I felt mild burning sensations in places on my skin and my mouth and throat got parched. At the end of the meditation, Griff and I went out for breakfast at a nearby IHOP and our waitress immediately began to smile and intermittently laugh and in general behave in an exceptionally joyous manner. When we asked her why she was so happy and jovial, she said that she didn't know why, but we made her laugh! It was a subtle, but profound and powerful experience for me.
- Nicholas G. (Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA


I was asked to write this down by the rest of my group, so I am writing. But before you read, there are a few things you should know. First of all, what happened to me felt very ordinary. It wasn’t scary or exciting or unusual in any way. I am absolutely certain that ANYONE can do this. Second, my experience was not unique. I am positive that I was working with others. In fact, I was shocked when no one else in our meditation group had similar experiences to share. (It’s not that I thought we would all see the same things. I figured our experiences would most likely be vastly different. I just thought others would have experienced it from another perspective.) Third, as I think about it from the grand distance of 24 hours I believe it might not have happened at all without the love of the entire group pouring through me. Also, it wasn’t an out-of-body experience. Except for the time I was above the earth, I was very aware of my body. And even then, I think I only lost my body-awareness because I was so fascinated with what I was doing and seeing. I knew where I was at all times. Lastly, I am not entirely certain I did not imagine the whole thing. The only thing that makes me think that maybe it wasn’t just my imagination is that what I saw so surprised me. But perhaps I just have a good imagination. And as God said to Neal Donald Walsh when he asked God that very question, would it really matter? I guess God can communicate through imagination as well as any other way, maybe better. So with these caveats in mind, here is what happened to me on July 17, 2007. It was early. Way too early for me but I decided to make the best of it. Besides, we were in such good company it was hard to be grumpy. A bit before 7 AM we assembled down by the lake behind Cheryl’s home. Cheryl brought out a tarp to put on the wet grass so that the blankets wouldn’t get soaked with dew. As I took off my shoes and attempted to sit in the lotus position, I immediately regretted wearing snug dress slacks instead of my comfy warm-up pants. But I managed it. Out on the lake the last wisps of fog clung. Tiny fish feeding on tinier insects made mini-ripples on the otherwise still waters. Across on the other shore, trees rose up, greeting the rising sun. Geese crossed the sky. I took that as a good sign. Gale began reading our instructions for the morning. I have a hazy memory that we were instructed to think of happy things. Things that gave us joy. We should think of them and be grateful. As in my unfortunate habit, however, my mind wandered. Mostly I was taken with the beauty before me. But to be perfectly honest, I was also feeling a little lazy about having to do the mental work of picturing happy thoughts for an entire hour. I thought, “You know, it’s really so beautiful here. I’m just going to be here, right now, in this moment.” I decided to be available. My rings and bracelet started to bother me so I took them off. (Also, I read in a book on space clearing that jewelry on the hands and arms interferes with energy.) Carol finished whatever it was she was saying. Someone behind me started the music. It was time to begin. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply and slowly. But only once. Suddenly, a surge of energy/breath/life/power rushed up through my body from the ground. So sudden and powerful that I gasped like a diver breaking the surface, desperate for air. My eyes flew open. The sight before me was dazzling. The harmonious greens of the trees and delicate blue of the sky from a moment before were now so intense that everything nearly glowed. Across the lake, I could see not only each tree, but individual leaves. Every drop of dew on the grass in front of me. Every line and crease of my hands. Everything was perfectly in focus. Everything was perfect. There was so much beauty that I choked up and began to cry. For a long time I just looked. At the trees. The water. The sky. Each bird. Each drop of dew. Each person I could see without moving. I was afraid to move and break the spell. Then I began to be fascinated with Regina. Around her face and hands there was a paper-thin rim of white light. For a while I just looked. Then I really did begin to think of things I loved. I closed my eyes and saw the moments, people, pets that make me happy. And I really was grateful. Without even trying. My heart felt full. I opened my eyes and looked again at Regina. The light around her was gone. Instead I had a thought that she was sad. “I’ll send her light,” I thought. Instantly I imagined a foot-wide stream of light, white and gold together, going from my heart to hers. Then I thought, “I’ll send it to everyone.” The stream of light shot through her back to the person behind her. Then through that person, and so on until the light went through the heart of each person there. Then I saw the light encircle us all. Outward and upwards it went in rings, in a great spiral toward the sky. Above us a vortex of white and gold and blue clouds circled. “I wonder what is above the clouds,” I thought. The moment I thought it, I was above the clouds. In fact, I was far above the earth, vaguely aware of the entire North American continent below. I looked down at myself and saw that I was composed entirely of light. Around my edges was a bright yellow rim. When I looked farther down, below my waist I seemed to be made of smoke, like a genie rising from Aladdin’s lamp. But I was me. Yet I sensed I was more than me. I wasn’t alone. I was everyone and everyone was me. Then I saw my hands. Thin threads of golden, shimmering light streamed from each of my fingers, all of them. I don’t recall deciding to do so, but as soon as I saw the light coming from my fingers I reached out with both hands and began weaving a web all around me as though it were the most natural thing in the world. I sent strands of gold everywhere, covering America, Canada, and the oceans too. It wasn’t so much a grid as a spun-sugar candy basket of golden light. As I was weaving I happened to look up to the left. There on the other side of the globe over Asia was another person doing exactly the same thing. With one amazing exception. This being was blue! Then I looked to the right. Over southern Europe and North Africa was a being of red. And on top of the world far beyond the North Pole over Russia was a being of green. We were all weaving. As soon as I became aware of this I had the thought, “I should take care of Central America. Someone needs to cover Central America.” So I went down, almost through the bottom of the clouds, and wove protection over Central America. Somewhere beyond me, I was vaguely aware that the others were now weaving protection for the bottom of the world because there was no one in Antarctica. When Central America looked pretty good to me, I thought, “I wonder how everyone else is doing.” Immediately I returned to earth and the lake. But not back to my body, not yet. Instead, I stood before the lake and looked up at the sky. Above me, thousands of golden lights twinkled in the daytime sky, like fireworks just before they fall. Then I reached up. A thread of golden light shot up from my finger to one of the lights. At that moment, the grid appeared all across the heavens, with golden lines running every which way in an infinitely beautiful web. I pulled the thread and drew it down to Regina’s heart. Then I pulled a new thread for John, and Gale, and for every person there. At last, I pulled one thread down for me. And I thought, “I’m done.” My eyes opened. I was sitting. The colors of the trees across the lake were still as vivid. The music was still as soft. And everything felt exactly as it should, as though everything was in its proper order. There’s more. But that’s how we made the grid. All of us. Everyone who came together on July 17, 2007.
- Kay H. (Powder Springs, Georgia, USA)


The amount of love I felt during the hour of meditation was extreme. I cried during most of it because of the deep emotion. My concentration was envisioning the world in front of me and directing love and gratitude towards it. At a point approximately 1/2 way through I saw a wide beam of light from above radiate to earth. Then I felt I was aware of a pink beating heart in the middle of earth. I felt at this time that we had succeeded in our mission. I feel great joy and am deeply grateful. Thank you!
- Karen C. (snellville, georgia, usa)


It was almost like I was "helped" to get to a place of joy so that I could participate fully at such an important time. Either that or I was feeling the energy that was being produced from so many around the world at that time. I am normally ""in my head"" and pestered by thoughts, but I was easily able to go to a feeling place and just be. I allowed the music I was listening to take me higher and during that hour I started to cry (happy tears) several times, just being grateful to be alive and in form - thanking Mother Earth and pouring my love into her. Thank you for the opportunity to share this with so many and go to that wonderful place. I will remember it often.
- Carol (Wildwood, Georgia, USA)



I went out into the Hawaiian night, clear as clear, and stood under the BRILLIANT night sky, in the center of the gloriously visible Milky Way. I did the Cherokee 7-Point Dance of Empowerment, giving to and receiving from each of the 7 directions. Then I lay down on the grass, and asked Mother to take my love, and give me Her blessings. When it got chilly, I went back into the house and snuggled naked in my warm bed, meditating to Anugama's Shamanic Dream. There I continued my 7-Point Dance in my mind, with each breath, until the Chakra Journey came on, whereupon I breathed with each of the chakras until I fell into blissful sleep. In the morning, I awoke to a brilliant beautiful day, with dancing rainbows in my windows, on my walls, and an especially bright one on my heart as I type this. I am on my way to swim with the Dolphins this morning, and share the joy with them.
- Julia F./Swan University (Kamuela, Hawaii, USA)


It was very peaceful. It was 1:11 a.m Hawaii time. I felt connected and expansive. I could feel Mother Earth receiving our love and light and her appreciation for it. The hour went by quickly. At the end of the hour I could see (through feeling) the Earth had shifted; She was raised to a higher level spiritually, and felt so much lighter. (My words are inadequate!) It was a beautiful experience. Thank you so much for letting us know about it. I am happy to play a part in this wonderful shift. Blessings and aloha to you and yours
- Maile A. (Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA)


Aloha... My wife and I awoke at 1am, Hawaii time. We each found our own space to meditate for the first 30-minutes or so and then were drawn together into a back-to-back meditation for the rest of the time. While focusing on inner joy and peace, I experienced a clear awareness and consciousness of Mother Earth energy as well as sun energy and focused on this. It was a very positive experience. During the meditation with my wife, a sense of balance and wholeness filled my consciousness. The following day, my wife and I walked up in the mountains behind our house at sunset. Our sensory awareness seemed extremely heightened, but it didn't feel as internal as it did external. It was as if the atmosphere was clearer and the life energy of the earth and sky were vibrating much higher. This was a very strong reassurance for us that the energy put forth by the FTG effort had very real effects. We have continued to notice these types of subtle changes, including several spells of rain in the middle of what has so far been a very dry summer drought. Malama Pono Kakou....
- Matt Y. (Kaunakakai, Hawaii, USA)


A friend & I went up to Mauna Kea volcano. We presented offerings of gratitude. I played guitar & we chanted for 2hrs. At 11:11 GMT we sat silently. The energy was incredibly strong my whole body was vibrating. We had similar visuals a lot of light and noticing canyons being flooded with a liquid white gold light. I had glimpses of light beings coming in and out. Also finding myself in beautiful gardens. I went to another dinner/meditation where we all celebrated in appreciation for this auspicious event. I have been feeling this energy building for the past 2months. I had a vision in one of my meditations where this light being was working on my brain. I literally felt and saw this happening to me. I realize I have my challenges ahead in living my passion, doing no harm & coming from integrity & honesty. I feel like I was recharged & feel very blessed to be a part of this incredible event taking place. I am restarting my practice with The Alexander Technique. I want to move and deepen my connection with music, which is truly my greatest joy. I am so grateful for Shelley’s demonstration of courage and appreciate her tremendous effort she has brought forth. In bringing people together to help create a safe and prosperous world where everyone with an open heart is included. Mahalo A Nui Aloha,
- Michael J. (Keaau, Hawaii, USA)


I have meditated several hours each morning for many years. I set my alarm to awaken me 15 minutes before the appointed time and fell asleep. I was awakened from a deep, pleasant sleep 30 minutes before the time by OVERWHELMING energy. I tried to perform breath meditation but couldn't focus. I tried chanting the Lord's prayer...didn't work. Neither did the Aum Mani... chant. I then chanted the ""Ow Ol Kal Da Nah Key"" chant I channeled a month or so earlier...WORKED FABULOUSLY. I felt riveted to the mattress on my back as overwhelming energy flowed through my body. The Aum Mani chant then did work as did the 23rd Psalm of David. I lost track of time as I calmed down with the lights off. Suddenly, I exploded into an uncontrollable, sobbing ecstasy as the most powerful, spiritual experience of my 65 year life occurred. I checked the clock and it was the exact appointed time. The ecstasy passed and I began channeling the planetary celebration with the words from My Country T'is of Thee and other such songs from my forgotten childhood in school. The famous image of the Earth in Space appeared during this time. That image then morphed into a smaller celestial body in the place of the Earth about a third of its diameter. It was a cool-white, like a fluorescent light, with lines on its surface. Suddenly the cool light flashed into a blazing light like the Sun, and I experienced another sobbing ecstasy that was TOTALLY overwhelming. I was in a state of ABSOLUTE SURRENDER. I knew at that moment that the grid had been fired, and I was a part of one of the most important events in history...Thank You God!!! I would estimate about 10 to 15 minutes had lapsed and the energy in my body then slowly decreased. I decided to continue my meditation until the hour had ended. I lost track of time in the dark until I was hit by another ego-shattering, sobbing ecstasy as the image on your home page with the three vertical images with the horizontal image across the top appeared. WHAT DOES THAT IMAGE SYMBOLIZE?? Thanks to ALL from a 65 year-old, devoted meditator for the most powerful spiritual experience of my lifetime. It realized its goal of producing an experience of UNITY and CREATION. Thanks to the spiritual source of the chant!!!
- Stephen (Keauhou, Hawaii, USA)


My husband and I (and our dog, Rocket Girl) sat on a grassy bluff overlooking a lava rock coast for the hour. It was 1:11 a.m. and the sky was bright with stars. We could hear the waves crashing on the rocks below. Together we sang, chanted or prayed--completely improvising. At one point in our singing/chanting we came together perfectly in a crescendo of sorts and I felt a surge of energy as chicken skin ran up my legs. Rocket Girl picked up on the energy and began playing with something in the dirt; her joy was evident and contagious. I felt connected to all the others around the world who were praying/chanting/meditating at that same moment for Mother Earth. It was a magical and joyous feeling. May she heal.
- Susan & Tony L. (Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii, USA)


From the instant the meditation began (1:11 Hawaii time) I experienced a warm, comfortable feeling, as the world shared a humanity hug. This was the most powerful, focused joining of spiritual beings that I have ever experienced. I am eternally grateful to the Light for the Grace bestowed upon us. Blessings to the Earth and all who dwell here.
- John C. (Kilauea, Hawaii, USA)


First we recited two chapters of the Lotus Sutra and then chanted Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo for about 10 minutes. We prayed for the event to be a success for all. We then went to the seashore and meditated for the remainder of the hour. The sky was clear and the stars were beautiful at 1:11 am Hawaii time. I guess we really got into it because we didn't leave until 2:30 am. A great many of our family and friends also took part at many different places around the globe.
- Michael & Christine K. (Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, USA)


We had an amazing evening on the south side of Maui this evening. We combined Fire the Grid with our weekly Oneness Blessing/Deeksha session. I didn't take an actual count but I would guess we had about 30-35 people. We started the potent evening with sharing of intentions and visions. We then gave and received the Oneness Blessing/Deeksha, had some great food, watched the You Tube videos, had a beautiful singer and guitar player perform and then at 1:11 AM sat in beautiful loving meditation with all of you beautiful light beings around the world. All of the things I am grateful for just started showing up in my awareness, then all the beautiful places on the planet that I have seen with my own eyes flashed in and out of my awareness, from Sedona to Vail to Maui to India to Fiji....I then saw the chakras of Mother Earth lighting up one by one until her energy shot through her crown and showered onto earth and all of her inhabitants firing the grid in full force. In the last moments of the meditation a large beautiful being seemed to flip a switch and the entire earth was surrounded in Golden pure loving light! Namaste to all of you out there for participating around this beautiful globe! Aloha and Blessings to you all!
- Patrick W. (Paia, Hawaii, USA)



It was about an hour before sunrise so it was dark when I started at 11 minutes after the hour. I'm not a very experienced meditator but the music you provided definitely helped me concentrate on the feeling of joy. I sat barefooted on a boulder in my backyard, it has lichen and moss growing on it in a natural setting that has never been touched by development so it was a very inviting place that I've wanted to experience with meditation but never have before July 17. I thought of wildlife like songbirds and gamebirds that I am very fond of. I visualized flying over wilderness landscapes I have hiked...thanking the Source for creating such a wonderful world and allowing me to experience it. I also thought of a coworker/friend that has cancer and I thought of him engulfed in light. I mostly kept my eyes closed and listened to the music, holding my legs close to my chest (I can't cross my legs in the lotus position). I saw two bright lights from the inside of my eyelids which I thought were headlights from a car driving down the lane behind me but there was no car. The left light was smaller than the right. After two times, I stopped trying to see the lights with my eyes open and continued feeling the wonder of the earth. Again the light was shining, this time only one light, and it increased in size but was not directly in front, it was to the right...it was a very white light, not like it was being filtered through my eyelids but from inside. I felt like I was being hugged and that I was hugging. The feeling was one of "oneness" or "togetherness" like when you are experiencing the same emotion with someone you enjoy being with no matter what the occasion, a soul mate. I felt happy to the point of crying which I did and had goose bumps all over. The light did not last long, less than a minute, and I think it occurred about half way into the hour. The good feelings of being hugged lasted longer than the light, both before and after the light occurred. It was a wonderful experience...I hope I was of some help.
- David M. (Buhl, Idaho, USA)


My girlfriend and I stayed up all night in preparation - 4:11am is early enough to do that IMHO. (^_-) I consider both of us 'Source Sensitive' and we most definitely felt the build-up and expectation of the event on a worldwide scale. My mom woke up at about 4am and we all set out blankets and pillows in the computer room and started some music to make it a comfortable place to meditate and enjoy. Our two dogs and even our cat came in with us and 'participated' (though our dogs seemed kind of confused as to what we were doing this early in the morning). My dad was asleep, but I got him to sign a letter of intent in participation the night before. When 4:11am rolled around (quite a bit before actually), all of us became overwhelmed with feelings of peace, serenity, and joy. It was difficult to meditate for more than a few minutes because of our rowdy dogs, but they only added to the humorous chaos and divine love of the moment. In my mind's eye, I was 'shown' the re-constitution of the grid and the purifying process the core of our wonderful planet was undergoing. I was personally moved to tears several times during the whole event. I felt at peace and at one with the entire planet like never before! I knew from a timeless place in my heart that the cultural, social, and political obstacles that stood in the way of a unified world were indeed nothing but mere illusions and their potential future obstructions were now cleared from our path like never before. If anything, this event characterized the SHIFT IN MOMENTUM from the narrow perspective into the unified and wider perspective for myself. Events and obstacles powered by the narrow perspective have lost the great force of their inertia, while events and opportunities powered by the wider perspective are no longer so difficult to carry out and are actually much EASIER to experience than the prior! A mathematical example that really resonates with me: it takes 3 units of effort for a narrow perspective action and only 2 units of effort for a wider perspective action! Isn't that amazingly wonderful?! I'm sure it'll be a surprise to those who did not participate when their old unhealthy habits satisfy less and require more effort to sustain! LOL - I know this past week it came as a surprise to me AND I DID PARTICIPATE! Anywho, that's my experience and I'm stickin' to it! Peace, love, and joy within and throughout! Let's Source-ify our world for the record books y'all! (^_^)
- L. Family (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA)


I started my three inspiring songs from this website before 5:11am MT with the music on a repeated random rotation. And, right at 5:11 the music changed over and the meditation started. I honestly thought I would fall asleep I was so tired. But, I didn't. I was awake (but dreamy) the whole time. I traveled, in my minds eye, far and wide. And I saw my purpose. I saw myself doing something I never thought I would do...but it wasn't really a doing...it was a being I had become. Then I traveled to the center of the earth. But, what I saw was not what I thought I would see. There was not this large ball of magma I thought would be there. Nor was there that silvery stuff that is found in thermometers. I can’t remember what it’s called? But, what I did see were beings. I saw a female being. She didn't look like us though. She was light. And I could see light going into her and she started to move. It was beautiful! Beyond anything I had seen before. Then I saw three things. I saw an eagle which represented my spirit free to fly. I saw a river and the river was my purpose flowing with grace, ease, and great power. Last, I saw myself standing by a cliff and I was walking just above the ground. And in my view was the river and the eagle. My eyes opened right up at 6:11 and right then the song that was playing in the rotation stopped. I got up on my bed, from laying with my heart towards the floor of my room, and looked out the window. There I saw the sun rise and the clouds made a special formation of clouds holding hands in a circle. It was a beautiful morning. I will never forget it. It felt good to have a complete hour of love fill my life. I want to do it again and again and again. It was a very very powerful moment for me. I felt the energy of over a million people gathering. I feel wonderful that I was part of such an incredible event. Thank you, Shelley, for following your heart and purpose. And thank you all for helping Shelley with her purpose and following yours as well. We all felt it. Deep gratitude,
- Lacey (Emmett, Idaho, USA)


I awoke this morning with great excitement and gratitude for the wonderful opportunity to be able to share this profound experience with beings all around the globe - healing the earth. In mediation, I began to breathe in to my heart a thick black sludge of all the destruction, pollution, and harm done to the earth and breathe out pure light, loving clean fresh healing energy into the earth. Tonglen for the earth. The earth feels great pain. With an open heart & free mind, I began to project my thoughts toward specific lands to heal specific destruction beginning with Tibet, taking in and forgiving the genocide of millions of Tibetans by the Chinese, healing the open pit mines, replanting the trees, taking up all the nuclear waste dumping, restoring the Potala and all the destroyed monasteries, and replenishing the rivers, replacing all the lost homes and beings, replanting destroyed forests, taking up the new roads and train tracks connecting the "land of snow" with the rest of the world restoring the natural beauty of the land. Healing. But, then a strange thing happened as I began to travel around the earth doing the healing. I began erasing the hurt, the harm, the destruction, ERASING, just ERASING - leaving a pure, shining, beautiful world. I continued my travels around the globe, erasing the genocide of the Jews, the endless invasions fed by greed - which ultimately lead to the destruction of the earth - erasing invasions of: Israel, Japan-Hiroshima, Vietnam, The Philippines, Australia, South America, North America, Canada, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Hawaii...on & on Erasing the destruction, the harm, the hurt: restoring the natural beauty, the natural resources, the natural peoples, the earth. Everyone living in harmony amongst one another and the earth. The earth was clean, fresh, happy, shiny, new, feeling young and beautiful, she projected love, hope, relief, peace. From vast space, I watched her aura as love & healing energy poured into and through the earth. Amazing energy and serenity. Soon after, as I was driving to work, I found myself actually shocked to see so many cars moving down the street! I was in such different energy that I could hardly conceive that the day would be the same. I listened to "Imagine" - John Lennon...Imagine no possessions, Imagine all the people living in the world...it's easy if you try... I truly thank you for this blessing, Shelley and know in my heart that your movement will create and facilitate a great beginning in the healing of our earth and the people who walk on it. With gratitude, love and peace.
- t. d. (Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA)


I didn't know what to expect this morning. I didn't think that I could pray for an entire hour, but I am surprised at how fast the hour passed. I am a Christian and my experience is all under that type of mindset. I will share a word that was given me while in prayer. In the Bible it talks about how in the end times the earth will be in travail, as in child birth. If the earth is in labor pains that means that new life is about to be born. I think the times that we are going through right now are those labor pains and the earth is about ready to give birth to a new order of things. Praise God that things are going to get better eventually, but the Labor pains are not over yet. We can make it through this time together, keep praying and God will rise us up!
- Jonathan K. (Nampa, Idaho, USA)


I wakened about 15 minutes early, prepared myself to sit on the deck, morning had already started to break. I concentrated the first 15 minutes on my breathing and for a period of time breathed and out-breathed Love, seeing it permeate Gaia, our planet, seeing every continent, every body of water filled with love, than I breathed and out-breathed peace the same way, visually every continent and nation and bodies of water filled with love, and continued with joy, then health, and wisdom and harmony. Then I spent a period in sitting in the silence, then prayed all of the above for our world leaders, then for my immediate family, my friends, my community, state, nation, hemisphere and the whole world, coming full circle. For everything I prayed, I prayed for myself first, fulfilling Christ's command to love my neighbor as myself. It was an exhilarating experience, and the time went fast. I was almost disappointed when it was over. I am so grateful that through Angela's blessings I was alerted about this and was able to participate. Thank you for making this possible. I am 82 years young and on Aug. 19 my daughter and I are going to be ordained into Inner Faith Ministries as teachers and healing practitioners by Dr. Sharron Stroud. This is a fulfillment of a lifelong dream to be able to teach the truth that we are all one and are powerful beings for good. God bless you all!!!!!
- Darlene S. (Sandpoint, Idaho, USA)



I don't know where to start....the energy that I felt within me and around me had me bawling like a baby. I'm a chronic resister so although I hoped to feel my own energy, I had my doubts. I was so touched and moved that we were in 90 countries. It just blew my mind and the tears of Joy were flowing again. Thank you. Shelley, and everyone who coordinated this.
- Adrienne (Chicago, Illinois, USA)


I found about this late in June, and read as much as I could at site the night before. Because I read so much the evening before, I didn't retain everything I needed to know for 6:11 AM my time. I arose at 6:00, turned on the computer, hoping to hear Bradfield's lovely music and familiarize myself one last time with what I should be doing. Could not get on the site. So I put on Buddha Spirit, Anael and Bradfield's music, tried to get into joy, and gratitude, and set the timer for one hour. I felt a profound stillness, love, and I found meditation to feel my connection to be easily reached (it is not always so, sadly). As I sat with my eyes closed, I saw my usual color of blue, and I saw the clouds that made a circle, and I felt the passage into another reality. The hour went quickly, and I felt much lighter afterward. My feet have been ""buzzing"" and I get VERY tired, as my body is adjusting. It seems like the energy is amping upward and upward. I'm so grateful to you for taking on this project, and I'm here to support you with whatever I have. Humanity can count on me. I'm clear that this is my life purpose. Thank you so much!!
- Linda C. (Chicago, Illinois, USA)


Of major importance is this: When the People allow themselves to choose to lead (by example), the so-called leaders must follow. We are ONE. Blessings in abundance.
- Dr. J. F. C. Ph.D-Metaphysician (Chicago, Illinois, USA)


We did some chakra opening exercises prior to the start time and we sang a song together. I had a CD recorded of Anael/Bradfield music. One hour long and started at exact time. For a few of the songs that did not have words, I did a brief voice over using the inspiring words by Shelley Yates from the Light and Love Cd booklet. I have to say, by the time we got to those songs which was in the last 16 minutes of the hour I was having such a strong pull away from my body I was having a difficult time getting my body to focus and speak! Many people said , "wow" at the end and said they had never experienced anything like that before. A few people had visuals. Two were of a Nasa like take off. All and all there was much hugging at the end which is not typical of us and we were all carrying much happiness with us into the day. Everyone said , "we should do this regularly." Which to me was saying it was a wonderful experience. I had listened to the music many times prior to this event and it did not have that effect on me. So, group energy? Cosmic flow? Being in the sanctuary at Unity which is already a very spiritual place? It was a wonderful experience and I'm so glad you are carrying on this website. We are excited to stay connected. Thank you!
- Unity in Chicago (Chicago, Illinois, USA)


About an hour before the time, my partner and I woke up to have some tea before firing the grid together. I started to feel that my solar plexus felt funny, as if strands were being pulled up and out and then put back in ... this went on for 10-15 minutes and then subsided. We had a beautiful meditation together and then my partner went to play some music. It was one of the sweetest mornings we've shared. When I started my meditation I saw that I was on top of a hill dancing and then I started spinning and going up, up as I spun around. From that vantage point I could see that 3 others, on different cardinal points were also spinning. Then I saw many, many people walking, coming up the hill from all different directions. Then I saw images of clear, flowing waters, animals living in harmony with humans, people cultivating and living and sharing closer to the land, leaving cars and technology and choosing bicycles, community, walking and nature. It filled my heart with joy. I had initially made a list of things that gave me joy (ice cream, making love, memories of my dogs, tea, thoughts of being with my teachers, with my family, etc.) but I never even got to use them (well, except for the dancing ;-). Thank you for your courage and for all your work. Blessings to you, Annie and Bradfield. xoxoxo
- Adrilia V. (glen ellyn, illinois, usa)


Before I had heard about Fire The Grid, I was being bombarded by the time 11:11 for many months and I never understood why...until I got an email from a friend. Then it all clicked, and I knew I was being sent a message of my participation and the gift of this connection. As I sat outside in silence and in gratitude on July 17th my heart chakra became very warm and I noticed everything in nature was more active. The clouds were arranged in a pattern I have never seen before.... a type of netting ... a symbol of connections, the birds were very vocal and busy, and the trees swayed to an inner music. It was a beautiful experience. Ever since then I have felt more connected to loved ones (near and far) and the healing energy available to me as I practice Reiki has magnified. I would love to know how many people participated. In love, and gratitude,
- Tamara L. (Highland Park, Illinois, USA)


I wish I could say I had some mystical life changing event happen to me, but I cannot. I am a fence sitter leaning toward belief. I have been practicing experiencing more joy, looking for joy and positive thinking for a couple of months. I have had some very strange things occurring from that change in my life. I can see things, events, and people being drawn to me since changing how I think. I found out about this event just yesterday. I want a new world, I want the dream and I want to be a part of helping to make it come true. In love and light,
- Sheila K. (Louisville, Illinois, USA)


Three and a half years ago I was twenty-five, overweight, depressed, binge-drinking and living without purpose. I had completely lost touch with my spirit and wasn't interested in continuing to practice the religion with which I had been raised. In a personal effort to find a creative outlet, I began to read about singing. On the internet I found some useful information and began practicing the breathing techniques for improving singing. Very quickly the breathing practice lead me to other related internet links and this was when I began to meditate. The meditation was something new for me but at the same time experiences of psychic connections and synchronicities clued me in to a deeper level of being. I practiced meditation daily and after a month or so I experienced a very deep meditation and an opening of my third eye chakra. It was at this point, following that particular meditation session that I felt a change within. The last three years of my life and leading up until this moment now, I have experienced so many transformations to my physical, mental and spiritual self that it is at times hard for me to even believe. I lost 50lbs, completely turned my life and career around to one of service and have gained a much more universal awareness of existence and life. All of these changes in my life seem so accelerated that it is really difficult to deny that it is building up to prepare me for the changes that are taking place on this planet. I found out about the Fire The Grid event through world puja as well as through an unlikely acquaintance that shares a similar spirituality. This experience was great for me and will serve as fuel for me to continue to live a harmonious life of love and to share it with my fellow man and with the planet. I am grateful that this event manifested itself and know that it will raise the planet to a higher level of consciousness. Namaste,
- DANIEL M. (Naperville, Illinois, USA)


I was so tired... I work very hard to keep ahead of the onslaught. My family of 5 children, my wife, and my business takes all that I have. That morning I knew I had to participate, but I was so so very tired. So I woke up just before the grid went active. I prayed and meditated deeply and fell in to a deep sleep... all of my dreams were of rich loving goodness of life, family and friends, everyone and our dear planet as a whole. I focused on these dreams deeply and gave them my heart felt "spiritual push" while I slept. I knew that something positive would happen, because something did... I experienced it and I am alive, I am real, therefore it was real -- what I could not know was if "my something" was enough, was there a "world something at the same time?" "was the world's something enough?" I still do not know... but i hold this truth all the same, cherish it... it is dear. do you know, please tell me?


As I recall, I didn't feel good. I felt out of sync all day, dizzy, and like my energy had been drained. I did not feel energized. I have one question and that is have these light beings ever identified themselves, who they are and where they come from? I noticed after the 17th there was a remarkable change in the purple clematis outside my door. The blossoms began opening up as smaller, white flowers with purple stripes on the petals. This is also the first time that the leaves on my phlox plants are free of any fungus growth and the blossoms are extraordinary. I feel more creative and my painting is going well and my insight into how to improve a painting seems enhanced.
- Linda (South Holland, Illinois, USA)



I meditate regularly. I practice TM taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Many years ago he began teaching that lifting consciousness in a group was the way to bring about the dawning of enlightenment for the world. This is a concept that is very appealing. Meditators began practicing together, trying to gather enough strength to affect whole regions of people to bring peace and enlightenment for all. Scientists from major universities began studying and rigorously testing this theory-- The Unified Field Theory. There are now thick books of data compiled that show that this group lifting of consciousness actually does have a positive effect on entire regions--for example, crime rates reduce, health statistics improve, prosperity increases. There are hundreds of large groups of meditators doing just this regularly right now all over the globe---one is here in the US in Fairfield, Iowa. Every morning and evening, about a thousand people meditate together. Your story is exciting because it shows that now, after many years of group meditations, that world consciousness has been lifted high enough that more people can begin to see how they too can become responsible citizens of the world.
- A. (Columbus, Indiana, USA)


I was skeptical... I'm not a big believer in God. But I do believe in the power of healing energy, so I decided to give it a try. It was not easy at first, to keep my mind centered, but at various moments during the hour, I would feel a sense of something greater going on around me. My husband went for his daily run, knowing I was taking an hour to 'fire the grid.' Strangely enough, his mp3 player stopped working right at 7:11. Normally he can't run without music, but today he decided that with his time, he would just try and send out healing thoughts to the world and those close to him. Did the two of us make a difference or an impact? I don't know. But I feel like I've given to a greater good, and maybe that will help with my own healing as well... I am grateful to have experienced this.
- Alli A. (Elkhart, Indiana, USA)


I cherished being consciously connected in spirit with millions of other people at the same time. The hour was uplifting, enlightening, and energizing. I look forward to being a part of the change toward creating a loving, peaceful, harmonic world!
- Gavin W. (Fishers, Indiana, USA)


I found peace and bliss. I wrote in my journal and have not been the same since. From my journal, Tuesday, July 17, 2007 7:13 AM CST “This is what I was born to do. All of the moments of my life were lived and experienced for these precious 60 minutes. My purpose is to love and to love deeply right here, right now! My function is to be available to Mother Earth -- to live a happy, joyous life. To give energy and love to this planet – to this person reminds me of JOHN 15:12-17 “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command. I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit—fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. This is my command: Love each other.” I am a cell -- a cell in the “body of Christ” an intricate part of my Mother called Earth -- a leaf upon a branch on a tree on Terra and I belong. Finally I belong. 1 Corinthians 12:26-27 “If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it. Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” Thank you Mother for birthing me, feeding me, sheltering me. Thank you for keeping me alive until I could give back to you what you so freely gifted to me lifetime after lifetime.”
- Rita L. R. (Hammond, Indiana, USA)


A very lovely meditation on the mantra, "Awaken to love and healing." I sent golden light energy first to myself, then to the earth, then individually to those I know and love best, then to all humanity. It was easy to go very deep, knowing that so many were participating. Lots of energy moving through my body, to the point of trembling at times, a sensation of sitting in a fountain welling up from the earth, through my body, out to infinity. Then perfect peace, floating in a sea of blue in all directions, like being submerged in the middle of the ocean. Then no I, no ocean, only THIS, now, and now, and forever now.
- Ann H. (McCordsville, Indiana, USA)



When firing the grid I was transported to view the firing from outer space. I could see the grid light up and sparkle and change colors, kind of like one of those fiber optic lamps. Then I noticed more links from our planet to other planets and then yet further away to other solar systems and galaxies and then to other universes. I saw beings in parallel universes firing their grids also. It became the greatest light show I have ever seen. Thanks for the opportunity to connect. Love and Peace,
- Lorena T. (Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA)


First of all it was an incredibly quick hour. My backyard is a park like setting. I put out a blanket, rested on a tree and observed the beauty of it all. I prayed for Mother Earth's healing, I hugged a tree and held a leaf near my heart. For awhile I chanted 'fire the grid', 'fire the grid', etc. like a chain of fireworks popping as I pictured my family - one in Oregon, one in California and one in New York participating. After the hour was up I noticed grass seed I had planted over a considerable area of ground had sprouted and grown a good inch! I know it wasn't like that the night before and can't say for sure but I don't think it was there before I 'fired the grid'. :-) Magic?
- Sheree (Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA)


About 25 folks came together after a night of wild thunderstorms/tornados to sit together out of doors the on the future site of the Tapobhoomi Shri Chakra Temple....a place for worshipping and propitiation of the Principle of Unification and Balance. We began with the declared intention/dedication for our group meditation, chanted "Om" nine times and began our hour long silent practice together. It was very powerful. Lots of light streaming down through us. The singing birds even drew closer to join in our praise of Mother Earth. After an hour, we chanted "Om" again and then chanted the Samputita Shri Suktam, a Vedic stotram to the Divine Mother. Only after we had finished did the rain begin again! Everyone said they would be very interested in do this again. So we are very interested in continuing to support this wonderful global effort in the spiritual upliftment of the human experience.
- Jennifer H. (Fairfield, Iowa, USA)



It was 6:11 my time. I got up and sat outside about 10 minutes before, I felt almost all abuzz with anticipation. The world was waking up. I listened to the sounds of nature, and let all the love and peace and joy radiate out of me. I thought many thoughts, made many prayers, and sent the torch within me burning bright down to the core of the Earth and up into the sky. Like a beacon of light saying, "I am Here, and I Care!" I watched my kitties play and take in the world. I felt gratitude… I know I raised my own vibration, and therefore that of Mother Earth. I sent my love and healing energy to Her. Afterward the hour was up I felt a deep sense of peace, and also of clarity. I am sooo glad to have heard about Firing The Grid only hours before at about 1am! :) Perfect timing. LOVE & Peace, and such.
- Sylvia T. V. (Kansas City, Kansas, USA)


I was in a group of 7 adults and 1 child who is a crystal. For me I felt several raises in the level of my vibrations. I had a one to one talk with Mother Earth. She told me she was holding on but needed to purge and shake off so much garbage. She is very grateful for all of our love. She told me to plant many many trees wherever I can find a space and to pick up the trash! I will be forever grateful to have been and to be a part of this group experience.
- Jackie M. "I AM" (Paola, Kansas, USA)


I was outside in my backyard with my calf, dog, 6 kittens, pig and 9 horses and 2 mules. The birds were singing and flying overhead and as the Great Sun rose...the sky was a beautiful heavenly pink! What an honor to be in that Holy moment in time. I sent Love to our planet and all humanity and all creatures, great and small. My intention was for my entire family and I look forward to the next project that is evolving. Thank You!!! For all that you have done to aid us in awareness!!!! With Much Divine Love, Light & Laughter, Humbly, ese' ese' ese'
- Francine W. (Scott City, Kansas, USA)


Having asked my angels to awaken me at 5:00 a.m., I did just that--no alarm clock! Still mostly dark, but with a tad of light in the northern sky, I sat on my porch swing, from which I can see the beautiful trees and grass I am blessed to call "mine" in this lifetime. I thanked all my Guides, Angels, Archangels, the Brotherhood of Light and all Ascended Masters and Teachers for their continued guidance and love for us light beings who are currently in physical bodies on this planet. I envisioned dancing and hugging in the streets of the troubled Middle East. I envisioned plenty of food for the starving children in Africa and remembered the solicitations I get in the mail which, sometimes, I have to throw in the trash because my budget is very tight. But, at this moment, I thought, "How can I possibly think I can't afford to help them, when I own a nice house on 3 acres (modest, yet by the standards of much of the world, it's luxurious!)--I have so much ABUNDANCE!!!" I will make an effort to give more to these causes. I will bless my water. I will CONTINUE speaking to everyone I know about consciously living in harmony with the environment, gardening without pesticides and herbicides, etc. As First Light grew, I was aware that only one mosquito sat on my skin, when normally there would be many. One jubilant bird was joined by more and more, and the sounds of the city, a few miles from me, became more active. I don't usually awaken so early, but isn't a summer morning glorious!! I am so thankful for this woman who shared her miraculous story with the world, and for helping us all connect. Every time I "accidentally" see the "11:11", I say to Spirit, "Thank You!--I love you, too!"
- Dorethy H. (Topeka, Kansas, USA)


I expected to spend the hour meditating and feeling a wonderful connection to the others engaged in firing the grid. After I began my meditation I was quite surprised to hear a voice give me clear instructions to visualize a series of interlocking grids surrounding the earth and then to light up these grids. I was then instructed to pull beams of light from the grid and to send them one at a time into the earth. As I did this an area of the earth would begin to glow from the beam. A single beam would light up a large area of water but only a small area of land-desert area took the most beams to light up. Then I was told to use my hands to smooth the light so that it would be even all over the surface. Next I was to place my hands on the top and bottom of the earth and to jiggle it slightly to adjust the axis. I noticed my fingers began to feel swollen. Then silver sparkly stuff rose from the surface of the earth up to touch and enter the grid. Then I saw the earth become a coral colored rose which bloomed beautifully--as it bloomed the hearts of all humans opened. I was then told my job was finished and to sit quietly. Once my amazement began to fade just a bit I became aware that my fingers actually were swollen and both forearms and hands felt as if I had done some sort of heavy work. I am interested in hearing from anyone who received similar instructions. Joy to the world!
- sharon o. s. (tribune, kansas, usa)


I'm not usually into this New Age stuff, but something seemed to be calling me to do this so I had faith and did it anyway. I had to wake up really early to fire the grid where I live, so I'm not sure if I was doing it with my full strength, but I tried my best to channel the energy of God within me to heal the Earth. I didn't really "feel" anything special afterwards, but then again I was only a tiny part of a very large endeavor. Even if my energy wasn't that much, I have faith that we will someday heal this planet.
- Mark (Wichita, Kansas, USA)



It was AWESOME! I never doubted for a moment that I would make a difference in the Earth, but I didn't realize how much it would affect ME. Luckily, I was able to take the day off from work. I woke at 6 am (Fire the Grid began at 7:11 in my time zone) to feed the pig and let him out to "potty" so he would be ready to come back inside and leave me alone for an hour. I had decided, weather permitting, to Fire the Grid outdoors. I had a banana smoothie for a quick breakfast while Angeles (my pig) ate his breakfast carrots outdoors. I prepared my space with a chakra candle, and I brought my CD player out onto the deck so I could listen to the gorgeous music I downloaded from the site the night before. Since I am a Reiki master, I decided to split the hour into 3 segments--prayer, meditation, and Reiki for our Earth. Sitting in my yard in the grass, I began my prayer at precisely 7:11 am. It was pretty much a long, rambling prayer--I just let whatever I felt in my heart and mind come pouring out. I prayed for the Earth and for every living creature on it. I felt very much in tune with the Divine. Because my yard is on a slope, it isn't comfortable for meditation, especially when situated sideways, facing East. So, once I had prayed everything that popped into my head and heart, I moved to a chair on the deck for meditation. Despite recent stifling hot days, the morning was very cool and breezy, and a few drops of rain fell during my meditation. I had no timer, and just meditated on the Divine and Love and the beauty of our Earth until I naturally started to "come back." Then I moved back into the yard and said a brief Reiki prayer, drew the symbols in the grass with my finger, then placed my palms on the Earth. I could feel the energy coursing through me and literally oozing out of my hands. After about 15 minutes or so (just a few minutes before the hour was up), the sun broke through. It was the most beautiful, peaceful moment I can remember. Words fail me; I cannot begin to describe the feeling. After it was over, I felt SO amazingly peaceful, yet energized. I kept that feeling with me throughout the day, so peaceful and loving. Peace and Blessings,
- Rev. Suzy G., CRM (Florence, Kentucky, USA)


There seemed to be a common theme of going out into the cosmos and looking back at earth. Several said they were aware of joining hands with others and forming rings around the earth and being aware of other rings and all the rings connecting. (We did not talk about this before the meditation.) Three others found themselves flying over different parts of the world and spreading healing; two in Africa and being aware of the extreme poverty and hardships. They sent light and healing to those they saw. I was one of those that joined hands and was a part of one of the rings. At some point, my mom, who died suddenly 3 years ago and who was my best friend, came to me and told me how proud she was of me. She said that she was also a part of this today. That was very special - though all of it was!
- Donna's house (Lexington, Kentucky, USA)


I was preparing to turn left at a busy intersection--when my car was abruptly halted and I saw a white van flash before my eyes. I was shocked! Next I saw black pieces of a car flying in the air. A car to my right--turning right was hit by the white van. I firmly believe this to be a miracle placed upon me, and attribute it directly to my meditation this morning at 7:11 am for one hour to assist with FTG. I had placed an arrowhead beside my bed last night, and upon my awakening, gave thanks for this day and for all that I would experience as noted in Shelley's presentation. So here I am to say before all that are reading--THANKS to our higher source.
- Lydia B. (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)


I don’t know how to explain it exactly, but I when I meditated, in complete darkness, there was a beautiful orange/gold light and I was 'buzzing'. I felt absolute hope that "things are going to get better". I kept hearing that over and over again. I felt exhausted and a little nauseated afterwards. I probably needed to ground before taking off to work!
- Lisa S. (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)


I began at 5:55 a.m. CT. My focus was on Mother Earth and my love and respect for her, my family and how much I love them. My intense desire to make global change. During the hour I felt profound warmth in my Heart Chakra. After the experience I feel the strongest desire for world change, more so than before. The focus of every human on the planet needs to change...and will change. It is now our job to be a loud voice… enough is enough. The time is at hand for global change to peacefulness on Earth and to live in harmony with the energy of the Universe.
- Laurie P. (Mayfield, Kentucky, USA)


When I sat down to participate on that morning, I never thought I would have such a wonderful experience. I felt as if my whole body was being lifted off the bed, I felt weightless. It was such a comforting feeling, like being rocked by gentle sea waves. When I was finished, I was SO energized! I honestly had to make myself go to bed that evening, I wasn't tired and I didn't feel I needed to sleep. Most of the night I just laid quietly and reflected on my own thoughts, and had perfect clarity of mind as well... even at 3 in the morning!
- Starr C. (Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA)


Six people met at 6:11 AM for one hour on the highest hill in our area with a panoramic view overlooking the state of Illinois as well as we who were in Kentucky. The rising of the sun was awesome on this morning. It was a spectacular morning with a slight north breeze. Our thoughts were focused on earth healing. Some experienced tiny "lighting rods" in the horizon. It was very cool, indeed. The focus was on Malachi 2:10 asking if we are not all children of the same Father? In body and spirit we are His. Malachi 4:2 says, But you who fear my Name the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings. And, so He did. We believe in an Almighty Powerful God who can and will purify the earth and accept our offerings to Him once again.
- Sandy (Salem, Kentucky, USA)



I had never had many happy moments in my life. As a kid I was teased on, and even beaten and hurt. A second born, I grew up feeling neglected since my parents were often drunk. So it was hard for me to think of something incredibly joyful in my life. I chose to think about gardening, swimming, and other activities that made me feel calm and peaceful because I couldn't think of anything else to concentrate on given past thoughts. I could not exactly sit and meditate on this however. I wrote a letter in advance and I'll carry it with me at all times. I guess you can say I'm bearing my own message in a bottle, carrying it in my pocket as if it's a talisman or magical charm. Magic is everywhere. We see it all the time. So I carried my letter with me as I went to work, and when I felt the time was right and I had a moment to stand still, I closed my eyes and focused all my thoughts and energy into this project. I must admit, I probably did this before in my own fashion to solve my own problems. This time, though, it was selfless. And even though I was not able to sit down and actually meditate with the world at the exact same time, I did my best. I paused in my everyday activities and tried my best. I thought I felt a connection, but I am unsure. Still, I'll keep trying as best as possible. Hoping I made a difference, "All that is visible must grow beyond itself and extend into the realm of the invisible."
- Amanda (Lafayette, Louisiana, USA)


I felt a warm flow of energy in my heart that expanded outward. I experienced a mental slide show of beautiful places in nature that were combined with special memories of being loved and connected. A feeling of excitement was present throughout the entire hour that was mixed with a sense of creating something historic. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this.
- Marylou S. (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)


We listened to the beautiful "Light and Love" CD as we meditated and connected with the energy around the world. I could feel the energy all around me and through me as I experienced joy and gratitude for my experiences on this planet, sending the energy to heal Mother Earth. Sharon had some profound "dreams" where she knew a special event was happening and these beings she had never seen before came to participate. When we got up after the hour was finished, we both felt a little light headed and energized from the event. We are both excited knowing this event is just the beginning of the lightness that we are all manifesting together on this planet! In Light and Love,
- Michele and Sharon (Slidell, Louisiana, USA)



I shared this experience with one other person and it truly moved me. I could feel so much wonderful, peaceful, loving, healing energy during that hour and it lingered with me throughout the day. I could sense and feel the energy of all the others ~ our collective spirits uniting and strengthening through light, love and oneness. I am truly enlightened from this experience. I can feel something has shifted and changed in a positive, spiritual direction for all of the earth and humanity. I can sense and feel that changes are happening in every moment bringing us all closer to the completion of the awakening. I feel that changes are happening for every being ~ whether they feel connected or believe it does not matter, they will be affected just merely by exposure of others like us and of like mind. I finally feel a connection with others who feel and see and have visions as I have for the past 10-15 years of these changes and this shift happening. I feel the love & connectedness we all share with each other. Our purpose here is great and we must continue to spread our messages to the world and help awaken all of humankind. With Love, Light, Peace, & Healing,
- Janet aka earthspirit (Auburn, Maine, USA)


I started my [first] meditation in the wee morning around 4:11 a.m. [three hours early]. I began my meditation in the usual manner of deep breath and then allowing myself to move further into relaxation. I opened myself to connect with the positive energies that I felt were moving around me. Quickly I felt a quiet, serene, but very deep peace move through me. I knew this was others already at work, bringing healing light, sound, laughter to our earth mother. I embraced our beautiful earth mother with love, protection and healing light. This went on as I felt myself swirling with so many others basically doing the same. How wonderful!! After feeling such oneness with so many, I felt myself go more deeply into relaxation and there I began to see as the observer a man walking next to the ocean. He moved his hands onto his heart as he quietly walked into the water. He continued to walk until he disappeared completely submerged by the ocean waves. The scene suddenly shifted and I now saw this child looking into the water. As I observed I saw a man's body floating in the water. It was the gentleman that previously had walked into the water. This child was looking at this man, and I could tell that in his young mind, that he was trying to figure out if this man was dead or just lying there. Being so young, he (the child) had nothing to compare it to. Suddenly, the man's head rose. He looked from one side to the other, scanning the horizon and then he spoke in a very deep but loving voice: Children… Behold my birthday. I have arose. This certainly was a powerful experience and I know it should be shared. It is very symbolic on so many levels. I have never felt the feelings, the beauty and oneness that were felt yesterday, that are definitely still here if not more powerfully today. I know it is my job to hold this with love from spirit. To continue with my work, to help, to heal and to love. This has been my life's work, but now… I can only say: with so very much more love. Many blessings to all.
- Patti T. (Bethel, Maine, USA)


I did a meditation for the hour. I had spiritual harmonic music playing, with added affirmations of love and peace woven in. My meditation was deeply peaceful and I had no conflict with random thoughts invading the peace, it was utter stillness, so much so, I felt timeless and shapeless. I said prayers briefly, but forming speech even in my head seemed like too much effort, and I gave way to a peace and stillness that filled me up, and surrendered my trust that my full body intention had no confusion about what was going on or hoped for. Just before the hour was up, I opened my eyes and realized I was radiating heat from the back of my head all the way down my spine, enormous heat. It was not feverish or unpleasant, just big. The heat lingered for an hour or two after the 'hour' was up and to even think of the 'hour' my spine gets warm again in remembrance. It was powerful. I look forward to finding out among the varied experiences if anyone else was 'fired up' like I was. Namaste I am filled with appreciation to have had this opportunity and thank everyone who helped get the message out and organized. With Love,
- Katherine G. (BRUNSWICK, MAINE, USA)


I did a walking meditation for 1 hour at the local walking path which is located next to the river. I was overcome with a sense of joy and sadness during the first part of my walk and towards the end. The experience brought tears to my eyes and butterflies in my stomach. I can't really explain it much more than that. I am glad that I was advised of this project.
- H. (Brunswick, Maine, USA)


I was at work, so I could help in short spurts. I did give my spirit permission to be there for me. Several times in that hour I could stop and feel, feel the love connection. It was not a feeling I have felt before. What I felt, was a very intense calming, all consuming loving feeling. It might be the intensity I haven't felt before. I am very honored to be here at this time, and to have been able to take part in the helping to heal Mother Earth.
- Brent (New Sharon, Maine, USA)


I listened for a while to Anisa’s group, but soon left that to meditate on my own. I spent time in prayer, time reading scriptures, time sitting outside in the sunny morning listening to hermit thrushes, goldfinches, wrens, chipping sparrows, squirrels, and other woodland creatures, listening to the wind in the trees, feeling the breeze on my face, feeling the joy of being alive. Meditating on my name--Joy--and feeling the love of the Creator in every moment.
- Joy (Northport, Maine, USA)


It was a wonderful experience that I shared with a few people from yoga class. We sat on the smoothest rocks by the oceans edge surrounded by fresh air and birds and butterflies, just a magnificent setting for this event. As I sent loving energy out to the world, I felt myself feel larger and connected to everything. So I found myself sending love out to everything...from the depths of the ocean to the galaxy to the whole universe, to all that is. My practice would ebb and flow like the ocean, or air currents. I would feel energy coming into me and then I would send loving energy back out… to people I know, and don't know, the plants and animals, and rocks until I felt I had given love to all the earth from the inside out. What I was not fully expecting, was the great feeling of warmth and peace I received in return. I am so grateful that I was told about this just two days before it was to happen. Thank you Universe!
- Tess (Portland, Maine, USA)



My roommate and I spent the hour this morning in joyous celebration of life! We used Osho's Kundalini Meditation Cd, which provides music for 15 minutes of shaking, 15 minutes of dancing, 15 minutes of sitting in meditation and 15 minutes of laying down in mediation. I was in full trance mode for most of this time, and filled with incredible joy. As I offered my energy to Mother Earth images from all over the planet floated before my eyes. I felt especially connected to the animal realms during this time. It was so powerful to know that we shared this experience with millions around the world!
- Lauren S. (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)


I just felt very relaxed, peaceful, content, while listening to the Anael CD, felt goosebumps several times, and toward the end of the hour, my ears felt a strange sensation or heaviness. Later, it developed into a ringing in my right ear, like tinnitus, all morning long. Also, a poem came into my head during my session, but I didn't write it down not having paper and pen. I tried to re-create it later, from memory, but don't know if the words were exact. It begins with ""breathe the air, let every breath caress every cell, let every breath push out the dust of your mind" and ends with "reach for infinity."
- Monica (Columbia, Maryland, USA)


About 20 minutes into the experience, I saw and felt a great cheer rise up - I saw the faces of millions - hands raised in joy and celebration. We are doing it. We are doing what we came to do. We are together in this. I raised my hands with the masses and began to dance the flow. Then I went out to the river and dunked my body in the water. I felt that I was doing what I came here to do. That the unseen work of ages was rising to manifestation. The time that seemed so far off is here now. And we are ready.
- Tom K. (Crownsville, Maryland, USA)


I asked the angels to guide me as to what to do. I first focused on the fire within my heart center. Then I felt guided to put my hands together in prayer. Shortly after that I felt the powerful energetic connection to others who were participating and also felt a surge of energy -- it felt like the surge was going into the earth's field. I then was guided to draw sky energy into my crown chakra and send it out the bottom of my feet into the earth. This was a very powerful, palpable feeling -- it felt like I was a lighting rod sending energy into the earth. I could feel the bottom of my feet tingling. I feel as though the process was healing for me, as well as the Earth.
- Carrie S. (Crownsville, Maryland, USA)


I have been listening to "Light & Love" daily and nightly since July 12. Last night, my partner and I activated our Star Temple (an energetic vortex in our woods where we 'laid' a six-pointed star that represented the aspects of the Harmonic Concordance in November 2003) and charged it with the intent to act as the conduit to carry the energy between the Earth and the Cosmos. We then meditated as we listened to the Light & Love CD again...opening ourselves to the energy within and the task at hand. This morning, we re-focused on the Star Temple and meditated for almost the complete hour (mundane obligation prevented us from completing the whole hour :) ) playing the CD again. The experience was QUITE powerful. I could 'feel' the web of connections to others doing the working. It was much more palpable than when we did the Harmonic Concordance in 2003. I could also 'feel' myself opened up as a channel/conduit for the energy moving up and down. It felt like the energy 'cleaned me out' while it was also bathing the Earth with healing and bursting into the Cosmos with power and light. It was a bit difficult to 'come out' of the meditation and go to work. I have been trying to 'hold myself' in that space a bit while still taking care of business... I am going to try to continue to do that... conscious of maintaining a connection to the 'grid' and all of the wonderful energy there. I am SO pleased that I became aware of this event in time to participate. - There are no accidents - no coincidences - everything is significant - and all is within the realm of possibility. Many Blessings,
- Karen B. (Denton, Maryland, USA)


A miracle truly came exactly at 7:11 AM. I was dead worried for not hearing from my daughter after she flew to Paris! I cried and prayed that she would be safe and that I would hear from her soon. When I joined this circle of meditation, I was calm and was informed to check my pager. I thought it was partially a joke. I had a doubt if her message would come precisely at this moment. Apparently, her message was sent exactly at 7:11 AM. Her message came precisely at 7:11 AM! What more can I ask? What more can I believe? It was a great relief that my daughter was safe! As my friend said, "It reinforces the belief that the higher universal source is working with us". A true blessing of this miracle working together! Many thanks for sending your vibrational energy in this circle meditation. Peace, Light and Love,
- Beverly (Frederick, Maryland, USA)


I have been meditating for 22 years. During my Fire the Grid meditation I twice had an overwhelming smile come over my face. I had previously experienced intense feelings of bliss during meditation, but this was different. It was a sense of Joy that seemed to come from the earth or the human collective. Obviously something good was happening. Not that I tried to, but I could not have removed the smile from my face, it was very powerful. I also had a deep and very silent meditation.
- James B. (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA)


During my meditation I could feel all the people of the world joining together as one in love and healing for all the people, nature, and all our relations. I had a vision of an eagle carrying our prayers and messages on his wings to the heavens of Great Spirit. My next vision was a White Buffalo, from the North, standing above us, a sure sign of rebirth for the world.
- Deborah H. (Joppa, Maryland, USA)


As I meditated and shared with Gaia all the most joyous moments of my life, I realized that each of them involved the beauty of Mother Nature or her gifts. I recalled breaking bread with my husband (now passed on), touching flowers with a friend, Shamanic journeys to the underworld of nature, and standing alone under a tree with sun buttering the leaves. Near the end of the meditation I began to shake violently with the energy coming in from all over the Earth. When I stopped shaking and looked down, I saw that the hour was over. For all my friends (known and unknown) who sat together this morning, I'd like to quote from the Incredible String Band: "may the long-time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide you all the way on."
- Beth D. (Laurel, Maryland, USA)


I laughed. I cried. I saw sparkly colors. Nothing extremely profound. I wondered if I was doing it correctly, but hey, if I was there - how bad could it have been. I first learned of the Fire the Grid project a couple of months ago. I was on board immediately. I have been so so lost lately. "I don't belong here." This is how I have felt - for years. I have always known I was different. I was watching Shelley's YouTube videos and she mentioned being able to communicate with the light beings in the bathtub. I have had an idea to write a story about a woman who finds she can hear beings in another dimension when she is in the bathtub. This sealed it for me. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful event. ~ Blessings ~
- Diane M. (Monrovia, Maryland, USA)


I led a meditation hour at the Healng Center, Relaxing Alternatives. It was wonderful to be up that early - the sun was shining through the trees as I drove to the Center. During the previous week, I passed out 80 flyers about the meditation (and what people could do on their own if they couldn't make it to our group). I prepared the room in the Healing Center with crystals and candles, angel cards, etc. We had a wonderful experience and we all felt reluctant to leave the space. I am looking forward to seeing how we will come together in the future to make a difference for Good in the World.
- Brenda C. L. (Rockville/Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA)


It’s been quite a morning. I managed to sit the entire hour – a few tears, lots of concentration, and at one point an almost overwhelming sensation of receiving energy that practically knocked me out of my chair. I was in the zone for most of the hour which surprised me a bit since my meditation periods are usually no longer than a half hour. It was good and for the most part I managed to stay on point. I concentrated on seeing the earth healed from her core to the stratosphere (that’s the mantra I used) and I also focused on seeing real healing for all of those in need. I directed quite a bit of energy to Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital which is just down the street from me. I also spent a LOT of time being grateful – part of that was focusing on my little planted veggies and thinking of how the earth continues to reward us despite our horrible treatment of her. It was a full hour. I suppose I expected to be all refreshed and happy after the experience. Instead, I’m rather tired although I am not unhappy. As I was walking to the office, I realized that with the exception of my boot camp exercise class, I rarely expend that kind of energy for an hour all in one sitting! That’s hard work and being tired comes with it! Thank the Universe for the energy to be a part of this. I very consciously focused on the great circle of people participating in FTG, joining my energies with theirs. FTG was rewarding for me personally and I hope I helped in the greater circle. I do know something was up – whatever that energetic jolt was, it was extremely powerful. I felt it in both my body and my spirit.
- Mark (Silver Spring, Maryland, USA)


This was the first time I ever meditated. I could visualize white doves and butterflies-Peace and harmony. My chest and arms got very heavy and I could feel a tingling sensation. My lower abdomen felt as if I had butterflies. I pray that Mother Earth has healed.
- patty f. (westminster, maryland, usa)



I grow organic herbs. Nature has always been a great teacher and wonder to me. 9/11 pushed me to want to create more life. So I began to grow organic herbs. I informed and encouraged others to experience the joy and health of growing and using locally grown food. This is my experience of July 17. I was double digging a bed to plant potatoes and butternut squash. I became very quiet and sent out peace and love to the planet. As I removed the soil and placed compost I experienced such stillness and oneness. It was as if the earth and all of its matters were in a total oneness. I was so peaceful and more, the sense of connection was deep. I have shared your story with many and it has given them hope. Thank you for all of your efforts.
- Patricia (Ashley Falls, Massachusetts, USA)


Unfortunately, I could not sit in meditation for an hour because I had to drive my children places and then help out at my son's program. However, I spent my driving time focusing on what brings joy to my life (and even reminded my children to focus on their joys) and on feeling positive healing energy for our planet. I regret that I could not spend the hour exactly the way it was suggested, but what I had to do I did with love and joy. I hope this counts.
- Suzanne M. (Bellingham, Massachusetts, USA)


I shared FIRE THE GRID with probably a couple of hundred people that I know, and from phone calls and emails afterwards I know that quite a few friends also joined together in spirit to share this. I started the meditation at 7:11am and went till about 8:15am. I said a prayer and acknowledged myself and gave thanks for being a channel for light and healing for the earth. As it first started, I noticed the sunlight reflecting through a crystal in my window and across the room to shine a rainbow against my bathroom door and I took a moment to notice the rainbow in its totality and all the unique colors and gave thanks for it as a beautiful omen to start the meditation. During the meditation, many images of happiness and joy from childhood and adulthood came to me, along with many healing moments. I also thought of people that I love. I also imagined the earth receiving this energy and connecting with the earth. I am very glad to have participated in this event. Thank you for organizing this and believing in a positive collective future for us.
- Arnie K. (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)


I heard the conch shell as I turned the corner. 8 people in a circle, 5 cross-legged, Oren standing with a prayer book and a shawl over his head. Joel and Jovie holding each other. I sat down cross-legged. Later I danced around the circle, and played tag with Joel, ran through the grass, and returned to the circle. Late on, Joel played the clarinet from a tree. He blew the conch when the hour was over. I beat the djembe, and Oren played another drum. We held hands, and marveled that we are enough. Just a few human hearts.
- Allison W. (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)


This was different indeed. I had to work this day and the actual time of the meditation is when I get ready for work. Since time is irrelevant on the quantum physics level which is what this whole thing is working on, I decided to write my intention on a piece of paper and carry it with me through out the day. I mentally envisioned myself in meditation, focusing my intention into energy and connecting through light to the human and earth grid. I have to say that instantly I had the feeling of many others around me and felt a surge of energy. I had a quick flash of the image of the human grid with people sitting in meditation at cross sections. It was so intense with energy that it actually looked like cords of white flames. In the next couple of days I saw some unexpected and miraculous changes happen very quickly in my life. Since then I have felt more at peace and really FEELING the power of creation that I have, that we all have. Thank you.
- Anne Marie (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)


My fiancé and I went to the nearby park and pond and sung and drum to our favorite songs and said a prayer of gratitude for all the blessings received in our lives. As we sung and walked around we saw many people that smiled to us. We sung for the geese and swans in the pond and they seemed happy. It all went by pretty fast. We want to do this more often and hope that more global meditations are coming. Thanks for starting the fire! Peace and Love:
- Jorge and Jill (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)


I was eager and present and excited to be part of this and there was a surprisingly light energy, a sense of joyous anticipation. Somehow I was separated from my usual observing-judging self and more present in my in-the-moment self, much more than I expected. As I sat in meditation, I allowed myself to move from sitting to lying as felt right. I was present with my breathing, imagining others near me, sharing this moment, this intention. Deep in the meditation, I felt/saw a dark, dank prison with people or souls huddling in murky corners. It was dark and I noticed some fear and then someone/thing said - you are free to go to the light IF you will go to the light. It was a conscious turning of the darkness into light. My heart opened a bit more at that instant and I sat with that image - of consciously willing the light. It was gentle and easy and powerful and sweet. Blessings,
- Marc G. (Brookline, Massachusetts, USA)


The peace and uncanny sense of being at one and home with a global community was felt beyond anything experienced for me before. This carried with me for several days afterwards too. During my sitting meditation I went into a world view where I observed the Earth in her beauty (as though I was looking upon the Earth as if I were in space), then as I defined the blue oceans, green continents, glaciers, deserts I found myself flying and circling around the Earth, each continent I prayed, blessed, and directed this good energy coming in. The entire vision lasted for a short while and I connected with Mother Earth in this way until I had completed flying over all nations and places of the world. This is a significant and important time. Also it is completely in line with many native prophecies, and even some religious (or olden astrological) foresights too. Many Blessings,
- Eric S. (Cheshire, Massachusetts, USA)


I awoke earlier than usual on the morning of July 17th. I immediately played the Light and Love CD as I was getting ready to go to work. I had already determined that I was going to have to live with the fact that I would be commuting to work during the 11:11 GMT time of meditation. I thought, "this ought to be interesting as driving and meditating is not recommended to the general public". I took a few minutes around 6:45am to cuddle up with my dog and center myself in the energy of love. Commuting is not one of those things I look forward to on a daily basis as it entails an hour plus of traffic... but I was ready this morning. My experience was out of this world. It quickly became clear to me that I WAS meant to be commuting and sharing the energy of love with all those around me and anchoring the energy of love as I moved through the various towns. Physically, I felt "foggy" or somewhat out of this world... Yet, I stayed focused on my greatest joy and feeling the energy of love in my heart. I certainly felt a lot of energy around and felt the presence of many beings of light and love. It was a colorful commute in the colors I saw from all those beings around me. I appreciated having the opportunity to turn a very mundane task into one of sharing love. Very simple, yet powerful. THANK YOU!!!
- Olga G. (Easton, Massachusetts, USA)


My 9 year old son and I were meditating on Earth. We are both beginners in Reiki. There were a few moments I was almost crying over the feeling of goodness that I was feeling a part of. I also think we need to go out to children with this message. They don't have so much baggage yet, not so skeptical as adults are. They are more open minded and willing to do energy work. Their work can be even more effective than the work of adults. So I think, going forward, it's a good idea to try to reach more kids, maybe through schools. They understand very well that it's their planet.
- Boris (Framingham, Massachusetts, USA)


I began my meditation at 7:11 EST by sending an email to one of my favorite online communities stating all that brings me joy and all that I am thankful for. I began to meditate and then was interrupted as I had to get my daughter off to camp. As I was getting her lunch packed and her breakfast to her, I began to cry and this lasted about 15 minutes. I couldn't really explain it to my young kids and just continued getting my daughter ready as tears are streaming down my face. I believe I had energetically tapped into the collective consciousness on an emotional level, and was grateful to feel the connection to the universe.
- Jean P. (Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA)


I lit a candle and incense and played some healing music. I prayed and asked God to use me as a channel for whatever was needed for healing at that time. I wanted to make sure I was doing it right! I connected my root into the earth and sent energy up to the Heavens. I sent light and love out through my Heart Chakra to connect with the other Lightworkers and saw us all linked by Heart energy. I felt tickling activity on my Crown. Thank you for bringing this amazing experience forward! There are no words to describe how joyful I felt! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE
- Maureen J. (Lynnfield, Massachusetts, USA)


I went to the area on the beach at 6:30am to prepare the site. I raked the sand in a counter clockwise spiral to fit 50 people and put my sound system in the middle of the circle. I put on Bradfield's music and saged the entire site. People started to arrive and I gave out a handout of a description of Shelley's experience and the meaning of Fire the Grid along with a poem I wrote for Mother's day as a part of Standing Women project. I also copied out the words to Anael's song "Be Still Thy Soul." We honored the four directions and honored father sky and mother earth. At 7:11 we played Be Still Thy Soul and then since many were yoga students, laid back or sat on our mats and for the next 50 minutes meditated together as one. We ended with three om's and went on our way.
- Don O. (Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA)


I chose to meditate as it is something I really love to do. I felt my energy being pulled through my crown chakra and then I felt my heart chakra opening. I've never known my heart chakra to be open that much. I couldn’t believe how much energy was being pulled from me. Then I felt as if I were holding a very large basin in my arms. The energy just poured forth. I felt so honored to be able to offer my energy for this healing. When the hour was complete I felt peaceful and very tired. I rested for about 10 minutes and then got up feeling joyful. That feeling stayed with me for the rest of the day.
- Leslie Y. (Millis, Massachusetts, USA)


We could both feel the energy immediately -- it was vibrant and alive. The hour passed by very quickly, and it was a wonderful experience. Then, right on schedule, we could both feel the energy suddenly disconnect as people around the world changed their focus. It was like unplugging an electrical device - it was clear that the meditation was over. But it was thrilling to participate in "firing the grid." We both felt very happy and energized.
- Ruth S. (Shutesbury, Massachusetts, USA)


I was so grateful to be able to share this information with many spiritualist groups and churches in the Boston area. One church actually made your story part of their Sunday Service. I did the meditation at 7:11am for one hour and felt a couple of subtle energy shifts taking place during the meditation. That evening I went to a Tong Ren healing session, after which Tibetan singing bowls are played as part of the session. Although I had attended many of these in the past, after helping to "Fire the Grid," I literally shook from the vibration of the sound coming from the bowls-- an amazing feeling. Thank you so much for your efforts to share this with the world.
- Gail N. M. (Watertown, Massachusetts, USA)



Greetings!! When I got a link to your site on Monday I read the story and immediately knew it as truth , my crown chakra and entire body was tingling. I sent your link to many many others who are in this same type of work and healing. What we all felt today was AWESOME! We have all done global healing at specific times before but never have any of us felt the energy we felt today. It was truly incredible!!!! I don’t see any reason that we can't do this regularly together. What a wonderful gift to mother earth who has given us all so very much. I thank you and the wonderful beings of light!!! Love & Light


I felt the union of spirit of all my sisters and brothers before eleven after. I thought of world peace and healing of the ozone. I was feeling the sorrow of so many people, victims of war and pollution of our beautiful planet. I cried and prayed for a better world. This was a very emotional hour. I hope I added to the mass positive consciousness on July 17. Peace and Love
- sandra w. (detroit, michigan, usa)


I did a deep meditation. My whole body "buzzed' as if electrified when I came back into my body. I have never experienced that feeling before.
- Claudia H. (Elk Rapids, Michigan, USA)


Encircled by Stone-People from Lake Huron and soothed by the sounds of the water lapping upon the shore...I stilled myself...I then played Heaven and Earth Spirits which provided the portal into my Connection with the millions of other Beings sharing Time and Space. I then sang both Be Still My Soul and Sky Sent. The music brought this incredible sensation that I was "docking" or edging up to others across the galaxy. In the stillness...with the gentle lapping of water over the pebbles I felt a cleansing of warm energy tingle from the tip of my head to the tips of toes. I sensed I was being emptied...being prepared to be filled with greater awareness of my next step...the role I'll play to create peace on our Planet. Awaken awaken further awaken is what was being whispered to me...and like the words in Sky Sent, "Love is the key if skies are to welcome Goodwill among men the only reply Blessed, each of us here to witness the opening Sought since the beginning of time... Sky sent, crossing time to tell the future Guide our way, it's a long road Sky sent, through the frosty winter of dissent Will we forge ahead? Will we form consent?" I then felt as if I was being transformed or morphed into a Being with many flowing strands gently expelling pure white radiating star-like energy disks to all the Beings I came into contact with. It was pure love. Going out...coming back into me. I felt connected in a much deeper way with all that surrounded me. I felt then as I do now...total peace...total love...total joy...I experienced a quickening...a renewed sense of commitment...continuing in my role to bring peace to individuals and their families through healthy communication...creating safe space...helping those silenced to restore their voice, awaken to their purpose and affirm their wholeness. In Love and Light to all...thank you for this extraordinary Experience of Renewal.
- Julie L. J. (Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA)


I, Susie M, meditated for the first twenty minutes of the Firing of the Grid. It was an awesome feeling to be as one with so many others around the world. In my mind I saw visions of groups of people holding hands in silence, I saw people singing, dancing and crying. I saw people alone in small spaces and then along side rivers, and oceans an upon mountain tops. I felt individual and global healing taking place. I felt a wonderful energy coming into me. Although it may sound strange the energy took form in my mind as little white balls or droplets of goodness that came into me cleansing me and filling me at the same time. I saw and felt so much in my heart and mind that I could never quite explain in words the profoundness of it all. And all in only twenty minutes! After meditating I joined my sleeping family in our king sized bed. We planned to sleep together the night before so we could snuggle as a family during the Firing of the Grid. My husband Scott woke up and we looked in awe at our beautiful children as they slept. We peacefully whispered happy thoughts to one another. Then our 12 year old daughter Lily awoke. We envisioned together all the people around the world Firing the Grid. She snuggled with an injured chipmunk that she has been nursing back to health for the past month. We lay silent with one another... Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, Dog, Cats, and a chipmunk, all in one bed! About 5 minutes left and our 3 year old son Gabriel awoke wanting to snuggle too, of course. I felt filled with love and gratitude! I also felt a huge release of some sort, a letting go of old ways and an openness to surrender to the new. We are excited for a new beginning! We are grateful for this experience. Love to all. We are looking forward to what's next.....
- M. Family (Marquette, Michigan, USA)


I felt originally a super surge of energy in my heart area...it began to frighten me, so, I got up and moved a little and calmed down. I heard a 'Hello Everyone' and then visualized wispy clouds for a while. I saw a woman who was writing down something. She had braids and was younger than me, in her twenties. I then, remembered what I was doing, and started praying for people I know and the planet. Generally, my experience wasn't all that pleasant. I felt a very strong resistance. I haven't been in a very pleasant mood lately and feel the terrorist threat very personally. I think this is what I'm tuned into...and, wish I wasn't. So, I'd like to do more of this thing and am very curious as to others' experiences.
- Nan G. (Newberry, Michigan, USA)


I have so many negative things to combat, it was difficult and draining to meditate, but I did it, and during the process I ended up feeling a slight warm feeling, like warm water envelope me. It only lasted a moment, and afterwards, it seemed like the hour went by very quickly and I was exhausted. I became irritated and angry as I wondered what my joy was and why I wanted to help fire the grid. I have less then 2 weeks before being evicted from here, the IRS is demanding taxes and ignoring my receipts, I'm unemployed and in a town that is overflowed with depression. I find it so difficult to not feel trapped here. I wish I could hear voices of comfort that gave me purpose as well. I hope what ever my own purpose is, it comes and I am able to do what I am supposed to do. Until then, I seem to have no support, or direction of certainty. But peace to you and success.
- Joe B. (Newberry, Michigan, USA)


Woke up, walked the dogs in the rain while listening to the music downloaded from this site. When I returned, I made a cup of tea and went into the room I would be using. I turned off all the electrical devices in the room, but turned on an air ionizer on the opposite side of the room. I lit some candles, and settled in a sitting position facing about 3 degrees East of due North (Sean David Morton stated this would be good). I used my ipod and headphones and Kelly Howell's Brain Power to help me produce the appropriate brain waves. I put out my intention to love the earth, then just tried to get out of the way. There was a feeling of being a conduit of energy from the sky to the earth. It was lovely. Just before the hour was over, the power went out in our area. My computer backup battery was beeping. I turned it off, then went back to finish. Power was out for an hour and a half. There was only a light rain so there really wasn't a good reason for the power to go out, unless the grid was really firing!
- Deb C. (Schoolcraft, Michigan, USA)


I sat in a secret spot in my yard and just became ONE with all that was. It was beautiful...I traveled, i loved, i raised my vibration so high that remembering all of my journeys would be impossible that a.m. After about a hour and a half of meditation, (there really was no time), i walked through my garden admiring the new growth on everything that i had planted and watched growing over the years....as i was just BEING, out of the blue i thought to myself 'i would love to see a hummingbird'(which i NEVER see) and within 2 minutes tops, not one, but two hummingbirds flew out of the sky, flew right in front of me, stopped in mid flight for a minute or so, and then they were gone. as fast as they came, they were gone.... the only feeling that i can compare this too was when you love your first child so much that you think there is no way you could have enough room in your heart for another one, and then the other one comes and your heart swells even more....that is how i felt with gratitude. i had so much in the moment of meditation and admiration for EVERYTHING...it was over flowing.... then the hummingbirds came and my heart grew even more and the gratitude was more than our limited words could ever express....truly a day, a moment, i will NEVER forget! I LOVE MY LIFE
- Lisa J. S./forthesoulfromthesoul (TROY, Michigan, USA)


I only found out about this project the week before it was slated. I told everyone I know, and when the day and time came, the most amazing things happened. I was joined by some "old soul" friends, my American Indian friends, my son and some extended friends. During the prayer and meditation, the shift was unmistakable, as we felt the power and love being poured out. Afterwards, our entire region was bathed in a beautiful greenish light that slowly changed to bronze.
- Theresa T. (Waterford, Michigan, USA)



I have to say it was odd. I came to the event with a great deal of love. However, I mostly felt a physical change rather than a mental change. It was very powerfully energizing, and I felt tingly. However, I sensed a lot of apprehension and when I suddenly focused on this, I got a very clear vision of myself on a stationary bike - peddling furiously. I didn't know whether to take offense or feel glad that I seemed to be getting so much exercise. And perhaps that's what this experiment - ultimately - would be for many people: practice and exercise to learn how to use this power of conscious love in their daily lives. I was being told it was the self, and not others, that we must practice growing. Perhaps the grid was more frightening for this willing contributor than he anticipated ... for it was a message that seemed to be returned rather than spread: a powerful reinforcement of what the sages and seers of the world already say: growth of the whole occurs by spreading love from within, not forcing opinion on others on a mass scale.
- Maxeem K. (Albert Lea, Minnesota, USA)


I was only able to tune in for a short time during a break at work - but immediately got the sense of huge wave of light/love sweeping the planet. There was no crest, it just kept moving - wish I could have surfed it longer. Let's please do another!
- Joel (Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA)


I went out to a spot by a creek and sat on some rocks. The meditation was slow to start, but before I knew it, I was standing, singing, praising the earth, and feeling my energy surge through my body, down to my feet and into the earth. It was amazing. Afterwards, I felt very drained, in a good way. It was an amazing experience that I would do again and again to bring more love, light, and positivity to the world, and our beautiful mother earth and to restore the grid between us all.
- Zach (Duluth, Minnesota, USA)


I was so moved by the magnitude/significance of this event, that I told most people I know about it. This included teachers and classmates of mine at a center for spiritual development. I am currently taking classes in hands-on healing, psychic development, and self-hypnosis. Everyone I shared this with, had a 'knowing' also, that this resonated with absolute 'truth'. I suspect I was able to bring this awareness to at least 100 people. This morning (07-17-07 6:11AM Mpls. time) I sat beside Lake Minnetonka with a delicious cup of coffee, and some Cat Stevens and Mozart music. I listened to both nature and music. What a beautiful sight around me! I took my shoes off, put my feet in the dirt, asked for my Soul to connect to the grid, thought of my joys, gave thanks, and just radiated energy and immersed myself in it. It was quite a feeling, knowing the Collective was also with me. I'm thankful!
- Cori G. (Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA)


I felt a warmth enter my chest and slowly move into my arms. For about 1 minute I could not move - or did not wish to move. The peace lasted for quite some time.
- P. Stein (Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA)



I was filled with an uplifting energy that was powerful but gentle. Peace, hope, and compassion permeated and radiated from me. Later that day as I walked barefoot on the Earth, I felt joyous vibrations and could almost see the sparks when my feet touched the ground.
- Carol P. (Clinton, Mississippi, USA)


I found out about Firethegrid the weekend before it was to happen. My husband and I were fortunate to have the time in which to e-mail everyone we knew and call lots of people. We were so moved by Shelley's videos, that we spent most of the night watching them and checking out the music of Bradfield and Anael. He downloaded the music that he could for us to listen to on July 17th. We ordered a package of their CD's and we have been listening to "Light and Love" almost continuously since we received them. We were very honored to join in for the whole hour. We had shared with the ones who we told about it that if they could not join for the whole time, the way to let their inner self join in for them. Although we could devote the entire hour, I also used that plan to give my inner self permission to also participate for me. It was an intense and powerful hour and several of the people who are in a spiritual group with us, has remarked that they can feel the energy shifting and the earth renewing. We meet each first and third Saturday for an "Intention" group. Thank you Shelley for sharing your incredible story and for listening to your angels and being the instrument for this experience. It has truly blessed us on our spiritual journey.
- Billie B. (D'Lo, Mississippi, USA)


Spent 15 minutes in meditation, focused on gratitude. Very clear, very subtle, very peaceful.
- Stephen M. (Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA)



It was great. We did a guided meditation, shared with each other what we were grateful for and then had our meditation time. The time was spent in different activities; meditation, writing in journals, reading poetry, listening to music, walking meditation, observing the beauty of nature. What ever we did, all were happy and showing gratitude and raising vibration in our own way. I had a wonderful time realizing that mother earth was a mother like me and needed that maternal support that we all need. Sometimes our kids just don't realize they are hurting us. Anyway, it was really good and I am glad that I participated.
- Theresa (Battlefield, Missouri, USA)


I had intended to be with a group on the phone, but could not get through. I unscrewed a light bulb to leave me in candle light and began the meditation. At approximately 6:11 am CST, while I felt a large surge of energy course through my body, the light bulb reconnected with its power source and came back on, leaving my heart pounding, and a wave of love and gratitude spreading through my entire being. I sat for most of the hour in bliss and peace, but since I had stayed up all night to be sure not to miss the Firing of the Grid, I was very tired. I spent the last 20 minutes of the hour lying in bed visualizing change and serenity for the planet as I drifted off to sleep. I did feel a connection with the millions of souls that were connected. It was a wonderful feeling to be so tuned in on so many levels to all of the people who participated.
- Angie H. (Boonville, Missouri, USA)


Listened to Steven Halpern's Sound Healing, sat at my altar touching my turtle shell, deer antler, rabbit skin holding my green aventurine point in left hand, rose quartz point in right, gave my prayer of gratitude for my life and all things that bring me joy. Then went outside and stood against the Bradford Pear tree (it had been incredibly hot the day before) and there was a cool breeze, the birds were singing, the flowers were swaying in the wind, the colors were diffuse, the sky was blue with white clouds and I think, for the first time in my life, I felt true bliss. I didn't want it to end. It was a powerful hour and the lingering energy lasted in my throughout the day.
- Ruth S. (Columbia, Missouri, USA)


At the beginning of my meditation, upon closing my eyes I had the distinct impression that there was all these voices and personality within my experience (I have never experienced that before - Wow!) Then after a few minutes the voices became indistinct and more energy flow which became more and more focused on gratitude as time moved on. I started asked for healing of the world system. At the end of the hour it felt like I could feel the system breathing slowly in and out (not my breath pattern). Thanks. I would like to participate in future events.
- Anne (Rolla, Missouri, USA)


At 6:11 am CST I began meditating with The Moody Blues (To Our Childrens' Childrens' Children) in the background. I began by thinking of joyful things from my childhood up through the present. I felt as if I was connecting with a most wonderful vibration, thinking of all the other people around the world doing the same thing. It felt good. I began letting thoughts of healing and harmony flow into and around the Earth. The hour seemed to go by fast. I guess time flies when you're having fun, as they say. I later wondered if some wonderful event would be reported on the news, like extreme happiness breaking out in some stressed, war-torn area. Maybe...in the future reporting on such things will be as common as sports and weather. As one anchor person giggles to the other, "Well, they must be "Firing the Grid"....again today!"
- Daniel J. P. (Saint Louis, Missouri, USA)


I just got back from our meditation at Cahokia Mounds. It was perfect! There were 19 people who came. Many I knew. Others were friends of friends. We played some music on a CD from the www.firethegrid.com website. We sang. Loving Rose led a meditation. Joanne sang and laughed and danced. I sang and led a meditation. Cindy shared her inner work to heal Mother Earth. Mayisha shared a meditation. We held hands in the circle. One by one people went off to meditate by themselves. We have initiated something big. I would like to meet there Sunday mornings at 6:00 to do this every week. Thank you for being part of this! You are the Light!
- John O. (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)



We sat next to a small fire in the predawn light. I internally sang "san'gachadvam'" song to begin meditation 3 times. "Let us move together. Let us sing together. Let us come to know our minds together. Let us share like sages of the past that all people together may enjoy the universe. Let our hearts be as one heart, our minds as one mind, as we to truly know one another become one." It brought tears. I imagined the earth grid as a violet matrix with each of us being a point on the matrix. At one point a suddenly saw "flames" moving along the grid lines. It got stronger and stronger. I thought, "It worked!" The fire stayed consistently present each time I checked in. My thinking was that it took less than an hour. I meditated a while longer, continuing to pour energy into the grid. I sensed many seen and unseen friends from other realms being very pleased. Celebratory, in fact. When I got up I walked into the house and saw that an hour and twenty five minutes had passed which greatly surprised me. Time had passed so quickly. I thought maybe it did take an hour for that grid to get really fired up! I'm thinking it would be fun to know how many people participated but I don't think most people will find this location to give the feedback. I recommend you make the link to this page more visible on the home page of this site. Thank you one and all. I'm honored and excited. My sense is that the firing is holding strong. With love and respect,
- Pamela G. (Great Falls, Montana, USA)


It was amazing, I woke up around 3:00am to the energy of everyone excited and getting ready, the preparation. Feeling the energy throughout my body, Chakras and extending outward. Connecting with all of my friends and family and those of you I have met through this connection. Feeling the energy now coming from Mother Earth is so peaceful! Thank you to all my brothers and sisters for sharing this experience and most important for making this important for our World. I think we should be doing this more often! What do you think Shelley? In the greatest love and light I am blessed to be in the reflection of oneness with you all!
- Deborah D. (Livingston, Montana, USA)



I would just like to share some imagery that I saw during the meditation. Immediately I saw a huge circle of beautiful light workers with white light energy coming from their bodies to a point where the light met and shot straight up into the air. There was such a feeling of joy and peace. I then began to see a single circle of white light being created around the earth. It began around the center and circles continued to be drawn until they embraced the entire aura of the earth in a grid-like pattern but you couldn't really tell because the light was so intense it just looked like a giant glowing ball. To me it felt like all of our energy was healing the earth. Love to all.
- jo (Bellevue, Nebraska, USA)


I was uplifted with the music playing and helped me to attune and raise my energy to prepare to become a clearer vessel for that exquisite bliss to channel it to the earth. An interesting note, I have also had a near death experience and went into the light, to teach others the value of channeling this light for themselves personally. I am also a psychic, and I have a personal angel who took me briefly to the "angelic realm" and it was most awe inspiring as I learned briefly what it was like to be an angel in their realm. Their "bodies" are like vessels that stream forth this God energy in a most heightened way. It comes into the head chakra and out the heart chakra. It is like a constant reverent prayer and a state of bliss all in one. When I was in this angel experience I was aware that they felt honored to be this vehicle of love expression. It was exquisite. I am honored to participate in this transformation as well. Blessings,
- shelley (omaha, nebraska, usa)



I woke and prepared ...I was meditating sending healing at 4:11 am my time...I felt the vibration go up my physical body was shaking as I was sending the energy...as everyone else was too...I saw the light in my third eye ..It was so bright and intense… My human side felt like sunglasses we're in order! I was sure I had not seen light so pure & bright through my human eyes...I felt in every aspect that the energy & vibration was raised for Mother Earth & every form of life that resides on her...For we are LIGHT BEINGS! Shelley thank you for bringing this message to all of us...
- Pamela (Cold Springs, Nevada, USA)


I was out of town at a conference and was worried I would not be able to participate at the right time. I practice Reiki and know I can send long distance healing through time so....I hauled 11 different earth healing rocks on a plane to Philly, brought the Light and Love music, a candle and did a meditation and prayer and asked that it be sent at the time everyone else did the hour healing. I then went to sleep in my hotel room with my head phones in listening to the music and all my rocks on my chest. It was not as I had envisioned it but it was just what it was supposed to be for my part. Thank you for the guidance and the wonderful chance to participate in such an incredible event.
- Terri L. (Henderson, Nevada, USA)


This was a wonderful day that was full of so much spontaneity. Me and a group of friends/co-workers got together in a soccer field to basically do a music jam session for I had decided that was the way we would fire the grid. We jammed unaware for precisely an hour, to my amazement rather. Another wonderful thing that happened is that during the heat of the session some of us noticed a shooting star right above us, there was a kind of an eerie feeling to it though that I can't describe here in words rather than say it was magical. I knew personally I connected to something bigger that day. Love Peace Happiness
- Sifiso (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)


I stayed up all night so I wouldn't miss the chance to participate in this once in a lifetime event. I even called my sister in California at 4AM to make sure she didn't miss it... she was already up waiting. I am not a church-going person, not into meditation either, so I am like the fence-sitter. I have been reading about Matthew Ward and the messages he sends through his mother from Nirvana. He also affirmed that we get involved in "Firing The Grid". So I laid on my bed and gave affirmations of my love and energy to be linked with others throughout the world in the quest to heal Mother Earth and return her to her former beauty. My dog even joined me in sending her love and energy to the grid. I felt so calm and relaxed and thought of things that make my heart smile.. like new life... puppies, kittens, babies, flowers, spring days, etc. There was nothing special that happened to me, that I know of, but I feel so much calmer today than usual. Love and Light to All, Pam
- PJ G. (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)


Half way thru the meditation, I had a vision of a row of houses on a block, right out of the fifties - (Ward & June Cleaver). I found myself in the back yard area of the row of houses. I noticed that there were no block fences. I was walking across the back yards in deep contemplation, feeling the green grass beneath my feet. I then looked up and saw a fenced dog run with a rot wilier puppy, about 1 year old. At the moment I became aware of him he broke thru the fence and started to charge toward me. He was snarling, barking and bearing his teeth. My first reaction was fear. As he ran across the grass our eyes met. At this point, everything turned into slow motion. When he finally reached me, he layed over on his back and exposed his belly. It was a very surreal moment. I then started to pet and rub his belly. The love, trust and joy that passed between us was very intense. I don't have a dog, so this vision was very much out of the ordinary for me.
- Kathy R. (Overton, Nevada, USA)


We woke up and drove to our local Marina. I made CD's with positive music on them- one for dancing and one for thinking. We played the thinking one.... We all sat on blankets in the grass and meditated. At about 4:54 (pacific time) Betty got cold so we all cuddled and talked about what made us happy. I asked, "If you had one gift, what would you want it to be?" JoVon said she would love to be able to sing so she could heal with her voice then said she would love that for her children, if she has any. Betty and I both said we would want to be able to heal with unconditional love freely. At 5:12 we went to our cars and got some breakfast. We were all tired but there was something pretty amazing going on. None of us really got any sleep last night because the energy started early. What do we care?! We helped save our Mother. This has been an amazing experience. Many of my friends allowed their energy to run even though I am not sure they are 100% believers. I am so appreciative that they did it anyway. Wonderful people. In my life and around this fantastic planet. Thank you to everyone that played a part in this. I can feel it. Wonderful job. Thank you all for your strength and I hope everyone else had an amazing experience also. With my love and appreciation,
- Dani L. (Reno, Nevada, USA)



My daughter and I woke early to have snuggle time in bed and watch a favorite movie of ours, during the hour we did some meditating, spoke of what made us happy and even had a few early morning M&Ms. It was low key but enjoyable
- Stephanie (Concord, New Hampshire, USA)


On July 17, 2007 at the appropriate time I was in Alban, Ontario for vacation on the French River. I lay on the sofa in the cottage living room, petting my father's dog to soothe his apprehension for my father leaving to go fishing with my husband. I went into meditation and felt lifted very high. I was brought into the presence of millions of entities who I knew to be others gathered together to fire the grid at once. Together we loved our Mother, wished her peace and great healing, and simply stayed with her to soother her and show her how much she means to all of us. We gave her hope and our gratitude. We asked for her forgiveness for all the harm that has been done to her and asked her to forgive those who will never know enough to apologize to her or ask her forgiveness themselves. This experience was so deep, so revealing. It was the most intense meditation I've had in quite a long time and I meditate all the time. I need everyone to know how I saw us all together at one time.
- Rosemarie B. (Danville, New Hampshire, USA)


I had arrived early at my studio to make sure I'd unplugged anything that would possibly interrupt my meditation, including all phones. I had quieted myself, and was sitting calmly, glanced at the clock, 7:10. The next thing I remember was shaking my head as though I'd been knocked out and was coming to. Exactly 8:11. I was so exhausted, so heavy I could barely walk.
- maureen w. (Intervale, New Hampshire, USA)


My husband and I woke up early this morning, around 5 and started preparing for our meditation. We opened the doors of our home and let fresh air in, we brought out photographs of our children, family members, friends, photos of happy memories and of beautiful places we have traveled to. We also brought in plants, shells, stones, works of art created by friends and then in the middle of it all we sat a globe. We decided at first that we would sit apart, my husband on our deck facing beautiful Mt. Cube in the distance and I sat in the living room in front of the altar we had created. At 7:11 we started to meditate. It went well at first, but then after about twenty minutes we both started to feel very sad and feelings of doubt and negative thoughts started to creep in. I put on a beautiful and joyous song by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and then joined my husband outside. We embraced each other and then I reminded him of Gandhi's words that we should be the change that we want to see in the world and I suggested that we imagine ourselves first happy, healthy and whole and slowly work outward from there. After we imagined ourselves healthy and whole, we thought of family members, then friends, then people in our community and slowly went to the rest of the world. We imagined people at war laying down their weapons and shaking hands. We imagined building homes for people who have no shelter. We imagined hungry people not just being fed, but thriving. We then thought of the planet itself and imagined it healthy and in balance. Suddenly we became very overjoyed and had the urge to dance. We danced with our eyes closed, but when we opened them we found that we were doing the same thing, raising our hands to our hearts and then opening our arms outward while turning in all directions. We both had felt a strong urge to do this, as if we were taking love directly from our hearts and sending it in all directions. It was very powerful and moving. We cannot wait to hear what experiences other people had. We had the thought that it would be nice if this was a weekly event! Millions of us meditating and sending out love and healing prayers every week certainly couldn't do any harm!
- Melinda & Peter T. (Orford, New Hampshire, USA)



After about one minute of meditation I began to swirl, a slow swirl I believe from sharing an intention with so many others at the same time. I have never before had that experience and it was wonderful.
- Debbie F. (Brick, New Jersey, USA)


12 members of my family are vacationing in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. I was notified of FTG from a friend/teacher who also turned me on to the Secret last year. I encouraged my family to read from the website. Everyone did and we all gathered on the deck overlooking the forest, a truly perfect location for meditation. My family is somewhat diverse my wife is from Colombia and her parents are visiting for the summer, It was very good that the website had multiple languages. My teenage children also participated so we had ages from 13 to 75, and 2 countries represented. We all sat together and the amazing thing was that at precisely 8:11 a distinct wind blew over our deck, like an exclamation point/ acknowledgement of our participation. It was truly inspirational. Please keep us informed of the progress of FTG in the future. Thank You!
- Keith G. (Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA)


Oddly, beautifully, in spite of my mind going on with thoughts...there was a soft bursting of light at the third eye region...that relaxed my body... softly bathed me down to the pit of my naval area...there was an excitement in me like a child...and my mind produced thoughts...excited, happy...and even of flickering worry...after a short time I remember a deep sobbing welling up in me...for the Earth...of yearning, of remembering... I kept repeating like a mantra: heal, Earth heal; I love you... then I found myself breathing deeply, quickly...then the breathing deepened, slowed...as though I was being breathed (hadn't had that experience for a very long time)... then it seemed that the breathing deepened to a point where there seemed to be a few seconds, at the end of an inhale and at the end of an exhale, where I didn't seem to need to breathe.. at those moments, I felt a kind of centering going on...and then in moments my mind like a child would say innerly...oh, look at this...but absolute quiet in other moments.. and a deep abiding feeling of love...I have wished for a like -minded community for a very long time...Bless you and thank you...I look forward excitedly for more and to be part of this...
- Eve K. (Edgewater, New Jersey, USA)


I saw all the tribes of humanity out in an open field… there was a raised crest in the field… individual representatives from each tribe took turns standing at the top to hold a glowing orb… as they held the orb they chanted in their own individual way healing over the earth… each one chanted for a period of time and then handed the glowing orb to the next person who took their place on the crest… the orb seemed to represent the spirit of the human tribe… holding it was very sacred. This is a vision that I had several years back and for some reason it reappeared into my consciousness on 07/17/07… it seemed to be saying "this is what you imagined several years ago, do you remember?" it was joyful to think of this and to recall this into the meditation that morning.
- patt c. (hohokus, new jersey, usa)


I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) for years. The program usually is 20 minutes in the AM and 20 Minutes in the PM. I usually cannot maintain the full 20 minutes due to time restraints or because of the noisy world in my head and around me. This morning I thought it would have been difficult to maintain a consistent hour of meditation without falling asleep so I set an alarm for 8:15AM. Well, that was the fastest hour I ever experienced and I did not fall asleep. I feel really great and happy and the pain in my back is gone and I feel less bloated. I also noticed the palms of my hands got really warm. Thank you so much for listening to the light beings and putting this project together! With Love,
- Gamelah P. (Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)


My 11 yr old daughter, Stefani & I meditated; and my experience was seeing a vortex of pink light connected to the core of Mother Earth and I felt like a was in the middle of this vortex of that pink light with other people. In the end I heard a woman was giving instructions and I couldn't remember what she said but remembered the feeling of her inner power and strength. Stefani on the other hand saw the earth change from a diamond shape into a cube shape. She also saw the sky was pink and then she saw a woman's face change from sharp features to soft but strong features.
- Eileen R. (Medford, New Jersey, USA)


We gathered on the banks of the Maurice River in a large circle of men and women, aged 3 months to 70+ years old. A visiting guest author who was present with us, Phoenix Marks, led our meditation at our request. We honored the Mother and went through each of the 7 major chakras, thanking and honoring each of the Earths elements as well as her inhabitants (animal, vegetable, mineral, spiritual) who embodied the colors associated with each of the chakras, bringing our blessings and thanks to Mother Earth, unifying with each being, and sharing loving breath into our own chakras and extending it to Mother Earths chakras. The mutual outpouring of love was beautiful, and it seems we were responded to by the wildlife and elements in a most lovely gentle way. It was a blessing to participate.
- Lori M. (Millville, New Jersey, USA)


I chanted and meditated to Jonathan Goldman's "Holy Harmony" and felt a kind of energy I've never experienced before, even with deep meditation. Towards the end of the hour a stray thought came: "I wonder if I'll know if it worked?" Within minutes of that thought, the birds began to sing loudly, and seemed as though all the birds in my vicinity started singing joyously for a short time. I was, am, elated. I can hardly wait to read what others have experienced, and to hopefully see or feel the results of our efforts. I would do it again in a nanosecond. Love, Light and Blessings,
- Elissa K. (New Brunswick, NEW JERSEY, USA)


Meditated and listened to music in the tub for about 40 minutes - then got dressed and went in my backyard to walk a labyrinth. My state of bliss throughout the entire hour was extraordinary.
- Josie M. (Ramsey, New Jersey, USA)


It was the most beautiful spiritual experience in my life. Incredible joy had taken over me but the same time i cried – that i have not done in years. The entire time i felt some kind of electricity running through my body, a feeling of warmth, gratitude and awe. I am convinced that this event created a powerful change for the better in our relationships to each other, to the planet and every living creature in it even though we do not see the result yet. I am so grateful for having been part of something so wonderful!!
- Maria K. (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, USA)


I took the day off from work so that I would not be rushed and I could really let myself be part of this event. Once I engaged my meditation I was not even aware of anything "outside". At some point I felt a gentle pull upwards that also pulled me upright physically. After a few moments, I opened my eyes to see a white haze or glow around everything; the house, trees, cars in my driveway, my dog, my garden. As I went about my day, I had a sense of calm and peace that feels like in came from inside. It has made a change in me that everyone around me at home and work has noticed. I've noticed things a bit more, recalled things from my past more vividly. Best hour I've ever spent and so worthwhile. I hope the angels continue to use me as they need
- Laura M. (Washington, New Jersey, USA)



It was cool. I am 25 years old and have been practicing meditation for 10 years. This morning I felt like my body was huge, with my head and upper half in the heavens and my lower body in the earth. I felt a lot of energy of appreciation and gratitude as well.
- Brian S. (Agoura Hills, New Mexico, USA)


I am an American living in Thailand and so had no knowledge of people to join with. As I meditated and focused on the rejuvenation of the earth/earth core I would at times lose my focus. At one point I stood up to refocus and when I did I raised my arms upward. When I lowered my arms to my side I felt the beginnings of the vibrations that went from my head down through my arms and hands. It was quite strong and lasted for some time, maybe 10 minutes. It was the energy that was being drawn in to heal what harms we have done to this incredible planet. Love vibrations! Great feeling personally and lots of love surrounding me from more than just myself. I knew then that the meditation had been a huge success.
- Wayne C. (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)


I'm of a school of ancient teachings that focuses on the grid as part of our regular disciplines, so this was not much of a stretch. I meditate most mornings. We understand the grid as the framework of all existence. In focusing on earth that morning, I went on a wonderful journey. Held the globe between my hands, reflecting on her beauty. Then traveled all over her in swooping swirls from Himalayan mountains to emerald seas, deserts, jungles, everything; loving her in all her brilliance and brutality. Saw animals of every imaginable kind; being born, dying. The cycle of life; dazzling and harsh. Found people I know, who are ill, in need of healing. Our journeys, reflecting the loss of balance. Then found other friends in the grid, sitting in focus at the same moment and was content to know that we are in numbers. Afterwards wondered if 7 million are to 7 billion, what 1 monkey is to 100.
- Bianca H. (Albuqueruque, New Mexico, USA)


I had been so excited by the Fire the Grid account given by Shelley, and I shared it with as many people as I could. I had just a few months before begun a Native American aspect of Spirit and was wishing to change my birth name to reflect the changes in me. After the prayer time on 7/17/07, I began researching online the real meaning of the name "Carmen", my name. I was familiar with the explanations of Carmen Miranda, Opera, songs and even the meaning of "like the ripest fruit in the orchard". I knew there had to be more, though. One of my new acquaintances had told me weeks before (each time she saw me) that I was a 'Goddess'. I laughed and disregarded the comment. On the 17th of July, 2007 I found a website that told in detail about an early Roman Goddess named "Carmen". I was so thrilled! Carmen in those times was the Goddess of Motherhood, midwives and babies. Carmen's temple was the Carmenta, and only honey, milk and wine offerings were accepted there. She was blessed with Vestal Virgins and no blood was ever allowed to be shed in her name. I have always loved the experience of being a Mother. I have six kids of my own, and I have been involved in midwifery, herbs and natural healing since the 1970s. Imagine my delight in discovering that my path-while unconventional and frowned on by some-was perfectly right for me. This was such a healing and loving experience for me. Since I know that healing begins within each of us and goes forth, I feel renewed and ready to continue my commitment to Mothers, children and our Mother Earth. We will heal the Mother. We will reach Critical Mass, and we will do it on such a wide-reaching level that all Beloveds will understand. Namaste,
- Carmen O. R. (Magdalena, New Mexico, USA)


It was a wonderful experience and I slept well after the meditation. However, I could not wake up, and when I did wake up, I just lay there, my energy was zapped. I finally got out of bed at 2pm MST. All day I was a tad scattered. I've never meditated for that long before. I feel better today. Thank you for the work you are doing. Love
- Ellen G. (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)



I joined the meditation with my son Matthew and my student Brian. We used modified Quantum Touch techniques to open healing for Mother Earth and Fire the Grid. We all felt the surge and the presence of great love around the globe. We saw the grid repair itself in many places. We gave our support to that. I think it would be a good idea to repeat it... perhaps even as often as every four weeks, on the new moon.
- Peter B. (Andover, New York, USA)


I was only able to meditate for the second half hour, but WOW! I started by using in various ways, white light, liquid gold light, and the violet flame. I immediately remember as soon as I began the meditation after my blessings and prayers, that everything in my inner "vision" was shaded by such enormous bright light. Everything I came in contact with was radiating. There were so many masses of beings in my central vision...I at first was startled by the sight. Its funny because i was so sleepy only having slept 3 hours that once I elevated my energy, my mind kind of went to other things, but at about 7:55 of so ( i am guestimating) I was literally jolted like a lightening bolt with energy. It happened so fast and intense I almost couldn't breathe but it was not uncomfortable. I think it actually hit my solar plexus first and simultaneously spread through every fiber in every direction. I was on the verge of sleep when this happened (sitting in an appropriate alignment for meditation however) and I felt anchored into the earth so intensely, but was literally being pulled physically to the most erect position. And then I went up. I was just pulsing and pulsing with this incredible energy and remember feeling immediately WE DID IT!!!!! There was no way for me to create this experience on my own. It was such a collective presence, and beautiful. After the "big bang" I remember being on an eye level with all ascended masters as though we raised to their vibrational frequency for those moments. There proceeded to be hugs all around and I too vividly remember a handholding with everyone including our masters around our earth. In fact the linking of hands was a great source of energy as well. All day I have felt a cat napping sort of fatigue coupled with the most amazing buzzing energy. I have been preparing for this for quite some time and i am incredibly encouraged by all my fellow lightworkers, human beings, lightbeings, you name it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Peace , love and light,
- Kimberly T. (Auburn, New York, USA)


The Chakra Sisters gathered at 6:30 a.m. EST to prepare the beach area in Lily Dale, NY. It is the largest spiritualist community in the world, founded in 1879. We raked and combed the beach, prepared an alter where people could place meaningful things from their lives on it. There was a bible from 1842, angel cards, crystals, necklaces, pendulums, magic wands...well, you get the picture. We also built a bonfire so that all of the elements were represented. Bradfield and Anael's music was playing on an ipod with speakers, people wrote names of loved one's in the sand and a huge peace sign was drawn in the sand. It was just beautiful. The morning was incredibly gorgeous. Our meditation started just after sunrise. I did read something written about setting your intentions and recited a poem about who we are. The archangels were called in for world protection and G-d's light was called in to channel his healing energy through each of us. At 7:11 a.m. a single white swan landed upon the water. I was told that this is a sign from G-d. Then about half way through, another one entered, then a third. At 8:11 a.m. when we completed, the fourth one came in. Three deer appeared across the lake and watched us and the birds broke out in a loud song. We ended the circle with sounding Tibetan bells and we all joined hands and sang Let There Be Peace On Earth. It was glorious, truly amazing. Once we got back to our bed and breakfast a gentle rain fell and gave our intentions the opportunity to seep into Mother Earth. I must mention what happened to me during the meditation... About 10 minutes into FTG one of the Chakra Sisters, (we are seven woman who study together and do group healings and clearings), told me I should be in the center of the circle since I am "the heart". So, I went in the center and sat in the lotus position. As I drifted into a meditative state I felt everyone's energy pour toward me. It was intense! Then I am not sure what happened but it felt like lightening bolts flying into me from above and exiting out my root chakra, right into mother Earth. My body started to gyrate and tremble. I felt chilled and cold but warm at the same time. Marie, another Chakra Sister, saw what was happening to me and came over to ground me. All I know is that I was reciting the words, "I love you, I love you..." over and over again. When I felt her hands gently grasp mine, I thought it was G-d touching me. I opened my eyes and saw Marie, which made me cry since it was her love for me that came to my rescue. My daughter came and sat with me too. When everything subsided I got up and put God's white light over each participant and did a few healings on certain people I was drawn to for assistance. Divine was working through me, there is no doubt. I pray that my healing hands and spirit continue to work with the Divine Energy. An abundance of blessing to each of you.
- Rev. Linda G./The Chakra Sisters (Buffalo, New York, USA)


It was a beautiful sunrise here at 5:30 am on the Lake. I then put a cd of the Dalai Lama's healing chant in and proceeded to meditate. While meditating my feet were sucked to the center of the Earth with my arms outstretched to the sky while holding on to others in the Grid. I traveled to all parts of the Earth while in the Grid and was drawn to East Africa, I don't know if anyone was there that knew about this meditation and felt I needed to make sure SOMEONE was there to knit the Grid. I felt my connection to my friends, my husband Mike, Shawna and Brian, Saren, Paul, Marsha, Spencer and Monica among others while in the Grid. It was very safe with a lot of love and light. I did see the gold light too while meditating. All while doing this I was sending my healing intentions to the core of the Earth to heal her. I thanked her for healing my husband and myself and told her that it was my turn to heal Her. It was funny how when I "came out" at exactly at an hour and the first thing I saw was the family of four Loons, the Earths' only living prehistoric waterfowl, right in front of our dock!! Everyone else in the house had a very calming experience too. May all of the next moments find the Earth in better health for all time. "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." from The Great Law of The Iroquois Confederacy
- Nanette G. (Caroga Lake, New York, USA)


My son and I started with a silent meditation for peace and healing of the earth. We then shared some of our favorite breakfast things while discussing what brings us joy. Then we both silently connected with a beautiful rock from a waterfall in the Adirondack Mountains. We could both feel the energy surge in the rock as we held it between us. He stayed with me for 45 minutes and had to sleep, so I went out into my back yard to give thanks and send energy and love to the earth. I sat next to a poppy in my yard which had never been there before, and as I meditated, I felt as if I did not want the hour to end. I truly hope that this incredible experience will go on and on and on, and I will look forward to what we will do for the next phase. Thank you for sharing this awakening with the world - you have given me such hope! With love,
- Katy B. (Cooperstown, New York, USA)


I invited many people to join me on my lawn at 7:11 AM. Nobody showed up—I couldn't even get my children out of bed to join me. However, it was meant to be this way. I gave it my ALL for one hour and it was so beautiful, sitting outside on the lawn with nature's music, being connected to the empowering light Grid. Brothers and sisters, you know that when we give, we always receive. It is a natural law. And so in firing the Grid collectively, we will all receive the love and energy ten-fold! Thank you, thank you for acting as the "Mind" which connects the Earth (body) and Divine (Spirit). The Body, Mind and Spirit cannot be separated, for we are ONE! WE ARE ONE. Blessings.
- Kalipriya (LaGrangeville, New York, USA)


I started out focusing on the joys that I was consciously aware of in my life. Once I thought, I had exhausted my memory, I would be guided to shift positions or even guided to go into other rooms in my house -and each time I would shift, I'd be bombarded with new and visceral memories of joy. Ones that I had forgotten. I walked away realizing that love is true joy. Love relationships have become business partnerships in so many ways that we are denying ourselves the indescribable feeling of love in its purest form. After the hour was done, I was completely and utterly depleted. I had a HORRIBLE headache and could barely stand up. I went back to bed for a few hours (unlike me) and it took me the rest of the day to fully recuperate. It was a very deep and meaningful connection.
- Atoosa R. (New York, New York, USA)


It was a peaceful morning. I was alone and just lit a candle, facing north and concentrated on healing the earth and its people. I sent blessings to everyone I loved and blessings to everyone involved. My face was wet with tears. It was a beautiful hour, just a beautiful moment!
- Erika P. W. (New York/Queens, New York, USA)


I pictured in my mind all the things about the Earth that I love, and held a beautiful crystal during my meditation. I spent the last ten minutes taking a walk outside, surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers and animals. Re: Project Cause About 6 weeks ago, I decided that I needed to do something about those who did not have enough to eat. So I just started to put away $5 each week for this cause. I was not sure what organization it would go to, but I'm beginning to get the picture. I know $5 per week is not much, but if a million people consistently contributed that much, you would have some serious money to work with. Please keep in touch re: Project Cause. Thanks.
- Roseanne R. (Port Jefferson Station, New York, USA)


In the sacred space I created in my room I stood transfixed, rooted to the spot as I felt light pouring through me, through my crown and straight down to the earth. After about fifty minutes I felt a surge in the energy and the feeling of a hand resting on my left shoulder. Then, I felt it fade and I knew intuitively that it had ended. I looked at a clock and saw that exactly one hour had passed. I experienced a very wonderful, profound sense of peace for the remainder of the day. Prior to the 17th I had several mystical experiences preparing me for that day, and since then the mystical experiences have deepened. I am filled with gratitude for all these gifts.
- Lynda G. (Slate Hill, New York, USA)


When I was forwarded FTG around a year ago ...I thought I would be in Orkney, Scotland...but found I had a year to share the idea...I had business cards printed up that I could leave with anyone who I thought might do it...I passed out 1000....and I had friends on Easter Island, Calabria Italy, Australia and Orkney that promised to do it. I put it on my website and at least one person in Minnesota found it there....I decided I needed to stay on my Long Island and 6 of us went to a new place with The FTG Cd starting at just the right time ....as we met and arranged ourselves around an earth globe. Then slowly we spoke, unscripted...unplanned, but smiling, and just on cue after I said, "enable the good and those with good to complete and disable all the rest..." a woodpecker sounded as if to punctuate the statement...Then at the end, before we walked the nearby labryinth, a breeze came up...I knew it was the breeze sent from my friends in Easter Island, Orkney, Australia, Italy.....and then that night, I left for Orkney with plans to stop on Iona, at the stones at Kilmartin, Findhorn and tonight, I am back on Orkney where I find my friends have fired the grid for us all......Mother Earth will be healed....there is more good than all else...
- Jeanne R. (Wantagh, New York, USA)


This experience was a most joyful and spiritual happening. I sat for 1 hour and 20 minutes and could not believe how fast the time seemed to pass! At 4 distinct times during the meditation I became aware of a very real sense of connection and love. Tears of joy flowed and I felt extremely honored to be a part of it all. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to you, Shelley, and to all who participated. We are one. I know it, I feel it, I believe it. Espavo (Thanks for taking your power)
- Sharon C. (Watertown, New York, USA)



Warmth from the inside out. Intense joy, release and tears of happiness! :) Let's do it again!
- Kerry B. (Asheville, North Carolina, USA)


I was just getting off work but was able to make it home...shower quickly...put on the appropriate music and enter into meditation by 11:36 GMT...Being very visual what I saw was myself holding hands with all the beings who were participating...We were out in space encircling earth and it was truly a beautiful sight...What I saw was projecting loving energy from our hearts to the earth which was being fed to us by the heavens and the powers that were assisting us...Quite beautiful and moving...Thank you for bringing us all together in this way...!!!
- Shellie (Franklin, North Carolina, USA)


I felt it coming on before reaching the site where we meditated. I could tell by the feeling in my chest that something very big was already happening. We basically prayed and meditated, asking the Universe to bring healing energy to our Mother Earth. When it was finished, I felt a definite sense of closure -- that we had accomplished what we needed to by giving of our personal energy.
- M. A. (Greensboro, North Carolina, USA)


I was given permission to use the church I attend and, with the help of others, got the word out. We met before 7 am to get the Bradfield, and Anael Cd's ready (Light and Love) and (Sky Sent-from Spiritual beings...) and lit a candle. We also did a readiness Reiki healing in the sanctuary. The group arrived and I said a few words prior to 7:11 am to focus us. I rang us into Prayer/ meditation/ mantra right on time and, as the music played softly in the background, we connected with the light- beings. The energy was beautiful. After an hr. I rang us out, said a few words and we left in joy and peace. It was an amazing morning !~
- Rev. Carole D. (Greensboro, North Carolina, USA)


I sat quietly aside my labyrinth on July 17th. I experienced what appeared as a web--vibrantly lighting the earth. I could see beacons of light connecting to each other--above the web vast numbers of angelic beings (our guides) sending their energy to the earth as well. Five minutes before the hour was up a cool breeze presented itself and then quietly left when the hour was up. I am thankful for all in the sharing of that space.
- Teresa (Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA)


Nothing particularly dramatic. I let my group know I'd be in a bit late to work this morning, and set aside the time to meditate and listen to music, some from the site, and the rest from Mozart. I have only recently begun serious attempts at meditating, so an hour is somewhat difficult to maintain. After about a half hour, I left the music playing and stretched out for a light nap. I've found that in the state just after a nap but just before becoming fully awake, I sometimes see more than at other times. I had a sensation of... bright light, and yet it was subtle. I don't know how else to describe it. At any rate, I am still feeling peaceful and have a bit of a tingle in the center of my chest. As I said, nothing too dramatic, but a perhaps a start. It was worth it either way.
- Chris M. (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)


I could really feel the warmth and love of the universe and everyone involved in this time of Firing the Grid. For part of the time I reached deeply within myself and inhaled deeply, then blew out the positive and healing energy, visualizing the white light going upward to that Grid and covering the earth with healing power. Other times I thought of things that made me happy, walking on the beach, being with someone I love.... and my 5 cats which had been running and playing became still and calm for awhile, feeling the energy as I did. What a wonderful experience! I wish I had known about this earlier, as I just heard of it yesterday in an e-mail sent to a Pagan group I participate in. But I'm glad it came when it did!
- Carol C. (Salisbury, North Carolina, USA)


I am an Oncology nurse and had to work that day. After I got a report on my patients, I went to the Healing Arts room to meditate for 15 minutes. The only thing I noticed were the center of my palms "buzzing" throughout the meditation. Then, I had to quickly get back to work. This was a great idea. Keep it up.
- Debbie E. (Wilmington, North Carolina, USA)



I belong to a mediation group and network with many groups. I invited anyone so interested to join me at the Presentation Prayer Center in Fargo. We listened to the CD Light and Love and I shared bits of information from the CD about each song. It felt very good to be a part of this experience. Thank you, Shelley. Love and Light
- Gwen R. & Friends (Fargo, North Dakota, USA)



I woke up early excited to be participating in the Fire the Grid awakening. I sat on my deck in the middle of the forest with my puppy and cat and prayed for the earth. The sky was clear except for a big red streak, the birds just waking up were singing their hearts out. That night I met several girlfriends for a gathering. Most of them had received my email about the Fire the Grid event and to my delightful surprise they all participated with my great excitement. On my way home I was treated to a wonderful, electric rainstorm. Thank you for listening to the light beings. I look forward to hearing what they have to say.
- Cindy R. (Athens, Ohio, USA)


I gave two rosaries--the Miracle Rosary and the East-West Rosary for World Peace (included in the book Save Your Planet). I was happy to be taking an active role in creating positive energy for the world, and will make every effort to take part in any future events of this nature. It was a peaceful and calming experience for me.
- Helen M. (Bluffton, OHIO, USA)


It gave me joy to participate in something to enhance this beautiful place that we live this life on. All too often, animals are being destroyed because they are in the way; trees are chopped down to allow parking lots and homes taking away places of calm. We savage the resources, both human and non-human, and return nothing. It was wonderful to think that people are finally realizing what is happening to this planet and the very thing that supports life here. It was a warm feeling to be a part of this.
- Patricia W. (Brunswick, Ohio, USA)


It was calm. I woke up early and waited for 7:11am here in Ohio and just did the things that I love to do. I knew that I was connecting to people around the world feeling the same thing and it just felt like a big smile. I worked on my art for a few minutes… went outside and enjoyed The Sun and sat down on Mother Earth. Then I went in and held my sleeping boy and for the last few minutes just meditated. All the while I felt no anger or worry about anything because I knew millions of people were with me. When I woke up later I turned on the news which I don't really like watching and the negativity of it just didn't bother me. It seemed like acting. I look forward to reading, seeing, feeling, sharing more to come! In Lak'ech' a la kin.
- Lori P. (Byesville, Ohio, USA)


I awakened early. It was a beautiful morning. I took care of the animals in the house then went up into the loft where I planned to the meditation and prayer for that morning. I had put Krishna Das on as background, lit a candle and incense. I had windows all around me that was bringing in the morning light. I sat down and began my prayers, my quiet time and then the chanting. I focused on joy, healing and a united human spirit. I was touched emotionally and found that through all the morning I was wiping tears of joy and hope from my eyes. I felt light, felt unmovable from my intention for this earth and its other inhabitants. I spent a peaceful morning in and about my home. I felt this way throughout the entire day. In fact it is with me still. My joy is overflowing every moment, my belief in stepping into the fear has become a challenge that does not halt my heart but quickens it; knowing that slowly with each challenge met I conquer death and another veil rises and melts into love and light. I am that.
- Deborah V. R. (Chagrin Falls, OHIO, USA)


I meditated using the Qigong/Tai Chi “Movements of Peace.” Right away, I could tell that I was connected to some sort of field. At different times I felt sort of zoned out...at other times I felt amazing clarity of perception. I had never meditated like this for an hour (30 minutes is what I usually do), so by the end, I was a little wobbly. I hope I added my energy to the effort to bring harmony and peace to the world.
- Rick S. (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)


Lindsy and I decided that the our morning would consist of getting our favorite' dunkin donuts' and head out to the park, listening to Glenn Miller, like we did so often when she was little. We walked along the creek and were surrounded by nature. Even though 'our' swing set was broken, it didn't break our mood. The rest of the day we spent together, knowing that there is a divine purpose for us. I know that Lindsy and are were meant to be together in this life. I am so blessed that God sent her to me in this life. And I thank Him and All the Universe, to be a part of such a great cause! Thank You, Shelley, for listening, responding, and for including me on this journey!
- Lisa P. and daughter, Lindsy (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)


I love to run. I run 5 days a week. I run races. I love to talk about running. I have a favorite place I love to run. It is on natural trails in the woods of Northern Chagrin Reservation. So it was not hard to think of how I wanted to do my meditation. I shared the information about this mediation with my running friends, and two women came forward desiring to run with me during this hour. We ran together through the woods for 50 minutes in complete silence. Each of us focused on those things that bring us joy. Imagine that! Three women running together and never saying a word! It felt purely beautiful. There came a point not too long into our run that I felt as though the Native American spirits of these woods began to come alive and smile on us as we ran. We became children, running in our joy. At about 50 minutes, we ran down a little trail that took us to a peaceful pond where we took a seat and silently absorbed the peace and beauty, continuing to feel joy at the blessings of that moment. At exactly 8:11 am, I felt the energy withdraw. I went home and soon became very sleepy. I laid down for a quick nap and ended up sleeping for 2 solid hours. I thought that was curious.
- Brooke K. (Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA)


At 7:11 AM, EDT, I lit a tranquil yellow candle, burned some of my favorite Japanese incense, played the recommended music by Bradfield and concentrated on sending love and healing energy to the Earth's core. I found the music from 'Sky Sent' and 'Be Still Thy Soul' to be mesmerizing and quite relaxing. I found myself concentrating on my daughters when they were very young. The strong, maternal love that I felt for them when they were toddlers and babies came easily to me today and I directed that to the intention of my morning meditation. After about a half hour, I felt a soothing rocking sensation and a strong sense of a tremendous energy pulsating around and through me. At one point, I felt that I might levitate. I am happy that I participated in the meditation this morning, I feel refreshed and optimistic about a spiritual awakening on Earth.
- June K. (Columbus, Ohio, USA)


The three of us sat in my yard near the woods and meditated together. 2 young fledgling hawks circled our area, crying out. Songbirds flocked around us with their little songs. It was magical and we really connected with nature. We had been at it for a while and I was starting to get stiff, wondering if the hour was up. I opened my eyes when I heard footsteps nearby, and we all witnessed a tiny fawn prance right past our circle, as if we were nothing more than a few tree stumps. The baby deer then walked into the woods to find his mom and we concluded our session. Thank you for calling together this worldwide group and allowing a space for people to come together with loving intentions.
- Carisa (Dublin, Ohio, USA)


Absolute bliss!! We played the album in its entirety and I was taken into another dimension. I surrendered to the higher vibrations and in perfect sync with the music, my energy was touched, lifted, and I burst open - there are no words to describe the experience. I cried with joy that the hope of a better world is now a reality. My being-ness is permanently changed! I am sooo very grateful to all of those who helped make this day happen. Thank you and hip hip hooray for us all!!!
- Dereena E. (Fairlawn, Ohio, USA)


Tears when I first started the meditation. Not of sadness, just a feeling of being overcome with emotion. I felt very peaceful after about 15 minutes. I felt a great sense of connectedness. I hadn't looked at the time for quite a while, but heard in my mind "The job is done". When I looked at the time, it was 8:13 EDT. This is a wonderful and hopeful experience.
- Mitchell (Kent, Ohio, USA)


While we (and by we, I mean my mother and her best friend) were firing the grid, my grandfather passed away. He was just diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and was in for a future riddled with pain and suffering. All along we had been praying for peace, tranquility and serenity for him- that he would have comfort during his time of transition. Our prayers were answered. During our meditation, all three of us experienced an all encompassing light and warmth that we discussed after we meditated for the hour. Shortly thereafter we received a phone call that my Papa had died. If there was any more appropriate time for him to pass, I at this point am unable to recognize it. In my opinion meditating is one of the only ways to be in close communication with your "source." I am convinced that my grandfather's soul is necessary for the transition the earth and its energy is in need of. This experience has been amazing and I look forward to my continued journey in our efforts to make a difference and to positively influence our society.
- Jill S. (Lakewood, Ohio, USA)


I received notification of this project less than 12 hours before it went off. The past few weeks I had been almost eerily aware that when I look at the clock frequently it was a time like 11:11, 3:33, or 4:44 etc. I thought it was peculiar but after receiving the email knew I was to be a part of the experiment. This was a hard time to accommodate as I am usually on my way to work pretty much the whole hour. I set the intention to be present spiritually even if I had to do other things like travel etc. I prepared by lying with my youngest and snuggling in bed before I had to leave. This is my greatest joy. I had planned to be in the car by 7:11a so I could fully focus on the project however as frequently happens with kids, my little guy couldn’t find his camp shirt and was devastated. I spent almost an hour looking for his shirt, all the while smiling, knowing I would find it and trying to stay connected. I had almost given up when I looked at his little disappointed face and told him, I’m late for work but will take one last look for your shirt....and of course, I found it. The smile on his face carried me all the way to work. I listened to music, sent affirmations to the world and sang. What a beautiful experience!
- Shelley G. (Liberty Township, Ohio, USA)


I fired the grid while driving to work in my car. First I prayed, then I put in my favorite CD (James Taylor, Live in Concert) and sang along. I thought all that good mojo from singing was helping to raise the vibration.
- Sharon R. (Medina, Ohio, USA)


I took my kayak to a beautiful lake near my house. I have a Balinese Bell that I brought with me and I rang it three times at 11:11 GMT. I said my usual prayers and thanked all for participating. Then I focused love and gratitude to the core of the planet. The water was still, like glass. I asked the lake if it would be willing to store any excess energy that might be present, since we wanted this to be safe for the planet also. The lake agreed and shortly after, I started to see groups of air bubbles rising up from the bottom of the lake; some bubbles were 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch wide. Everywhere I looked this was happening. I drifted my hand over one of the bubble areas to see if there was a temperature difference and there was not. This phenomenon stopped after I rang my bell again at the end of the hour. Then this sense of peace and awe that I have not felt before came over me. Wonderful! Thanks and Blessings to all that participated.
- Susan T. (New Franklin, Ohio, USA)


When I first went downstairs to meditate, 2 crystals in my hands, my stomach was a little queasy & I had a headache. I sat in my easy-chair with my palms facing down toward the Earth. At one point, my 14 year old kitty jumped in my lap and slept. Then at 11:50 GMT, I felt a REALLY strong, magnetic pulling on my palms which lasted for the rest of the meditation. I believe my queasy stomach was my picking up on the Earth Mother and how sickly she is feeling. I believe the "magnetic pull" in my hands showed the focused power that was there in the Grid as people all over the world aimed their healing energies toward the Earth. When I brought myself back to the present, I was no longer queasy and one of my crystals (my Ajoite) was really hot. The power was amazing! I was tired, but joyful all day!
- Susan L.G. (Painesville, Ohio, USA)


I was working so hard the day before I actually forgot about "Fire the Grid" even though I have been following this closely, had tried to get on the web site Monday, and had been corresponding with friends about this. My daughter (4 yrs) the night before, told me she wanted to change her name to "Heart" and to call her "Hearty". Then, she added she liked flowers and to call her "hearty flowery". I was tired but though that was beautiful. I fell asleep very tired and not thinking at all about the event. One hour prior to the event I had a dream. I was lying in a stream, underwater (ok, the relevance of that is now clear!!!!), peacefully looking up. As I was underwater looking up, I saw beautiful rainbow colors flowing by me. I was thinking, "boy how beautiful....etc" when I woke up abruptly and sat up. I never wake up abruptly. It was one hour before, exactly. I tried to collect my thoughts and then it came to me....was today the day? I checked the calendar and couldn't believe it! How could I have forgotten? Now I had an hour to settle and prepare. When it was time to meditate I settled in and began my prayer. My daughter woke up and gave me a little kick. I told her to let me pray. She told me she wanted to draw. So, instead of fighting the moment, we got out the crayons. We spent the hour as per her instructions; drawing her favorite things, green grass, trees, hearts, the sun, the sky, dolphins, and many flowers. My little "Hearty Flower" drew beautiful earth. I was sort of fighting this because it wasn't "protocol" but then I've realized of course it is. Just not what I planned. Afterwards, I was strangely very tired. I took a two hour nap this afternoon. I wrote to a friend about not feeling as boosted as I thought I might be, and she too, had experienced many emotions. I will date our "Fire the grid drawing" and when she is older I will tell her the story.
- Catherine S. (Richfield, Ohio, USA)


I have done meditations before, but found this to be a unique experience. I felt as if I was soaring free of my body with an enormous amount of other spirits. It was a feeling of bliss. I would say I truly felt a communion of spirits united as one that I have never experienced before.
- Karen (Westerville, Ohio, USA)


I had the honor and pleasure of being able to sit outside send love and healing light to the Earth. I connected quickly to the energy, so peaceful and still. During the time my heart chakra was opening, tingling, warming, and I felt extreme peace, gratitude, and 'all is in order' feelings. Towards the end of the hour feelings of gratitude came over me in waves and chills went down my arms. I could feel light beings around me, which is a new feeling to me. It was a lovely, amazing experience. I was 'in and out' of the concentration since it was 7:11 AM EST, and my three kids, ages 5, 3, and 1 were up. However, the energy was so powerful, it was effortless to slip back into the connection. Love, light, and magic to all!
- Tasha S. F. (Wilmington, Ohio, USA)


3 of us spent the night near Granville, Ohio on a farm another friend owns.... We rose early in order to reach an ancient sacred site here in Ohio made by the Mound builders. We chose Circle Mound in Newark because to me it represented the Womb of the Mother. The weather was so beautiful, the atmosphere was as if the creation was watching us to see what would happen! We sang “For the Beauty of the Earth” (an old Methodist Hymn) and “Tis a Gift to be Simple,” then did the one hour meditation. Four of us hugged at the end and felt the pure appreciation of being alive and together...
- Judy R. (Worthington, OHIO, USA)



I couldn't get to sleep until quite late last night as I wanted to make certain I participated and didn't oversleep. I downloaded the beautifully inspiring selections and a little before 6:11 A.M., my time, retired to my private sanctum to pray and meditate. I had the most wonderful vision of all of us, from every corner of the earth, holding hands, encircling our earth, embracing our earth, our love and prayers pouring onto her soil, into her heart. Thank you. I am humbled to be a tiny portion of something so grand.
- Kathleen H. (Edmond, Oklahoma, USA)


As I sat outside listening to the birds I felt the connection with all those involved as if in a huge circle around the Earth holding hands. Then I recalled a child's story by Dr. Seuss in which this tiny planet all joined together (Horton and the Who or something like that?) and they all joined their voices and yelled "We Are Here!" and a smile came to my face and I felt the joy of knowing we who participate are like this....Love is the key and was a huge part of this. Thank You for Your part. God's Light and Love!
- Susan (Norman, Oklahoma, USA)


I gave my soul permission to fire the grid and send good vibrations. I could not wake my earthly body, but my subconscious being was sending loving and peaceful messages to the core of the earth. Not another person in my household will indulge with me in this process. I only feel my animals (cats, dogs, bird) are on the same level.
- Valerie N. (Norman, Oklahoma, USA)


My experience of July 17 begins the night before when very spontaneously, with no effort on my part, I began to gather items in my home and make an altar on my dresser. The items I gathered included symbols from all the spiritual traditions that I have been blessed to participate in at various times in my journey. I chose a CD that opened my heart and played it, then kept it in the player to be ready to go in the morning (6:11 am in Oklahoma). I wrote my intent in my journal to clarify for myself what this meditation was all about: "My intention is to open to the loving Source and send love, peace, healing and joy to Earth". I remembered something that Mary O'Malley states in her book, "Belonging to Life"...paraphrasing from that book, that we are the earth waking up. A profound realization that praying for earth's healing is praying for all beings, including humans. This morning, I woke up and at first all the stuff that the mind does was there: "What if I don't do it right?" "This is stupid!" You know the drill. I realized that I needed to include the judging and fearful mind in my intent. In fact, the whole meditation for me became a realization that what we need is a sense of loving inclusion in order to heal. I lit the candle, started the music, burned the incense and sat in my bed and kept sending my intention forth into the world. Then it felt like I needed to get up and dance, so did that. The movement opened my heart so much that I began to cry with joy and healing. I realized at that point that it would give me joy to get my morning cup of coffee. Of course, the mind wanted to squelch that idea...not spiritual enough ;-). But here's the thing...I realized that making that cup of coffee with such a profound sense of gratitude and joy WAS a very spiritual thing. That the earth is spiritual and not profane like we have been taught. Thank you for allowing me to share my experience. I didn't discover this site until a week ago and something deep inside said "Yes!" I would love to have another opportunity to unite with the world community in prayer/dance/meditation.
- Jeannine D. (Norman, Oklahoma, USA)


I sat in front of my two 30" tall geodes (one amethyst and one citrine) and immediately felt them drawing me in as if they knew what was happening! I felt energy bouncing back and forth between them and me for the entire hour. About 1/4 through the hour I could feel warm, soft earth under my feet (I was inside!). The rest of the time I could feel/hear almost a purring/humming. I felt very connected and grounded. There was a peaceful, happy, grateful quality all around me which I was able to carry with me for the entire day. My intention was to heal the earth, but I also felt healing within myself. That seems to me to demonstrate just how connected we are to our earth. I noticed the stars seemed to shine even brighter than usual that night :-) I'm not sure if it was happiness from Mother Nature or from within myself. I'm so grateful to have been privileged enough to be able to participate in such a worthy cause. Let's keep it going!
- Jane C. (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)


The night before two of my associates and myself vibrationally cleaned the house that was donated for this event. Then in the morning just before 06:11 we joined hands in a circle and did three rounds of oms to raise our vibrations and then we all assumed our meditative positions after which I rang a crystal bowl that is tuned to the heart chakra frequency for about a minute, then started the music cd Light and Love. At the end of the hour I rang the crystal bowl for about a minute and we finished the cd. Then we regrouped in a circle for three more oms, to close the circle. And there were many tears of joy shed in that hour and after. And personally I feel so alive!!!!!!! It is such a pleasure to be part of the raising of consciousness for our home and its inhabitants. It is indeed good to be alive. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this all possible. With Light and Love
- Rev Ron J G. (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)


I am a person filled with anxiety, anger, frustration and impatience. On July 17, 2007, I sat to meditate and pray upon my earthly joys and send them to the Grid with the intention of healing this earth. For me, sitting ANYWHERE for ANYTHING for a complete hour is not something I have ever been able to do. However, on that day at that time, I experienced a miracle as I was suddenly able to do what for me in the past has been "impossible". In addition, the peace and joy I felt during my hour of meditation has continued on. There is a change in me, a sudden change, and one I attribute to the millions of other people sending their joy to grid. I have met with ridicule and deep opposition as I have attempted to share Shelley's story with others. However, I was successful in sharing Shelley's story with someone who was open and accepting and who then shared it with a large group of women who all participated on July 17, 2007. The beat goes on...
- Deborah Anne G. (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)


I am currently in Baghdad, Iraq working as an Army contractor and spent the hour in meditation. I'm not usually great at meditating for long periods of time and have had little patience with anything longer than 15 minutes but on this day, I sat in my trailer and listened to a techno song with Sarah MacLachlan that's about 10 min. long called Delerium. I usually use this song when working out and have found it puts me in a state outside of my self and allows me to channel energy wherever I wish. While firing the grid, I have never felt such a huge rush of energy coursing through me in my entire life. I think that within the first 10-15 minutes, I was connected to the grid and it was fired. There was just so much energy coursing through me that tears were brought to my eyes from the joy I was experiencing. It was powerful, moving and had a permanent effect on me.
- Michael B. (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)


It was 6 am our time and I was up early as usual with our 10 month old daughter, Avery. I put on our Baby Mozart DVD for us to listen to. I spent part of the time nursing her and thanking God for her and for her older sister, Anna. I watched her playing and learning to walk and videotaped her. I took a shower to get ready for work and felt thankful for the blessing of our home and all the conveniences, like clean running water. It was a beautiful, sunny morning.
- Carolyn B. (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)



It happened in my time zone at 4:11 AM so my beloved partner and I awoke and began chanting to clear our chakras and tune our vibrations up. We held each other and went into our own inner plane of connection. I began spilling love, peace, healing, gratitude & service out to the Earth, air, waters & all living inhabitants of the Earth. We basked in this energy for an hour and felt the collective force of Love oozing into our experience! It was truly a blessing and gave us hope that there are many Lightworkers joined together indeed! Blessed are we All~
- Meredith (Ashland, Oregon, USA)


We meditated in a public park, and then shared our experience afterward. My favorite part was that at the end of the meditation, we looked up and saw 2 cats sitting outside of our circle, watching us. It felt very much like Harry Potter to me, with magic afoot just beyond what our mind could conceive.
- Adam K. (Ashland, Oregon, USA)


And so we played music together starting at 4:11 AM. We played Bach, Pachelbel, a medley of songs about remembering, a little Scott Joplin ragtime, some jazz. We set up instruments (2 electronic keyboards, a guitar and some rhythm makers) on Monday afternoon. Everyone arrived at 4:00 AM. We all took our places and just started playing and jamming. Thank you for your vision and courage and persistence to pass it along. I'm a writer and those beings of light with whom you've communicated have also been in touch with me from time to time, especially when I'm able to quiet my mind and listen. Blessings on you and on this planet.
- Nancy P. (Ashland, Oregon, USA)


Met in silence with about 20 strangers in the huge sand volley ball area of a park in Ashland. (Reminded me of being on the beach in Chicago during 8/17/87!) The time went quickly. I tingled -- especially in the crown. I smiled and felt overwhelming warmth/pressure in my heart. I visualized folks on every continent and thrilled at being a part of a world-wide experience. I spontaneously saw a huge red rose-like blossom rise in the center of the circle. I could nether stand nor walk when we came together at the end and was helped by one of the "strangers." It was a beautiful dawn here as we met from 4:11 - 5:11 am. Blessings and thanks. I still feel the Presence!
- Ann J. (Ashland, Oregon, USA)


It was cold in the mountains when we woke up to the alarm at 3:30 on July 17th. We dressed in heavy winter clothes and talked about all the people we would be connecting with on the Fire The Grid project, and how happy we were to be a part of it. When it was time we went out in the yard to the driveway where there was bare earth and sat down in lawn chairs facing the sunrise. We wrapped old blankets around our bare feet to keep them warm. We sat with bare feet because we wanted to be connected to the earth. The earth was cold at first but soon was pleasantly warm. We began to pray silently at 4:11 PDT and when I looked at my watch a few minutes later it was 4:56. The time seemed to fly by, we continued to pray until 5:11. We were happy and excited when we finished... thinking of all the people we had joined with in praying to heal the earth. Thank you for this opportunity,
- Harold and Sharon G. (Azalea, Oregon, USA)


I wrote a soul contract and a letter of intention to God and myself in case I didn't wake up at 4:11 am this morning. It felt very powerful to write my intentions down and see the words on paper. I was awake every hour checking the time because I didn't want to miss the hour. When I saw that it was almost time I stayed in my warm bed because I'm not a meditator or a prayer and I LOVE my bed! It is a great joy in my life to slide into my soft sheets and feel their coolness and snuggle into safety and softness. So I sent out a prayer at 4:11am to the earth, to the other spirits, to god and I tried to visualize the collective healing and the god energy going into the earth. Then I think I fell into a deep sleep because the next thing I knew it was 6am. I feel a bit badly about falling asleep, but I know in my heart that it is the intention and love more than the action. And who knows where my spirit actually went while my body was asleep!
- Samantha S. (Beaverton, Oregon, USA)


My husband and I took turns sharing our greatest joys in this life. It was really fun to hear what each of us had forgotten or overlooked. We got so into it, we ended up taking a full 2 hours rather than the required hour. It was a great experience!
- Candace K. (Bend, Oregon, USA)


When 4:11 arrived I really did feel a big rush & continued to feel so much energy & my whole body seemed to be involved. It was so wonderful. I know the whole world was involved in some way. I feel we really did have oneness in it all. I felt a lot of gratitude. This is really an exciting time to be here.
- Carole (Dallas, Oregon, USA)


I took the CD Love and Light to bed with my alarm clock set to 4:11. I woke up and put on the CD at the appointed time with no expectations except that I would be fine if I simply fell back asleep. Within about 30 seconds my eyes shot open as I felt as if I had been plugged into a high voltage line! I actually let out a gasp as I was so surprised at the feeling. As I extended my greatest sense of human joy, I felt it magnified many times, tears of joy streamed down my face. The names of all those close to me moved through my consciousness as I blessed each one with my love and joy. I felt a deep sense of oneness with all, joy with all, love with all. When the rock and roll song came on, I found myself jumping out of bed, dancing upstairs and around the house with an energy I simply could not contain. Then back to bed, refreshed, and relaxed to move even deeper into meditation. What a remarkable experience! SOMETHING REALLY HAPPENED HERE! And I had no expectations. I only felt that something was right about taking part. I am very interested in continuing the connection with this project and project cause. I have a 40 acre retreat center here in Eugene, OR, and I hope we can make this meditation a monthly event. Blessings to all my Brothers and Sisters out there who desire in their hearts to be a part of the healing of our planet.
- Bruce P. (Eugene, Oregon, USA)


I was wide awake, energized. I sent out loving energies, thinking of the all the great times I have spent with my kids. I stayed in this moment for about 45 minutes then I was exhausted. I have been in a funk every since, I felt overwhelmed and under attack all day yesterday. I am still drained. I have a friend that says I am an empath and that I may have soaked up everyone else’s energies. One thing I have noticed my kids are acting different, more at peace and not as wound up. I have 4 boys. Thank you
- Fre` (Eugene, Oregon, USA)


For the first 15 minutes I was having trouble really feeling love and healing intention radiate from me to the earth and its people. Then I had a huge burst of energy go through my chest at about my heart chakra. It felt as though I was really connecting my heart somewhere outside of myself. This intensity lasted only 20 seconds or so. After that my chest and most of the rest of by body felt able to radiate love and healing into the earth and over the earth to all people. After a while my back started aching a little and I wanted to turn on my side. I felt like the connection wasn't really there anymore so I turned on the light thinking I still had 20 minutes to complete the hour but actually it was 5:15am. 4 minutes after the end of the hour. (I started at 4:11 USA pacific time)
- Fraeda S. (Eugene, Oregon, USA)


Leading up to 4:11 Pacific time, I experienced the joyful anticipation and preparation of all the beings uniting to fire the grid and bring healing to the earth....we Danced together in spirit and played lively music, each in our own unique and precious way....During the hour of meditation, I felt this shared joy and the Light focusing through my small share of the grid as a gift to our Mother Earth, in gratitude for all the gifts she shares so generously with us... I experienced all of you as my sweet companions, and experienced a knowing that all this joy and love and light can transform the hatred and conflict generated by so many humans out of fear...I feel renewed in faith that it can and will be done...
- Joti G. (Gresham, Oregon, USA)


I did not discover Fire the Grid until July 15th. I didn't have a lot of time to prepare, but I practice a meditation called "The Net of Light" which is similar, and I also practice Reiki - so the concept was there. I was alone at 4:11am PST as I fired the grid, and I immediately felt a shift within myself and my energy. For 45 minutes (which seemed like 10!), I became a conduit sending energy to Gaia and all that exists within and upon her. I don't have words to express the experience...it was so much more than anything I've experienced before. There was music embedded in everything, there was color, vibration, a connectedness and oneness with all. I had been in massive amounts of pain the day before with a flare-up of my fibromyalgia. My entire left side was affected. These flare-ups, though they don't happen often, can last anywhere from one to 3 or 4 weeks and can totally incapacitate me. As soon as I began to fire the grid, the pain was gone - and hasn't returned! And now I'm eagerly looking forward to learning about, and participating in, Project Cause!!
- Cynthia H. (Hillsboro, Oregon, USA)


The experience was absolutely amazing. I was a part of a group of ten individual who came together as one in an experience I would say was sublime. Never have I reached such depths of meditation, and yet, I still felt connected not only to each and every soul in the room, but to the Earth herself. I am ever so grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful experience. Peace and Love to you all.
- James R. (Jacksonville, Oregon, USA)


I was tempted to stay in bed, I was so sleepy; but I got up, walked into the next room and I could immediately feel strong loving energy. It was so amazing. I'm fairly new to meditation - only been doing it for about a month, and I have never felt anything like that before. Staying awake turned out to be effortless. I felt so good. I had a rose quartz crystal that I was holding against my chakras. Doing so really intensified the good feelings. The hour went by quickly. I tried to go back to sleep afterwards, but just lay there for 2 hours :) My heart chakra has been on fire all day, it's been wonderful. I'm so glad I participated in this. With the intensity of those energies, Fire the Grid must have been a great success!
- Sylvia (McMinnville, Oregon, USA)


This is a summary of our experience from our discussions afterward: When we sat down together and the hour came, several of us immediately felt a huge surge of energy. It was like walking into a room where there was already a party going on! We also felt, during the hour, the presence of Divine helpers giving their all to the project too. As the meditation progressed, there was a feeling of being strongly embraced, as in a huge hug. Everyone agreed it was extremely easy to stay alert and focused, even though we had gotten up extra early for the event (it was 4:11 AM in our time zone). When we were done, we were amazed at how quickly the hour had passed! Everyone commented afterwards how powerful the experience had been, and how glad we were to be a part of it.
- Living Love Fellowship (Myrtle Point, Oregon, USA)


This was the most beautiful and powerful meditation I have experienced. Before the meditation we sang some chants and then listed to Bradfield's music Light & Love for the meditation. It was a transcendental experience. I experienced feeling joy and the connected presence and love of God, the Christ and the Buddha as well as of many many other lightworkers, the energy of the grid, which extended far beyond this earth into the universe... I had colorful visions that were beautiful, of entities of light, sacred geometry and more. I do not have the words to describe. I experienced a profound feeling of harmony, peace, love and knowing of truth that did not come in words...


Beautiful. We went to our building site in the country and stood in the soft rain, sheltered by a pine tree. I started repeating "I send my energy to heal urantia and its people." I felt surges of tingling energy. My hands were hot. I thought of as many people as I could and blessed them. The next several days I felt light and high energy. My husband said he had a tingling sensation between his eyes which lasted the next whole day. I frequently visit the website to reconnect with like energy and hope for our planet/people. I have been discounting and not listening to the people/reports critiquing Shelley and the project. I have stopped listening to the national news. I only listen to our local reports. I am looking forward to the next phase of this project. Blessings to all of you.
- Juliane C. (Philomath, Oregon, USA)


As I sat in the basement of my home watching the clock count down and listening to the music from the website, I wondered if I was in the right place. As the time neared the few seconds before the time, I felt a shift in vibration that was all encompassing. It was a warmth and charge that I hadn't felt in a very long time. I gave myself over to the comfort of that feeling. Moved upstairs to my spare room where I had lit a candle, opened the window and sat and listened to my mind take me to unexpected thoughts. Projected the energy that I was feeling outward while falling deeper into this bliss I felt. The sound of rain out side started and I knew that it was a blessing. This has been a reawakening for me. I will do what I can to continue this shift in our evolution. I run a company named CITE Creative Education. We are performing shows in the surrounding schools in the Portland Area, about sustainability, energy conservation and recycling. While most of the time it can feel like a heavy burden to do the work to create and develop the work, it now feels like what we are achieving has more purpose than ever before, educating the people of our future for the shifts that they can make in healing the planet as well. I look forward to hearing about the next project.
- Andres A. (Portland, Oregon, USA)


The evening of July 16th nine of us - all women - had a picnic in a meadow in Forest Park in Portland, OR. We shared our intentions for bringing love, light, peace and harmony to the planet. We also asked to call forth that all beings on our planet - including animals and plants -have all that they need to live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives with dignity and the freedom to live life as they each so desire. We are all long time meditators. We wrote our individual intentions down and placed them in beautiful red and gold envelopes. We then walked down a trail to a river stream and did a water ritual together - making offerings to the water of flowers, cream, rice, sweets, saffron, incense, poetry and blessings. We chose a water ritual because in so many cultures, water represents peace, reconciliation and healing. We were also celebrating my birthday which is on July 17th. The following morning 5 of us met in front of a beautiful Jhain Buddha statue at Nityananda Institute at 4:11amPDT to fire the grid, together. We sat under a huge tulip tree as the rain misted and drizzled around us - we remained dry. We had candles and incense offerings and sat silently with our prayers and intentions and pouring energy into Gaia for her healing. It was a profound experience knowing that millions of others were focusing on joy and love at the same time. We felt the grid energy increasing the longer we sat. By 5:15 we felt complete and sat for a moment in gratitude to all the beings on all realms who came together to guide those of us on earth to our own empowerment. Thank you.
- Pamela R. (Portland, Oregon, USA)


I woke with a start at 4.20am, and as I settled back into a relaxed semi-aware state, I sensed energies moving just below the conscious state. It felt like fairies and deities were working furiously, weaving a web, stringing the grids of the earth back together with sound, chanting, prayer, meditation, intention. As I write this now, I get goose pimples... it really was quite an extraordinary experience. It was all happening just below the surface of what we call reality or consciousness it seemed. I could almost hear it .... feel it.... merge with it. I dragged myself to the bathroom and then to my altar to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for about 15 minutes. It felt like I was joining many souls in deep prayer of compassion for the earth. And as we humans are also of the earth or one with the earth, these prayers were penetrating all humanity also. Thanks to those who participated... thanks for waking me up, literally, w/ all your energy!
- Sarah B. (Portland, Oregon, USA)


It was 4:11 am here. We were late to bed since we'd just discovered "fire the grid" forwarded from a friend email that night and of course needed to talk about it. I'm in the second group of people who say, "If people can create objects that can kill off our entire planet in hours, then of course light beings can tell a woman how to go about saving the earth" and my partner is a fence-sitter but we agreed to participate. Heck, it certainly couldn't hurt, we could sleep tomorrow and I feel the ache of the earth's energy so the opportunity to feed her love and strength with many others couldn't be missed! We awoke just before the time though I'd been anxiously waking up every 10 minutes or so for hours, excited by the possibility. Of what? I'm not sure, but you know what I'm speaking of. We loved the earth in quiet meditation and prayer, in speaking of our own love for her and our 2-year old daughter's emerging curiosity about her. We reminisced of all the absolutely beautiful places and things we'd seen and how we hope that these will be around for our daughter and our daughter's daughter to see. I sent life energy to her core, and in return I felt rejuvenated. This has ALWAYS been my experience with nature, people and animals - I always feel more for giving myself away! I think we fell asleep with a huge smile on our faces and wonderfully sweet dreams of our earth home about 4:45am. In my limited physical presence, I did not notice that anything changed, except that I logged onto the web site as soon as I awoke to see if anyone else had seen/heard/felt a shift. Let's hear about you!
- KP (Portland, Oregon, USA)


On Monday evening, my husband - who is always supportive of my spiritual activities but almost never participates with me - asked me to wake him at 4:00am so that we could Fire The Grid together. (Thank You, God!!) He had never practiced meditation before, so I guided him in running energy through his chakras, then with a visualization of the grid of light beamed to our lovely planet and with our own heart light joining that grid to expand and fire it, then adding his greatest joys, and finally with a bit of chanting ("The Earth is our mother, we must take care of Her....") There was quiet time between each part of our action, and some at the end, where we just breathed love to Mother Earth. It was a tremendous blessing to be able to share this momentous activity with the man I love most in the world, especially since it was such a lovely surprise that he chose to join in. Many thanks and blessings to Shelley Yates and to those who assisted with the project. We are all better for it. Namaste,
- Zulema B. (Portland, Oregon, USA)


The lovely Joan from Healing Waters and Sacred Spaces created a beautiful altar and invited folks to her store (in the middle of night, no less!) in honor of the event. It literally took my breath away the moment I saw it, with many crystals shimmering in the candle light, calming visual representations of the heavenly entities that help us and inspire us in the name of Spirit, a stunning 6 pointed star made of copper tubes filled with crystals, and fresh flowers and the awesome pregnant Earth Mother figurine to remind us of the earth's gifts. I had managed to get some sleep in before making my way to the store. We had expected there to be others in the store, but at 11:11GMT, it was the two of us and we listened to the tracks Joan had downloaded from this site. Through my meditation, it became clear to me that this was not a situation where we were to be receiving from the universe so much as giving back to it. I was bombarded with the sheer number of gifts that the earth and Spirit have given to us. And I felt it was my duty in the moment to share the joy and love that I normally reserve for my own circle of friends and family with the world at large, with the very core of this planet. It came to me during the meditation that making change is much much easier than we think. The illusion that change is impossible in the present climate needs to be unveiled as just that - an illusion. We have far more ability and love to spare than we realize. And all it ever takes is something like getting out of bed to meditate with the rest of the world, even though you may be tired and sleep may seem so attractive. There's been enough sleeping! The changes that we need to make are completely possible and need not be frightening or unhealthy for us. The sacrifices are far more simple than we like to imagine. The image of a coin flipping to the other side came to me again and again. With it, came the understanding that we have everything we need to heal ourselves and the planet. The nature and material of the coin doesn't necessarily need to be altered, just pushed to a different angle or another side. We are blessed people and have yet to use even the very tip of the iceberg of gifts that have been given to us. Physically during the meditation I felt a lot of energy moving throughout my heart chakra up to my third eye. This meditation helped me to really sit with the love in my heart on physical, intellectual, and psychic levels and ultimately, to locate the power that love has and realize how profound its effect is on everything. Certainly not something to be taken for granted, I am prepared to continue giving my love. Thank you all for sharing yours.
- Memorie C. (Portland, Oregon, USA)


We all shared that we were able to be very present, had a great meditation, used earth globes, candles and flowers to express our wish for healing and also a prayer for the healing of the planet. WE are devotees of Paramahansa Yogananda and live in a colony that was started by one of his direct disciples Swami Kryananda. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this life changing experience. My personal experience has been very high energy this week in preparation and the actual experience was very humbling to think I could help to bring the awareness of myself and other to the need for this event. I am ready to help in anyway I can personally in the coming years. Blessings and Joy to Shelley and all who made it happen and of course to God.
- Nancy B./Ananda Community (Portland, Oregon, USA)


Ok...I have a very interesting story. My meditation time was 4:11 am. That’s a tough time for me because it's too long to stay up and wait...but it's also too early for me to wake up. So I set my alarm for 4:07 and fell asleep. Well, in my sleep I must have turned my alarm off without waking up. When I finally woke up I think it was about 6:50 am or sometime close to it. I was really frustrated for missing it. But I went back to sleep wishing I hadn't missed it. It seemed like I had only been sleeping about 20 minutes...then I awoke at exactly 4:11 am. I was so amazed I had no idea what happened. So I went on with my meditation which felt great. I could feel the energy from all over the world. I am still wondering how I had managed to travel back in time. Maybe the first awakening was just a dream...Yet it was all so real.
- Dustin (Riddle, Oregon, USA)


I actually woke up late! I didn't hear my alarm, but at 4:30am, my first thought was, "I missed it"....then I thought, "no, I didn't! I have plenty of time!" So, I put on my headphones with the beautiful music your site provided, and I found my joy, and meditated giving my positive energy to the world and all the people in it. I am new to meditation, but I KNEW it was working because I felt my heart chakra opening up! I "felt" my heart chakra! When that happened, I KNEW I WAS making a difference, and CONNECTING with EVERYONE else who was firing the gird! I feel blessed and proud to be a part of this! I want to thank Apryl J. for making me aware of it, and I want to thank YOU, Shelley Yates for having the courage to share the information you received with the world! I will be checking back for Project Cause! We are on our way to changing the world!
- Shelly H. (Salem, Oregon, USA)


I am a 16-year-old team leader from Oregon and I had a very bizarre experience during Fire the Grid. I was away at camp on July 17th participating in a leader in training program and after a series of bizarre coincidences and lucid dreams, I found myself going partially out of body. This was the night before 7/17. Applied Kinesiology confirmed that I was only 5% in my body and that another being (Pleujar the Pleiadian) was currently sharing the space. We encountered some last minute difficulties (right before Fire the Grid began) that the being was able to fix through the use of diplomacy. At 4:11 am we began the meditation. I (or Pleujar) led the meditation and monitored the group in ways I was not previously able to do. After the event, many of us had changed. One girl, learned how to stay in her body; an epileptic boy was cured of his epilepsy; and the majority of the meditators claimed to have heard footsteps walking around them during the meditation and a few (who had opened their eyes) saw a tall figure standing in the circle. We were sitting the entire time.
- Jaime B. (Salem, Oregon, USA)


What incredible peace! It was 4:11AM here in Oregon and I needed to wake up at 4AM to participate. I thought for sure I would have trouble focusing and staying awake for the hour, but NO! It was actually energizing! My cat jumped into my lap and for the hour we listened to Anael & Bradfield and focused shimmering, healing light from my being to the earth! I also was filled with dreams of large groups of healers all sharing with Gaia both before and after the 4:11 - 5:11 AM event. It was so wonderful, I want to do it again tomorrow!



This morning I woke up with the intention of going to my most peaceful and quiet place. The walking park that I go to is a place of escape for me. I literally pulled into the park at 7:11 AM to the parking lot and looked over the park to find the most amazing site. It was breathtaking. We had gotten rain the night before so the park was filled with a mist and at that very moment the rays of the sun were shining down on the park. With each corner I took it just amazed me more and more. What a beautiful site. It truly gave me a feeling of joy and peace knowing that there were people all over the world doing the very same thing. I felt a unification. I believe that those unbelievable rays of sun shining down on me was a sign from God. I had never seen the park in that way before in all the years I have been going there. I am so thankful there are people who want to improve things in our world and I am going to do my part to do that very thing. I am thankful I got this opportunity. Peace to everyone.
- Anne A. (Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA)


It was a truly humbling experience, knowing I was connecting to God, the Angels, Guides, and multitudes of Lightworkers, all intending to heal our beautiful planet and each other, and to know we are connecting back to the Universal Consciousness. Which, of course doesn't mean everything is going to be instantly "peachy". Connecting to the Grid means we need to be even more diligent in watching our words and thoughts and deeds, for we are affecting that consciousness even more profoundly now. So, today, 7/18, I am noticing much frustration and criticalness, and temptation to blow off steam. It's all part of the process that we signed up for. I think we need to meditate more than ever now.... and keep focusing on our Joy. Thank you Shelley, and all who helped facilitate this awesome opportunity for healing.
- Christina Y. (Bally, Pennsylvania, USA)


Thank you so much for having this space in which to share my experience. Last night I wrote the following in my journal and I'm so happy to be able to share it with you. This morning was the Fire the Grid meditation. I had such a wonderful sense of excitement about participating. I wanted to have no expectations about what I would experience. I had decided to sit under grandmother cherry tree with my laptop by my side to provide the music that I had purchased for the occasion as a background. I set some cushions, cotton covering, next to the tree and sat down, finishing my breakfast as the final two minutes counted down. The music began and played only a few measures, so I turned on the preset music I had selected and leaned against the tree as Sky Sent began and closed my eyes. Breathing deeply, I told myself again that I had no expectations. I wanted to be fee to receive whatever would come to me. I felt honored and happy to be a part of a worldwide meditation. Chanting the ohm always helps me feel this kind of connection but this was different. This was meditation with intention. And in my mind's eye I saw an image of the earth from space. And around the earth a web of gold shimmering energy connecting all around the world. There were some big empty spaces, but the web stretched around the planet! And beyond, moving closer was a huge glow of light energy. It wasn't the sun as the sun was off to the left. I returned to my body and breath. My hands rearranged themselves. Left palm up right palm down. I stayed in this position for a short while. Time began to have no meaning as the edges of my body melted into the surrounding energy. I smelled sage burning. Is someone else in my neighborhood participating? How lovely! I returned to the image of the planet webbed in golden energy and saw strands of light penetrating into the center of the earth. I saw that the web was beginning to pulsate and the pulsations traveled down the strands deep into the earth. I watched this in awe for a moment and returned to my body. My hands needed to shift and positioned themselves on the ground on either side of my body. I felt a pressure in my arms and heard "push." I knew my body was being used as an instrument of the glorious healing energy. "Heal the Mother" I heard in my mind. "Heal the mother" I repeated. My hands and arms pushed into the earth with a strength that surprised me. Satisfaction filled me as I settled into the realization of my participation as a conduit of the love energy that would work to heal the planet and its inhabitants. My hands felt as though they were glued to the earth and I wouldn't be able to lift them if I tried. I sat for a time this way rejoicing and sending love into Mother. The hour chime on my computer sounded and I was astounded to know that I had been in meditation for forty-nine minutes. I began to bring myself back and detach so that I could go to work. I thought I would be disappointed at having to end my meditation before the hour was up, but in my heart I felt honored to have been used in this way. I thanked the universe and happily moved into my day. Thank you, Shelley for sharing your story and for this wonderful project. I only heard about it last week and when I read your website and saw that it was happening at 11:11, I got so excited! I have had a connection to 11:11 for a number of years and so I knew that it was where I needed to be. I will keep checking back to find out about Project Cause. Peace be with you.
- Deborah C. (Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA)


I awoke excited to know that it was THE day. I went out to my faerie garden promptly at 7:11 e.s.t. and pressed my hands on the ground and pledged my energy to Gaia, Mother earth. I concentrated for the hour on healing and joy. Blew some bubbles too, joyous.
- J.K. (Cochranville, Pennsylvania, USA)


I joined in a meditation group (number attending unknown) via telephone. We are devotees of Babaji and we spent the hour listening, meditating to sacred music. Around 8 a.m. EDT, I began to get into a flow with Gaia - as I was pouring my love and joy into her, she was giving back to me and expressing her profound gratitude at what was being done to and for her. The intensity of that love had me in tears. Healing, Love, Peace, OM Namah Shivaya
- Lyn G. (Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA)


I was really excited about sharing in the "Fire the Grid" experience even though I am new to meditation. So I set my alarm for just after 7am and lay back down in bed. I was already relaxed and I just let my mind go..., I started to think of the people I love, and thanked them for their love in my life. Then I began to visualize a world of peace, harmony and co-operation. I visualized the words "PEACE" and "LOVE". Soon I began to feel my whole body vibrate! This was a new for me. I had never experienced anything like it before. This vibration came and went several times. I suppose many of you felt this vibration also. In Love,
- Angela S. (Ephrata, Pennsylvania, USA)


I was outside. Music playing. Felt the energies of people all over this Earth. Started affirming for healing for the Earth and all its people. Felt the light building inside myself. Went outside of the planet, and joined millions of lightworkers, Angels, Master's covering the earth. Joined hands, heard a voice say. TURN ON YOUR HEART LIGHT. Saw all the heart's of all that were there, beaming this light to all the Earth and its people. Others moving in to places where there was darkness to fill in the gaps, till it was all one radiant light. Yes, we are the PLANET OF LIGHT. BLESS YOU ALL. Thank you
- Anne M. (Hermitage, Pennsylvania, USA)


On a Shamanic Journey I saw the landscape from a bird's eye view. An African Elephant raised its trunk into the air to acknowledge us. We communicated our mutual love of Mother Earth and the Elephant agreed to speak to the Animal Kingdom about our purpose today. Then we went to the Upper World to visit my Shamanic Teacher, Cougar Wolf. Our eyes locked with focus as we stood around a large bon-fire. I could see myself in 3rd person, wearing the skins of the white wolf given to me on my last journey in the Upper World, with my Bear next to me. Together we focused on clearing the chakras through Kundalini rising. A red base fire, orange mid-fire and yellow tipped flames led into the green mist floating in the air around the fire. Above the green mist was the blue "bulb" base (resembling a light bulb, upside down) which led up to the indigo tube which then exploded into violet rain drops. The rain drops fell upon the three of us and as I looked around the fire I realized there were endless waves of people in all directions around the fire. We all raised our arms up into a "Y" to become the antenna for reception. The rain continued to fall on us and I heard "they are coming"... I looked to Cougar Wolf to explain. "They" are the Light Beings... our ancestors in the stars...As I looked up I saw the Light Beings emerge from the stars sprinkled in the universe... they seemed to come from within the light of the star. I focused again on the violet rain drops and sent them out in all directions of the earth. I watched as they landed on the crusty, dry barren lands and penetrated the soils. I heard "growth begins here... beneath the surface". Green plants emerged to feed the hungry. The violet rain washed over the oceans and rivers. The toxins within dissolved and water was balanced again. Violet rain landed on the heads of our "sleeping" world leaders. WAKE UP...it isn't too late to heal and lead with new direction. Rain landed in the fairy realm and uplifted their spirits. I could see their light brighten as they ascended in flight. At this point I no longer felt my body. I realized I was completely out of body and part of something bigger and lighter. An image of a face emerged from... I don't know where but it was like a whisper in the wind that had a face. No more scenery. I was propelled into a black hole... a corridor of flashing lights whizzed by as I traveled for what seemed like an endless time, twisting around bends of light. When it stopped I was seeing the earth surrounded by green grid lines. The lines blended and blurred into a green glowing mass surrounding the earth. The green mass became translucent and inside its core was "the code". The code appeared in columns; the image was hazy, but looked like 3 columns and they were scrolling by so quickly. The code is symbols. I know this code although I can't read it. I was asked to HOLD THE SPACE. From my heart chakra I sent our pure love for our Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. I felt a pulsing shoot through me suddenly in my rib cage. So very painful. I was told "this is the cancer created from the toxins on the earth... it now permeates all. Understand?" I do and did. I was then told as a Light Worker, I will be cleansed of this feeling so I can understand how we must cleanse the earth. I did as I was told and reclined. Within moments, the pain was purged... dissolved. "Understand?" Yes. My next visual was the core of the earth. I saw the layers of the surface building over a number of years too large to understand. It was as if I was witnessing the earth's crust forming while simultaneously seeing history unfold before my eyes. I was given a visual message that I just understood to mean that we must heal the many layers of the earth; starting with the outer and working in. Earth is an energy just like us; it has a core; it has light inside it. Our planet is "heavy" in toxins and the light is trapped inside. The energy can't radiate out. Like an onion, we must peel each layer in order to tap into the energy within. When we do, the inner earth energy will connect with the outer energy, the Light Beings emerging from the stars. They want to connect. "Understand?" (I found this interesting that I was asked if I understood what I was given; all I could do was nod and cry in a mix of happiness and sadness because I was getting the message like I have never before). Again, I was asked to HOLD THE SPACE. The earth was before me as a ball. I held the space by embracing the earth and holding it close to my heart, offering her pure LOVE. There are many more aspects to this hour of meditation that I have temporarily forgotten. So many more images and messages were given to me. I ended the meditation with an urge to do something; it wasn't enough for me to think about what had just occurred. As I walked the trails in a community park, I picked the trash up I found in my path. A small effort, but it is a beginning. Since the day started, I have received the most clarity and motivation to create a venue to work with and teach the INDIGO CHILDREN about energy workings. I have also discovered many people have noticed disruptions in their cable, telephone and internet services. Many have mentioned feeling "off" today, but don't know why...they are kind of bumbling around. Thank you for starting this and giving everyone a kick-start to fulfill destiny!
- Lisa M. (Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, USA)


We came together at my healing center at 6:30 am EDT. We spent time in Transformational Prayer and then chanted for eleven minutes. We collectively intended to lend our healing energy to Mother Earth (Gaia) and to the Human Family. We meditated in stillness and silence for the full hour. I personally experienced the most tender and deepest transcendence to date. On the evening of 7/16, I instructed a group of six first time meditators how to fire the grid. I am so impressed by their efforts and success! Love you,
- Karen/New Energy Center (Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA)


On the personal level it gave me the opportunity to take a leap forward and commit to moving forward in my life. Since that time I have had little pain in my legs! They had been bothering me for years - expressing my fears of moving forward. I am so grateful! And on a planetary level I experienced the oneness of all beings of Earth with all beings of the Universe. I sensed releasing and relief throughout the Earth - and increasing Light throughout and around the Earth. I knew that we were all Light!
- Betty P. (Landenberg, Pennsylvania, USA)


I had a wonderful experience with this Meditation! I had decided as it got close to time, wherever I was would be an opportunity to be in prayer. As it happened, I was driving to work and was at the Clemson Island Boat Launch in Liverpool, PA at 7:10am, so that's where I stopped. I walked down to the river's edge and stood between the worlds (on a rock at the edge of the water) A blue heron looked on (one of my totems, yea!) I looked at the water moving around the rock when I got there and it was moving slowly, by the time I left it was moving much faster! The sun glinted off the water into my face filling my mind with light and was a constant reminder of what I was doing. I concentrated all the energy I received into the water moving past and through it to the rocks below. I was pretty charged up by the time I was done!!!! Feeling that was a task well-accomplished, I started back up to my car. Validating this feeling, I found a beautiful goose feather on the path on my way back!! I tucked it into my medicine bag and headed off to work. I had expected the delay would make me late, but, SURPRISE! I was on time too!
- Lynne (Liverpool, Pennsylvania, USA)


I was sitting on my deck about 45 minutes into Firing the Grid, and I was feeling very strongly the template of healing that was going on at the time. Then I noticed a hummingbird in the back yard on some plants. It is very rare that I see a hummingbird in my yard, so that in itself was a pleasant surprise. So I thought about the fact that the hummingbird flapping its wings in my yard was being felt by healers around the world who were also firing the grid. With that, the hummingbird flew right up to about a foot and a half away from me, just above my head, and hovered there for quite a few seconds. It was facing right at me and seemed to be looking at me. I felt as though the hummingbird was reinforcing the idea that we ARE all connected, and was acknowledging that at that time we were joined together for the healing of the planet and humanity. It was quite a wonderful experience and I cried with awe and gratitude.
- Debbie Schmidt (Millersville, Pennsylvania, USA)


After I meditated on healing our lovely planet & its inhabitants, I fell back to sleep... During that time I had a very vivid, though short, dream. In it a woman simply asked me, "Why are you trying to act so grown-up?" I was shocked that someone would say such a thing to me, and I didn't have an answer for her... then I awoke.. My dream-woman's question is particularly poignant for me.. I feel as though I am always struggling to grow up, act my age (soon to be 34), and to appear wise & well-put-together to OTHER people... This actually goes against my true nature, which is to be light hearted, silly at times, and not always in a state of "worry." Although it is certainly possible to be older and responsible and still maintain a light heart, I used to equate getting older with BEing stoic... I am now fully aware of the fact that I can age, but I can still hold dear to me the lightness of a child, the wonder that comes from this world and all those experiences that come with living... Thanks for reading, Good wishes to Everyone.
- Jeanette M. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)


My partner and I just watched the Celestine Prophecy movie the night before. Inspired by how two people who give each other energy magnify energy, we decided to meditate in that way. We sat facing each other and channeled love to each other and as the energy built we sent it out to the planet. Then I had the desire to rub her feet. As I massaged her I channeled healing energy into her and received the energy she sent me. Then we switched positions and I received her healing touch while sending her my love. We both floated in an altered state of bliss consciousness, feeling our connection to all of humanity. Toward the end, her fear of death was triggered. I believe her ego thinks that the heaven on earth we are creating is equivalent to death. I believe that the fear of death is a major cause of pain and confusion in our current planetary consciousness, and we must all heal this aspect of our psyche by remembering our eternal nature. I believe firing the grid was a major step toward healing our collective fears and moving us towards a life of constant love.
- Lauren K. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)


My partner and I woke up around the same time, around 7 am in this area of the world. He said he had a strong urge to look out the window, and there was a dear with her fawn. The fawn was just playing, jumping around the mother. The scene gave us great joy, and we were thankful for the moment. Then we went back to bed and cuddled, another thing that brings me joy. We dosed off back to sleep, and I had an epic dream, which I can't remember, but the feeling of it lingered all day. Now when ever I feel moments of joy through out my day, I fire my grid. I feel like I'm still sharing with many people, and that brings a peaceful feeling.
- Nayck F. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)


I went outside and sat on my deck that is in front of my family room overlooking the mountains and the pool/deck area. It all feels like a dream now that I try to think about it. About 20 minutes into the meditation I felt so connected and an overwhelming sense of joy just poured over me. I sat outside with my eyes closed and I had the biggest smile anybody could wear. Then about ten minutes later (30 min into meditation) I felt a shift inside but it wasn't just a shift for me. The shift felt like it was everyone and everything at the same time. The best way I can describe it is like from that moment on everyone would see and feel a closer connection to everybody and everything. Almost like seeing with brand new eyes and hearts. For about another 20 minutes I felt like things were being put into place. I'm not sure what things but it felt like when a board meeting is coming to a close and all the details are being put together. By about 55 min in I felt like everyone (being) was done. Gratitude and love was being exchanged and everyone was high fiveing. I walked around all day like as if I had won the lottery of life. Gratitude and joy just poured over and through me. It was beautiful.
- Linda S. (Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, USA)


Just as I sat down at my computer to access the music for the meditation, my yard filled with birds of every kind and color. One flew in a perfect circle, and then returned to its tree branch. One came to the window next to me and remained in mid air, flapping its wings, communicating in that way to me. A small female cardinal attached itself to the window (there is no sill) sideways, facing the same way I was, and looked me in the eye with its one eye that was against the window. They were celebrating! As soon as I began the meditation, they all disappeared, and they returned when it was over. This was proof positive to me that the firing of the grid is a reality! I am so grateful to have taken part in it!
- Eileen A. (Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, USA)



It was the most loving experience I've ever felt. It was pure love and ever since that day I've been incredibly amazed at how much cleaner and brighter everything around me is. Even my husband has noticed how the sky is bluer and the green of nature is greener. Every day we go out and we're always exclaiming how beautiful everything is, meaning everything in nature. It's just so amazingly beautiful. I went to visit my son in Atlanta and I felt the same way. Everything was much more beautiful than before. I was wondering when we'll be getting information on Project Cause. Please let me know what’s happening. In God's Love
- Patty A. (Carolina, Puerto Rico, USA)


We didn't leave for work until after firing the grid. We played the music downloaded from the site during that time, as we prepared we agreed the day before we would keep in mind our greatest joy and a calm atmosphere. There were visible and dramatic changes in the sky in our area, after the grid was fired I felt a little dizzy and rain fell around the area for a couple of minutes followed by a soft sun, a different sun as an embodiment covering everything. It feels different, even the rays and light from the sun, the skies, the air, people.
- M. (San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA)


During the meditation, I passed through 4 stages defined by images-emotions experienced very strongly: at the beginning, and intermittently, a sign like a luminous Y, it was a greenish yellow shade; and I could see the energy, like filaments, flowing through it. The second stage was the appearance of the owl (one of my spiritual animals) and, of another being that I think was a wolf (to whom I have never been aware of being related). During the third stage I saw the emergence, at opposite sides on the top of my vision, of two sources of light, again in a greenish yellow shade, that were slowly descending in diagonal upon a single white spot in the center, where Mother Earth appeared every time the two lights converged. In each instance, when the lights faded, I saw Mother Earth surrounded by a red circle. After this image being repeated several times, the flowing of the energy slowly shifted, from below to top, in a cone or tornado shape manner. In the final, fourth stage I felt rings of warmth flowing around my body, they went slowly from the top of my head to my toes; covering me entirely with indescribable love and sense of well-being. Tears started to flow, silently, in gratitude for such beautiful experience.
- Ivette R. (Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, USA)



I lit a fire in a portable fireplace that I had built outside a couple years ago and had never used. I set it up with all the wood I needed and it sat there until "Fire the Grid." On that morning I got up early as 11:11 was 7:11 here on the east coast, put on my favorite long dress that actually has a name, "Morning Star." I brought sage, and my favorite Grandmother statue, a candle, and a box of prayers. I set up a table and a comfortable chair. I used the sage to cleanse my aura and called in the guiding spirits of the four corners and all beings of Divine Light to join me in the hour of prayer and meditation. I felt at peace and went deeply "away." I know that there was a massive shift that day. The energy of my world was faster and lighter and full of HOPE. Peace and Grace,
- Sharyn W. (Rhode Island, USA)


I really felt the power and strength in it and toward the end I could literally feel my whole body rocking and shaking with it.
- R. Wolf (Johnston, Rhode Island, USA)


I kayaked into the bay to express my love and gratitude through the brine toward the heart of the Earth. I sat in stillness as the kayak rocked on the undulating water, marveling at the small droplets dripping from my oar. At splashdown, they created distinct ripples that flowed away from me and merged with the ripples that had arrived from parts unknown. Concentric circles of a myriad of wavelengths and frequencies wove together in gentle motion. I knew I was only viewing this effect in one plane, that the circles were truly spheres of influence expanding from point sources, permeating all directions. I could see the fabric of heart-felt intent saturating the space around us and felt immense joy.
- Taliachka (Tiverton, Rhode Island, USA)



I live in a small coastal town in SC. We are so fortunate to live in such a scenic area. My friends Sarah, Lilian and I went to Lilian's dock and sat watching the marsh and the river. The dolphins came, as well as the egrets and laughing gulls. The color was so enhanced in the early morning light. The chemtrails did not escape our notice, but we remained in our joy as the Sylph's (wind spirits) feasted on them. We felt waves of energy flowing through us. As an empath and healer I am used to my hand tingling, but holy cow! This morning the energy was amplified. Thank you to all who participated! We felt your love. It was awesome. Namaste, aho!
- SUSAN S. (Bluffton, South Carolina, USA)


I received an e-mail from Dr. Group at about the 07/17/07 event and forwarded it to everyone I could think of. I woke up earlier than normal this morning with a joyful excitement (even though I was still very tired). I played two of the songs from the FTG site ("Sky-Sent" and "Be-Still..") on my mp3 player while I sat outside on the back porch. I began to imagine (and literally felt) a ray of love and hope from people I have never met all around the planet. I felt as if I was connected to the planet and to other people on the planet who were also engaged in the meditation. I then began to cry which is odd for me because I almost never cry. They were tears of joy, but also of sadness for the damage being done to this planet. I have three small children as well whom I worry about often when I consider the world which is being handed to them. I did feel a sense of hope as well in that the connectedness does not seem to know negativity or destruction. It seems the goal then would be to remain in the state of connectedness and hope for as long as possible each day to help bring about a more positive reality for the planet. I don't really understand this very well yet, so I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm glad I participated in this event, however; and I hope something good has come of it. Thank you!
- Kevin J. (Boiling Springs, South Carolina, USA)


We spoke briefly minutes before we began and offered each other joy and gratitude. I can only speak for myself at this time, but I felt such happiness knowing that possibly millions of us were finding our joy together at the same time. I am not a morning person, but this morning I feel awake and glad to be alive. I was able to visualize the golden liquid light enveloping the planet in a protective web, knowing that whatever strife and destruction may be occurring, that glowing web of love and healing would keep things in balance. This has been a beautiful experience, and I am so grateful to all the people who put their energy into making this happen. I have no doubt that this is the best way to counteract the pain and turmoil the human race has caused to happen. We are all the manifestation of God in physical form, and as such nothing is impossible for us. Our power is limitless, infinite, and whole.
- Sylmirabar (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)


While meditating I felt and "saw" the Virgin Mary helping us to fire the grid – at the end she guided us all to hold hands and form a circle around planet earth – what amazed me most is that I usually make myself to envision something (while meditating) – this time, however, the vision was effortless – it just took form without my help or "intention".
- Maria A. (Greenville, South Carolina, USA)


I sent Reiki to the Earth for her healing. I began sending several days ago, to the specific time listed. This morning, July 17, there was a wonderful surge of energy, like the Earth was drawing energy from me. I was able to focus on all things that I love to see, about the land, animals, birds and the sky. These 'visions' kept popping into my head, one right after the other. Toward the end of the hour, my head felt like it was going to explode, it felt so 'full'. I can't wait to see what others experienced. Be Blessed.
- Sunshine (Pelzer, South Carolina, USA)


I found this experience to be quite wonderful and very relaxing. During the whole experience, I felt as though things with humanity and our planet would be OK. Throughout the day this same feeling stayed with me. Pretty awesome! I listened to the 3 song selections from the web site during the full hour while meditating and that was quite an experience. Very emotional. Bradfield’s music is brilliant. I found it very fascinating that I was able to meditate for the full hour, comfortably and easily. The time seemed to fly by! In the past I have only been able to meditate for 15 to 20 minutes comfortably at a time. As I listened to the words I could feel the gold treads that tie us all together (at least from my point). I did see white light in various but blurry forms during the whole hour, but am not sure what the white light was (not sure whether I was causing this or not). Again this was quite an experience. Thank you Shelley Yates for listening! Peace and Love,
- Bart F. :>) (Summerville, South Carolina, USA)

The time for me was 0711 eastern time in US. I am in the United States Air Force so I had to be at work during this time. I took a small break in the morning and I went into a very secluded women’s bathroom area and meditated for as long as I could. All this morning I felt a very warm fuzzy feeling....like LOVE around me and I just felt plain happy. I know it’s silly that i meditated in my workplace's bathroom area but i did what i could to contribute to the positive energy going into our world. I do think that our message will be effective! I LOVE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING! ;)
- Melissa B. (Sumter, South Carolina, USA)



A very positive uplifting energy seemed to merge my wife and I into the Greater Cosmic Pulsing - we both felt very peaceful and joyful after the session. Our affirmation is that we are 1 people on 1 planet with 1 purpose: Constructive Evolution to Oneness..... Peace and Light to all. - Richard & Clare B. (Clark, South Dakota, USA)


Since it is an extremely difficult time of the day for me to be awake, I was amazed to find the ability to participate at all. I sort of skipped across consciousness like a stone skipping across a lake, and yet there was this deep, deep underlying connection with the project at hand the entire time. It was as if every time I became fully aware, I found myself still fully engaged, as if joining a work in progress. As I floated in and out of wakefulness, there was an abiding sense of peace because of this being so right. After the hour had passed, I just automatically stopped waking up, slept the rest of the morning, and woke up feeling very at ease.
- Daren J. (Elkton, South Dakota, USA)


I sat on the dock by a lake at 6:11 AM and the sun was behind the clouds. As I approached the dock a small cloud caught a bright pink color which made a light path on the lake, a pink and beautiful path on the water right to my feet. The meditation was filled with beauty, energy, and the face of an angel spirit (which I have seen occasionally throughout my life) came to me. Since then I have a deep sense of peace and joy, and gratitude for All-That-Is. Thank you for helping facilitate this awareness for so many of us. Blessings,
- JoEllen/Koerner Learning (Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA)



I sat on the balcony of my apartment looking toward the sunrise, but it was totally overcast. At one point when I was sitting with my eyes closed I saw a bright light and when I looked the sun was shining through the clouds and the trees directly on me. It also felt as if the concrete floor of the balcony was vibrating. I felt a lot of energy and was sure that something was happening. There was certainly a lot of energy pouring in.
- Margaret D. (Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA)


I meditated. I definitely felt this strange sensation. It was mostly centered around my head. It almost felt like strings were shooting from my head. Maybe they were connecting to other people. I don't know. It was a strange, yet very soothing sensation. I was shocked that I was able to sit still for an entire hour. I sat down at 7:10 to start. I didn't look at the clock again until around 8:07, so I was close. I finished up the last few minutes and finished at 8:14. Usually when you just sit and do nothing for an hour, it feels like eternity. But that felt like maybe 5 minutes. It was an awesome experience and I am SO GLAD I participated. Love & Light, :)
- Summer O. (Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA)


My partner and I sat by a river and watched the water move by; listened to the birds welcome the morning; noticed the ripples from where the fish were surfacing for breakfast; watched the bees pollinating the flowers; and told stories of experiences that brought us joy.
- Linda L. (Erwin, Tennessee, USA)


I meditate twice a day, and have for about 36 years, normally about 30 minutes each time. Two things were very evident "firing the grid" on the 17th...(1) the hour seemed like about 15 minutes and (2) I never lost my focus the entire time with seemingly no effort. I've never had a meditation like that before...looking forward to more. I'm also involved with a group and we have been doing our own version of FTG for a month or so. I heard about FTG on July 15th. I believe this is what so many of us have been preparing for all these years and we never knew it!
- tom p. (harriman, tennessee, usa)


We are so grateful that you organized the worldwide group meditation on 7/17/07 at 11:11 GMT! My husband and I have been meditating for over 30 years and appreciate the energy and power of group meditations. Although we have an evening meditation group, we did not try to organize a group meditation here on 7/17 due to the early hour in CDT, but we did meditate together for an hour. (We also advised a number of people about the Fire the Grid meditation, and many participated on their own.) The experience was wonderful! Not used to meditating for that long at a time, I was surprised at how quickly (and unnoticed) the time flew by! I felt powerful vibrations and had experiences of moving around the earth and experiencing the emotions of groups of people in many places I passed on my journey. I sent love to the places in sadness. We had a hard time coming back from the glorious experience of the meditation, so went for a walk afterwards to ground ourselves! Please keep us updated on any future group meditations. We would like to participate again and will spread the word to others. Peace, blessings, and gratitude,
- Bea and Les L. (Hermitage, Tennessee, USA)


The time was 6:11AM in Lexington, Tennessee. I spent a quiet hour outside, facing west, on the back porch of my home as the sun came up behind me. I became a grandmother less than three years ago. Recently, at the birth of my granddaughter this past February, I have been overwhelmed with a message from my guides of the importance our children play in the peace of the world. This sounds too simple, but my guides tell me that when every parent and grandparent can know that their children and grandchildren are safe, well-fed, happy, healthy, clean and comfortable.......there will be no reason for conflict in this world. Each day as I put my grandchildren down for their naps, I am given the affirmation that the day will come in my lifetime when every parent and grandparent will be blessed as I am to know their lovely children have a safe, clean, comfortable bed and a full belly and are surrounded by people who love them. I believe the 'fired grid' will help to speed the time of peace. I am confident that if 'two or more, gathered in 'His' name, (the name of Peace)...... will be heard by God.....then as we gathered spiritually from all round the world, we have been heard and our healings have begun. Sincerely,
- Dian B. (Lexington, Tennessee, USA)


From the rooftop or my six story apartment building, I experienced a tangible, healing connection with the people of the earth, indeed with the earth itself. After the hour, I began my day as usual - going to work, etc. and was astounded at the changes in every being around me. Much healing took place yesterday morning at a very powerful, very deep level. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
- Heather W. (Memphis, Tennessee, USA)


I learned of the project approximately one week before the event. But interestingly I had been seeing the numbers 11:11 everywhere for about one year and sensed that there was a connection and something I needed to know about the numbers. Two days before the event I had an angelic presence in the house with me that I could see with my physical eyes. I knew the entity was here to support and encourage me. The morning of the event was surreal. I did not feel like "myself." I felt like my spirit, or real self, had taken charge and now my focus was on the mission. I am so fortunate to have participated in this event and I know in my soul that on 7/17/07 at 11:11GMT a shift occurred and we are on our way to a new and better world. I am so grateful...
- Lynda G. (Memphis, Tennessee, USA)


At the very back of my yard is a little wooded hill which is lovely, especially in the early morning. One of my closest friends and I meditated up there with my stereo playing various songs I had picked out for the occasion. There were birds singing, it was pleasantly warm, and completely beautiful. Near the end of the hour, a song called "Glosoli" (which roughly translates to "glowing soul", I believe) by Sigur Ros began to play just as the sun was rising through the trees. The light fell on my closed eyes at the climax of the song, and I opened them... I had never seen such a pure light. That sight coupled with the emotion from the song created the most gorgeous scenario I had ever witnessed. I was close to tears. Words aren't strong enough to express how breathtaking it was. I am so grateful to have been a part of this.
- Evie C. (Memphis, Tennessee, USA)


First I'd like to thank all involved with the organization of this project (humans, light beings, the creator). I send deepest gratitude for the experience. I went to the local park ~20 minutes before 11:11, centered and met a few new people. We naturally formed a circle, a circle of friends, strangers, fellow human beings. There were those scattered throughout the park as well, which was also a joy to see. A beautiful young lady took the responsibility of being the time-keeper, chiming her bells at 11:11 (6:11 our time) and again an hour later. The meditation went from peaceful to brightly joyful, and i was unable to hold on to the concept of time. It was beautiful, and my head and heart are still buzzing with a new, amazing, opening energy. After the meditation was through, the circle closed with three "Om's" which resonated unlike anything I've previously experienced. After, several small groups decided to play in the park, which was another joy to witness. It has been only three hours since the commencement of this meditation, and already I feel the higher energy "buzz." My life has been changed for the better, the earth sings with the love shared. I will actively participate in her healing from this point. Sending love, light, and gratitude,
- Alli W. (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)


I had a very hard night with a very cranky baby that was up most of the night. I got up with her at 4:30am to make her the 1st breakfast. While I made her oatmeal I was thinking how am I going to stay awake to help with this "Grid Thing" at 6:11 am. I was wondering even if she would be calm enough to say any prayers or meditate. I at first was a little discouraged thinking another one of my plans will have to be interrupted to take care of kids. But as 6am rolled around she was tired but did not want to be put down. "Babies are funny like that when they are growing teeth and not feeling well." SO she got her pacifier and did her version of an OM at me. I took that as the sign that she wanted to lay on my chest while I do OMs with her directing the sound at her crown chakra. I was very sleepy but we did Oms and then I just sang all the things that I loved about her and our family and then said a few prayers for their earth. How I wanted their earth to be. I hope this was an ok action for the fire the grid. I have only read this web site. Having small kids being on the web has its difficulties. We both fell asleep and had a better day after our experience. Later I reflected on the possibilities of joining in such an action with the projected number of people at that time. Since 7-17-07 my 10 year old who never wants to do any prayers or meditations with me is asking to do them and we have our time together doing such prayers after his baby sister goes to sleep. I hope this is all ok. We only have the best intentions in our hearts and minds. Blessings
- Kat (StarDancer) (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)


I felt overwhelmed by the miracle of being connected to people all over the globe who chose to focus on love, healing and forgiveness for the things we have done to the planet and her children. I cried as I prayed. I felt like I was joined in a stream of love, traveling throughout the cosmos and returning back to me. I envisioned this beautiful blue Mother planet bathed in white light at her core erupting in a love so big that it started shooting out through her north and south poles in arches of cascading healing and as it rained down over the whole globe it formed a heart enveloping the whole world in a divine womb of comfort, nourishment, peace and serenity. For a moment every living thing was seen for what it truly is MOTHER EARTH'S CHILD equal in her Creators heart. AND SO IT IS...Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, my heart is still pulsing with this vision the GRID HAS BEEN FIRED.
- Dorsey (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)


I have been a yoga instructor for about 6 years now. I have been meditating for 7 years. I have never had such a powerful meditation. I could see in my minds eye people from all parts of the world firing the grid in their way, prayer, meditation, joyful conversations about times in nature, expressions of the love for this planet. It was such an incredible experience that I have not ever been able to duplicate. Me and my sister shared a conversation about nature, and what we as humans are doing to this planet first...then meditated. It was amazing and I am glad to have found out in enough time to be apart of it. Thank You for all your time and energy. Namaste,
- Tracy F. (Portland, Tennessee, USA)


As I meditated I could see the earth being surrounded by huge ships beaming light and energy to the Earth and Grid. I could see the Grid blazing white and sparkling gold light. It was weaving and connecting with all that is on the Planet. Then I felt a burst of warmth within and around me. At the same time I could see a beautiful Golden Orb blocking out the view of everything for a few minutes. After the hour meditation was finished, I felt very calm and a tremendous inner peace!!! Blessings to you All!!!!
- Wayne K. (Riceville, Tennessee, USA)



I awoke full of energy, for 6am, and excited to start. I began meditating, and it came very easy to me this morning. I kept thinking of my greatest joys in life (my two little ones and all they have given me) and my body felt very alive, but very calm and focused. After a while, I started thinking about our Earth. I started channeling my energies into the center of the earth, pushing it down to the core. With every push and flow of energy toward the core, I felt my body tingling all over. I expected to feel somewhat tired after meditating and focusing all the energies. Instead, I felt renewed and wonderful. Thank you for sharing your experience and in turn, giving all of us a gift of enlightenment and a chance to be a part of this wonderful moment in time.
- Shannon W. (Arlington, Texas, USA)


I was prepared to meditate alone in my home, but wonderful Rebecca Marina initiated a telephone call in which I joined hundreds of others from all over the world. It was such a joy to participate and I believe it is definitely one of the reasons I am here on Earth at this time. Thank you, Shelley, Bradfield, and Anael and all the unseen helpers who made this happen. I am in awe. Om Namah Shivaya! Namaste!
- Susan B. (Austin, Texas, USA)


Austin’s Fire the Grid mediation time was 6:11 am. On the back deck of the First Spiritualist Church, sheltered by pecan trees and beside a labyrinth built yesterday, five of us gathered in the near dark. A small chimena chugged out frankincense and myrrh, five candles were lit, and the Christmas lights ringing the labyrinth reminded us of the sacred connection between the earth, and those that are nurtured by Her. During the meditation, many of us experienced a pulsing, tingling sensation throughout our bodies, as if cells were regenerating. It was a peaceful, fairly spontaneous gathering, and we were all grateful to have shared the experience together.
- Candyce R./First Spiritualist Chruch (Austin, Texas, USA)


I did this with 1 daughter and my husband. We were a little off on the time but we did it anyway. My youngest daughter (7) was told that were giving energy to the universe and earth. At first she told us "you mean for electricity" while we said yes we also told her we were healing the earth from bad things such as pollution. She immediately said, "you mean we are helping the ice caps grow back again?" "Of course we are dear."
- M. family (Converse, Texas, USA)


The night before I downloaded the music CD Light and Love and decided I would listen to it for my meditation time. I slept sporadically. For some reason I was afraid I would “forget” to wake up in time. I went out to my back yard and greeted the morning with my regular prayer, but was getting bit by what I thought were mosquitoes around my ankles. So, I went inside only to find I brought a large number of fire ants into the house with me. I had been standing on my paved patio, not in the yard, so I was very surprised. It was already a couple minutes after 6:00, and I was doing the fire ant dance when my precious cat Abby brought her breakfast back up on the rug by me. I found myself wondering what this was trying to tell me and I worried I would not be able to concentrate on the meditation because of the ant bites. What finally came to me is that I had to make a choice – to continue to be distracted by my concrete physical reality or to let it go and commit to joining with a higher dimension. I chose the latter. When I sat down, it was about 6:09. I stated my intention to connect with all others who were praying and with the Divine and began listening to the music on Light and Love. Never once during the time that I sat – over 75 minutes – was I bothered by my physical body and have not felt itching or physical discomfort from the ant bites (which were many) since. It’s almost like I had to get “fired” up to join in firing the grid. I think the ants and Abby were a plea to remember all our relations on this journey – the two leggeds for sure, but also four, six, eight, and no leggeds. We are all one.
- Julie B. (Cypress, Texas, USA)


I was going to do my own meditation but decided to get on the conference call with others. I started crying from joy as soon as I heard all the voices of the others calling in. This went on for 10 minutes. The conference call was wonderful...joyous, emotional and cleansing. Knowing there were so many other people on the planet who feel the same way I do...it was amazing. My whole day was wonderful. I was elated and noticed that any negativity or judgment was absent from my beingness. Wonderful! I feel connected and ready to take this movement further into healing the future of our people and planet. I feel blessed to have known about and participated in this project. Thank you, Shelley!
- Sherry M. (Dallas, Texas, USA)


We were in the beautiful rainforest of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Awoke at 5:00am lit a candle and faced the Eastern sunrise to meditate. Listened to the Salutation to the Dawn! Look to this day, for it is life, the very life of life, In its brief course lie all the verities and realities of our existence. The bliss of growth, the splendor of beauty, For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, But today well spent makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this day! Such is the Salutation to the Dawn. (from the Sanskrit) Later that day....through pure synchronicity after horseback riding along a lovely playa that morning; I had scheduled a massage and yoga session with a beautiful Italian woman that turned out to be an enlightened yogini that had worked with the orphans of Calcutta with Mother Theresa. It was a blissful day and one that has life changing implications for the rest of my life. Coincidence? I think not....it seems to have been a gift of positive intention. namaste
- Michael (Dallas, Texas, USA)


I didn't expect to experience much, myself. I had my prayer and meditation sitting in my car in the parking garage outside the office where I work with my headphones on. I figured with all the sounds and motions of cars and everything that it wouldn't be the deeply spiritual experience I would like it to be; but then it wasn't just all about me; so I was going to participate no matter what I had to do. I was delightfully surprised. Not far into the meditation I received a vision of something like a tidal wave of particles expanding in ripples outward from the earth and into the universe. I experienced it as sort of white sparkling particles expanding in bands or rings that mushroomed out like a cosmic explosion. This was not what I had expected to happen, and certainly not so early in the meditation. My understanding of the vision at the time was that this was the burst of energy of the global consciousness ignited with the harmony of nature and millions of souls. It was the birth of a thought. It was the echo of enlightenment. During the guided meditation I felt, at first a light pressure on my crown chakra that lasted a good bit. As I focused on gaia, I felt a tingling in my feet. As I expanded my countenance and consciousness, the pressure left my crown, and I felt a tingling instead. As my focus moved beyond this physical existence, I had a richly rewarding spiritual experience. I was overcome with emotion at one point as I experienced the connectedness with all creation. The experience was beyond words. The only words that come to mind as I ponder the experience are, "I am the world." I AM the world. I cannot begin to describe the magnitude of what that means to me now. So many thoughts come rushing through my head. "How can I do this to myself?" (All the thoughtless things we've done to our mother Earth.) What a grave sense of responsibility I now know I have because I AM the world. What pure and perfect love I have for everyone and everything! What amazing things are possible to me that I never considered because I AM the world. How insignificant and how precious is my soul! I am but a speck on a looking glass, and I am all that exists. The farther I moved in my consciousness from my physical self, the more magnificent was the experience. I didn't know that it was possible for me to experience Gaia. I certainly didn't expect to experience infinity. I have no words to describe these things. Perhaps in future meditations and communication with one another we will find the words. I feel honored to be a part of the welcoming of this dispensation. I felt a bit like a fuse in an electrical circuit, doing my small part to allow the conduction of love and positive energy to flow through me. Bless all of creation.
- Mary C M. (Euless, Texas, USA)


I closed my eyes and spoke to the earth. How may I assist you in your transition today? And she responded, "play music for me". I played in the key of C for a while and heard, "that is my core energy". I felt a smile from the Earth. I am moving to a higher vibration, try F sharp, the Schumann resonance". Ah, yes, I had briefly forgotten her new vibration is higher than before! I played various chord progressions in the key of F sharp with various sounds and tonal qualities, I heard, "play longer notes". So I sustained the F sharp chord and played the various tones with the chord. The earth smiled, my heart opened, and we became one. We shared the entire meditation in musical vibration. It was joyful and peaceful!!!
- Healing Tree Group (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)


I felt the filaments being pulled out my solar plexus down through the sacral and root chakras. It lasted only several seconds. Then I saw all of the human additions to Earth--buildings, houses, cars, oil derricks, phone lines, bridges, communication towers, everything--fall away and the Earth return to trees and plants and rivers, rocks, oceans and glaciers, caves, mountains, sun, wind and rain. Next I saw and large grid divided into four quarters and at the center where the quarters met a bright orange light sparked and radiated out in concentric circles until the whole grid was covered and pulsating with intense orange light. Finally, I saw three doors: first, a green one with a pink light around it; then, a red one with a yellow light around it; lastly, a white door with rainbow colored light around it.
- Angela O. (Garland, Texas, USA)


We lit candles, wrapped ourselves in blankets and listened to special music while we meditated and dreamed....I saw the Earth bathed in a milky substance that nourished it and soothed it...I was privileged to view a rapid-fire video in my head of people from all over the world who needed to receive the message of love we were sending...I "flew" over many locations of the Earth, viewing them from above and bathed them with my love pouring out of me like water...after being washed in my love, the location glowed and emitted its own light...the whole experience was AWESOME, and has affected not only that day, but the days following.
- Barbara L G. (Hondo, Texas, USA)


I heard about it though my Uncle John L. in Phoenix, shared it with my friend Christy B. in Houston who is a massage therapist and had already organized a group meditation at her yoga/massage studio. I chose to do it at home while my husband and two little boys slept. It was a wonderful experience as I settled into a meditative state and focused on a grateful state of being for the beauty, love and compassion that surrounds us. I got an image of a blue heart at the end of the hour. I wondered if anyone else saw/felt that as well and why it was blue. Overall, I felt connected and at one with the world. Thanks for organizing!
- Lynn L. L. (Houston, Texas, USA)


It was SO easy to share this! Everyone I emailed, phoned, or spoke to about it was ready and able to join the grid. It's the birth of New Hope for mother Earth, and for all her children: animals, plants, humans. Mostly it feels like the rebirth of JOY. I am serenely grateful for all the efforts of everyone in this wonderful, new, evolving family. Thanks to everyone, especially Shelley. When we experience the oneness of life, then our efforts for the planet's sake is part of one healing, ourselves included, because we cannot be EXcluded. It's too exciting to express. So much gratitude! Even the overwhelmed website just shows how MANY, MANY souls are being touched and healed by this effort. THANK YOU.


My personal experience was to meditate and sit in a state of gratitude alone. I felt my concentration would be better and I wouldn't have the distractions of anyone else's experience around me. I created a music playlist so that I could have a more guided time meditation. During the meditation, when one of the songs from the site began to play I felt this surge of energy pressing down on my hands. I was in a semi-lotus position, hands resting on my knees facing up, so I directed the energy downward through me and into the earth. This extraordinary sensation continued to press into me the duration of the song. After that was over, I felt smaller sporadic surges but nothing like that initial stream of energy. I had a friend who wanted to participate, but had never meditated, so I gave him the instructions from the site to simply think of all the things he was thankful for, that made him the happiest throughout the years, and to just sit in a state of bliss for the hour. He called me twice that day to thank me for such a wonderful experience. My hope is that it changed us all so that we continue to live in this state of gratitude. I am no stranger to this and have found that my life expands exponentially by living this type of life. Thank you for all you have done to spread the information. Blessings to us all in this endeavor.
- Bella (Houston, Texas, USA)


I do not usually meditate (born catholic) but have done it few times before, so I prayed and meditated during the whole hour. My mom prayed for most of the hour. My 8 year old daughter pray with me for about 30 seconds and went back to sleep. My 13 years old boy meditated/prayed for about 5 minutes and went back to sleep. It was very peaceful, felt like my whole environment was being cleaned. Then, about 8:00 am local time (about an hour later) I felt very very very sleepy and went back to sleep. I slept for about 2 hours, so did my mom. I did not want to get up, but finally got up about 10:35 am and tried to wake up my kids. They did not want to get up either, and then my daughter said: "Mom, I feel that my soul needs more time in heaven so I am going back to sleep" and she did. My son also went back to sleep for another hour. It was great, thanks for the opportunity. Blessings.
- V. Family (Houston, Texas, USA)


I had a pair of Doves sitting on my Sunroom roof with me the hour that I was outside sending my healing energy to our Mother Earth. I had a Bluejay playing and a small garden Snake slip into the pool. Which of course I rescued. When I closed my eyes I saw a beautiful shade of the healing color green going into the Earth and all around. The color then went to purple. I then knew that we had FIRED THE GRID. What a beautiful morning it was! Love and Light,
- Gail O. (Houston, Texas, USA)


The room I was in seemed to be enveloped in a whirlwind of heavenly vapor, could actually image all of us holding hands around the world and putting off a tremendous field of energy going towards Mother Earth, it was wonderful!! My soul rejoiced, such elevation I have never felt before. I have a longing inside to find someway to help now with healing the Earth in what ever way I can. I am confident that the way will come.
- Alaine N. (Katy, Texas, USA)


After resisting for several weeks, I finally took action by calling my church, Unity of the Hills and recommended that we get involved. They took it from there and joined an Austin group who put 22 temporary labyrinths around Austin, Texas. About 40 people came together at our church at 6:11 AM to meditate and join our energies in healing the planet. It was so uplifting, I am still feeling the joy. I have stopped resisting and am waiting to find out what my next job of service is to be. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for creating this joyous event and creating this community!!!!!
- Sherry G. (Leander, Texas, USA)


At first there was just light as I projected loving thoughts to the earth and the souls of man. At some point I had visions starting with the ocean cleaning itself, viewing all the ocean life as healthy. Then the core of the earth healed and I saw inside the earth and down at the earth from space. The ground cleared itself and the plants pushed up with new vigor and hardiness. Then the insects, especially the bees became healthy. Next were all the animals, followed by the reptiles and birds. Finally I saw people being happy and projecting love and energy to one another. At this point it was like people all over the earth holding hands in large circles that over-lapped in different directions. I was getting a little weak and nauseated at the end. It was a terrific experience! I was happy that I could be a part of it.
- Sylvia & Tom A. (Los Fresnos, Texas, USA)


My church group fired the grid in love and in action knowing that we will do anything for the love of this planet and for the healing of this planet. We are spiritual warriors and we shall stand strong with all of you others to love, to protect, to heal humans and animals of this planet. I felt a very strong pull to be there for this meditation, I am not one to awaken easy on any morning, that night before this, I could not fall asleep, it was 2am when I finally went to sleep and woke again at 3:30am and finally to arise and get ready for this mediation at 5:04 AM. I awoke with no problem of getting ready quickly. I was in a state of peace for the whole day. On the evening of July 17th at 7:00 I meditated with another group and I experienced feeling a physical shift. I never meditate more than once a day, this was very unusual. I went to this website prior to the worldwide meditation but read only a little. Then today, I go on this and read all, I go to another website and see the video and I am honored to have been a part of this. I am so glad the pull was so strong that I went forward with this. I have worked with E.T's before and this is a mission that involves both light beings and the E.T.'s. I will continue to work with this project. There is more to this than any of us have knowledge of. Love and light to you all.
- Stephenie F. (Missouri City, Texas, USA)


Not too far into meditation, I felt a very sudden, overwhelming emotion.......such as when a baby is born, or something wonderful happens.....and I began to cry.......a peaceful, happy cry........with many many tears streaming. I felt at that moment that everyone who was doing this was with me, feeling the same...........as though we were all sitting in a big circle together, meditating. About the strangest thing I've ever felt in my life.
- Cynthia S. (Nederland, Texas, USA)


Wow! What an experience. I never realized all the things that brought me joy until July 17 when during the Fire The Grid meditation, I actually conjured up images in my mind of the things that have brought me and things that continue to bring me joy and gratitude. I realized that as a kid and even now as an adult, I love walks in nature and eating ice cream cones, among many other things. I was never fully conscious of this before. Today, and every day I am grateful and fully aware that my greatest joy is to hear my childrens' laughter and see their smiling faces. That is the reason why I participated; as a parent I wanted to ensure my children's joy in their future.
- Caroline G-H (Pflugerville, Texas, USA)


I called to make sure several of my friends were up as they were 2 hours behind in California on business etc. I took all of my favorite and special candles and incense up into my yoga room. I lit up all of my things, put on soothing music. I rolled out my yoga mat and laid out all of my crystals. First I prayed to God and the angels to give me high vibrations. I laid back then and began chanting this mantra: Let me be loved, let me be happy, let me be peaceful. Let my friends be happy, loved and peaceful. Let my perceived enemies be happy, loved and peaceful. Let all beings be happy, loved and peaceful. Let the whole world experience these things. Heal the Earth, Heal the minds, Fire The Grid. Thank You God. I then felt as I was deep in meditation the strongest vibrational field I have ever experienced and felt as I was floating throughout the rest of the hour. After that I talked to my friends who felt the same and we all noticed a different aura the rest of the day. I feel so fortunate to have been a participant and you can count me in the rest of the journey. Thank you and may you enjoy love and light on your path,
- Peg L. (Plano, Texas, USA)


My experience was very simple yet powerful...I arose at 5am with my lover and partner Aryn, and at 5:11 (11:11 in our time zone) we commenced our meditation. We both did our own thing, and there was no outside guidance, we just decided to use our intuition to move through this time. The initial experience was one of awe for me, to tap into and feel how soft and accepting Mother Earth was for this activity...I could feel millions of others at that exact time plugging in and sending light to her core. I had a moment where I felt I didn't have the amount of love needed to make a difference (limiting thought, yes, I know! lol) and I heard Mother Earth say "My dear warrior son, you hold enough love within you to heal a thousand planets...just let go and be yourself, it is more than enough." Of course this brought tears to my eyes, and the rest of the time was spent in myself pouring love and light into her core, a very simple and beautiful experience.
- Josiah B. (Salt Lake City, Texas, USA)


I am the author of a twice-weekly prayer email newsletter that I send out to 150+ people, many of them are my classmates from the Class of '70. I prepared them last week to participate in Fire the Grid this morning. My only wish is that many of them did. Personally, my husband and I lit our candles, held our crystals, and each had a photo of the earth to hold as we prayed and meditated. We played the music from the Fire the Grid website...we also played God's Cricket Chorus to carry us through the full hour. WE FELT THE ENERGY SHIFT! I can now see in my mind's eye a beautiful glowing ring around the Earth! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for this glorious opportunity! May God bless you Shelley and your magnificent team!
- Carol and Eric L. (Tyler, Texas, USA)


I experienced gratefulness. I had a sense of disconnect with the world yet we were connected. That we are here to experience life; to be a human. I also experienced a sense of happiness when thoughts of my husband came to me. I sensed that without love the humans would just die or destroy each other. That love is the inspiration and the motivation of being a human and being able to surpass all challenges. I also felt that many people are afraid. Even in small quantities, we are all afraid. Of the unknown. Of change. Of being alone. Of things that we can not imagine existing. I also felt my body free of gravity. I felt light and my mind observant. I stepped outside as if someone was calling me to see the sky. I felt the sky busy. And my eyes searched for those who hide behind the clouds. Birds were flying around and doing their part. As if sending messages from one place to another. Talking amongst each other. My dog, restless. My cats, sensing. Over all, I was just filled with grace. I am alive, and full of energy yet I have so much grace. I do things with softness and slow. My touch, my eye sight, my thoughts...slow to judge. Just observing. And love. Love is above all. Forgive all those in your past, present and future. For we are all in different levels of awareness. And we all experience life differently. Love all above all.
- Blanca E. D. (Weslaco, Texas, USA)



I sat alone in my tent and grounded myself, opening my chakras and feeling the vibration of all who were entering into the higher plane. It was very powerful to connect with so many people through the time/space illusion all together. I experienced many emotions and so much variety of essence during the meditation. I ended up singing to the earth and all of her inhabitants a simple chant over and over. Then I was guided to channel Reiki into the Earth until the end of the meditation. Blessed Be! We should do this once a week at a designated time and just have it become part of our life!!!!!!!!!! Please pass it on.
- Lisa N. (Brattleboro, Utah, USA)


It was 5:11 a.m. here, and I planned on going out on my own. My 6 yr old son woke up and came out with me. We focused our energy on prayer for the healing of Earth. It was right after a rain storm, so the smell was breath taking. After a while, when I was in the middle of prayer, my son said, "Did you see that dad?" I asked what he was talking about. He said, "Did you see the Angel?" I told him I did not, and asked what it looked like. He said it was a bright light that shot through the sky. My immediate thought was a shooting star, but my son has seen these before, and has never called them Angels. Call it what you may, but I would like to think it was an Angel, or a light from Heaven entering through us, and the core of the Earth. Only time will tell...
- The I’s (Cedar City, Utah, USA)


This was, for me, a wonderful and moving experience. Even with years of meditation and energy work experience, this was a unique experience in that I always feel 'alone' during my meditation (as if that were actually possible). During FTG I had the distinct feeling of many people just like me, all full of love and appreciation, as I am; an interesting difference to my previous meditations, not to mention very emotionally moving. I swear I could feel thousands upon thousands of hearts willing the earth to heal and am proud to have been one of them. Thank you for allowing all of us to be a part of this special event. I look forward to reading the accounts of others who participated and would implore all who read this to incorporate a personal FTG every day as even though this event was a synergistic direction of energy by the many, every bit helps and by firing the grid even if just for a moment on a regular basis we can all appreciate this wonderful planet more and more and send it the love that humans have denied it for so long. We should not need to wait for others to appreciate what we have now, so please remember to Fire The Grid EVERY DAY. Much Love,
- Nathan Z. (Huntsville, Utah, USA)


At 5:11 I felt a sense of something almost unimaginable! Humbling and overwhelming to think of millions of people all around the planet uniting in meditation and prayer in this moment! I felt such a connection to the earth and to people as I've never experienced! I wept with tears of joy and gratitude for the experience. The hour seemed over so quickly, yet it wasn't, the love, peace and joy I felt was there in the background all day.
- Helen R.G. (LaVerkin, Utah, USA)


I sat out in my backyard with Enya's music in the CD player. I watched the skies and imagined energy coming through the top of my head, through my body, down through my hands and feet and then into the center of the earth. As the sky got lighter and brighter, I felt more intensity and as the sun poked up over the mountain, I felt as if God were speaking. I asked to be a vessel for the energy of God to pass through me and to the world. At one point I was moved to tears over how much Mother Earth gives of herself and how much we carelessly take. It was a beautiful, defining moment for me and I look forward to more experiences like this.
- Heather L. (Lehi, Utah, USA)


My experience was that I had the opportunity to pray and meditate and connect with family, friends and spiritual beings. Approximately four times throughout the hour I experienced a rush of spiritual energy. Also, right in the middle of the hour, in my mind's eye I saw a picture of an orb, like some form of an asteroid, coming from space and connecting with the earth. My mind wanted to make it into a disaster type event, but that isn't correct. It was more like it "docked" with the planet in some way. It was a huge orb, probably 1/8th the size of earth. I have no idea what that was about, but there it is. With peace,
- Bretton (Logan, Utah, USA)


We got up at 2 minutes before, began the music, snuggled on the couch and began our visualizations, meditations and prayers. I would visualize loving, healing light filling first me, then those around me, until it covered the globe. I prayed lovingly for God to bless us, unite us, and heal the Spirit of our Mother Earth. I visualized experience that brought me great joy (like the birth of my son) that resonated joy and peace with me and I said thank you! I said a gratitude prayer. The time went by quickly. It was already an hour, and we went to bed. Before I fell asleep I was still filled with the energy, and I felt very close to spirit beings. I knew they were with us as we meditated. Then, right as I thought I was drifting off to sleep (I sleep on my stomach) I felt someone touching my lower back, patting me, and I felt the feelings of "good job; good work; all is well." I sat straight up in bed and looked around and no one was there. Today the earth is being blessed my rain in the desert where I live!! It is almost 20 degrees cooler today than yesterday. Moisture is in the normally dry air. It is a calm, cool, beautiful day. The grid is fired. We are on our way! Shelley, let us know what is next!
- H.’s (Logan, Utah, USA)


I felt really connected. It was a little hard to "get started" but I found my groove and felt incredible feelings of being connected to everyone I know and the incredible feeling of connection with so many people all meditating at the same time for the same purpose. I had told many others about this-some who have never meditated before really got into this. Some of them felt tears come to their eyes and had powerful experiences. I felt that there was a big "thank you" towards the end and I was not exactly sure where that came from but it does not matter. It was very real!
- Kim L. (Orem, Utah, USA)


I was overjoyed when my ten year old son, Nathan heard about 7-17 and wanted to participate. We talked about the grid all week and it has really brought us close. I could not have more gratitude in my heart for the morning we just spent together. He is such a powerful little boy! We woke up at 4:40 am to prepare for 5:11 am (our time). It was his idea to sit outside with candles, incense, and the items on my alters like pictures of Jesus, Ganesha, Mary, Quan Yin, Gaia, flowers, etc. At 5:05, I started the music, (Be still thy soul) and we lit about 20 sticks of incense and stuck them all over the yard. It smelled like a beautiful temple! We sat quietly listening to the words of the music and then after the song, we talked about what kind of world we'd love to live in. We then visualized light coming in through the crowns of our heads, opening our hearts, and then shooting into the ground - into mother earth. During the song, Sky Sent, we pictured us and everyone around the world letting so much light into the planet that it filled all the dark places. We pictured hungry people feeling full, scared people feeling comforted, poor people feeling wealthy, mean people feeling balanced, and all the animals feeling powerful and equal. We pictured dishonest people feeling compelled to tell the truth, victims feeling compelled to stand in their power, bullies feeling compelled to be compassionate, abusive parents to open their hearts, and hate to cease to exist at all. We asked all of the Masters of the Universe to shed their light into the world with us. Then, we felt it was time for fun. We had some left over smoke bombs from the 4th of July and as we lit each color, we thanked the Angels of each color.(ex: "Thank you Archangel Michael and all the blue angels", as the blue smoke wafted into the air). We danced a little bit to some yoga music and laughed at ourselves. It was 5:40 am and we decided to write down our blessings to Mother Earth and I set them into my Reiki Grids. We ended our hour by lying on blankets, gazing into the sky, and repeating different mantras like, "peace is in our planet now", and "Love to our mother earth now". After we cleaned up our stuff, I made us protein shakes and we drank them out of fancy wine glasses while saluting the rising sun and our faces filled with grins. We both want you to know that we feel sooooo honored to have joined with the millions of light workers around the world in this historical and life changing event. I have a sense of anticipation, joy, and peace all around me. I know of several groups I could have joined in a meditation this morning, but I could not have passed up this opportunity to spend with my child in this way. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!
- Crystal D-A. (OREM, UTAH, USA)


I set my alarm to wake me up at 5:00am so I'd be ready for participation by 5:11am which is when the event started in my time zone. I actually began my breathing a few minutes early to get into the right mind set of loving healing energy. I focused on loving light flooding the earth with healing energy. I expressed my deep appreciation for all the wonderful things the earth has given us. Then my focus naturally went on to the people in my life as I sent loving thoughts and healing energy to each of them. Then I couldn't help but feel the need to send healing energy to those people in the world who I'd rather not know, such as certain elected and appointed "alleged" representatives. Then my attention went to the people who have passed on as I thanked them for helping us with this healing effort from the other side. As I got to these people, a flood of emotion came over me that caused me to break down and cry tears of JOY. I actually had to take a break to get a tissue so I could continue. It was a beautiful experience and I know in my heart that we made a difference! Thanks to all of you who participated and sent your loving, healing energy. We needed it! Love,
- Jan (Perry, Utah, USA)


I used meditation, intention and gratitude in my contribution to the firing of the grid. It was a very powerful experience. Especially towards the end, I felt the energy rushing through me very intensely. I felt I needed to go back to bed afterward. I quickly fell into a very deep sleep that lasted over 4 hours (oops! late for work). I felt more like I was "coming to" than waking up. It was a wonderful experience. I was energized, yet peaceful and happy all day.
- Chris C. (Salt Lake City, UTAH, USA)


My mom and I meditated with some soft music. She had her crystals set in a medicine wheel. As the sun rose, the clouds turned colors of gray and purple and orange. There was a soft cool breeze that had an amazing feeling of relaxation and peace. This was very welcoming as we have been in triple digit temperatures. We then had a prayer and ritual of thanksgiving and blessing using corn, wine and oil on a flat stone. The stone will later be used in her garden as a spot for meditation. We felt the harmony of everyone joining together in this experience. The earth had a spark, or a charge that was very present. We then spent another hour and half talking about our spiritual paths and gifts.
- Aaron C. (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)


My wife and I did a nice meditation in our room where we each sent pure light and love to help repair the planets aura. We both had visions where we went outside the earth. This is my wife’s experience. "Shortly after we started our meditation, I was in my astral body sitting on the outer layer of the atmosphere. I saw my husband’s astral body in front of me and as I looked around, I saw hundreds of astral bodies sitting on the atmosphere. I looked down at the earth, we were sending blue light in pulses to her. The light sometimes was green, but mostly an intense blue. I found myself further out in space looking at the earth. At this point I saw many more bodies all over the western part of the globe. I saw their silver cords attached to the earth (most likely to their bodies, but from my perspective, it looked like the attachment was to the earth). Towards the end of the hour long meditation. The blue and green lights we were sending started to become more sporadic and at times turned to static. I associate this with people ending their own meditations. Interesting experience. Might have been my first obe. I should note, the feeling I had during this meditation was of a calm nature." My experience started with using reiki energy bringing down white light to cleanse and transform. I surrounded myself in pure love and pure light. I meditated on the each chakra holding the earth in each. Venturing out of the earth and watching the light surround it from space. There I saw many earthly beings around in circles, but also joined by alien beings and hovering ships. A tremendous amount of loving energy and focus. I began to hear singing of joy and love for the earth and joined in. A truly wonderful experience and connection to have participated in.
- Aaron M. (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)


I set the alarm clock for 5a.m. (to coincide with the 11 am GMT), however, my husband and I were already awake (a very rare occurrence). We were both anxious to participate in this worldwide effort. I believe that the religion to which we belong ("Mormon") is one of the few Christian faiths which teaches that the earth is sentient, can feel joy and pain, and can express displeasure with what is taking place on her surface. So with deep feelings of reverence & sympathy for what the earth has had to endure, we were grateful to participate for a short hour and contribute our small part to this great effort. We know of many others in our area who also participated, some in groups, some individually, but all with gratitude for what our earth has provided to us. As we prayed and asked Heavenly Father about the validity of this project and whether or not we should participate, we (my husband and I) were told in our minds that "you can and should pray for the earth at all times, however, the strength of numbers united in purpose is great." Having this as an answer, we then asked if it was necessary to get up at 5 a.m. or could we spend our hour of prayer for the earth later in the day. The answer: "Your sacrifice of sleep will purify and strengthen your offering." So my husband and I were blessed in two ways: We had the opportunity to give of ourselves back to the earth who has given us so much, and more importantly, to see how our kind loving Father encourages rather than compels his children to learn and grow through their mortal experience. Thank you so much for your work and effort to organize this event.
- Tana and Dave M. (South Jordan, Utah, USA)


The best part of this experience is the fact that we actually did IT!!! We (me & my cute husband who is also my best friend for the past 34 years and counting) set the alarm for 5:00 a.m. and rather than turn the alarm off (which we have done at 6:00 a.m. when we don't want to go to the gym) we rolled right out of bed and went outside to begin our meditation. Beautiful morning, beautiful music and hopefully the energy sent to heal our beautiful planet will help bring us back to balance. - Patty & Dale (Taylorsville, UTAH, USA)


My companion, Larry B., and myself did the meditation together at 5:11 am here in Utah. Both of us expected to fall asleep again. However, it was a beautiful meditation, filled with wonderful colors and visions of mother earth's incredible beauty and abundance. We both noticed also that Monday night we had a challenge falling asleep. I felt that the shift had already started with the intention of so many already in place as we went to sleep. I felt like the vibrations were already higher, as we anticipated the mornings meditation. My gratitude to all and for being such a part of this magnificent time with Mother Earth and all of humanity.
- Kay B. (Tooele, Utah, USA)


This is part of a blog I posted immediately after firing the grid. "I just spent an hour under the tree next to the pond in my back yard praying and meditating for the healing of the Earth and the reconnection of people with her, each other, and a higher power. I was inspired to do so thanks to my friend James and a bulletin he posted directing me to firethegrid.com. I am ever so appreciative of him as well as the creator of this idea, and myself for waking up at five in the morning to follow through with it. While sitting outside I was overcome by the healing powers of the Earth, and her abundance. The crisp morning air felt soothing and smelled amazing. The sky was a cool blue, with the few clouds ablaze with various shades of peach and orange. The mountains were an ominous, but majestic silhouette against the first morning rays – and I was supposed to be healing HER! I felt as though she told me, "Don't try so hard. Rejoice with me! All you need do is to do your best to correct things, and show your appreciation in the meantime." I put my hands on the earth and offered up my intentions. I made a vow to try to educate myself more on matters of the earth, to communicate with people who know more than me, then share with those who know less, to appreciate the Earth and reconnect in a natural way, the way we animals are supposed to. And yes, we are still animals, regardless of whether we create powerful technology, send people to space, or whatever. We're animals bestowed with the power of incredible consciousness, AND the ability to utilize this in a positive way. We can still be a technological society, but imagine if more of our cognitive abilities were used on stabilizing our species on this planet and taking care of ALL our brothers and sisters…ALL life forms that we share our resources with."
- Devan M. F. (Washington Terrace, Utah, USA)


The earth is a reflection of our lives. To 'heal' or 'help' mother earth, we need to align with our source energy selves. As humans align, the earth will reflect alignment versus chaotic events. Meditating with the birds as the wind was blowing fired my heart chakra as I connected to my mother earth. Had a vision from a bird's eye view of lights lighting up all around the earth and lines connected to each light. Sending love to Mother Earth provides more loving energy for expansion of humankind.
- Diane C. (West Jordan, Utah, USA)


My experience was of awakening!! I felt alive and connected, love and peace, vibrating and warm!! An experience that opened my eyes to the TRUTH that WE are ONE!!!!! To fire the grid, I played "Be Still Thy Soul" over and over, and had loving thoughts of my family and of mother earth running through my mind! I send all blessings to Shelley for allowing the knowledge of "Fire The Grid" to be known even though at times it was harder than she may have liked. God bless you Shelley!! Much love & Light to you and your family!! Sincerely,
- Sarah B. (West Jordan, Utah, USA)



My heart was full knowing that millions around the world were raising their vibrations simultaneously. Had a deep experience and loved the music that was made available. Many thanks to all.
- Carolyn K. (Alexandria, Vermont, USA)


Oh What a powerful meditation! I could feel it immediately when I awoke at 6:30 am EST to prepare for a wonderful hour in communion with millions of Us in Joy! The earth was so Happy!!! The power I felt, and continue to feel is beyond words. It's so simple...we Create effortlessly with our intentions and allowing, and this was Huge! After basking in the energy of JoyFullness in meditation for a while, I put on my favorite beautiful music and danced with Great Joy and Celebration for the remainder of the hour. I celebrate our Awakening! I danced for the Joy of coming Home to the Truth of our Wholeness and the Peace that we Are! Wooohoooo! Thanks you All for joining in this celebration of our Power of Bliss! Love and Gratitude Always for Your JoyFull Presence. Peace be with you Always,
- Jean R. (Burlington, Vermont, USA)


I was lucky that at 7:11am the sun was just peaking thru the maple trees and the thrushes began then really belting out their morning songs. For the whole hour, I was enveloped in nature's Light and Song. I hoped that I would be a little more focused, but the overwhelming nature of the Light and Song - at this particular moment - got me to crying. So I meditated on loving Gaia with tears of appreciation, and really felt it in with my whole heart. Thinking of the millions of people all over the world, joining me at that moment to embrace a higher vibration for the whole planet, really revved me up spiritually. I'm glad I joined the throng; I know it made a profound effect and that we can continue focusing on bringing more light to our mother, Gaia.
- Zyanya (Chelsea, Vermont, USA)


I facilitated a group gathering. We gathered at the Whudbey Institute Chinook Center Sanctuary in the woods on Whidbey Island. We began with a simple calling of the circle chant. We stated an intention together. We sat in silence, each with our own way of expressing gratitude and connecting with source. It was raining lightly. At about 10 minutes into the meditation it began to downpour, and it was as if the sky had opened up to cleanse us. Great wells of emotion/surrender spilled down our faces. As the rain began to calm, peace filled the room. We fired the grid, one voice, one people, one planet, one Source. No separation. We ended with a chant: We are thunder We are Wisdom We are the truth that is heard We are the lightening rod We are the light of God.
- Beverly G. (Clinton, Vermont, USA)


The moment came and I was able to spend almost 5 whole minutes meditating. It was an instant bond with the earth. I sent glowing love out to the world and the earth center was GLOWING. It was fantastic, the grid was white as can be. The energy hummed inside me. Once the children were too loud, I began to talk to them about LOVING the earth. My 2 year old was repeating 'i love you earth' and the smiles were about for the whole remaining time. The laughter started and we were filled with joy for the earth for the whole time. I know this has made a difference. My life is different.
- Rebecca A. L. (Connecticut, Vermont, USA)


In preparation for this hour I smudged my meditation room and drummed a new chant "The Heartbeat of the Earth". Sacred Circle dance is one of my passions and so I danced for the hour to global music that is sacred to me and that others may also have danced to. Beginning with the song "As One", which is about how we are all connected to the Earth, I danced and visualized the planet inside a Holon of Balance, channeling joy and love and light to Her. She began to glow, from the inside. As I danced and held her energy and channeled Universal love and light I began to see points of light, the other beings and places that were sending concentrations of energy to Her. During "Mountain Hare Krishna" the Earth danced with me, in my arms, and she became huge! During "Tsaknonikos" I travelled to Greece and the oceans around that part of the world and visualized joy and harmony. During "Begegnung" I saw the fields and forests and seas where they all connected, sending healing energy to those spaces and to those who lived there, the wild critters. The Holon of Balance shifted in shape from bottom-heavy in the beginning to balanced at the end and as the hour came to a close I felt Her strength increase and felt Her accept the love that was being offered. The other tunes that I danced to were "Earth Meditation Dance", "By A Quiet Stream", "Eno Sagrado", "Queen of Heaven" (where I felt a connection of Mother to Mother), "Stella Splendens" and "Tread Gently on the Earth". With much Gratitude and many Blessings and the anticipation of doing more of this!...
- Diana W. (Danville, Vermont, USA)


One of the deepest meditations that I've ever had. I must say it was hard to stay conscious, but I did have to get up at five in the morning to prepare for it. After my hour of meditation, I felt really drained, and fell asleep for 3 hours. It was almost as if I had given some of my energy over to the earth...
- Taylor (Milton, Vermont, USA)


Hello Divine Ones! Here in Vermont, the Dawn had arrived, we built a fire in the chiminea on our deck overlooking our bit of the Kingdom (including a rushing stream, grass, trees, flowers, buildings, sky, songbirds...) and played the CD, Love & Light, as we meditated. We were wrapped in blankets (the early morning was cool and still) and could hear a symphony of music playing, stream flowing, birds singing, and fire crackling. My Joy was deep! We all loved the experience. I felt the highest energies (as I was "running" energy for the hour) and Oneness with All~That~Is. I can't imagine a better way to Be, All~ways. As the warming Sun rose, a couple of us saluted it with yoga. Then, the Wind arrived! We weren't missing a single element of LIFE... Thank you so much for calling us together in this way. "What God hath joined, no man can put asunder." Thank God. Let's NEVER stop firing the grid!!! xxx
- MARIETTA R. (Montpelier, Vermont, USA)


I was eager to sit in quiet meditation during the hour starting @ 7:11 a.m.(EST) and to be a part of "firing the grid." I know there's hope for Northern New Jersey! I went out to a large rock wall in the back yard and sat on a towel with a glass of water and a clock. During my meditation I realized my two cats had come to sit as sentinels next to me, one to my left and one to the right. They seemed to be interested in what I was doing and were faced toward the wall very attentively for a short time until they began to do what cats do best, groom themselves. As I sat, I could feel my heart pulsing rhythmically in my chest and after 10 minutes or so I began to involuntarily rock back and forth. I thought to neither stop it or to enhance it, it just happened on its own. Then, after half an hour, as my sense of humor would have it, I was offering my services to the powers that "be" to be a vehicle of "cleansing" or spiritual "clearing" for those with whom I come in contact through my reflexology practice. It must have been my time to "cleanse" because I had to go to the bathroom! When I returned I continued with thoughts of gratitude for the sacred space I have to come to live, the people I have come to know, and the blessing of being alive at a time of great transition for the human race. I was filled with exciting impressions of a new thought paradigm through the "shift" into the fourth dimension on this planet. As I neared the end of my contemplation the wind picked up, birds flew to and fro, and off in the distance I could make out the tan outline of a deer, watching me as I smiled and said, "soon, your time with come soon."
- Linda Z. (New Jersey, Vermont, USA)


Briefly: I saw, from above the world lighting up in bursts of light in huge sections all around the globe. The bursts of light quickly converged and spread out until the entire globe was covered in brilliant, pulsating radiance. I found myself being drawn into the earth, deep into its core. As I moved through the earth, I witnessed bursts of light converging into total light, filling every crevice, throughout the core of the earth, just as I had witnessed above.
- Sue J. (Worcester, Vermont, USA)



I fired the grid with my sister. As I lay upon the Earth I meditated on love. I felt a surge of peace and love towards the culmination of the hour. Several hours later, I experienced a transformation. For several hours I was in a "space" outside of time undergoing healing. Several beings of light, ancestors, my higher self guided me in a forgiveness and letting go meditation to let go of the past through love. After successfully completing the meditation, they thanked me for participating in firing the grid. Thank you, Shelley for your ongoing dedication to Love. Peace & Love PS - Did your guides ever reveal how many participated in firing the grid yesterday? What exactly happened?
- Andrea H. Medicine Woman (St. Croix, Virgin Islands & Atlanta, GA USA)


Set two alarms to be sure I woke up on time, but didn't need them. Set the downloaded Fire the Grid music playing on my computer speakers. Put a towel on my most comfortable deckchair and placed it where I could watch the sun rise for out over the sea and the Antilles chain of islands. Settled down and, at 7:11 am Atlantic time, started repeating my mantra and sending positive energy out into the air. I also told Mother Earth how happy I am that she is healing. Thought of the people and things I love. And only dozed off a couple of times. This was a very pleasant experience for me and, I am sure, a healing one for our planet. As I went about my day, I notice that my general attitude was more than ever about love and acceptance, no matter what the behaviour of those around me. If someone acted like what I might previously have described as "a jerk" I just sent him/her a big wash of love. Made me feel good, even if they didn't notice. It may take more than one hour on one day to complete the serious healing we need and so I plan to repeat this -- maybe not for an hour, but for 5 or 10 minutes -- every day at sometime during the day. Let's keep the positive energy circulating!
- Lucy G. (St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, USA)



I have on several occasions woken up or looked at the clock and it was 11:11. In fact when I first clicked on to your website, it said there was 11 days 11 minutes and 11 seconds until fire the grid. Why did you choose 11:11am? What does it mean? I have never participated in anything like this but felt so compelled. I also felt that I would have a hard time sitting still for an hour. However, it went by so quickly and I was filled with joy for taking my little part. Please if you will, tell me what's up with 11:11 I feel like someone is trying to talk with me. Love and Light,
- shelley (arlington, virginia, usa)


I chose to magnify the energy I was sharing, by crystallizing my energy centers (chakras) I addressed the Universe, and filled myself with King Sol's light, while embraced by Mother Nature (in my garden) and once the energy I was receiving was flowing, I directed it to "the grid" As I held the clear white double helix crystal wand in my left hand (direct connection to the heart) and the smoky quartz healing crystal in my left hand, I began to feel my fingers tingle...then my forearms, and up to my head, down my spine and finally in my toes...I thought of all the ingredients of my reality...the Universe and its influential planets, the earth and its moon, the mountains and oceans...the life there in and upon...the grasses and plants and insects, the tiny micros all aligned themselves to the energy of this grid of Love. I know that in the next seven years, the species of this planet will struggle greatly to align themselves to a tone of global/personal equality...and that those who can not accept this new frequency will suffer greatly...I hope to be able to stand calmly as a refreshing, healing fountain of truth from which others may drink freely and be satisfied. I thank you for this opportunity to align and share my personal energy, directly to such a worthy endeavor...may the mind of many, realize their collective dream of fulfillment and wholeness...and not fail to express gratitude to the higher intelligence which has organized all matter into ONE expression of Unconditional Love.
- Carollynn (Ashburn, Virginia, USA)


I only learned of Shelley's wondrous experience and message around July 10th. Since then, I have viewed her videos--all eight on "you.tube", and read everything on the Fire the Grid site. It brought such a joy to my heart that I had to share it with my co-workers, my beloved husband, my family, my friends, just everyone. This morning, I prepared for work very early, and then got on the site and the music played while my husband and I, and our cat June meditated. I just took the time myself to quietly reflect upon my own journey to this place. I feel like I am a part of something very powerful, that all our vibrations are moving the grid of humanity. We can save this planet and keep our home here. We just need to work together in a united effort to do so. Have a blessed day.
- Karen, Gary, June (Bedford, Virginia, USA)


Although we didn't share it together, I believe there were at least 3 others from my A Course in Miracles group who participated and who probably won't register. I got all choked up just before it started thinking about how many people were about ready to do this. At the end I envisioned a fireworks finale. Thank you for the experience.
- Dick K. (Blacksburg, Virginia, USA)


We have converted our family's old dairy barn into a place for new age seminars. We have old church pews from our parent’s Primitive Baptist church, an organic garden and a lot of love. We notified our list of Shelley's youtube videos and invited anyone that wanted to come and meditate with us, to do so. We had 8 people come and a lot of people stated that they would be with us in spirit from their homes. Comments afterwards were feelings of joy, love and compassion. One person said that they felt as though their body was moving forward in constant motion. Another said that it was as if they were made of rubber and while their feet were firmly planted on the ground her body was stretching around the globe while she was viewing herself from space. We are all excited to see changes and to be a part of the changes. Thank you Shelley and your team for getting your story out there, we are with you! In light, love and peace,
- Lisa and The Dairy Barn Group (Bracey, Virginia, USA)


I sat outside at our home, surrounded by Mother Nature's green, the woods, the mountains, pastures, woodland creatures, my husband was also outside, in the woods with his djembe. I had my guitar. I meditated for half the time and felt the joy of our life, our home, the "spot on the planet" that we call home, the blessings in our lives, the joy of our friendships, the joy of being on a spiritual path together with my husband, yet walking our own paths separately in joy. The second half I sang what I was moved to sing. A song I had channeled a few years earlier for a wedding, and a song of love and gratitude that came spontaneously. I was filled with love and wonder and gratitude. I felt my heart chakra expand and I gave my joy to Mother Earth happily and my gratitude for the peace and joy we feel in our lives. I felt marvelously elated for the remainder of the day. Alive, aware, on many levels. Happy, content. Mother Earth we love you, honor you, cherish you. I continue to give you my joy. And thanks from the heart for Shelley's message and for her guides and for everyone else working for Fire The Grid. The air and sky in our county was clear and crisp for days - unusual for this time of year! Much love
- Kay B. (Callaway, Virginia, USA)


My experience since the event has been significant. I find myself automatically connecting "my own grid" to the greater planet grid and experiencing more joy, relief, and compassion for myself and others. I keep "seeing" orca whales jumping out of the ocean as if they are playing delighted that as a species we humans are uniting in our divine power to assist the planet and humanity. That our intention came from joy and love. Clearly we humans are needed for this power. There is not another power greater than this! The whales I am convinced know this. I imagine they are very happy that we have come on board as a collective.
- Heather P. (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)


This is what happened to me and what I sensed during this unique event. The power I plugged into was intense, really intense right from the start. I felt as if my entire head was about to explode; my body expanded. I remained in this state for the entire hour without the energy dissipating. There were several times I wanted to leave but could not. I felt "held in place" by a force I could not control until the event was over. I both prayed and meditated on peace and the protection of our dear Universe, Planet Earth, the Human Family, and All the Kingdoms and Various Levels and Dimensions of Creation. I felt completely connected at a very deep level to Creation and to God and to all created things, living and non-living. The presence of others also participating and from across the world was quite strong. This truly was a shared event, a unique and powerful opportunity for all of us to slip through an energy portal, a rare and unusual one, to affect change. I was energized all day. By afternoon, though, I began to sense change, that whatever in each of our lives was undone or unsolved or needed a shove would be activated. The term "solutions" rang through my soul. By evening we received a phone call, demanding action on a loan we had co-signed for one of our daughters, a loan she seldom paid and seemed unable or unwilling to be responsible for. Today we choose forgiveness over rancor, took out a loan to pay off the bank, gave her the car, and ended three years of strife. We are free and so is she. Maybe someday she will pay us back and maybe she never will. Regardless, it's over. With that rush of "It's over" came a revelation: any situation anywhere in the world that has been dragging on, is now activated. Finding a solution is the only choice anyone has. This will not necessarily bring peace, nor was it meant to. It will bring solutions that will lead to healings, to righting that which has been out-of-balance. We may not like the results - at least initially. But the end result will be good. I feel blessed from this whole affair and what happened. Watch the news. Monitor your own life. A shift is occurring in the ethers - now. Thank you, Shelley Yates, for leading the "charge" to firing up the universal grid of conscious creation.
- PMH A. (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)


I awoke early and had the sense of being in church - in a sacred place and space. I realized that many, many people were already in prayer - two hours before 7:11 EDT. My whole being was deeply enmeshed in a sacred silence - I felt myself in the presence of a great community, and when I finally sat in meditation, "saw" many faces of people I know. The hour passed incredibly quickly. When I checked the time - as I had to catch a bus for work - it was exactly 8:11 a.m. Since that time, the experience has been an anchor for me. I love reliving it.
- Pat (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)


About 20 of us sitting in a church in Virginia Beach. I had my head covered as when I went to church as a child. Suddenly at 7:11 A.M. I felt myself go cold and a big bolt of energy came into my body. Today, two days later, I still have my physical problems, like TMJ and headaches, I believe my heart healed when I went onto the grid because when I left I felt more connected to the others in the church and consequently to the people I have been in contact with. I feel more friendly to them and when I am alone I am in a " different mindset" then before. It is a still and calm state that I have never realized before. I used the Love and Light cd to meditate this morning and it brought me to a better disposition. After the event we went and got tea and coffee and walked on the beach. I think I am a nicer person and am looking forward to more information on The Cause. P.S. I can't look at t.v. any more except very briefly. I listened to a Mozart c.d. and it was good to hear. I know something huge happened- there is no doubt in my mind. Also even though I still have annoying chatter in my head, it is easier to leave it. thanks,
- Kathleen B. (Chesapeake, Virginia, USA)


I had just found out about the whole thing the past weekend. It was 7:11 am local, and I had to get ready for work and drive. As I prepared for my day and tended to my animals I simply tried to be more aware of what I was doing, and giving each critter a special pat or stroke and affirming my gratitude for being able to have them in my life. During my morning commute I paid closer attention to what surrounded me, flowers in a yard, weeds at the road side, the sun shining down on me, the beautiful views of the mountains and valleys, fellow commuters on the road. And as I noticed each of these sights I simply took a breath and said thank you. Thank you for all around me, and most of all for the fact that after driving the same route for years I am still able to truly see the beauty. I even said thank you for the slow poke in front of me.
- Stefi (Floyd, Virginia, USA)


We were a group of 18. We met on the banks of the Rappahanock River. One woman brought a guitar and sang uplifting songs, we had a labyrinth set up for people to walk, one woman went searching for fairies with her two young daughters as most of us just faced the morning sun and connected to the earth, all humankind and all of creation. At the end of the hour we all rejoined in a circle and chanted ohm for quite some time. For me personally the experience was and still is quite profound. Shift happens. Blessings to you and ALL.
- Mykal K. Co-Founder of Soul Fire (Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA)


I was drawn to be in the water for this event. I asked my neighbor if I could be in her pool, which of course she agreed to. I floated and swam, thought joyful, happy thoughts, and enjoyed being nearly weightless. I have always been able to float without a device, but I was able to occasionally fully relax to the point of feeling completely weightless and free. Normally I move my arms or legs, or at least keep my lungs full of air, but today I floated with my hands under my head, completely still, as if I were lying on a bed. It was such an amazing feeling, floating, weightless, unencumbered and completely without pressure points or discomfort. While floating and feeling happy, a bee landed on my leg, startling me. I jumped up, and the bee landed in the water. I felt terrible that the little thing might die due to my irrational moment of panic, so I scooped him out of the pool and sat with him for the 5-10 minutes it took him to dry off and compose himself. We sat and just looked at each other, me wondering at the magnificence of him, and I thanked him for his part in the Universe. I blew on him to help the drying process, and then he preened a bit, walked toward me, and then flew away. It filled me with happiness to see him fly. So despite my moment of panic and concern for the bee, I felt peaceful, and then joyful when I knew the bee was again whole and able to fly. It was profound in its correlation to the Earth.
- Michele S. (Front Royal, Virginia, USA)


The time locally for me was 7:11 am. I was at home with my son and chose to combine my Love for my son with my firing the grid meditation. While he slept I meditated on the floor of his room, next to his bed. It was an unusually deep meditation during which I experienced a loud ringing in my ears. It was a very pleasing experience, and the knowledge that so many souls were combining their energies at the same time made it an unusually satisfactory experience. I know I AM ready for the next phase!
- Michael Y. (Jamaica, Virginia, USA)


We gathered together at the home of one of the members of the group. A few minutes before I thought it was time, I could feel the energy in the room change. My mind fuzzed out a little, like someone was placing a strong tranquil hand on my shoulder, taking me somewhere else. We used the album Light and Love and I heard all the music and did not fall asleep. We experienced it differently, each of us. I felt myself connecting, swirling, deep into the earth early on. It was just a little difficult to keep the connection sometimes (one of the members of our group was energized so much that she got up and started dancing and verbally meditating protection and healing and strength and wellness suggestions, and feeding us tangerines!) However, I could feel the strong beautiful forces that were flowing through me and I felt I connected to the heavenly beings' energies, and tried to imagine that energy flowing from heaven through me and into the earth. Towards the end, when the closing songs were playing, I realized I had been physically tensed up the entire time, and I relaxed and burst into deep, deep sobs of joy and release. After, two of us talked while the third stayed in meditation. Now I'm at work, and everyone I see has a touch of the Divine Source in them that I want to connect with. As I walked to work, I could feel the joy beneath the ground, and I knew we had been successful with this first huge step.
- Gary S. (Reston, Virginia, USA)


Our group gathered on sacred ground, a medicine wheel that is formed in a figure 8 and holds two vortex's of light. We began with our statement of intention and then listened to "Sky Sent" and "Heaven and Earth" as we moved into our meditation and heart visualization to bring in love and joy. After the hour we shared our individual experiences and found many common visions among the group. My personal journey was allowing myself to step into all of the moments of joy that I've experienced...the joy was so intense that I had tears streaming from my eyes...it was absolutely beautiful and helped me to remember once again what a gift it is to be here on the planet right now. We all felt a shifting up to another level (something that we're all now finding a bit difficult to integrate...at times it's like walking between worlds) There's no doubt that we have triggered a huge shift of energy on the planet, and as with any change there's bound to be resistance and discomfort, but the new world that is being born by this shift will be beyond our wildest dreams.
- Diane D. (Richmond, Virginia, USA)


I do my Work with a type of energy I have dubbed WhiteFire. Others call it PureFire. I have been a LightWorker since I can remember, even as a small child. I have always heard the high pitched tones inside my head that "no one else can hear" - a phenomenon described by many LightWorkers these days. Because of this, I know I am "plugged in" or connected to Source, always. For many years, I have been "told" or "received Knowings" that I should "plant seeds" on the intersections of the Earth Grid. I was told eventually I would know when they were to be activated. I have been led to the right books and people, even to studying High Alchemy in order to prepare my body for the transformation that comes with the Ascension. I am very grateful to have been shown firethegrid.org by a friend, because it gave me another piece of the puzzle and told me when. This morning, when it was time, I used the WhiteFire, letting Source flow through my body. At first I was conscious that the grid in the sky, around the planet was being activated first, then about half way through the hour, the energy changed direction and went down into the core of Gaia, energizing her. For a time, I lost all sense of my physical body and became one with Source and the energy. When the hour was over, the world truly did feel different, more at peace. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have Served in this way, and I feel very blessed to have been a part of it. Knowing that there were millions of other LightWorkers and humans joining in the effort makes me cry tears of Joy, for I have felt isolated and alone in this Task for a long time. I look forward to the next step!
- A'hri'l (Richmond, Virginia, USA)


Mother Nature provided a perfect morning, soft breezes, low humidity, a mix of clouds and sun, and the songs of birds and cicadas. We gathered on the rosegarden patio at Unity of Roanoke Valley for an opening prayer and then we walked mindfully to the fire circle - a lovely spot on the hillside that looks into the woods. Various people brought flowers, fruit, and greenery to add to the Earth alter we created by the fire pit. We spent time in a guided meditation, and time in our own space while listening to the Love and Light CD. A few individuals wrote Love letters to the Earth. I felt a buzzing or tingling rise up through my feet as we meditated. By the end of the hour the space felt "softer", more peaceful. We closed the ceremony buy placing our prayer intentions into a handful of dry herbs and tobacco and sprinkling these into a fire bowl with the Earth Love letters. Then we lit them from our earth and sky candles and sent our prayers out into the universe. All agreed that it was a beautiful thing to participate in. Blessings and Joy
- Penny P. B. (Roanoke, Virginia, USA)


I lovingly prepared my home for an honored guest, Christ Consciousness. Four people joined me. I experienced great emotion, a swelling of the heart in awe and gratitude. I sensed the creation of a heart foundation, a fortress for love. This poem by Rumi sums up my experience. "I will never leave this house of light, I will never leave this blessed town for here I have found my love and here I will stay for the rest of my life. If this world turns into a sea of trouble I will brave the waves and steer my mind's ship to the safe shore of love. If you are a seeker looking for profit, go on and may God be with you, but I am not willing to exchange my truth, I have found my heart and will never leave this house of light. Thank you, Shelley for heeding the call.
- Christina M. (Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA)


I was continuously guided to your information, and felt a strong urge, from spirit, to help. I am an intuitive and have a spiritual group of about 200 people in Pennsylvania. I knew I needed to help, and I wanted to get as many people together on this as I could. I had planned a vacation at Virginia Beach without realizing the date was on the fire the grid. I emailed the coordinator of the IANDS group in Virginia, Dick Dinges, and he formed a group at a fellowship hall of about 29 people. I then emailed A.R.E. and asked if I could form a group there. They offered their meditation garden, and we had 30 that participated. I had also set up a group in Pennsylvania with my own people as well. I am astounded at how this was so choreographed through spirit, and overwhelmed with the caring of individuals who helped fire the grid. Thank you, Shelley for helping to get us all to unite, instead of fighting each other. WE need to help people realize that we are all one and have to support each other and our planet. Blessings,
- Cristina/A.R.E. (Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA)


One hour meditation on everything that I am grateful for. Saw various images and faces. Not sure who or what they were. Brought light down into my heart chakra and served as an anchor for disseminating the light to the world. Cried, smiled, laughed, and then fell asleep. My meditation was 7:11 a.m. on July 17 2007. I will always remember this day as a pivotal one in which I decided to leave my job that I've been unhappy in for so long! I'm ready for a new life, new light, and ready to share it with a new world. In peace,
- Chris (Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA)


We gathered at Fellowship of the Inner Light, an interfaith, metaphysical spiritual community in Virginia Beach. As 7:11 a. m. neared, I turned on the music of Light & Love. About 26 persons sat quietly as the music played. At the end we quietly dispersed. There was a bit of conversation among a few who lingered. One woman said she felt a jolt at 8:11. I maintained a feeling of peacefulness and an attitude of thankfulness throughout. I seem to be more focused on Love since this morning.
- Dick D./Fellowship of the Inner Light (Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA)


Our gathering was held outside where, I was one of about 30 people forming a circle under these wonderful shade trees. It was in the mid 80's and a light breeze was caressing us throughout the hour meditation. It was a beautiful way to begin such a beautiful day. My meditation was a wonderful experience as I could see the "web of light" covering Mother Earth with each of us lightworkers being a point of great illumination. I first had this vision back in 1996 during a meditation and over the years the number of intersecting points have grown and the brightness has intensified greatly as more and more people are awakening and "Remembering." The nature spirits were all around us and were so very pleased to see this work being done that they could hardly contain themselves. At one point during the meditation the bell rang in the music and my awareness was bought back to the circle and I opened my eyes to see a slither of sunlight shining in the center of our circle with my shadow being the only thing within this light. I felt no sun on my back and was so amazed at this great Buddha sitting in the center of our circle, that I did not turn to look for the sun. At another time I heard this great sigh of relief to my right, I almost reached out to take the hand of my friend who was sitting there. Afterwards I mentioned the sigh to her and she heard it also and thought it was me. I now know it was Mother Earth letting out a sigh of relief knowing her children are there to support and assist her and to "lighten" her burden. Thank You Shelley!
- Cathy A. (White Stone, Virginia, USA)


I was sitting on the beach watching the sun rise, with all the angels and watching and listening to an amazing site and sound, like a loud high pitch ohmmmm, while all around me the light and beauty came up all around me. It was really amazing, like I was right there for real, the love and light just engulfed me, lifting me and filling me with all the beauty and love it had.
- Laura (Williamsburg, Virginia, USA)


Prayer for Mother Earth composed during the one hour meditation Oh, Mother, may I speak of your Heart? As one of your many daughters I join my voice to the great hymn. You have brought us forth on this bejeweled planet, from the marrow of your being, nourished and sustained us, joined us to the communion of creatures, allowed us to participate in the great symphony of creation. Only now, dear Mother, do we begin to understand that we have taken all from you never realizing that you are a being like all others - that you also need love and care and re-generation. It is my privilege to serve you - though I am small and unpracticed. I offer my love and gratitude for the great beauty you enable me to share. I send what strength I have directly to your heart, I lend all of my energies to your purpose. I must tell you that I have met some of your delightful children - the dazzling crimson hibiscus that currently graces my deck, the brilliant goldfinch that drinks each morning from the water dish, each magnificent to my human eyes. But I also know the diligent, gray earthworms that quietly aerate your soils and have come upon bold fans of fungus springing up from the forest floor in the dance of regeneration. With fronds of ferns and grasses I have felt the ruffling of your gentle breath and heard tell of the powerful currents undulating deep in the oceans pumping nourishment through your body. And these marvels are a tiny sample of the joys I have been given. Had I all of eternity I could make but small note of the delights of your creations. Myriads of your miracles go unnoticed in every moment. I am small and unpracticed, but filled with gratitude and wonder. Like all of your children, I am sustained and upheld in the pulsing of your loving heart. So seldom have I told you, so seldom given thanks, for this great gift – incarnation – this precious opportunity to hold consciousness in a body. It is my privilege to serve you. I send what strength I have directly to your heart, lend all of my energies to your purpose, join my voice to unceasing hymns of praise.
- Geoff and Joyce P.B. (Winchester, Virginia, USA)



I woke up very excited at 3:45 am. I made tea, and sat in my meditation space and closed my eyes and envisioned the grid around the world, and millions of people all over the globe holding the note of love and joy. I simply allowed myself to feel. Kept in an open receptive space. I did feel tremendous connection to something more powerful than I... The time passed quickly...felt sense of peace and connection all day as I went about my business. Definitely felt "tweaked". I hope there are more such events, as I feel raising vibration is so important.
- Cheryl (Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA)


Just before I woke up at 4 am (pst) I dreamt that I was standing on the embankment of a shallow pond. Little native children appeared all around me yelling they have returned. They have returned! I looked at the pond and two incredibly large bird beings were walking through the pond and had little bird beings in front of them. Native grandfathers appeared and were dancing, singing and calling in the directions. My alarm then went off at 4 am and I woke up and called my friends to awaken to Fire the Grid. I went into meditation and heard very clearly that I must do a pipe ceremony so I held a pipe ceremony for the next 30 minutes. I looked up Bird Beings and realized I had dreamt about the Bird Tribes. Yes! Love and light to all!
- Jeanette, H. (Bellevue, Washington, USA)


As I meditated on the joyous moments in my life, I began to weep in gratitude of the miracle of life.....that I have been given life in which to experience all of the joyous moments of Life. What an extraordinary miracle life is. I realized too that we all have this miracle of Life at every moment and I've taken it too much for granted, not really taking time to appreciate it. Without Life there would be no moments of joy or anything else so for me Life is THE Joy....the only Joy which provides for all else. If I appreciate Life alone then I need not entertain negative thoughts.....in fact they pale in importance to the simple joy and beauty of Life itself.
- Lynn L. (Bellingham, Washington, USA)


I got together with a girlfriend and went at 4am down to a local park, right on Bellingham Bay. We set up our blankets, CD player and our crystal toning bowls. We began with an invocation and "Be Still Thy Soul" and moved into a beautiful, blissful hour of meditation, prayer, chanting, toning, and music (we played Bradfield and Anael's "Light and Love" CD). It was pitch black when we started and the light gradually grew throughout the hour. It was raining lightly on us the whole time - we felt this was cleansing. We could smell and feel the saltwater as we sat on the sandy beach and looked out to the islands to the west. During this hour I focused on gratitude in my own life, thoughts and feelings of love for humanity, and peace throughout the world. I visualized soldiers all stopping simultaneously from using their guns and weapons, and pictured them putting these down, walking across the street, and hugging their enemies, and of course, weeping with joy in the process. I saw all wars ending. I saw people awakening and helping others. I blessed Mother Earth for her patience with us. I saw her becoming healed. It was an incredible experience and I THANK YOU FROM MY LOVING HEART TO YOURS! Blessings to All of Us.
- Cynthia H. (Bellingham, Washington, USA)


Set the intention. Began with chanting Alleluia, and Hu chant, and transitioned to drumming. Drummed to the heartbeat of the earth. My cat was energized and stayed by my side all the time. There was an intenseness to her purring, and she seemed to vibrate. At one point, she became alert and focused on the doorway as if someone very tall were standing there. Her behavior was unusual as she is usually sleeping deeply at this time. I thought about the earth and the people all coming together with the intention of healing, and felt a strong connection. My body became hot from the inside out on two occasions. I read aloud Chief Seattle's statement about the earth with the intent to change the negative into positive, and drummed with each statement. Very powerful! The last half of the time I spent in quiet breathing and silent meditation. The windows were open and the rain falling on the trees made a wonderful sound. There was no sense of time. I ended with a blessing to Mother Gaia and Father Sun and found that I had been meditating for over an hour! With Peace, Love, and Gratitude,
- Joanie M. (Bellingham, Washington, USA)


I immediately felt and saw millions of lights, like individual candles, as I soared through space. My thoughts became a swirl of sparkling energy. It was as if this swirl traveled at an incredible speed. First it touched people of different countries, those who are hungry and struggling, then to the cities where there is violence and hunger. I saw people backing off from confrontations, laying down weapons, and plants springing from pavement and clay. People everywhere were looking up. I then saw this swirl go into the earth and tectonic plates became quiet and still. I felt a great peace.
- Peggy (Castle Rock, Washington, USA)


I'll admit it didn't start out calm and easy like I imagined, but once I got through the roughness and past my expectations, I sailed into a lovely meditation just feeling the loving energy of the universal interface and sending my heartfelt love and desire for a transformation of our consciousness. No fireworks, just a sense of peace and calm. That was a blessing. Thanks to everyone who contributed!
- Jeni H. (Duvall, Washington, USA)


I awoke about an hour before the 4:11 AM time that would coincide with the 11:11 time. I had only heard of Fire the Grid the day before but it resonated with the messages my sister and I had received for many years from people who have gone on. The 11:11 time was one we'd experienced on many spiritual occasions. So the time was very right and I sat up in bed preparing for the meditation at 4:11. Also the day before I had communicated to the guides that have helped me before and one said that the time would be spent in clearness which could mean a flushing of old hindering agendas. This was what the time was...many visions flashed before me like a form of "dying". My spirit was renewed and the day was simply glorious!! I work now to keep the negative from landing in my heart. I accept the challenges and look for new directions. Love and abundance is EVERYWHERE! My husband and life partner and I keep saying, "Life is so good!"
- Kayleen (Indianola, Washington, USA)


My husband Scott and I slept outside and woke for the 4:11 - 5:11 a.m. meditation. We sat facing East, to dawn and new beginnings. Lovely time. Felt *zingy* about midway through. With dawn came morning breezes stirring. Very sweet and affirming as though the planet was responding. Loved visualizing people across the planet doing the same. We watched sunrise then crawled back into the sleeping bag for a few more hours sleep. Quiet. Content. The message I sent out in advance of the 17th read in part: ...When I was about 14 --15 years old I spent a night enthralled with the idea that if we could get everyone on the planet to pray at one time we could create peace. This website and its Plan have re-ignited that memory and that strong desire. There have been calls for global prayers before but this one speaks to me in a larger way. I hope you will visit the site and decide to join in mediation on July 17th 2007." I'm 51 now and the 7/17/07 experience felt like a coming home, an answering to that call. Thank you,
- Bobi W. (Kennewick, Washington, USA)


We flew up to the north end of the lake on Monday the 16th and were so excited. We set the iPod alarm for 3:55 PDT and trekked down to the Stehekin River in the dark--with chairs, flashlights and music. We sat by the river, started 'Light & Love' at exactly 4:11 PDT. I will share my personal experience: I saw our planet in darkness with only a few scattered white lights. As the time progressed it glowed a pinkish golden color. The lights started growing in number and connecting together like Christmas light strands. Eventually these strands became a solid white light so the entire 'interior' of the planet was a bright glowing orb surrounded by the beautiful pinkish gold. The joy I felt was beyond expression and the tears simply flowed knowing we had all connected in spirit and created such a wonderful experience.
- Pam, Mike & Robin (Lake Chelan, Washington, USA)


I have meditated over the years since initiation into TM in 1969. In the early 70's when I meditated regularly and participated in group meditations, I found a deeper experience in groups than individually. This morning it was profoundly deeper and I felt a sense of higher awareness. I would hope that our earth could practice this again soon.
- M. E. E. (Long Beach, Washington, USA)


We lit a candle, and created a small altar with beautiful roses and rose quartz, put the globe on the bed between us, put on Patrick Bernhardt's Amor Immortalis CD, and spent the hour loving the planet and all life on it. It was glorious!!!!! We really felt the global scope of the event... Great Gratitude!!!!!!!!
- Mark & Anita H. (Longview, Washington, USA)


I could feel the energy of others - I did not feel alone in this. Generally, when I meditate or communicate with my angels, I receive words. Sometimes in the past, I have received words in other languages which I do not know, such as Hebrew. I have to look them up in the dictionary to understand what is being communicated to me. This morning's meditation seemed to shower me with words, which flashed in my mind's eye. Words like: All One, Heal, Source, Love, Grateful, Vessel, & a word I did not know, but "felt" was like Grid or Net. I also received images of a Mother, sparks & sparkling water, the colors blue & white, and an image of the White House (which was difficult for me to avoid having a negative emotion). Although my original intention was to go to "the water" at a local beach, when I woke up this morning at 3:30 (well before my alarm), my first thought was "Connect to the Internet." So I "fired up" the computer & found some beautiful music played on one of the sites that Google found in place of FireTheGrid.org, which was overloaded. I meditated in my room & when it was near the end of the hour, I received the command "Tell the Others", & an urge to go out into this morning's rain, thus fulfilling my intention of connecting with the Earth's waters. I laid my hands on my evergreen trees that guard the entrance to my house & communicated to them - "Tell the Others". I did the same with a boulder that rests at the base of the tree. When I came back inside, I also communicated this to my animal companions. (I'd like to think they understood, but they were more interested in being fed.) I suppose we are all asking "Now what?" I have full faith that we will receive further instructions. I know I have to do my part in the healing. I do believe that The Universe listens to us as much as It speaks to us. With this morning's transfer of energy, perhaps the conversation can continue more resoundingly.
- Geri G. (Lynnwood, Washington, USA)


Because it was 4:11AM and many of us had little children, we decided that all of us will do this individually at home. I had a Fire the Grid workshop on Sunday the 15th to get everyone ready. I woke up on the 17th at 4AM, got Anael's "Light and Love" album ready on my iPod, and lay down on my bed to meditate. Immediately, I thought of my two children (their smiles, their hugs, the moment they were born, etc.) and I started to cry from happiness. Then I went through my whole family and realized how much love I received and had for each of them. It was beautiful. My 4 year old daughter woke up and found me and crawled into bed with me during the meditation, but that made it even more better. I never really fell asleep during the hour. It felt like my energy was rising (especially with each song). Eventually I felt that I had no body, and that I was just spirit. It felt natural, like that is just how it is. I felt no fear of not feeling my body. I felt I was experiencing "ascension". I also got a report from one of our members that she "saw" souls joining into a "parade" that was Fire the Grid. She recognized a few people from her past joining and wondered if they were all firing the grid at that moment, even though she hadn't seen these people for years.
- Lotus Angels (Mercer Island, Washington, USA)


We went outside at 3:45 am and built a fire, and called in Sacred Space. We sat and drummed & rattled, spoke hymns and poems of praise and thanksgiving to the Great Mother. I felt a powerful connection to the grid, through my feet, and also noticed the fire seemed to be both connected to and feeding the grid. I did a shamanic journey afterwards and was shown a before and after picture of the grid, and it was powerfully and beautifully energized. After we closed Sacred Space, the skies opened up and we and the earth received over half an inch of rain, in a usually dry summer. My friend remarked it was like the rain came to wash our prayers into the earth...
- Janet P. (Olympia, Washington, USA)


We were on vacation in Redmond, Oregon when we awoke at 4:00 a.m. to meditate. Each of us participated in our own way. Although I started meditating, not sure what to expect, I felt a deep connection with the earth. After meditating, (a deep and beautiful experience while watching the sun rise) I used the Angel Guidance deck and asked what I could do and how I could help my family move into deeper relationship with the current changes on Earth. I pulled three cards. The first was to meditate. The second was to listen and the third was to cultivate a friendship with the Earth. I feel a clear sense of purpose after our meditation. I felt and feel as if the Earth itself asked me to help her and treat her as a dear friend. So many other visualizations have been occurring since in meditation, in my dreams and while awake. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this beautiful transformation that I now know as a truth.
- Claire M. (Olympia, Washington, USA)


I loved the knowing that I was a part of the healing and growth on this planet. I felt the joy of knowing the light flowed through me and around me. I felt proud and honored to be one spark of light in the ray of light that will effect such a grand change. I felt ever thankful that I have been led to this point. I embraced the changes that I knew occurred, beyond what my senses knew. I loved the peace, joy and strength that filled me as I embraced the change and took the step into our future. I felt such gratitude and joy, I thank all that is for embracing me as I embraced the world, as I embraced the light, as I embraced the changes, and as I embraced myself for the wondrous being that I am. I loved knowing I was united with so many others in a worldwide moment in time. A time that is of conscious choice and action, a time of evolution and love, a time to be fully all that I am.
- Joeni J. (Port Orchard, Washington, USA)


I did qigong to the four directions. I meditated and sent lovingkindness and gratitude to all beings who make my life possible, my parents, grandparents, sisters, other relatives, and friends, and workers around the world. I sent gratitude to all beings in my neighborhood, town, state, region, country, hemisphere, and the whole world, and sent peaceful and healing energy to troubled areas around the world. I visualized a healthy glowing planet, solar system, and universe. I felt overflowing gratitude and a greater desire to abide in joy and to be more gentle with myself and with anxiety, fear and rage when they arise within me. Thank you for this opportunity to focus my energy. I felt light and patient today even though I got little sleep last night.
- Deb (Port Townsend, Washington, USA)


Physically I felt my being expand out my feet into the center of the earth, and out my head extending into the universe. I've had similar perceptions before, but NEVER any thing this profound. It lasted 45 minutes and then on and off the next few days. Emotionally I experienced exhilaration mixed with profound sadness for the way humans have and are treating each other and the planet. Nameste`
- Greg & Jen (Poulsbo, Washington, USA)


My wife and I sat on our front porch. The rain was falling softly on the roof. It was light enough to just make out the pond through the trees. My eyes filled with tears as I let myself feel the profound love I have for The Earth Mother and our emerald planet as it floats in the vastness of space. I sent out my prayer for the healing of the planet and the unity of its people and gave thanks for the beauty, splendor and magnificence of our planet home. I thrilled at knowing that millions of others were sending their prayers and focusing on their visions for a New Earth at the same time. I gave thanks for the love of The Earth mother and acknowledge her right to heal. Just then, a green tree frog jumped onto my wife's lap. It had probably been on the arm of the chair before she sat down. I received its choice to join us as a confirmation that our prayers had been heard. And I felt the joy of being one with Nature.
- Bill D. (Rainier, Washington, USA


First I stated my intention and even wrote it down and signed it in case I didn't wake up in time for 4:11 a.m. PDT. Then I had made a list of 45 things that bring me joy, and spent a minute or more reflecting on each of those things. I was surprised to find tears flowing at some of those times. Tears of joy! I am so grateful to have been a part of Fire the Grid. People who did not even know about it felt the shift in the energy.
- Sharon B. (Seattle, Washington, USA)


I am a deaf person, member of a deaf family from Argentina, and forever the Light Bearer for an international community of 70 million deaf people. After 30 years of ceaseless struggles to bring hope into our lives that humanity could improve and change for the better, last night's Fire The Grid's movement brought me such joy and tears poured down my face for the full hour meditation! It was 4:11AM PT for me and I was utterly alone at home, but I felt connected to everyone in such a way that I couldn't help but to feel a love so immense and indescribable. A happiness so complete and a huge relief to know humanity's salvation and re-connection with Spirit is indeed under way and a reality! Thank you so much, Shelley Yates, for making my struggles for a better world less lonesome and for re-connecting us all together! Count with me for the next stage of our healing! Be assured I will communicate this message of hope and love to my worldwide deaf community, now and forever more!
- Silvia L. (Seattle, Washington, USA)


I had a wonderful meditation... because it wasn't wonderful. Late alarm clock, technological glitches with the CD, rain and my sunroof open, worries that I wasn't ace-ing the meditation test. Then I surrendered to my Essence and knew that here I was: me. Full of my wacky personality and still loved and firing the grid. I learned so much from the weeks after I watched Shelley's video: steps towards surrender, dis-identification with the personality--with love for it, and beginning to listen to the slow, low voice of my Essence--rather than translating it all through my quick conscious mind. Thank you for the movement, energy and beautiful ethereal and grounded music.
- Sondra (Seattle, Washington, USA)


WOW! What an incredible experience!! At exactly 4:11 AM it started raining. My window was open, and I was sitting on my bed meditating...Firing the Grid. I had the most incredible sensations of being a light being in a physical body. For the first time I felt the connection AND the separation of the two. My hands felt like they were ON FIRE! The energy was pulsing through them. At one point I started to feel as if I was experiencing God Consciousness. I completely let go of my body and my head started to move around, without my doing. My hand raised up and soon I had sounds coming from my mouth. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. I felt every fiber in my being vibrate. It was wonderful. Thank you Shelley, for orchestrating such a fantastic experience! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.
- Monica W., RMT, CMT (Seattle, Washington, USA)


A friend familiar with such things, forwarded your web site to me a few days before July 17th. His introduction was "what could it hurt?" I read the story, problem, plan, and preparation as well as watched Shelley Yates' videos on You Tube. I was very intrigued and committed to join my "vibratory" minded friend. I also invited a life long child hood friend to join us. She and I speak of such things often. She in Utah - a mother of 13, I in Seattle - a gay partnered perhaps a bit lonely romantic secured in a hard shell of experience, and my vibratory friend in San Francisco who has traveled to India to study at the feet of mystics and who is my mystic in a layman's sort of way, all participated from the corners of our triangle grid. I am the least likely of the group to pray or mediate but I did for an hour that morning and if nothing else enjoyed an hour of quiet meditation before the dawn. I also enjoyed the concept of being a conduit for aid to a compromised earth. I like to believe I sensed something flowing on, down, and off me that morning. I imagined the inside of the earth receiving what ever it was that passed through me. I mourn in my heart for the earth and all it must endure. I hope she feels a bit better how ever minor my efforts may have been. And now I must admit I feel a bit disconnected from my brief experience. I've searched the web site daily since looking for a summation, conclusion, or even of some type of next step. Did the beings of light indicate it worked or helped? Does the earth groan a bit less? Was my dear Dad who passed away 4 weeks ago aware of my efforts and if so did he, watching from elsewhere, find me silly and vulnerable to woo-woo web sites or rather does he now have full sight enabling to see that my efforts can and did make a difference? Yours is a beautiful mesmerizing story Shelley. I will believe it’s true. I wish you and your son god speed and further rendezvous with light and love - two encounters which tease our minds and brush our souls often in dreams and often forgotten in the grounding light of dawn.
- David J. (Seattle, Washington, USA)


I set my alarm for 4:00. It went off, I reached over and shut it off and lay back with my eyes closed just trying to "wake up" and adjust to everything. Soon, I felt an overwhelming sensation - an energy that filled the whole room and I felt incredibly light and amazingly happy - I thought the entire earth was rocketing through space at warp speed. I quickly opened my eyes and looked at the clock and it was 4:05. I was so excited to have felt that energy. For the next hour, I sat in bed and listened to the music of Anael and Bradfield and was in a complete state of bliss. I was so unexplainably happy. I couldn't believe the hour was over so quickly - it felt like about 15 minutes. Namaste'
- Sue S. (Shelton, Washington, USA)


This morning I awoke from sleeping only 3 hours, but feeling very rested. I was ready to do my part in firing the grid and calmly set up my music (the suggested listening as well as some other reggae selections). I began to sit and close my eyes as the time approached. Immediately I began weeping, constantly being filled with Loving Kindness energy. This continued for about 20 minutes all the while I was remembering all the wonderful things I've seen on this world. Everything that makes me happy flooded into my minds eye and I felt at peace. Then something amazing happened. It is early in the morning here so still just a little chilly. I had been feeling cold when I woke up, but a warm feeling overcame my body and I stopped weeping. This warm feeling progressed to a very comfortable heat and I started to perspire the toxins built up in my body. Through the final minutes the warm feeling kept increasing in intensity and I had an overwhelming sense of Love in my heart. I should note that all this time I was imagining energy pouring out from the front and back of all 7 main Chakra points in my body. I envisioned the core of this planet being surrounded by a hot blue flame, carried to the surface through lava veins throughout the planet. Thank you for this chance to help bring healing to our Mother. I hope our experience has inspired many others to share their Loving Kindness energy with everything around them. My will is to continue giving my energy to those who need and those who have not. Namaste!
- Benjamin N. (Spokane, Washington, USA)


When I started I could feel a heaviness coming from the earth. The meditation I chose to focus on was to bring a beam of healing white light down through my left side, crossing at my heart and then down the right into the earth while I simultaneously brought the sad, negative energy up out of the earth through my left foot, crossing at my heart (while being transformed into white light) and out my right side. After about a half hour of this meditation, I started to really feel like the earth was healing. I wasn't feeling as much sad heaviness coming up from the earth. It was almost as if she were being healed in that immediacy.
- Sadie L. (Spokane, Washington, USA)


A little after 4am, I lit a candle, drank some water and sat in my comfortable chair. I had been invited to do a group ceremony, but I wanted to be sure to "feel" the earth's energy and my love and gratitude for my life and not be distracted by a social event. I verbally declared my mission and brought silver and gold light in my crown chakra and throughout my body. This always elevates my energy system and attunes me with the higher frequencies. During the hour I meditated on the earth, viewing each land mass and its inhabitants. I visualized the oceans becoming cleaner and the animals that live there, the mountains, rivers, valleys and plains becoming healthy and vibrant along with their animal populations. I verbally "ahhhed" my way through this meditation, using sound to lift as well as thought. At different intervals I would remember and give thanks for my wonderful husband and children, for my beautiful home and my earthly comforts. Giving gratitude for my life raised me even higher. Toward the end, I envisioned the beings on the 4th dimension, ghosts, if you will, those who need to move to a higher source, but are still earth-bound, and sent waves of energy to wake them from their slumber. I then saw the most brilliant white light and felt so many souls gravitate toward that light, blessing them on their journeys and feeling thankful that they can now experience the freedom of uniting with their Divine Source. At the end, I heard two little "beeps". Just quick, short ones, like an alarm. I opened my eyes and the clock said 5:14 am. The hour was complete and I knew our mission was a success!
- Rena M. (Tacoma, Washington, USA)


My experience was pretty quiet and personal but I did feel part of a bigger picture, one with something greater. Left me feeling more sensitive to injustice and cruelty and I find myself less able to watch things like the news or listen to negative speech. I was mostly pleased that I was able to wake myself for the event and participate. I'm not an early riser.
– Wendy (Tacoma, Washington, USA)


I used the CD Light and Love. I had been practicing for almost a month with this CD - visualizing as Shelley described in the pamphlet etc. The afternoon before, I began to feel grumpy then realized that this was my human expressing fear about losing something. I changed that attitude to "This is a fabulous event. I am so grateful I know about it and I am doing it." The turnaround continued and in the morning I awoke at 4AM PDT and sat up and began. It was far better than any of the practices. My visualizations were strong and spontaneously beautiful. I got up and made coffee. I was on the porch of my cabin wearing my red sweatshirt. A pair of hummingbirds greeted me. One came two inches from my arm and kept looking at me directly in the eye then to my arm. Then I felt sleepy and put myself down. I lost consciousness and when I regained it I was aware that I had been meeting with many friends finding out which ones had fired the grid with me. As I regained my awareness I looked through my eyelids and saw a full grid of golden hexagons all connected like honeycomb.
- JEAN-NA (Tonasket, Washington, USA)


We have been under a Level II Evacuation Order from the sheriff's department since Monday night, 7/16, as we are within a mile of an 8,000 acre wildfire that started on Sunday, 7/15, and was coming toward us fast. It is called the Tunk Grade Fire and I have been very afraid and distracted by this fire. So, I got up, lit a candle, put on the music I downloaded from this site and began meditating. I felt a tremendous 'lifting' feeling in my heart. Tears came. I lifted up and out of my body and sat in wonder at how powerful the feeling of joy and connectedness was. All morning I had this feeling that the air around me was different somehow. Then two amazing things happened for me: #1-At 11:11 am (!!YES!!), I received a telephone call from my daughter-in-law, who has been angry at our family and we have not heard from her in over a year. #2-Some people might call this coincidence, but not me...exactly 24 hours after firing the grid, it began to rain here! It's true! It is pouring! You can check the Weather Channel or the internet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Shelley! This really is just the beginning. Blessing to you and yours,
- Stefani (Tonasket, Washington, USA)


I dragged my butt out of bed at 3am just to make sure that I would be fully awake for 4:11am. I lit candles all over my house. Then I prayed out loud my intention to want to help. I then visualized violet and gold energy filling me up, shooting out of my Chakras and then down to the core of the Earth through a root I grew out of my body. This was a very powerful meditation, and I feel that I helped to do my part. :) I kept my mind in a state of calm, bliss, and gratitude for everything I have. I was smiling the whole time!
- Stefanie (Vancouver, Washington, USA)


Dear Shelley and Friends, I had a group in my home who spent the night and woke at 3:00a.m. to prepare to fire the grid at 4:11 a.m. our time. My experience was beyond all expectations. I had an incredible vision of all the elements on our planet being shown to me, first WATER--every kind of ice and steam and fog, melting snow, blue glaciers, rain puddles, the wide ocean and more...then EARTH, every kind of rich dark earth, loam from the rain forest, sand, the stone people, lava, and more, then FIRE, out into the vast cosmos! The sun, the fiery planets, prairie grass fires, candles, forest fires, campfires, and more, then AIR ...beautiful wind and storms, fragrant air in the tropics, dry air in the desert, a child's breath...Then in a mass unfolding, a colorful array of animals from a tiny green tree frog, to giant blue whales, birds, insects, mammals and reptiles, such a profusion of LIFE! Then came the beautiful faces of humanity… from the Masai people to the Chinese, to Aleutian Natives, the fair Scandinavians the rich dark African and Aboriginal peoples, the very old, very young, and more. A flood of images of our amazing family on EARTH. All these images I gathered into a bright ball that was so engulfed by love, my tremendous love for this blue green planet, I sent this ball of love made manifest down deep into the center of Mother Earth, passing through my heart, deep into the core and back up again through the roots of trees and the bottoms of my feet up through my heart out the top of my head, out into the vast embrace of Father Sky, and all the Cosmos, and back in a continuous loop until there was just bliss and indescribable, timeless JOY. I could see the grid, feel the connection all around the planet. Blessings to you dear Shelley and to all of you Light Workers. I look forward to working with you,
- Laura M. (Vancouver, Washington, USA)


I began with Bradfield's music as the 4:11 am approached (PST) . I recalled the joy and gratitude I have because of the love that I share with my family and friends. I recalled each one individually feeling and expressing my love for them. When the hour started, I began by feeling and loving the entire earth. I tried to imagine that the earth was experiencing the immense energy of my love and the love of millions of other people with me. I expressed my desire and intention to heal the earth. I affirmed and acknowledged that it is done and that the healing is happening now. I repeated this many times. It felt very real and wonderful. I then began to recall all the people that I know and love. I offered the power of my intention to recruit their soul energy to the cause of healing our planet. I knew that many of them were still sleeping, yet I felt it was okay with them to add their soul energy to this beautiful cause of healing our planet. I felt it was working because I knew that only their bodies were sleeping. Their spirits were wide awake and feeling my love and my invitation to create this miracle together for our earth. I wondered if they were perhaps dreaming of something joyful and healing as I joined with them in creating and increasing our powerful loving energy. I completed the hour by enjoying the space that I live in by cleaning and organizing. It felt very good to make my space more comfortable and beautiful. It felt right to be active. I feel a new bravery and clarity in who I am and what I am to do with rest of my life. I intend to stay in connection with the cause of healing and creating a more loving world. Thank you for bringing this amazing event into my life. I love the earth, I love you, I love my life, I am love...
- Steven W. (Vashon Island, Washington, USA)


AS we did C&E, a technique learned at Ramtha School of Enlightenment, I connected. My symbol was the Earth. I saw hands holding and wrapping around the Earth. At one point I was given the message that as I changed, so the Earth could evolve and change also. There was ultra-violet blue light swirling and swirling around our beautiful planet. There were times I was aware of a collective consciousness working together and there were times I seemed to work individually. It was beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service
- Maria (Yelm, Washington, USA)



I prayed and meditated at my altar. My heart filled with love and light. I offered the World Healing Meditation technique given by Paramahansa Yogananda. A song came and i offered it with love to Mother Earth and Divine Mother as i drummed on my drum. Later in this day i have heard high tones coming with a shift of consciousness and i feel someone(s) is/are checking in. Thank you for this opportunity to serve and to join with other kindred spirits as we send a voice to our Father/Mother God/Creator, that peace and harmony with love for all will prevail on Earth.
- Angie A. (Charles Town, West Virginia, USA)


A small glimpse… I chose to listen to the Light and Love music and allowed it to fill and carry me. I became a living prayer stick, breathing through my heart, receiving light and sending love… a sense of the Oneness... Sitting outside at the top of a mountain amidst extraordinary beauty left mostly undisturbed, I opened my eyes to a hummingbird who had stopped by, in my dream, attracted by the light and color -- later I was seeing the earth from the sky, as Shelley and Anael had described, and was seeing lights coming on and as each person appreciated and sent love to all they are grateful for, the lights spread like fires moving closer together. And just then, the words came into me, “see yourself from above…” I am full. Thank you.
- Teresa B.S. (Mathias, West Virginia, USA)


I was dreaming about it, so I was participating in my sleep! I wanted to get up to walk down to the river and meditate, but I slept through it. Yet, I was still participating in spirit, from the dream realm.
- Alison M. (Morgantown, West Virginia, USA)



I could feel a connection with everyone as I meditated. I do not know how else to explain it. I actually meditated longer than an hour and when I came out of meditation I noticed I had meditated like 20 minutes over 12:11 GMT. I guesstimated that the difference in energy generated from the beginning of the meditation and the last 20 minutes of my meditation must have been because everyone else pulled out right at 12:11 GMT. It truly reinforced how much interconnected we all are for me. It was a wonderful experience.
- Kris S. (Casper, Wisconsin, USA)


My awareness of what was about to happen when we fired the grid began in my dream state. A new tapestry of colors were painted with my awareness being drawn to a greenish turquoise. Our group gathered within a white painted circle in a field at a large soccer complex. We created an altar using a cloth representing a bagua, our favorite crystals, angel cards, and even a tiny plastic toy dog that we found that we felt represented unconditional love. We began by doing some grounding and aligning our energy. We began by using Shawn Galloway's "The Calling" to call in the angels of the north, south, east, and west, then immediately went into "Be Still Thy Soul." I then gave a little explanation of the purpose of this song. We then went around our circle and shared our happy moments and held them for each other. We then listened to "Sky Sent," and I gave a little explanation of the significance of this song, and then we shared our experience during that song. One of the gals saw many different colors of roses, the buds opening. We all sensed a light becoming brighter and shining on us even though it was a very overcast morning. I had brought a picture I drew a couple of months ago indicative of this light which I called "Rebirth" and shared that with the group. We then all held our special amethyst crystals called "Shekinah Flames" in our left hands, placed our right hands on the earth while we were listening to Heaven & Earth Spirits. Next we drew angel and mastery cards and shared. We closed by holding hands and playing Shawn Galloway's "I Choose Love." Our time together ended at 7:33 a.m. CST. Thank you Shelley, Anael, and Bradfield! Love, Light & Blessings as we continue the journey to ascension...
- Anna C. (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA)


We felt a stillness and a peace, my daughters hands were pouring out so much heat it felt like menthol after awhile she said. The energy felt very positive and there seemed to be alot of light in the room, it reminded me of a xmas tree lit up very bright. Don’t know why, that’s just what I thought I saw when I noticed the lights in the room. We were very happy! Thank you so much for doing this and bringing this awareness to us!! Love to everyone!!
- Laura and Tiana :) (Janesville, Wisconsin, USA)


I could feel the energy before I even started to meditate, it woke me up with anticipation. I couldn't sleep most of the night. I prayed for peace and the end of the war. I prayed for my neighbors, my friends and my family to be at peace and to finally realize the abundance that is awaiting us.
- Teri C. (Janesville, Wisconsin, USA)


I felt a great sense of belonging. The light was bright and beautiful. The Earth received me in her arms and there was a great sense of love and sharing. For hours afterward I have been uplifted and calm. Let's do this again!
- V. (Lena, Wisconsin, USA)


I meditated with another friend. I felt a cleansing and clearing of the pollution field of the atmosphere. It felt like the "skin" of the earth was being purified. I then felt a renewed atmosphere form to heal ozone holes and other incoherencies in the earth's outer layers. I then felt the waters and rivers being purified by the intention of clearing. Personally, I felt great kinesthetic vibrational increase, and excitement and gratitude for the community of kindred souls participating in this time of shared intention and healing. Thank you for making this possible and for the service of promoting the best in all of us. Namaste.
- Nadine M. (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)


We rose early (FTG = 6:11 am) to an orange and pink sunrise, and took a motorcycle ride through the beautiful Madison arboretum. We sat underneath our most favorite climbing tree: The Mount Hope Norway Maple and contemplated our love, blessings, and hopes for world healing. Halfway through, we heard a small rush of air nearby. Upon opening our eyes, we were greeted by a young doe not 100 feet away who after acknowledging our presence, leaped off into the woods. A cool, nourishing rain accompanied us home. We Love You Thank You We Love You Thank You....... Hari! Jai Stu!
- Kelty C, and Charley B. (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)


I meditated from 6:11Am and ended at 8:30AM. I know that a miracle is happening. I know that the energy of goodness and creation is healing the world and initiating a new time. I know I now walk in strength, peace and love. All things that I need to accomplish my path now are on its way or already here. I have been "inspired"-- full of spirit... to give what I have to the world and it is putting this energy into motion now and in the future. I AM.
- Barbara H. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)


I arose later than planned having had trouble getting to sleep the night before. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve. I started by focusing my thoughts on the intention of helping to heal mother earth. As I awoke from my morning sluggishness I gather my blanket, native flutes and other ceremonial items and headed out side. There I build a small fire and played music and chanted a mantra, love and light to mother earth. When I came in after what I thought might have been less than an hour to my surprise it was well over an hour. My heart was full all day as I connected with others to hear of their experiences. I am also excited to hear there is more planned as the more we express our oneness the greater the energy of connection will grow. Namaste,
- Mark (Minocqua, Wisconsin, USA)


I found a beautiful remote place on the beach of Lake Michigan where I lit a candle to signify light in the world, burned sage to cleanse the area, and anointed myself with the essential oil of rose which is the plant carrier of universal love. I watched the rising sun and gave thanks for this beautiful world. From then on I experienced the rest of the time focusing on the people all over the world I was connected to, eyes closed and in prayer. I felt the love and power of our unity. Reality took on a new form and we were one. I deeply sensed the power and energy of this holy and sacred time. I carried that away from the beach that day and it is part of me. We are capable of great works together and separately in our lives, moment to moment and day by day when we live in awareness and live lives of loving intention.
- Christiana E. (Racine, Wisconsin, USA)


My head and heart burst open with love, joy and gratitude. I could feel everyone and gave myself entirely. The Light is absolutely indescribable. I love you all so much and remain eternally grateful to you for this Holy Instant. Thank you Thank you Thank You!!! Together we enter beyond the veil and disappear into the Heart of God. I LOVE YOU.
- Jubi (Reedsburg, Wisconsin, USA)


Tony: My FTG Time was 6:11 AM. For 16 years that was the exact time I left for work as a carpenter in Northern Wisconsin. Having a 35 minute commute and starting at 7:00 AM was a routine I just accepted. Having just heard about the FTG project only a couple of days earlier, I knew my wife Kathy would participate. So I delved into the website and followed all the links, sharing it all with her. During this process, I began to think that I would like to experience it with her. But I knew I had to go to work, as I had a job that had been scheduled in a small window of opportunity on that very morning. I actually felt a little resentful about it. Then, on Monday evening, about 8:30, the phone rang. Uncharacteristically, it was my boss. He told me that the scheduled starting time for our job had been moved back 1 1/4 hours and I didn't have to come in until then. Hmmmm.... You know what I did to fill that time, exactly 6:11 to 7:11. Kathy: I went outside at the FTG time and sat on the Earth. I could feel the love and commitment of others to the Earth and the Creator. I felt so peaceful and useful. Thank you for the Experience.
- Tony and Kathy K. (Suring, Wisconsin, USA)


I sat in meditation outside and was overwhelmed by humming vibrations of joy. I expressed gratitude with every cell of my being. I was told to open my eyes and a hummingbird was hovering in front of my face!!!!! I knew the Earth Mother was thanking me in her own way. I have never seen a hummingbird at my home before this moment. I then saw in my meditation a being of light wearing a dark blue cloak of light and an amulet with an upturned crescent moon holding a star in its cup. He held out his hands to me and we joined our intention of Joy. I never saw his face or heard a voice, but the love I felt from his presence was wonderful.
- Martina S. (Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA)


On July 17th, I took my drum out on the land. (I am a reiki drum practitioner), drummed the four directions asking the compassionate spirits of the directions to work with us in healing our Earth. I also asked the spirits of heaven and earth to join with us. As I was drumming a deer lifted its head and looked at me, and she snorted and stomped to my drumming. I felt she was adding her own prayers to mine. Later that evening as I drove in my car, the trees seemed more vibrant, the sun more healing... I think we did a wonderful thing for the planet, ourselves, and generations to come!
- lu p. (Hunterdon County, Wyoming, USA)


Where I live the sun was below the horizon and the first light was just visible. I sat outside and fired the grid as the sun came up. I found myself filled with joy and gratitude for my life, my ancestors, every spiritual messenger that had crossed my path, for my family, for all souls everywhere. I am so grateful to be alive, to be a part of this event and a part of what is happening NOW. Grateful that my sister and her family (4) chose to be a part of firing the grid as well as my friends (3). Shelley I owe you a debt of gratitude and those who worked with you for all you have done so that this spiritual event could happen. And happen it did. Thank you. Because you did your part we could also. I am grateful for the solutions we are living into and especially grateful that a day is approaching when every man, woman and child will have more than enough of the essentials of life--love, food, warmth, freedom and more. A magnificent God dwells within each of us. I am more aware of being one with all that is than ever.
- Laurie R. (Kaycee, Wyoming, USA)



I woke up at 5:06 am (11:11 GMT is 5:11 am my time) and went to the couch to listen to my Reiki CD (my computer wouldn't burn the songs on this site...). I began by reading back through some of the things Shelley suggested to ask for and say in the Four Ways to Fire the Earth Grid and The Plan and Preparation sections. I then concentrated on breathing (which I frequently do when meditating or doing Reiki, expanding my heart chakra to be as large as I could. I asked for my intentions to heal the Earth's core and humanity. I imagined the pollution disappearing, the oceans clearing and full of life, solutions being discovered to help heal the earth and rainbows. I imagined my cord that reaches to the center of the earth delivering my energy and watched the love move out from the center of the earth, past the earth's surface and through the grid. I also thought of things that bring me joy and have brought me joy in the past. All I could do was weep. I wept the entire hour! It was amazing feeling the others delivering their energy at the same time! I just found out about this website on Saturday and felt fortunate that I received the message and the opportunity to participate. Thank you, Shelley, for your inspiring story and confirmation that there are more than just a few that "see the light" about the shift. I am still struggling to trust and believe- I related to the fence sitters because sometimes it is difficult to see the positive that occurs here on Earth. Your example is inspiring! With Love and Light.
- Erin E. (Laramie, Wyoming, USA)