I had texted 10 of my friends to meditate with us. When 1111 came, which was 0511 here, i sat with my 17 year old daughter, held her hand and meditated with her while listening to the music from this site. I experienced great joy and tremendous power as i was channeling spiraling energy that entered me from my crown chakra and went through me into the core of the Earth. I journeyed to the earths core, and observed it become larger and brighter. I then envisioned holding the Earth in between my palms...and showered it with love and radiant energy of healing and peace. All day long, i felt blissful even though i had not slept. The day has been great!
- Amber M. (Beaumont, Alberta, Canada)


As the time was 5:11 a.m. here I did my best to wake up and join you all, activating my intention to assist in this very important cause. Aside from being very sleepy I was keenly aware of my connection in this process. I am blessed to feel in my physical body my undeniable connection to Source on a daily basis - Firing the Grid caused me to feel this connection even greater!! This is quite extreme actually because I am normally a heightened channel for energy so I am quite blown away to feel this connection even stronger than usual. I do want to say that years ago I did see 'the grid' while in a meditative state. It appeared to me as a series of grid lines, kind of like my old high school science graphs but with one exception! This graph was complete with pulsating energy through it all in a whole spectrum of brilliant colors. Off the topic here...I want to tell you that I was deeply touched when I read your near tragedy story. We are truly blessed and sometimes it takes such an event to start us on our spiritual journey. I too had extreme challenge and tragedy just prior to the activation of my spiritual journey. Spirit came to me nearing the end of a lengthy illness. Like you, I was in disbelief but I could not deny what my eyes saw. My experience was profound enough to answer any question or doubt I may have previously had about life after death and source connection. My experiences took me from an unawake, uncooperative state of being into a fully aware participant. Continual visits and encouragement from Spirit assisted me in coming out of my illness and has propelled my spiritual growth every day since. My greatest joy is this…I can not be anymore driven and committed to this journey than I am and I AM deeply thankful that I was given this gift of awareness. Love & Light to you,
- Cynthia R. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


I can honestly say it was one of the most beautiful meditations I have ever experienced. At one point I could see in my field of vision a small circle of white bright light and it would go away and then it returned and there was a form inside it and it would go and then it came back as it first had. My body felt at times a curious vibration that felt so amazing. Soon after the meditation came to a close our group broke away to gather downstairs, I could not go. I wanted to feel what I was feeling to hold on a little longer, to sit with it. I quietly slipped out and came home to get on the website and found this spot to share my experience and now as I listen to the music on the website while writing this it is as though it washes away, all that is, challenging for me in my life. From the first moment I listened to Shelly's incredible story and read all the pages of the book on the ITunes download, I feel, somehow strangely, connected to her and her path. I don't know what role I can play. At some point, I'm sure I will come to understand what it might be. love & light to all who participated in this event today and to all of those who did not an equal amount of love and light
- Jan J. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


I feel very blessed. I really have hope now. THANK YOU. A paragraph on page 94 from the book, "The Path of the Dreamhealer" The Quantum World of Energy Healing by Adam, says, "When more conscious beings are connected to the same focused intention, a stronger and more intense bond is formed in our collective consciousness. This synchronicity of group consciousness can be strengthened by a common focus or intention. The wonderful possibilities that lie ahead will be chosen from all the positive outcomes imaginable. I believe that this is the same principle that will eventually help us realize a true global consciousness. Imagine the possibilities if millions of people in the world merged their auras as one. When we talk about the world reaching a higher level of conscious awareness, it is the result of many people merging their frequencies as one into a coherent pattern of resonating energy. Energy resonates as a singular unified conscious intention. The realization that we are all one will heal the world." (For Adam's website google “dreamhealer”)
- Sheree G. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


I gathered with a group of about 15 people on Nose Hill Park, a very sacred and spiritual place. We had a lovely woman from the Cree nation open the space for us before we started our meditation. The woman leading the meditation, Kathleen L, then helped us enter the place of meditation with some breathing techniques. I had brought my camera to take some pictures to see if orbs were present for our ceremony, but when I tried to turn it on it was dead. I felt a little disappointed that I wouldn't see any orbs, but it really didn't matter. Approximately 40 minutes into the meditation, I saw a group of deer (my power animal) come down from the ridge (North) and another group come from the East. They were very curious about what was going on. There was also a new baby with them bounding around. Beautiful. Then about 10 minutes before the end of the meditation, just as the sun began to light-up the sky, I opened my eyes and softly focussed on the sky. To my very big surprise, I saw orbs with my naked eyes! They were amazing! Appearing, disappearing, moving across the sky alone or in groups. Wow! They came up from the earth and down from the sky. I kept blinking because I wasn't sure I was actually seeing them, but I was! This was the most fabulous experience. Thank you so much for your faith and work in organizing it. I am very excited to see how Project Cause develops. Namaste.
- Susan C. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


Wow, that was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Here is what I experienced. The first 20mins felt like 5! I did not have a plan as to what I would be doing exactly for the hour other than sending the earth Reiki. It began with gratitude for all the amazing people in my life. I found the experience to be extremely emotional from the very beginning. The tears were a flowing! My heart centre was so very wide open, the love and compassion are almost impossible to express in words. I experienced five major energy shifts of expanded vibration so that we as humans can hold more light. I could see the mind grid that we were firing. It looked like the flower of life. I could see waves of energy pulsating through the mind grid. As the mind grid was fired this activated the grid of the earth. As above, so below. I asked how many people were participating and they said 30 million people were doing this consciously but that this was affecting many others on a subconscious level, they were firing the grid without knowing why. Then I began to send Reiki to the earth; first I joined in with others to purify the waters of the earth. Next we were to purify the land. As soon as we started I got the immediate information that something has been activated in Atlantis, they did not say what but it felt like a crystal perhaps. I was told that for telepathic communication that all we need to do was connect consciously to the mind grid. Maxean got up with me and we fired the grid together. She and I both experienced a lot of physical sensations, dizzy, crown chakra activity, etc.
- Heather, Glen & Maxean B. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


I awoke at 4 a.m. A friend, who leads a weekly meditation class that I attend regularly, picked me up at home and we drove in the quiet dark to Edworthy Park in Calgary. A woman who runs a small cafe there had put out an email notice that interested Fire-the-Grid people could meet at her cafe. It appeared that there were about 45 to 50 people who attended. It was dark and misty but lovely as we all spread out and sat on the banks of both sides of the rushing river. As the Fire the Grid starting time approached, I had already commenced meditation. A rush of goose bumps overcame me and tears softly flowed down my cheeks. From previous experiences, this is my personal indication that I had connected with some strong energy source. Namaste & Mahalo,
- Pat N. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


For a couple of days prior to July 17th, I experienced a cleansing of my mind, body and spirit and an openness to a higher level of inspiration than before. It seemed as if I was reviewing my life (and lives) and being able to put the puzzle pieces of my mission and soul's purpose together with much more clarity than ever before. I've felt close before, yet this was amazing! I found that for these few days prior and after July 17th, I barely needed any sleep as I was almost in a constant state of download of information, with great clarity and connection. For me, 11:11 GMT was at 5:11 a.m. local time and I felt compelled to be as connected as possible leading up to the time and so I was writing down my inspirations, listening to the Light and Love c.d. and then meditating just prior to the exact time. I have been meditating for 5 years and I had thought that I wanted to be deeply into my clear and compassionate intention for our world by meditating, yet when the exact time arrived I found myself restless and uncomfortable which is not usual for me. I decided to follow my intuition and I found that I wanted to stand instead and started to slowly move and rock my hips, flowing with the energy blissfully swirling through my body. I felt intense pleasure and ecstasy surrendering to my feminine essence and had visions of how I am to serve others with my gifts. It was like I was in a blissful trance and the hour ended with me drawn outside barefoot to our garden to dance and celebrate in magical joy and peaceful bliss with the sun rising and the birds accompanying me. Now, one week later, I have continued to focus and clarify and begin to take action on what was revealed to me of how I may better serve the world to empower and unite others to live their highest potential. It is with immense gratitude that I thank-you Shelley, for surrendering and committing your life to service. Your courage has made an enormous impact on the world! Love, Light & Magical Blessings!
- Wendy G. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


My boyfriend and I meditated together this morning for the first time. My meditation this morning was the deepest and most powerful I have ever had. I felt deeply connected to the Earth through my feet; it felt as if they were glued to the ground. I felt surges of energy in my body throughout the meditation, entering through my head, moving through me, and out through my feet. I felt tingling in every chakra, especially my brow chakra. I felt calm, focused, very alert and connected to everyone and everything. In some moments it felt as if I was not even in my body, or in the room. I felt larger than this life, and this moment in time. It was an amazing, enriching experience. I am so glad I was able to participate in this powerful plan to help our beautiful planet, and all of mankind.
- Natalia M. R. (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)


It was 5:11 Alberta time - a quiet, warm dawn with sun streaming in my windows. The chanting of the Dalai Lama was my backdrop as I allowed my mind to travel in free flight to all the joys I know and have known over my lifetime. Beaming faces of children, both young and old, haystacks in summer, icy brooks and soft ice cream - how wonderful to be alive in this magnificent era. Truly we are one - I felt that as I bathed in the silence. My still body eventually began to move and dance to the rightness of it all. What a grand start to this new day - this new life!
- Sue P. (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)


In Edmonton, I was up at 5am. There was mist in the schoolyard across the street that lay a lovely dew on the grass. The birds were in riotous joy, singing their morning prayers. The air was alive with joyous energy. Thinking about everyone who was creating that joy at that very moment was building upon that joy. The rest of the day was filled with more and more joy, more and more feelings of gratitude for all aspects of being were flowing. This was an incredible 'bone hold' for the earth. A group of us had helped to heal a friend's broken foot 10 days earlier by placing the right hand on the back of her neck, the 3rd vertebra. Approximately 20 people were involved in doing 2 to 3 hour shifts; similar to Shelley's son's healing. Over the last few years, our group has helped a dozen people with this practice. It works for individuals and since we are all one, it works for the planet. I give thanks for having been given the info about the FTG event in time to prepare and participate. Thank you! Namaste,
- Therese L. (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)


I have had visions of the great grid many times before. When I meditate, I never simply "relax" as some people claim to do, I travel! During my meditation, I, together with my guides concentrated on sending unconditional love and healing energy to Gaia and all of her inhabitants, seen and unseen. During the hour, I was very aware of others participating, of touching their energies. I had a perception of being up above the planet, holding a great glowing orb, which cast rivers of light, banishing all darkness on the planet below. I touched gratefully on the energies of the great whales and dolphins in the seas, and felt their joy at the coming together of these spiritual energies. I journeyed to the four corners of the world, visiting many indigenous peoples and sensing their connection to the great grid. Such wondrous times we live in! I felt a genuine connectedness with our precious planet and felt her strength. I am honoured to have taken part in Firing the Grid, and I intend to continue doing my part to reunite us all with our spirituality. We must all be stewards of this grid, it is our divine duty.
- Brenda (Hinton, Alberta, Canada)


Most of the meditation that i experience is done alone "physically"... That July 17th morning (5:11 MST), a wonderful feeling suddenly overcame me as i could "feel'' the energy of the many souls that were sharing the Fire the Grid experience at the same time. I did not feel alone anymore and it was so beautiful to feel the inspiration of so many and all that love being directed towards Mother Earth. Thank you so much to all of you!
- Louise S. (Jasper, Alberta, Canada)


The following is the message I woke up with at 5:11 MST: Welcome to this great moment in time, for you are the planetary angels who hold now the opportunity to gift your planet with the greatest of LOVE, a love of such magnitude that has not been seen before on your Earth plane. It is your choice in who you are and what you bring to your Earth in this space and time, and on this magical day, in this magical hour, you unite with your Light brothers and sisters to bring forward the evolutionary vibration that has the ability to heal not only your planet, but the very core essence of your beings as well. Delight in the small things that bring joy. Partake in this enormous event that also brings this planet joy, and as it brings your planet joy, it brings joy throughout ALL the Universe. Know that what is being created on this day shall be forevermore held as sacred within the Records of the Akashic. Congratulations on having the courage "to be" or "not to be" on this day. In this moment, and always, you are truly magnificent human "beings"!
- Donna (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)


Oh, I felt the gentle and graceful energy in the air all night. I couldn't even sleep. I feel as if being embraced by the Unconditional Mother. It felt good. A group of birds were singing joyously right outside the house at the appointed hour as if they are joining the effort to fire the grid. As I was meditating, I felt the sensation of electricity running through the body several times and I cried several times as well.
- Jungwoon W. (St. Albert, Alberta, Canada)


I arose this morning at 0430 hour giving thanks for this glorious day. I prepared by smudging myself with sage, sweet grass and frankincense. I invited the four directions, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun to join in this joyous hour of worship of Mother Earth. I played "Be Still Thy Soul" at exactly 0511 hours. I then went outside and drummed for 1/2 hour meditating on Mother Earth; asking for forgiveness and giving her my love. I then walked around my garden giving thanks for the many blessings we enjoy because of Mother Earth again sending her all the love I feel for her. I shed tears of joy and love for her during this hour. I have been thinking about this ever since and will continue to do my part to encourage everyone to be more conscious of Mother Earth and where we are going. There is much we need to learn and do.



It was 4:11am in Armstrong so we had set our alarm for 3:30am. It was pretty early but we had prepped the night before. We chose to fire the grid at a beautiful little park. The park has an old willow tree and overlooks a serene little lake. We sat together and thought about all that we have to be grateful for and how much we love our beautiful planet. We programmed crystals the night before and did a layout on the ground focusing our energy and sending it into the earth. During the hour we walked around this small park looking at the flowers and using reiki on the trees. It was the first time I actually consciously remember watching the world wake. We spent that time appreciating all of mother nature's glory. We decided to stay a wee bit longer and watched the sun rise over the mountains. It was breathtaking. As we were about to leave a majestic bald eagle flew over us and dived down to the lake to have it's morning breakfast it was incredible. An experience we won't ever forget. Thank you.
- Bruce & Stacy P. (Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada)


Since I opened up to a spiritual life (Jesus) 20 years ago I have had many awakenings along the way. I hear wisdom spoken in my mind.....see beings in my mind's eye .....I can see things from the past and feel presences .....I don't do well in Church but believe that Jesus is love embodied ....I too believe in free will and try not to dictate how others should live their lives .... I suppose you could call me a red letter Christian with gifts. Since the meditation I feel an instant and powerful energy that I don't have to be in prayer space to connect with ....I just think of peace and love and it is there ...deep, quiet and joyousness feels like sunshine of the soul .....I was in an SPCA one day and there were about 20 dogs all barking ....I felt sad and decided to call on the energy of peace, love and acceptance of where they are on their journey..... immediately the dogs all became quite at once and just watched me walk by ....I didn't utter a word as I walked on ..It was really something and a testament/confirmation that there is a significant and powerful change within me ..... And I can call upon it and it will be felt throughout..... Thanks so much for being brave and choosing to take on this project .... I am so grateful to God for being given the opportunity to have been defined. In love and light,
- Debbie E. (Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada


We met on a deck overlooking the beach toward the sunrise. It was dark and we sat in silence as the light grew in the east. for an hour we watched the sky change as it reflected in the ocean. It was amazing to see all the signs of energy shift in the clouds and wave patterns as we quietly observed and felt our connectedness. Someone broke the silence to observe that it had been an hour that we had been sitting and we stood to hug each other and greet the new era of love and gratitude that we had witnessed the dawn of. We toned in a group hug and after we broke up we noticed a grid-like pattern of red burning clouds that lit up the eastern sky. It only lasted a minute but we all saw it and imagined that it was a sign of the grid being fired! The whole day was blessed with a beautiful feeling of hope and optimism and the evening was a celebration of music and chanting with flute, cello, drums and didgeridoo and forty people hand in hand around a sacred fire out in the country. We are truly blessed!
- Doug M. (Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada)


I went with 4 friends to Bridal Falls near Agassiz British Columbia at 4:11 am - we climbed through the gorgeous rain forest to the falls in the dark. We spent the hour doing what was most comfortable for each of us, some meditated, I drummed, danced a little and played a wooden flute. At one point I was sitting still and breathing deeply and I felt like we were all (everyone who was firing the grid around the world) breathing in time for about 4 or 5 breaths... We left in the early morning light. It was beautiful.
- Carmen (Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada)


This was a very powerful experience for me personally. My husband and I were on vacation in a place called Trout Lake, British Columbia. You can only get there by boat after an hour ferry ride and an hour car ride. Very gorgeous scenery from my sister-in-law's log cabin. Two of my husband Bruce's sisters got up with us at 4:11AM to fire the grid. We awoke at 4 AM so we could get ourselves together before it started. It was pitch black and we couldn't see a clock. All of a sudden I was overwhelmed with Love and started to cry. I told my husband it was now starting. I pretty much had tears rolling down my face for the hour. This was very powerful in my life. I am excited about project cause.
- Jo-Anne T. (Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada)


With pure intent I got up @4AM and at exactly 4:11 I went outside. I was greeted by the most glorious band of angles in the northeast. One quarter of the sky above me radiated & shimmered as I watched in awe. I stood on the grass, barefoot with tears of joy & wonder trying to connect with my pulsating feet, wondering what I could add to the moment. As I said a prayer for our Mother Earth the birds quieted their song & it was like a gigantic intake of breath. I blessed all of humanity & asked for all to be connected as one. I made a vow to stand for Light & Love for now & the rest of my life on this plane. I stood with arms outstretched for my friends & family, past, present, & future, grounded in the knowledge of the almighty I AM. I stand for LOVE. I renewed my promise to hold & ground the planet. When the intake of breath turned to exhale the birds started singing & my body shivered all over & the sky got a rosey-pink glow. What a remarkable choice I made to be up for the performance. It was as if Mother Earth said a most powerful THANK YOU. As I sat on the steps watching I felt extremely calm with peace radiating through my whole being. When I first got up I wondered just what the heck me- a single person could even think of contributing-now I know even I can add my own flavour to the mix. I feel remarkably content. I'm glad to be alive in this moment of time. ALL IS ONE..... All honor and praise I give to Mother Earth this day. What a joyous celebration for me to take part in. I send blessings to all and thank you to my supporters here and on the other side. IN LOVE, ALWAYS,
- Nola (Crescent Valley, British Columbia, Canada)


There was a beautiful "Stillness" here on Vancouver Island at 4:11 a.m. I lit my candles, sat down with a nice hot cup of tea and felt myself completely humbled sitting in front of pictures of all of my loved ones set before me. Prayers, Love and Gratitude poured out from my Being. The fragrance of Stargazer Lilies wafted through the air as I meditated on the wonder and beauty of Mother Earth and all that she provides. "I am in Gratitude", I picked up my Root Chakra Crystal Bowl and played its beautiful tone all around me then went outside and sent the vibration out to the Universe. She responded joyfully.....the birds seemed to be communicating with one another and everything was alive and moving. I am so thankful to be living in this most important time in our evolution. Thank you Shelley Yates for finding the strength and the courage to move forward with this amazing undertaking, you are truly a "Divine Goddess"! I believe a major shift in Consciousness occurred this morning and I look so forward to being part of the outcome! Bless Us All!!!! In Love & Light....
- Shelley C. (Duncan, British Columbia, Canada)


A group of us gathered at Drumbeg Park at the south end of our island. A number camped out in the field above the water or in their cars. Those who camped out saw "interesting lights" in the sky surrounding the area all night and a whale came through the pass in the wee hours of the morning. It was amazing to go to the park in the darkness and as the hour passed and the sun rose it was magic seeing who was there. The sunrise was spectacular. The stillness was amazing, the energy was palpable and the birds, waves and music playing softly was divine. An interesting event happened at about 1am - the power went out on the whole island (I guess as we were changing grids) and many people who had planned on coming slept through. A few people had everything shut off in their house except their alarm clocks. Having done a number of grid meditations, this was by far the biggest I have experienced energetically, It was great to feel the sheer numbers and diversity of us all together as one with Earth. Thank you & blessings,
- Kimm N. (Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada)


It was all I could wish for...the softest and gradual transformation from dark to light I could have imagined... With my friend, Nancy, we went oceanside, at Bells Landing, with our dogs, Webster and Yanni, 4:11 am a perfect time to welcome in the dawn of a special day. We sat quietly on a log , with reverence and deep intent to share of ourselves with our Earth. The ocean at our feet became a metaphor for what we were sharing with millions of others as the play of light brought a dark sea into the light of day. I got up and spontaneously threw pebbles in the water, the ripples becoming the united us. I threw more pebbles into the ripples and then again...ripples into ripples...every plop in the water a fireworks of waterdrops....Every instant became clear and defined, every thought amplified and crisp. I don't think I have ever experienced the moment quite like that...filling the space between my heart and the world.... We later joined a group of about 30 people who had gathered at the other end of the island having slept on the seashore waiting for 4:11..We passed some of them on their way home wrapped in sleeping bags and warm blankets, their shining faces peeking out to greet us on the path still lit with tea lights in glass jars. Others were chatting, sharing homemade cookies and watermelon, drinking hot tea while facing the beginning of a new day as it shone on the sea. I can't thank you enough, Shelley. I am profoundly touched....~* Blessings to the world...~*
- Suzanne K. (Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada)


I felt an overwhelming sense of compassion. I wished to "tone" (I am a sound healer), however this feeling of love was so embracing, it was difficult to even make the simplest of sounds. Later, when comparing experiences with my friend who was many miles away, we had both heard the message ... "We know that you have a strong desire to "go home", but there is no "home." "Home" is within you. Therefore, you ARE "Home." Seek it and open the door. I was wondering if others also heard this? What a truly special experience that hour was. Thank you! Hugs
- Bree (Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada)

I did not have any sort of "earth shattering" experience; I just prayed, meditated and felt a great sense of peace and togetherness. I did find that the time went by extremely quickly.
- Tommi H. (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)


We began with a lovely Tai Chi move just prior to the 4:11 that opened the major Tan Tiens. As I ascended (meditated on Mother Earth) I felt energy coming through my crown several times during the hour. Toward the end, about five after the hour, I felt a sweet shift that felt like the end of the birth experience. I knew right then that we had done it. Everything lightened and the Earth was breathing easier. I also experienced the sound of OM ringing at a very intense and high pitch. I was honored to be a part of this with everyone. I know there is much more to come!!! in gratitude and love,
- Avya (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)


My experience of Firing the Grid began at 4am pacific time. At first I was too sleepy to get out of bed, but as I began my meditation I became aware of the Oneness of us all sending our Love & Light to our precious Mother earth, so I got up and sat in my easy chair, continued to send love and appreciation energy to our beloved Earth and seemed to be aware of becoming One with the many thousands of others who were doing the same in that exact moment. I definitely felt the raising of my personal frequency and still do. That evening about 9pm a miracle occurred. My back yard had been in chaos for several days with work crews putting in a new pool, new siding on the house and also landscaping. The path to my rented apartment end of the house was fairly clear as I walked carrying two grocery bags, a bottle of juice and a Tim Horton's coffee. It had been a long day and I was tired, however I did see a flat blue twine crossing my path so stepped carefully over it, but not carefully enough. I began to fall head first into a 4 foot stack of bricks that lined about 6 or 7 feet of the pathway to the bottom steps up to my apartment. As I fell I could see that I was headed face first into the bricks, with the possibility of a smashed face or broken nose or even a broken neck! As I fell, starting to stretch out my hands to try to break the fall I said very loud and clear in my mind (not out loud) NOOO!!! Then suddenly I flipped over and over and landed on my butt at the end of the stack of bricks!! I sat there panting from the exertion wondering what just happened! I had a scraped elbow, small scrape on my ankle which is almost healed and a small bump just above my right ear which is now completely gone! And my coffee was turned upside down, the juice bottle had rolled not broken and the two grocery bags sat quietly where I had dropped them as I began to fall. My Angels literally flipped me over and saved me! It was like a loving parent who catches their child just in time and saves them from a terrible fall. All I can say to my beloved Inner Family is THANK YOU. And this happened on the night of the day of Fire the Grid! Thank you Shelley, your co-workers and Beloved Light Beings for all of your work and persistence in bringing forth Fire the Grid. I am looking forward to joining you and all others in the second project, Project Cause. Love and Joy to you all,
- Jazmine P. (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)


About 80 of us gathered for a group meditation at a water front park on a lawn by a gazebo. My initial intention was to help fire the grid at home by myself because deep down I am a bit of an introvert. I asked for guidance and some clues were given to me that I should join the gathering a lady called Ev was organizing. Two of my friends and I went. Even though I knew only a few people among the gathered that morning, I felt very in-tune with everyone. We all sat and meditated to the Bradfield's music. When I finally was able to quiet my mind and allowed the connection to happen, I felt going home. I felt ever so loved and loving towards all. Such amazing clarity of who we all are: one in love and light. I cried and I rocked in this gentle love for all and by all. Near the end of the CD, we all just somehow slowly got up and joined our hands in a big circle. Here we stood and felt the connection and joy and excitement for things to do and things to come. We looked at each other, we hugged. For the first time, I felt so connected to all of the people that were there and not. Something else happened that was curious. Another little miracle. The sprinklers slowly turned on in the park, first beside us then behind us, but not where we sat. I wasn't worried. I knew somehow we were protected from the cold shower :):):) Light and love to all,
- Taissia (Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada)


Beautiful gathering introduced with a soft vowel chant, candles burning in a circle, walking the labyrinth in the park in nelson, all seated in a circle, then a light bell tingling at 4:11 to start the silent hour and sending out my love and gratitude. I personally meditated on the 4 main "elements" of life: the mineral world, the plant world, the animal kingdoms and humanity and brought them into consciousness, sending love and gratitude to these Beings that take care / nurture these 4 Realms, asking for continued care, sending love and thankfulness to these magnificent creations/entities within each Realm. Time flew by meditating, about 15min. on each of these four areas. The day started with warmth, peaceful atmosphere and a beautiful brilliant red sunrise over the mountains of south eastern bc
- John V. (Nelson, British Columbia, Canada)


Over 100 of us met at the Lakeside Labyrinth in Rotary Lakeside Park on the shore of Kootenay Lake in Nelson. The weather was calm and warm. The atmosphere too was calm, respectfully quiet and very charged. Donna made a short introduction as to the event after which Ric led us in a brief but powerful toning session. Next each person carried a lighted candle into the labyrinth, positioned it where they felt appropriate and then found a spot in or around the labyrinth for the meditation. At exactly 4:11 the meditation commenced in complete silence which was held in an amazing fashion for the whole hour. At 5:11 a bell was rung and everyone slowly departed. Some lingered for fruit and fresh baking and quiet discussion. The whole experience for me was magical. We sat in near dark and arose in daylight. However, the most amazing thing was that after almost everyone had left a few of us walked the labyrinth and it was radiating the most incredible energy. I have walked this labyrinth many, many times but never have I experienced such powerful vibrational energy. I literally had to spread my arms as I walked to dissipate the energy building in my body. I felt if I didn't, I might feel adverse physical symptoms. A most amazing experience. I feel this is a very real indicator that indeed the grid had been fired.
- Shane H. (Nelson, British Columbia, Canada)


At 4:11am I lay alone in my bed, feeling the cool night breeze come down out of the mountain forest. Sipping some water helped wake me up. I was already accustomed to late night meditation sessions for many years, and I had trained myself every night for months to participate in this event in particular. I slipped easily into meditation with Ushnisha-vijaya, bhodisattva of the Totally Victorious Crown Chakra. (I can't say I chose this meditation in particular, it's more that she pushed herself to the foreground when I first aspired to help Fire The Grid -- a nice coincidence). Normally ushnishavijaya meditations are "blissy", but this one in particular was spectacular in it's volume and noise. It felt like being in a crowded shopping mall ... full of meditators, psychics, and light workers! There were a lot of energy waves of many pitches, tones, and colours pulsing and washing through my auric fields. Heart chakra, forehead chakra, and upper belly chakra were especially active. My first "hit" was to see a star field appear, then a strong "network" at the belly, which was unusual. I did the ushnishavijaya form meditation, and uploaded wishes for healing myself, my family, and others, especially the waters of the Earth, and was rewarded with a fiery bliss along the spinal column. It became particularly intense when I wished "may all beings have highest samadhi" (just a fancy sanskrit word for "highest unified trance", meaning full enlightenment). The din quieted down about 4:20, then stabilized with a nice heart glow for the rest of the hour. At about 4:40 there was a strong pulse in the heart chakra. I think that pulse was a spontaneous beat of the global heart. One Love - ja! In all, the meditation was a success, I suppose. I managed to stay awake. It was nice to have the company! This isn't the first time I've participated in distributed prayer groups, but this is by far the most populated, I feel, and I have no doubt it left a strong imprint in the collective psyche. Many hands make light work (Lightwork) !! peace,
- Karma Y. (Nelson, British Columbia, Canada)


I wrote my note to the Universe before I went to bed and placed it carefully on my desk beside a card I have taped on the desk that says "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.” Beside that I placed my gratitude rock which I held and said a prayer of thanks before putting it down. My alarm went off at 4:00 a.m. and on my bedpost I had taped a page of moments that had brought me joy. Of course it was too dark to read it but I liked having its energy there in the room. I watched my clock turn from 4:10 to 4:11 and then began to think about being joined with millions of others in that moment all pouring out love to our home. What a feeling! I just let thoughts of joyful times I've experienced come into my mind and after my remembrance of each one said thank you. After about 1/2 hour (I think) I did fall back to sleep so I wasn't awake for the full hour, but the joy continued in my dreams. This morning when I saw "We have fired the grid!" on your site, I started to cry but definitely they were tears of JOY! I am so glad to be reconnected to our Mother Earth and I know in my heart the healing has begun. What an awesome opportunity 11:11 17/07/07 was. THANK YOU for bringing it to the world Shelley, Bradfield and Anael.
- Sally S. (North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)


Wow! Felt energy in my crown and third eye chakra. I ran energy into a rock, sent it all my love and at the end I went outside and buried in my backyard which is a couple feet from the ocean. I then asked that the healing energy go deep into the earth and be sent into the ocean and travel to where it is most needed. When I did this ritual at 5:15am the song birds came alive and the sun was starting to come up. I felt energy traveling down my spine, I felt inspired and connected. I am starting a Sunday ritual where I send healing energy into a rock and then plant it some where on my island near the ocean, spreading the healing energy out from my island into the Pacific Ocean. Since participating in fire the grid many synchronistic events are happening in my life. It's really pretty cool. Next week I am teaching a flower essence class called open to abundance at the beach with all the gorgeous wildflowers in bloom. It will be a magical day. Inspiration just keeps coming my way. Thank You!
- Rosie Q. (Port Clements, British Columbia, Canada)


Well, I don't know for sure if it worked, but, I really felt an air of some sort of connection between me and the area around me. I felt really good doing it, and I got a whole string of emotions thinking about all my positive thoughts. Some made me cry a bit, and others made me laugh. All in all it felt relieving to do, and I hope it accomplishes what it was supposed to
- Sabrina (Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada)


My connection with everyone was immediate. I also connected with the etheric crystals around the world to bring that 5th dimensional energy back to the earth for healing. Also connecting with the Sacred Triangle(the White Brotherhood and Sisterhood, A.A, the Native Ascended Masters and the Galactic Ascended Masters) to assist us. The heart energy and light was very intense at times. About 3/4 way through the hour I saw the gridlines on earth light up. I felt such joy! I felt the energy throughout the day like a wonderful dream. I can still call on that energy and send it out. It would be great to be able to do this again with others. I AM so Grateful with every beat of my heart and every breath that I take, I AM so Grateful.
- Sandy L. (Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, CANADA)


This was cool! I was ready to participate and went to bed on the night of the 16th thinking about the grid. I woke several times in the night thinking "Is it time?". I woke again and heard a cat scratching at my bedroom door. I got up and it was my son's cat..a hypersensitive cat who is very independent but comes and lays on you or close to you when you are unwell...mentally or physically. Anyway I picked up the cat and walked to the clock...4:11. I was not surprised at all. We went and sat together and we meditated in the changing light. She stayed with me the whole time and asked to go outside at the end of the hour. 11:11 has been my number of significance for approximately the last ten years.
- wendy w. (Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada)


I began at exactly 11:11, and had the most clear and focused meditation. I saw the planet engulfed in a pure white protective light, with the golden meshwork of the grid completely covering the planet. I felt humanity and all life on earth united in the one cause of linking to the grid. I opened my eyes exactly 1 hour later and felt energized and refreshed. I have felt differently since then, as I am more open to the messages that are given me every day, and I consciously make an effort to learn from my experiences and interactions with others. I feel that I have opened my heart to the love that has always been there. I thank you for this.
- Chris B. (Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada)


It was just lovely, i have known about this project and co-collective gathering of the masses worldly to transform the planet for a long time, since i was 16. I am a fully awakened indigo i know my mission on this planet i speak with angels and extraterrestrials constantly and i have come to this planet at this time to help with the planetary shift and awakening. So to be doing it on my own or with a few people was amazing but with millions with fire of the grid was incredible, i could feel the united co-collective energy i just basked in it. I have many groups that i would like to unite with fire of the grid, not just that i have many more ideas for new ways to make the world a better place. i would just like to be connected with more people of like mind to keep each other up and energized. cosmic light and love sent to your heart. there are no limits just beliefs
- Jessica (South Delta, British Columbia, Canada)


We had a very simple unstructured gathering - 3 women and one young girl. We sang, danced and gave thanks while visualizing the energy beneath our feet available to us all. Ten days later, my husband had a massive heart attack and cardiac arrest. It was very dramatic with me resuscitating him with CPR, a helicopter trip to Victoria, and a grim prognosis. Two months later, he is fine, with no damage to his heart, astounding the cardiologist and everyone else. Throughout the experience, I drew on the possibilities of 'firing the grid' and along with all our family and friends, poured love and energy into my husband. I was conscious of maintaining that outpouring of energy and healing love, which was at times a test. The results speak for themselves and reinforce the possibilities available to all of us to overcome illness and problems when our intention is clear.
- Barbara M. (Therah Village, Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada)


This was, like most, a remarkable experience for me. It was my first attempt at meditation, and it turned out to be a memorable one. I listened to sky sent, and really felt the words lifting my soul. I felt a genuine comfort in knowing that there were so many others all over the world sitting in with me all in a common goal to help heal each other and the earth. I almost feel like i connected with a specific person somewhere around the world, and we were now partners, assisting each other. I had envisioned my body, flying through the air over the ocean chasing the sunrise at a high speed. During my flight, I noticed some of us on mountain tops, meditating as i flew by. I thought of all my loved ones, present and passed, and expressed my love for them. This positive experience left me in tears for much of the hour. Such a warm blanket. Thanks to all that helped me along the way during that hour. Share ur love,
- Matt (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)


My husband and I created a ritual and put in place an alter of crystals in the four directions before we when to bed so that the energy of our intention would built to Fire The Grid at 4:11 am. When we started we light the candles in the four directions and could feel the energy present instantly. Through our I Am Presence we invited all of the I Am Presence of every human being on the face of this earth to participate with our I Am. One thing that I have discovered is that there truly is only one Power that manifest through us all and that is the Power of God so why not use that Perfection in all of us. I do have to say this is my greatest Joy, to be able to share our gifts and talents with each other and see what possibilities can be achieved in our service to life and to this precious planet. I invited the Angels, the Ascended Masters, the Great Cosmic Beings of Light and the Being of Mother Earth herself. My husband has given me the okay for what he experienced and that was the pain that he felt mother earth was in, he asked for her Forgiveness on behalf of all humanity for the discord that was imposed upon her for centuries. I brought in the Sacred Fire and the Violet Flames in to Cleans and Purify the discord. Together we could feel the depths of these calls and knew they were being answered. It was one of the most powerful times we experienced. We felt so much Love for ourselves, our children, Mother Earth, the oneness with our Source and all that were participating in this Great Activity. I feel that the invisible world will not be invisible for much longer and I Am very excited about that! I Am so Grateful that more and more of humanity is waking up and that we can all take our place in this world living as a sovereign beings doing what brings us Joy what we love to do and demonstrating the God in action in all of us! It was my greatest pleasure to be part of this wonderful contribution to Mother Earth and all that is yet to come. I have this feeling that what was accomplished in this one precious hour my mind cannot even comprehend of the effects it will have and I Am Grateful to all the people, places and things that took place in the world effort of making it happen! THE LIGHT OF GOD NEVER FAILS! Many Blessing to all, Love
- Francesca and Claudio (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)


I had had a class that night in the city so there wasn't any point in my going home and then going back into the city again, so, I arrived very early to Stanley Park. After waiting in the dark for several hours, alone with my little lantern, in the quiet, warm, still night, I found the circle of light which marked the meditation group. There were approximately 150 people, there including a few families with children, which was very nice to see. Introducing children to the concepts of spirituality at a young age, is of utmost importance to the continuation of this planet and humanity. I had gotten myself a little lost, so unfortunately, I missed out on the singing and the introduction to the evening. A short while after I arrived, we began to introduce ourselves and state our desire for the Earth and our future. I offered my desire for Self-Healing, Healing for the Earth and Healing for all Beings on the Earth. Many others offered Joy, Love and Healing, as well.. After we finished, we spent an hour in quiet stillness and meditation. Just before 5:11 am. the sun began to rise, but since it was a cloudy morning, we couldn't see it. What we did see in the sky, were soft billowing clouds, piled on top of one another, like fat, fluffy pillows. Around the edges of the "pillow clouds" could be seen, a beautiful, pale pink glow of light. "It's God saying, "Hello to us !", I thought. After the meditation some people went out for breakfast. I had been up for 24 hours at that point and needed to go home to sleep. I didn't live in the city and the buses weren't running yet, so, I wasn't sure how I would get home. I started to ask around and - found a woman who lived in the same area where I lived and she drove me all the way home ! It was a perfect ending, to a very unique and inspiring event.
- Marie E. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)


I gathered together with 3 other friends for a beautiful night of singing, dancing and sharing. Two of my friends went home to rest and would return later and my other friend and I rested at my place. I awoke a half an hour before our fire the grid time--which was 4:11 am and my friend and I meditated together doing a spiral chakra meditation. Our other 2 friends returned and joined in to a group meditation. After mediation, we joined hands in a circle and focused on raising our awareness globally and envisioning love circling our world and moving in and through our world. My one friend and I did Reiki for the people of this planet and for the planet and energy field around the planet as well. We listened to the music from Fire the Grid and then we meditated once again for an hour. It was the most moving peaceful and loving experience and we all commented how fast the hour went. I experienced being very lifted consciously above the planet and connecting with millions of other being from this planet and with those who had passed on as well. The light radiated from all of us and embraced our planet bathing it in lovingness. I also envisioned myself sitting on a giant lotus, crossed legged, and my chakras moved together into one living flame of rainbow colours fully in me and the light radiating all around me. I still feel that I am the flame and the light and I feel at peace and I feel this is true for millions of people and will continue to grow and blossom out into our greater universe.
- Glenda F. (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

I slept in a tent in the backyard with my sweetheart, we awoke just before 4am. We went outside and meditated on Mother Earth for about 30 min, then I did a dance of gratitude and glee in my pj's around the yard. After that, we went back inside the tent and enjoyed each other. The entire time, I was sending love and gratitude to the center of the earth. While I was meditating, I had the image that I was pregnant and earth was my child. I felt tender love for the earth as though she were my child. It was a beautiful experience. Since Fire the Grid, I have noticed my intuition is stronger and I have also noticed that I have more acceptance of myself . . it is easier to be who I am. Much Love and Light,
- Karen P. (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)



I had a great feeling of peacefulness. As I was beginning my meditation, my cat curled up on my knees and began to purr very quietly. At 5 minutes past the hour he very gently tapped me on the chin. I think he was letting me know that my time was up and it was his breakfast time, but it may have been a message from Mother Earth thanking me as well. He's never done that before when I was meditating. Everyone I met today who had fired the grid was full of joy. The sunrise was beautiful at 5:45 in the morning!
- Terri G. (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)



My heart was opened up and United with the Earth as I was outside on the walking trail behind my house and the old ancient pines were singing and the birds sang their songs and it all seemed to come together as one big chorus! Such warmth in my heart for all and everything. Thank You for sharing the fire the grid and your story. Love and Blessings,
- Donna G. (Bouctouche, New Brunswick, Canada)


I only found out "fire the grid" on July 16th/07 by pure accident...well I guess nothing is an accident as I've been realizing lately. I therefore checked out the website and wanted to be part of healing the planet as I believe we desperately need to do something. I do energy work (Healing Touch) since 2004 and have seen how much energy can heal people. It's the first time in my life that I actually sat down and prayed for a straight hour. I rooted my feet on the grass and prayed and meditated. I could feel the energy of the earth and it was an experience that I'll never forget. I really feel that I'm more grounded since July 17th.. I believe in the power of energy. Great work, Shelley In the light!
- Laurette B. (Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada)


As I started to meditate, I could feel Reiki energy in my hands and as I was meditating I could picture myself holding the earth in my hands and saying Heal Mother Earth, we love you. My husband as he was meditating was embracing the Earth in his arms and could feel the energy rushing through him and had a vision that he could see the energy being received into the core of the Earth. After, as we talked about our experience I had tears of joy in my eyes and goosebumps running up and down my body. I am still feeling the energy of this morning and feel so privileged to be a part of this amazing venture that we are now embarking on our new future for us and for our children. Thank you and God Bless You for having the courage to do this. You have touched the hearts of millions.
- Diane D. and John R. (Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada)



My 13 year old son and I went to the ocean, we took breakfast and went to sit on the rocks to sit in happy thoughts in a place we both love. After the hour was up the place filled with two bus loads of kids and the majority of my thoughts were around children. It was a very special moment to see all these kids coming down over the hill. Amazing. the rest of the day was magical for both of us.
- Heather & son, Brendan (St John's, Newfoundland, Canada)



I set my alarm for 5am…as the event took place from 5:11 - 6:11 am in my time zone. I also wrote a letter last night in case i did not awake to my alarm. I did awake:)Then...I simply stood facing the rising sun as it sparkled across the lake and thought of many things that bring me joy...and gave thanks to those things...and thanks to all there is for all there i breathed deeply and drank in all there is and offered myself as a vessel to give as much back to mother earth as i that she may heal herself...and all her children ....and that i may heal and find a good road so i can live a good help others find their path and live a good life...full of love and kindness. Then i remembered all the others who must be doing something similar at the same time....and i saw myself connecting to all those other souls on the grid....and i saw myself connecting to the core of mother earth i further opened myself ...soaking in the rays of the sun and sending them to the core of mother earth. I felt myself expanding…my skin prickled with the energy running through chills or waves. I've been in a fantastic mood all day...everything at work has been going well. I don't meditate per se...nor pray per anyone else’s method or standard...but i do connect...and feel....and love...and send ...and think of....and intend for....and i am remembering due to this give thanks.....give thanks....for i have forgotten this very important aspect. Thank you all Bless you all Love and light
- Wanda H. (Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada)



It was a beautiful experience and I was at complete peace and feeling an abundance of gratitude with tears in my eyes all morning! The morning was the most beautiful I've seen in a long time.. We arrived at 7:15 am and the sky was blue and the water was like glass, without any wind in sight. I was with my family and the experience during the Fire The Grid hour was incredible, none like I've ever experienced before in my life!! I prayed and meditated for the hour and had the blessing of being by the water which has always been a source of inspiration for me. I was with my family and we all had the most beautiful experiences and my sister read a poem to the crowed that she wrote after watching Shelley on YouTube. The most amazing part of this story is the pictures my father took of the event!!!! The pictures during the Fire The Grid hour came out pink and purple, with the people in the pictures looking like beautiful silhouettes. I would love to send these pictures to Shelley so she can see the amazing pictures and how the Energy shifting that morning was reflected in the photos. It is really something to see and I was amazed at them. We met Shelley afterwards and had pictures taken with her. We are looking forward to the next phase of Project Cause and would love to help in any way we can. With Light, Love, and Gratitude,
- Maria G. (Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada)


I had already decided to participate, but when I heard there was to be a gathering in Bedford, I just instantly acknowledged that I had to be there. I was anticipating a larger turnout, and so left by 6:45 am from Dartmouth, to ensure that I was there. Then I had to find the right spot [unbelievably, most people didn't know where the DeWolfe Park was located]. When I arrived there with my friend, my brother, his wife & 2 daughters were there as well. We were later joined by our nephew and his partner, who journeyed home from California for a family reunion, and were delighted to actually attend with Shelley Yates, herself, there with us. During the actual event itself, we have pictures of balls of light actually dancing on the water in to us from about 200' out in the Bedford Basin. My niece told me the 'Beings are here'...I have to admit I was a little skeptical, until I turned my head to look, and burst into tears with a curious sensation of elation. There was a Native Medicine Man at the event, and he performed the Feather ceremony with the Sweet Grass rising, and my brother's pictures from this event are mind-boggling. There is such an aura of pink & purple surrounding those who are undergoing the Feather ceremony, and not only that, but the bodies are completely grayed out. One picture shows my sunglasses and clothing in the correct colors, but my body is completely gray, as though I were invisible. It was a phenomenal event. Peace.
- Ethel J. (Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada)


It was a stunning, sunny, warm, perfect morning on the Bedford Basin. Shelley Yates talked briefly before the meditation, and at length after about Project Cause. She was very moving. Several other people spoke as well. For one hour we listened to the incredible music of Bradfield and Anael. Some sat, some danced, some walked the boardwalk and the field. It was an exhilarating experience. After we enjoyed the food, each others company, and several joined in with a M'cMaq elder doing a peace pipe ceremony. The energy and love were almost visible, they were so strong. I have spoken to many others who were there, or who honoured the Earth elsewhere, and all had very beautiful experiences. Before and since I have been extra emotional, with extreme highs and lows. Is anyone else feeling like this? Namaste,
- Terry C. (Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada)


I woke up at 6:00 in the morning, completely awake. Normally, I wake up around 11, so this was a big deal. I drank tea, and ate, and enjoyed the sunshine. At 8:11, I began a ritual. I formed a circle our of tea lights, and positioned the elements in the appropriate quarters. I listened to positive music (Native American flute ensemble), opened my chakras and connected the into Gaia's grid, and then worked at balancing the four elements. I think a major barrier in the Earth's healing is that the elements - which are all a part of Mother Earth - are out of balance. The water and air are polluted, most of today's fires are oil/chemical fires, and the earth has been robbed of its treasures. So I worked with the elements, and then just allowed myself to sink into the earth. When I was finished, I frolicked in the sunshine, chatted with a squirrel (well, I did the chatting, and he put up with me), and ate a brownie. It was glorious, and I had more energy that day than I'd ever had before. :) Fantastic!
- Rebekah W. (Cambridge, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Myself and four friends went to a high bluff overlooking the Atlantic ocean. We were surrounded by fog when we got there but we sat in a circle on this grassy knoll and meditated together on the things we are so thankful for, one being, for me, living in this glorious ocean paradise of Nova Scotia and being together with friends in this time. During this time the sun came out and burnt away the fog and we turned and saw behind us, away from the sun, a white circle that I can only describe as a white rainbow illuminated in the mist that I have never seen before, surely an optical phenomenon, but one we all took as a timely sign, or as one of our group called it a thank you note from the planet. Never the less we all joined hands and extended our arms in joy and gratitude and sang and clapped and laughed. This was a very special moment in time that lifted my spirit.
- Brendan C. (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada)


We left for Kejimkujic National Park on Monday morning. Set up camp, and discussed all of the scenes we would go over in our minds while firing the grid with you all. We rented a canoe (because if you know Keji park at all, it is HUGE, and very VERY old), and brought Anael and Bradfield’s music with us on our laptop to have in the background during that hour. Got up very early (for us) at 7am, had a wonderfully peaceful and loving breakfast with nature, to get us in the right frame of mind. Hit the lake at 7:30, and by 8 am (11 minutes before lift-off), we started the music, and glided silently over a glass lake surface (not a ripple, nor sound besides the call of many birds, and not a cloud in the bright sunny sky) as we started our process of tuning in, and bringing our memories and thoughts to the surface. We moved our way around the beautifully majestic (did I mention OLD) islands and inlets as we projected all we could into the cause. I was in tears most of the time, the feeling was unlike anything I have ever experienced. And Wendy expressed to me later it was much the same for her. It was tangible, and for that hour, we were all one. It had taste, smell and feel and we were the senses. All of us. What a wonderful gift. The rest of the day was spent in sincerest appreciation for that time with our friends and our love for the earth and our gift of humanity. Can't wait to meet you all again soon.
- Chad L./Wendy C. (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada)


I was part of a committee to provide a group experience of FTG, here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the whole event originated with Shelley Yates. I was delighted to be working to make this wonderful event a reality locally. I was grateful to all those who put up posters, especially one young woman who personally distributed 200. The glorious good weather was one of the best in many weeks. My family of three were on site, my son was fishing and offering thanks on his company sponsored trip up the Miramichi. Last July in NYC our family had attended a meditation with Benjamin Creme who is able to send very powerful energies to those gathered with him. At that time I vibrated throughout my entire body with this blessing. During FTG at the hour from 8:11 am-9:11 am, I re-experienced a rocking back and forth from a surge of powerful energies moving up my spine and bathing my mind in bliss. I was very moved and excited by these energies then and throughout the day. I was so energized that I had trouble sleeping that evening because I felt such gratitude and awe for our place here on earth, and in the bounty of all that we enjoy, and for the particular blessing of both Benjamin Creme and the beings who contacted Shelley Yates with the FTG project,. Being on site with Shelley, and her healthy, 9 year old son,(who in Shelley's words is "so nine"--ie. "just stay cool about all this guys"--), and the rest of her family was an added bonus and pleasure.
- Emily D. (Halifax/Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada)


I gathered 10 of our friends and we met at Oceanstone on the morning of Tuesday July 17th. Some were skeptics, some were wanting to be part of something, they didn't know quite what and some, like my friend Rachel and I, were so excited that we couldn’t sleep the night before. When we arrived, I told everyone that the main important thing was that they were doing or thinking about something joyful. A few went out on kayaks, some laid on the deck with a cup of coffee, some sat on a rock by the water, and my husband, my son and I, played on the beach, enjoying each other's company. I started by sending a prayer, asking that the divine to use my body as a channel of their white light of love, that all that was needed for the earth to heal be brought forth and channeled through me. I ask the Reiki energy to be channeled as well. I did a few sun salutations (yoga poses) to open my body. I played in the sand and in the water with my son. I hugged my husband, sharing with him the future I envisioned for our family, for our community and for the world. I reiterated my intentions of sharing my love with the earth. It felt very calm, and peaceful and as I was feeling grateful for this moment, I felt the vibrations in my body humming and I placed my hands on the sand and gave the earth a great big hug. 5 minutes before the end, I walk out into the cold water and dove in. I felt like a water dragon, like a little queen cleansing her body, cleansing her soul. As we all gathered for tea and snacks after, there was a sense of oneness, of closeness and such a feeling of peace. Someone mentioned that we should do this every week and we agreed. I felt there was a build up to it. 24 hours prior to the event, I felt really connected, nervous and so alert and awake. This was a wonderful demonstration of how we can do anything when we connect with each other and ourselves. Thank you
- Anne T-B. and friends (Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada)


Fire the Grid day! We played the music, lit a candle and incense. It was an awesome experience and I cried pretty well the entire time….a good cry not a sad cry. I felt energy pouring in from above and sent it out through my feet to the core of the earth. I could feel the earth’s heart beating. I enveloped people around the earth with energy; skinny babies in Africa were chubby, rain poured down on barren lands and green shoots began to sprout. I sent drugs to the sick and fed the homeless, sent love to those who are down and out. At one point the top of my head was radiating heat! At another time Bill felt compelled to go outside and stand barefoot in the dew covered grass. We spent the last 10 minutes in a hug and silence and the last minute with a prayer. It was powerful, inspiring and calming all at once….it was well worth the trip!
- linda & bill t. (lawrencetown, nova scotia, canada)


I've been on a spiritual path for many years, but not until I became aware of FTG have I truly become optimistic that there is hope for humanity. I felt "goose bumps" of joy throughout my meditative experience. Knowing that millions of others were projecting love and healing energies throughout the Universe made me feel "connected" for the first time in my life. With Light and Love
- Keith (Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada)


We were sooo blessed, we fired the grid on a nearby lake. The lake was so smooth, 5 loons came into view right away, not far from where we pushed off from shore - we had our portable CD player at the front of the canoe playing Be Still Thy Soul, what a dance the loons put on for us - they we way out of the water, but still a bit in, all five at once, they were dancing - I have never seen a display put on by a loon like that - they were making their ‘whippoorwill’ - like call as this display of 'dancing' was taking place, they had their wings spread out to the sides, and at one point as they were moving across the water they would take their whole bodies and dip it up-and-down, up-and-down, into the water in front and to the sides of the canoe, all 4 of us were completely spell bound, this all started before the 8:11 scheduled time for us, but it didn't matter, these loons were responding to the music with their calling, it was amazing to see. We'd been on the lake a few times before and had seen loons but never 5 at once and never a display like that - it felt to us like an 'initiation' - that's the word that came to me - ‘initiation.’ They went around the canoe, all around us as we continued to paddle slowly along. As we paddled the loons slowly dissipated and we floated with the music and stopped paddling as my husband and I closed our eyes to send our love and that of our children (as they were floating their hands in the water at the side of the canoe in their own 'early hour' silence) to Mother Earth. As we started paddling again a hawk fly overhead of the canoe, we rounded the corner and at the point - where the land comes around one corner and joins the land coming around another corner, there is a tree at the point - there on the top of the tree was an eagle - it flew the other way so we didn't get an up-close look but it didn't matter, the flight of that beautiful bird was enough. As we paddled along (and pit-stopped for the children to 'use the woods') I was able to meditate for awhile while my husband steered the canoe - as I was sending my 'healing balm' to mother earth to heal her wounds my little girl kept tapping me on the shoulder and whispering 'mommy, mommy look, right up there, you have to see this, please look' - I didn't want to be disturbed as I was deep into sending love and healing but I could hear them whispering by now about the beautiful beaver that came into view, they marveled at how peaceful it was, not trying to get out of the way as has our past experience with beavers has been. As we were coming around an island 2 loons again came into view, this part of the journey was so spectacular - again Be Still Thy Soul was playing on the CD, as I had the 'repeat' button pushed because I saw how the loons responded to that song the first time, they started doing their call, in response to their call we thought we heard - we were close to land by then - something answering them, the children seemed frightened, I wanted to experience what was going on, my husband and I both put our fingers to our lips towards the children trying to 'hush' them, the loons became 'frenzied' - answering the call they heard from the woods, we thought at first it was coyotes, or maybe wolves, but we didn't think there were wolves around these parts, the - this cannot be put into words but here goes anyway - the calls from the loons were being answered (I quickly 'paused' the CD so we could hear clearly) by the howling of the wolves in the wooded hills - we then realized the 'wolves' we heard answering the calls of the loons was actually the 'echo' of the loons - later in the day I read in the book 'Animal Speak' this part "The loon is actually very talkative, and it has a whole repertory of calls-each different in sound and meaning. One of its calls is similar to the sound of a wolf howl." We are so grateful to have participated in healing this beautiful planet we call home.
- Sharon M. (New Ross, Nova Scotia, CANADA)


I had the privilege of meeting Shelley Yates at the Bedford waterfront park to Fire the Grid. While listening to the majestic music ("Light and Love" by Anael and Bradfield) playing in the background, I was able to reach a deep state of meditation. I had a life changing experience during this time that I will NEVER forget! I suddenly had this overwhelming feeling of intense joy and love enter into my body and I literally started to vibrate. Tears were rolling down my face from sheer bliss, and this vibration was coming from the core of my body. It lasted for what I estimate around 2 to 3 minutes and then it left my body feeling more relaxed then I have ever felt. The interesting part of this is that I had previously had problems with severe back pain (from which I had been going to physiotherapy for over 6 months), and chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Yet after this state of intense relaxation my body never felt better. As I write this 1 day and a half after experiencing this marvelous event, I continue to feel so much better. I was able to do housework today that I was not able to do for many months as a result of my healthier physical body. Even if this whole experience came about just as a result of positive thinking, I still strongly recommend meditating to the magical sounds of Anael and Bradfield, and you are bound to experience a wonderful sense of happiness as well. God bless you all.
- Denise G. (Porters Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada)


On a beautiful sunny morning in Sydney, Nova Scotia, 18 Earth Angels gathered together to send Love and Light to Mother Earth at the Sydney Boardwalk on the waterfront. We began with a prayer of our intention for healing and wellness for our planet and all of life, while gathered in a circle. We played the guitar and sang a Unity song written by a member of our group which expresses the truth that we are all of the same Source even though we are unique in our expression. We then passed around our circle a bottle of blessed energized water which contained a blend of Bach flower remedies. Each of us put our love and intention into the water to be poured into the Sydney harbour at the end of our 1 hour session of prayer and meditation. One of the members brought a globe and Biogenesis Tools of Light. We used the Tools to direct Healing energy to our planet. We all proclaimed together, "Mother Earth we love you, Mother Earth we thank you, Mother Earth we respect you. " We repeated this three times and felt the energy of Love and Gratitude flow from us to Mother Earth and we knew that it was received. We each shared our joy and passion with each other in the circle to fire our own grid. Our youngest member was one year old and our oldest member was 80 years young. We ended our session by pouring the Blessed energized water into the Sydney harbour while expressing our Love and Gratitude to Mother Earth. Then we joined in a circle again for a prayer and lots of hugs for all. Thank you Shelley and Beings of Light for giving us the opportunity to share in this experience. Love and Blessings to everyone involved. Sincerely,
- Sue M + Earth Angels (Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada)



Greetings, I was in the middle of an empty horse field at 7:11 am. I was facing the rising sun coming up from over the trees. The air was fresh and very still and the birds were singing. I could feel the sun touching me directly on my third eye, opening it and filling me with joy. I breathed in and out and imagined tree branches growing out from my head out into the sky and up into the Universe. Roots sprouted from beneath me, down into the ground, far down into the earth. With each inward breath, I drew in the energy that was available, let it fill me, and with each breath out, I directed it down into the earth. I focused on a single daisy directly in front of me. I imagined the energy as feeding a hungry child. I felt supreme and utter bliss and love for that hour. I had no clock or watch with me. I was spoken to at the end of the hour and was thanked for my help :) Love, Light and Peace
- Susan A. (Balinafad, Ontario, Canada)


Starting at 11:11, the instantaneous connection with the energies being generated/released was absolutely amazing. This was more potent, more vast, than any of the many many single, group and world wide meditations we have ever experienced in. Thank you for your receptivity and work for bringing this about and mega thanks to the Beings that led and supported you.
- Steve and Erina S. (Beeton, Ontario, Canada)


BEAUTIFUL. I was outside under some trees on Lake Ontario. We listened to Love & Light. there was a group of about 20 of us meditating. In a meditative state i breathed deeply and did art with oil pastels. I moved my body as it needed to move. My 16 year old daughter laid her head in my lap. I felt the love and presence of everyone i ever knew including those that have passed. Tears of Joy flowed. My heart feels (more open). My body tingles. With love,
- Karen S. (Burlington, Ontario, Canada)


The hour of meditation with music passed as though it were 10 minutes. I felt myself floating above the Earth mother along with uncounted other individuals, rejoicing in the privilege of being conduits for the energy of the sky to reach the Earth and vice versa. For the first time in my life, I knew myself to be One, a part of the whole. Deep gratitude for this magnificent experience which I carried with me throughout the day and still feel now, 24 hours later.
- Mallory (Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)


I listened to the music you could download free from this preparation and during the whole hour. I started sensing connections with others as the hour approached. I prepared my smudging bowl to be ready when the time came. At the start of the hour, I took a few deep breaths to ground with Gaia and connect fully with the powerful loving energy field surrounding her/us. I smudged my sacred space, my drum and sent the smoke to the core of Gaia and in the world surrounding her. I kept visualising sending love light healing to the the planet and all those of us sharing in this magical event. I drummed intuitively for about 15 minutes... ...then i just went silent and watched beautiful images spinning behind my eyes. I saw a valley filled with people doing Tai Chi in the sun ... flash to another scene of an African celebration dance ...flash to a glider flight though the Amazon forest ... flash to children running laughing and playing around a water sprinkler in a park ... flash to images of those new type of energy/electricity/ wind mills (with a futuristic look) >>> around those wind mills more people doing Tai Chi <<< there were more but that was probably the most touching, beautiful and lasting image for me. Voila! I then slowly pulled back into myself, breathed slowly while sending gratitude to All That Is. Thanks for creating this event and please let me know when others are planned. With much Love&Light ...
- Marc L. (Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)


In my meditation I found myself standing at our local lookout tower, where one can see about 20 miles in any direction. I saw loving energy sweeping across this entire area, and I knew that this energy would meet up with the energy of others around the world, so that the whole world would be covered. I also saw a grid, like chain mail, with rips/tears that needed mending. By touching each join, the damage was repaired and that section of the grid was whole again. I was given to understand that I should spend some time each day mending the grid in just such a way while in daily meditation.
- Cheryl (Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada)


We gathered at Lake Erie, one of the most polluted of the Great Lakes in the Great Lakes system. We arrived at 7:10 am after much rushing around. Prior to the event my 7 year old son was awoken by me and I found him wrapped up in his Earth Globe. He took it to bed with him and said he wanted to sleep with Mother Earth before he prayed for her in the morning. We brought sacred medicines and all of us offered Indian tobacco to the water in our own way and in our own time. We drummed and sang and offered the Universe a women's song of healing and our Mohawk drummer (a man) sang an Iroquois a song called "We walk with the Spirits". I feel incredible and wish to thank you for accepting the responsibility of being a messenger. In your "real human being" way you are able to cross the bridge of being "weird" (as you noted) to reach the simplest of us. I send you and all those involved in this project love and light. I am a Poverty Reduction Strategist involved with a National Movement called Vibrant Communities. I am genuinely interested in your next project. Namaste,
- Michelle S-W./Native Community members (Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada)


Although I was one sole person firing the grid in my home, I let others know and had a group of 10 people whom I love and care about firing the grid also. In my own personal experience, I had downloaded some of the beautiful music from the site and I put it in my walkman. I lied on my bed as though I was a child floating on my back in a pool making a starfish. I opened myself up to giving as much energy as possible to healing the earth's core. At first as I closed my eyes and listened to the music, I felt myself floating as a light form, I could see that i was somewhere very dark yet there was a glow. The glow was coming from others I could see in the distance, i realized that I was in the centre of the earth. There were no stars. I was floating and dancing, just moving to the beautiful music and giving off all the love and gratitude and joy I could for the earth. I felt free, I felt free to cry, I could feel my body welling up. As I was dancing around, Others came to join me in their beautifully lit, outlined silhouettes, My family and friends. I could see other pods of people all around us joining together. Finally one last person came to join our pod, it was my grandmother who in my human existence I hadn't seen since I was 13. She passed away from cancer and she did not want me to know she was ill so we lost contact for a year before she passed. When she came to me during fire the grid, she hugged me in close, I could feel her and I could smell her. I was able to forgive that I wasn't told of her illness. Now I can just love and appreciate all that she is and all she means to me. We all continued to dance together as the pods started to form together to create this beautiful warm glow, that felt like a gentle vibration, a hum, felt in every cell of my being.
- Tinya G. (Innisfil, Ontario, Canada)


I first learned of FTG in Nexus Magazine Vol. 13 #2 in April 2006. Intrigued, I jotted the time and date down and presumed I would participate. Of course I misplaced the note, and forgot about the exercise. Four (my personal lucky number) days before FTG I came across the note again - Friday the 13th (lucky day for me). There are no coincidences. I mentioned FTG to my wife and she decided to participate as well. We elected to each do our own thing separately. She meditated in her room with tapes of whale calls playing in the background. I put on a ceremonial shirt I haven't worn in 13 (there's that number again) years and went into our garden. I smudged with sage and prayed to Great Spirit and the seven directions. I called in my guides and spirit helpers and prayed for help, to fire the grid and heal the earth mother. I continued to smudge with sage and tobacco, and later added cedar and sweet grass. During the time, I was visited by a crow, and two red squirrels. They came from the north and played in the east - from the earth to the source of new things. The magic is here but there's a lot of work to do. This was strange since there are usually a number of birds, squirrels and insects in our garden. Yet, during the whole hour, not only was the neighbourhood unusually quiet, but no other bird, animal, or insect put in an appearance. As the time wound down I said a closing prayer and mentioned to Great Spirit that I had faith that we would get the help we need. I asked if I could have a sign that it had worked and hoped that I would know it when I saw it. The air had been still during the whole time, but there was suddenly a gust of wind from the south, through the maple and apple tree in the south of the garden; from the south - the direction of healing. Pila Maya Wakan Tonka. Mita kuye oyasin. Mita kuye oyasin hech eta alo. Ho!
- Bob J. (Kanata, Ontario, Canada)


I found out about this event the night before and it was to happen at 7:11 a.m. the next morning. I wondered how I'm going to do this with three small kids and being on my own with them. I downloaded Be Still Thy Soul and had it playing at that time. I asked my oldest child to quietly wake up and turn on his morning cartoon with his younger sisters or to join me if he would like. I sat in the kitchen listening to the music and relaxed my body and sank into a light meditation. The tears started pouring and didn't stop for the twenty minutes I was alone. It was a strong feeling of connectedness and love that washed over me and overwhelmed me. My little daughter came and watched me for a while and I peeked at her out of the corner of my eye. She watched for a while and then curled up in my lap and just sat with me. She allowed that love I was feeling to materialize on her. It was amazing!
- magdalena t. (kitchener, ontario, canada)


My mediation started with a visual of the earth spinning in rotation. As it turned I saw millions of dots of light emanating from earth upward toward the heavens, the galaxies and beyond to "all that is". The light dots moved into "lines" of light dots like pixels. As they touched and joined, the streamers of dots suddenly transformed into streamers of brilliant light! The streamers enfolded the earth and I was aware that the process of "firing the grid" and healing the earth had begun. As my meditation continued, I found myself as part of this wonderful "field of light" “flying” first, over the USSR, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, England then across the Atlantic to North America. It felt as though there was a need for more healing on this part of the planet than any other and it seemed due to both the damage on this part of the earth itself and the inhabitants as well. I was aware that there was great sorrow here but also potential for great healing. The moving "field of light" continued to the Pacific and back to where "we", the unified light field, had started. At this point I saw the earth from a distance and an illuminated "grid" criss-crossed the planet and burst into flames along the grid lines indicating to me that the process was complete. The final image that came to me in my meditation was that of a dolphin, reared on its tail swimming backward and "chatting", as they do when trained by man to entertain us - not in their usual forward-swimming natural manner. My sense was that this dolphin was very pleased and was saying "thank you" for the universal healing for the earth and all inhabitants! I opened my eyes after exactly one hour of the meditation. It was a wonderful experience! Thank you.
- Wendy R. (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)


It was a wonderful meditation. The hour went by very quickly! I didn't realize it was near the end of the hour, but I felt someone say "thank you" to me, and then realized the hour was done. Namaste,
- Karin Y. (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)


Absolutely amazing!! I only learned about the Global Meditation on July 12, 2007 and spent all weekend reading everything I could online about the event and about Shelley's story and her incredible courage to follow her heart. There was a group meditation here in my community and I was there around 6:45a.m. very much looking forward to this emotional morning. Even the music makes me emotional!! It touches a part of my soul that has never before been touched. I have always enjoyed meditating in a group atmosphere but it was so intense just knowing that we were a part of a global community all at the same time and all of the same mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you....something has certainly opened up in me and I look forward to hearing about our next steps. Isn't it unbelievable what can happen when you listen to your spirit guides? God be with you....
- Joyce R. (London, Ontario, Canada)


We fired the grid in a group of roughly 100 from Brescia University/College in London Ontario Canada. The whole experience although lasting an hour seemed only about 15 minutes tops. From the moment I closed my eyes to the moment we were brought back into an awakened room, I could not believe how fast time passed. Also everyone was overjoyed and hugging afterward. The air outside seemed clearer and more still. In a sense I could feel the new energy that we had stirred. When we sat in the auditorium firing the grid, I felt a sense of spiritual beings / angels who filled the empty seats. They helped amplify the energy of those in the room and send it to where it was needed most, the earth. This was a truly genuine and rewarding experience, and I felt honoured to be a part of it. I cannot wait to see what is in store for phase two with Project Cause.
- Nicole K. (London, Ontario, Canada)


I started the light and love CD at precisely 7:10 Toronto time and began by going up to God in Theta to command the firing of the grid to heal our mother earth and bring our world together as one race in peace, joy, prosperity and abundance. I stood and observed as Spirit sent down the lightening bolts of energy into Gaia's core and the grid fired up sending pulses of energy up through the center and up throughout all the regions of our planet...It was like a giant heartbeat, steady, strong all the while cleansing our oceans, lakes, streams, rivers, our air...the droughts stopped and where dried infertile land became fertile and the plant kingdom began to rejuvenate...people laid down their weapons and danced in the streets...all of the lands were clean...our energy sources no longer poisons our mother, Golden abundance was being shared by all including our plants, animal, sea and crystal kingdoms...and our individual source energy was all joined by a gold thread which grew into a gold cord strong and flexible and we danced and sang together while the angels, ascended masters, god, goddesses, being of light of this world and outer worlds rejoiced with our outpouring of love and healing energy. Elation and bliss over the coming together of our physical and nonphysical worlds in harmony, peace, joy and love. I could see and feel the Golden Age, I was in it with the most thrilling of energetic pulsations throughout my body - and tears of joy slid down my face for most of the 80 minutes or so I was in prayer and meditation for our planet and all of our kingdoms. When the CD stopped I was shocked at the time...8:20 as it felt as though 5 minutes had passed at most. I sat listening and singing several of the songs while the peaceful bliss continued to course through my body...knowing that we had accomplished our mission as so amazingly lead by Shelley. Thank you Shelley for listening to the beings of light and leading by action to the beginning of the most amazing time on our planet for us all. I so appreciate your gift and your willingness to follow through and lead us into Peace within each as we are responsible for every aspect of our lives...Peace, love, joy and prosperity for all starts and ends with each individual. As if we are peaceful, joyful, prosperous, abundant and loving within ourselves so too will our brothers and sisters of source energy... Our friend Clayten in Vancouver calibrated that at least 30 million had the intention to fire the grid and at least 8 million were in prayer and meditation to fire the grid for the 60 minutes or more...awesome, awesome wonder my Spirit team was so a HUGE thankyou to every one of my brothers and sisters for sharing their love with me, our mother Gaia, all the kingdoms and all beings of light today during that 60+ minutes. And for all of you who voted for healing, love, and peace for our planet. I AM grateful and filled with appreciation for you all! I will continue to clean and work for the highest and best good for myself, everyone and everything in this world and beyond! Thank you again Shelley... I love you all! Blessings and light xo
- Catherine P. (Markham, Ontario, Canada)


My meditation started at 7:11am EST.... I felt the wave of energy pulse through me and my heart chakra opened up and some joyful tears flowed. I could feel all of us listening to "Be Still Thy Soul" and "Sky Sent" at the same time. A friend of mine (an astrologer/tarot card reader) also told me that on Tuesday July 17th the planet Pluto (transformation) will conjunct our Galactic Center (spiritual power), which is at 27 degrees Sagittarius (higher mind). This only happens every 240 years and when it does it holds open a door to expanded awareness to connect us with these powerful Universal energies that have the power to heighten our awareness and allow us to activate our cellular memories of other times and dimensions...holding the door open to a much more expanded awareness of who we are and why we came here!
- Leanne C. (Markham, Ontario, Canada)


Hello, We met at the Meaford harbour and walked down to the beach with our lawn chairs at 7:00 a.m. We sat in a circle while one woman read her beautiful poem she had written, about Mother earth and a gentleman read a channeling excerpt about raising energy on the planet. We then held hands in a circle, said our own silent prayer/meditation for a few minutes and then broke off in small groups or individually. Some put their feet into Georgian Bay, some laughed and chatted, some meditated in the traditional sense, some hummed etc. Afterwards, we went back to a friend's house for a brunch. I personally found afterwards that I felt absolutely exhausted...for about 2 days. I also had a dream that my brain was vibrating/shaking in my head and I thought that perhaps it was re-wiring, to the new energy level. My energy levels have since returned back to their original levels. Love and light,
- Leanne (Meaford, Ontario, Canada)


Quite often, I have trouble settling my mind into a meditative state, but this day was different. I opened the hour of meditation by calling in the directions, to open to Mother Earth and Light Beings. I was then instantly pulled into a force that was unmistakably a universal, powerful, unifying, infinite Force. As the hour went on the pull released slowly, until by the end of the hour, I felt It was ready to release me. I prayed. I received messages throughout the hour. Hurts came up in my thoughts, and I released them to the great Force for love and forgiveness. I have since had healed thoughts towards what used to be hurts and grievances. What a pleasant surprise it was to experience love, total acceptance and offer a smile towards what used to cause me pain. What then, must the implications of this hour of meditation be for Humanity? I hold much gratitude to All for this opportunity. Thank you Shelley. Thank you Great Brotherhood.
- Naomi (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)


We eight came together, in circle, in beautiful Stewart Park, Perth, Ontario. A sacred place, in a very sacred town. We were surrounded by the energy of the ancient trees, our ears caressed by the Tay River flowing by, our skin warmed by the rising sun. Perth is often called Sedona North because of the crystals in the granite bed below, and the mystical draw that brings many to live here without really knowing why. Our small town of 6000 is home to dozens of Reiki masters, Angel practitioners, psychics galore, a Buddhist monastery, a school for Shamanistic Studies, hundreds of spiritual people, and will host a Global First Nations Gathering of Planetary Healing in October. Roberta shared her sweet grass and we smudged ourselves while she played her drum. Then, for one hour beginning at 7:11 a.m., we sat or walked around the circle, in meditation and prayer. The end of the hour was, coincidentally, signaled by 5 loud bangs from construction nearby. We shared our experiences, intrigued by the similarities. Many saw healing light colors of pink or green. We saw the energy envelop the earth, either in grid patterns, smoky swirls, or like drops in water emanating outwardly, the energy flowing into portals like ours, all over the planet. Some of us were transported to other groups at Ayers Rock in Australia, or sacred places in Ireland. Some of us felt the energy so strongly that it invoked an immediate shift in our vibration, accompanied by a touch of nausea. Time evaporated, timelessness permeated us. Gratitude was in our hearts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.....
- Susan J. for Eucalyptus Group (Perth, Ontario, Canada)


We had a smaller group of approximately 20 ... we have had hardly any rain through our Summer thus far. On that particular morning, it was spitting lightly, so my closest friend and I (and the rest of the group) sat under trees to protect us from getting wet for the hour we were Firing the Grid. We were in front of our City Hall at the time. Approximately 20 minutes in, the rain had progressed to the point where we were really getting wet, even under the trees. Many members of the group got out their umbrellas and sought more shelter under the trees. My girlfriend and I welcomed the rain as a cleansing experience due to what was taking place all over the world. We embraced it and stepped out from the shelter of the tree and stood in the downpour with the rain soaking us to the bone. It was a wonderful experience (neither of us could remember the last time we felt so free). We continued with positive, loving thoughts until the hour came to a close. Our clothes were soaked, as were our blankets and meditation mats ... however, I felt that now, my 'mats' (as well as our bodies) had been cleansed toward the new energy. After going home for a hot shower and to change into some dry clothes, I felt very clean and positive about what I had taken part in. I would love to know how many people took place in FTG worldwide and wish we could have been in a larger group locally, but am thankful to have been involved at all.
- Christine L. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)


Blessings all: I didn't sleep much at all knowing we were all being given a gift at what was 7:11 am for me. A chance to chose to step up and share in remembering who we really are and to breathe in that reality with perhaps millions of people. I took out a crystal with me to lie in the hammock in my back yard. Everything felt so fresh and new and the energy was already vibrating so high. (Who needs coffee in that energy) As I centered myself to prepare there was a deep penetrating calmness that seemed to sit in the air. I held my crystal, meditated, sang, and celebrated. So many of life’s gifts that I am grateful for came through and I expressed gratitude in the energy of us all joining as one, deeper than I can fully understand. I could see the bright energy of the trees dancing across the sky. And it felt like the earth took a big deep cleansing breath. The sun was shining on my hand producing a shadow on my house and I could not only see a shadow on the physical body but the shadow of my energy body. You could feel the unity reach out to the skies and back into the earth again. I repeated a phrase over and people, one love, one tribe. Thank you all for joining in on this event, thank you creator for reminding us of our perfection, and thank you mother earth for all you give us. (((HUGS)))
- Anne Marie S. (Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada)


Our group experience was amazing. In our sacred space inside a tipi, each person meditated for the hour with the committed intent to heal Mother Earth by the transference of unconditional love and heart energy from the deepest part of their soul. At the conclusion of this hour each person experienced something different and amazing, but all knew, and verified that the presence of energy and light beings were among us. As one of the facilitators, I am so grateful to have participated in this joyous gathering and know that the healing of ourselves and others will continue in an upward and positive spiral motion and will catapult the healing of Planet Earth. At this time, the energy of the collective souls is still being felt and I know it will continue for a long time afterwards. With much gratitude, humbleness and love, I share these words with you. I would also like to extend a heart-felt thank you to all who helped to make this collective meditation happen for our community. You know who you are....!!! Gracias mis hermanas y hermanos en espiritu. Con muchisima carino y amor...
- Elena K./Sudbury Spiritual Community (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)


At 7 a.m. about 85 people gathered at Marina Park in Thunder Bay to participate in the meditation. To start we stood in a circle, holding hands while I spoke about the purpose of the meditation and we joined together spiritually. Then we each sat where it was comfortable, being able to view Lake Superior and The Sleeping Giant. It was very, very special. We played the music from the Fire the Grid website. At the end of the meditation we stayed to share our experiences. Most found it to be extremely powerful and extended their thanks to me for organizing and advertising this group meditation. We are all grateful to Shelley Yates and her co-workers for having organized this world-wide event. Congratulations! Light and Love,
- Carol S. (Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada)


I felt completely focused, brightly energized, joyous, loving and connected during my meditation. While I concentrated on my breath, I visualized myself as one of many conduits of sorts, both sending & receiving energy from the universe & into the planet with the intent of healing & peace everywhere. Prior to July 17th, I was concerned that I would have difficulty maintaining this state of being as I had only practiced meditation for shorter periods of time. On this date however, I glanced at the time only after feeling my meditation was complete and exactly one hour had the minute! I am extremely optimistic & excited to see how this global effort will manifest itself!
- Ian E. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


Way to go Shelley: fantastic job. Thank you. Don and Wynn from BBSRADIO kindly facilitated a whole hour for many of us to Fire the Grid in Unison. The experience was transforming. The love was overflowing from every participant in all four corners of our little blue planet. After the meditation we all sent you a wave of love energy - here's hoping you felt our love being sent to you too, from our hearts to yours. Thank you for working towards the good of the whole and utilizing yourself selflessly in service to all in love to others. You are an example of a Human Angel who is setting a commitment to enlighten all in assisting the grid and in helping each other join together in love. Much love,
- Caroline B. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


When the alarm went off at 7 am I felt into the energy and boy it was already roaring-a feeling of immense energy running. I thought, WOW, it's really working. I imagined all these meditators meditating together, creating this great stream of energy that could be felt around the world. I reached over and put on the headset of my CD player. I flipped on the start button and listen to my Gamma Meditation CD (by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson) for an hour. The CD weaves subtle Gamma brain wave frequencies in a soundtrack. They produce feelings of compassion and love-the heart chakra opens. So I went into a Gamma state for an hour and a half and repeated that I dedicate my love to the core of the Earth and to her healing, I said Thank you Thank you, feeling gratefulness and love for her Being. Then I went back to sleep. When I woke up I put out 'feelers' to sense if anything was different; there is a sense of peace and groundedness now, all around. It is a surprise, because the pollution is terrible in Toronto today, it smells bad again and it's hard to breathe--yet it is very quiet outside my window--for mid-town that is a litle unusual. There is a groundedness that feels like the energy of a person who has been seriously ill for a long time, unable to recover, and now they are standing in front of you, well. Their energy is solid again. It feels like Earth is resting in her energy, just absorbing her new state of being. I hope we have done enough to restore her. If not, let's do it again. I am thrilled to have been part of this event. I was very skeptical at first, but my heart said, oh go on, do it. And it felt great. Much love and thanks to all of you who put your efforts into making this happen, it is an awesome display of faith and love. You have inspired me.
- Lucy B. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


I showered, dressed and put on some spiritual music; a CD of my best friend's son's band, playing Indian ragas and their own tunes. I did some stretching and yoga, and then prayed and read some verses from Bhagavat Gita on the nature of God and the Soul. I began chanting OM, and then a few Sanskrit prayers, followed by chanting the Hare Krishna mantra. I started slowly, listening to each syllable. I felt the sense of winding upwards, as the chanting picked up speed and changed in tonal quality and depth. I chanted that way for some time, focusing on my third eye, until a golden globe of light gradually developed in the centre. Slowly I became aware of myself again. I read a bit more, and ended by standing before a small blue deity of Krishna beside a beautiful cream coloured cow, and chanted aloud until the hour had passed. I then put on Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams and prepared for work. No stars or fireworks, but a lovely peaceful feeling and a sense of being a small part of the greater whole. Thank you for the Divine Invitation. Blessings.
- Catherine / Ksiracora dasi (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


I set up three chakra candles (throat, third-eye, crown) and lit them. Below the throat chakra candle I placed the word stone "Harmony". Below the third-eye chakra candle I placed the word stone "Peace". Below the crown chakra candle I placed the word stone "Love". I put on a music CD called "Illumination". I held in my hands a piece of fresh cedar and a green moldavite meteor gemstone. As I meditated and concentrated on all the wonder of this life and all the things that make me happy and filled with laughter and joy, I felt my body vibrating on many levels. My concentration was very strong, although I was very relaxed in my body, and this lasted for approximately the first 45 minutes of the intended hour. I found I had to really force myself to stay focussed during the final 15 minutes of the hour meditation. After the completion of my meditation, I pulled 3 dolphin cards and received the messages "Integration", "Entering New Dimensions" and "Healing". The corresponding expanded information in the book was very enlightening and apropos. As I live in Canada and my time zone is GMT -4 hrs, my meditation period was 07:11-08:11 in the morning. This is a little earlier than I normally rise, however, it was very quiet, and a lovely time to meditate. I found I was quite tired afterwards and went back to sleep afterwards, intending to awake again in about 1-1.5 hours. I awoke 3 hours later. How strange that I should be so exhausted after the meditation. Once I re-awoke, I found myself in a very quiet and contemplative state for the next few hours. It really was most pleasant. Thank you,
- Pach (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


We went to sit at the lake in Toronto with the birds.. It was a glorious morning with lots of sunshine and mist on the lake.. The birds were just breathtaking as they swooped in their formations across the water... A little baby seagull pecked hungrily at some bark on the grass... My boyfriend and I began with some pranayama and chanting followed by a meditation... About half way through the meditation I got incredible chills go through my body in little rushes and I thought to myself, we've fired the grid!!! :) I finished the hour off with some sun salutations and a healing chant. We went to get breakfast and came back to feed the birds... The evening prior to this morning I couldn't sleep for the excitement of the possibility of imminent change and healing for our society... I am so absolutely excited to know that I am not alone in feeling society dragging me around and that we can heal ourselves and Mother Earth...I am living in much much hope of a tribal, spiritual society... Thank-you to the light beings who delivered this message to us and thank-you to Shelley for sharing it with us... Thank-you so much.. May peace be in all of our hearts - Om
- Ruth and John (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)



At 8:11 our time, I was sitting on a local, much loved, beach. This was a gift in itself as I had been violently sick during the night, but I was granted the blessing of being well enough to go out early in the AM. It was very cloudy and dull when I arrived. Undaunted, I settled into my meditation and not long after (very near 8:11 I'm sure, but I didn't break my meditation to check,) the sun came out. It was out and lovely for about 40 min.. A light shower (no obstacle as I was wearing a rain jacket anyway) ended my time on the beach. I knew I had friends in the US, UK and Africa joining me and I expected to feel their presence. I didn't, and I wasn't the least bit disappointed by this as my meditation was so gentle and peaceful I just felt blessed to be able to share in the event. Thanks you for all your efforts. I'll be interested in phase 2!
- Char C. (Kensington, Prince Edward Island, Canada)



I am a member of "The 1111 Progress Group" and was very happy, along with many of my fellow members, to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity. I said a prayer to our Divine Father, Christ/Michael and Nebadonia, put on the CD "Light and Love" and sat down on my couch. I then relaxed and went into a deep meditative state picturing the "Source of All" coming down into my body and then exiting into the earth, where it powered the core. After this it then returned to the surface where it joined with the power from all the other participants and then entered the grid and flashed throughout the world. I felt a white light surrounding me to a depth of about 2-3 feet. I also felt this light inside of me and "saw" it pulsing in my mind. I hope that many others will relate their stories as well. xoxo Throw some love into the wind xoxo
- Bing H. (Gatineau, Quebec, Canada)


I was so excited and couldn't wait for this wonderful event. I realized that it has been long time since I felt such an excitement and happiness for something to do or participate, actually the last time I felt it was when I was child waiting for Christmas day and Santa Claus!!! It was the most beautiful important exciting project that I could participate in my whole life. I am so proud to be part of this wonderful event. When we started this morning and I put on my blindfolds and sit down in a meditation position and when the music started, I felt chilling all over my body and tears start running over my face!!! The chills came again few other times during the session and as if they came out from my heart running all over my body. They were coming out from the heart and also going up toward my upper body and especially my head and then I had a feeling of pulling out from my heart area like the chills going out with a pull feeling from my heart. I would like to mention also that the hour past very fast!! I continued for another 15 minutes. I wanted more. I hope that this collective event was very special for everybody and that we succeeded in helping our planet to heal. I think that it is just the beginning of a new era and the birthing of a spiritual life where people awaken and live their life for joy and love. I think we should continue to do more and more gathering and more collective praying for the sake of changing our humanity for the better and for our evolution in this wonderful physical life and on this beautiful planet. I hope that we can witness one day our human enlightenment and that we can go beyond our limitations and fear to know our inner God! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. With Love and Light,
- Mireille M. (Longueuil, Quebec, Canada)


In our Celtic Shamanic Wiccan tradition we honour the Earth as Sacred and a manifestation of the Great Mother. How did our "cosmic moment" go? I went on a Shamanic journey to the Greenwood, a place between the worlds where the God and Goddess reside. I met Them there and asked them to help "fire the grid" as an earth healing. The Lady opened her hand and there was a red fire in it. She gave me the fire. It didn't feel hot, but it had a lot of energy. I took the fire back and sat in the Meadow between the worlds. I felt as if I were sitting in a ball of light and that there were many people all over the world sitting in balls of light connected to me by strings of light. I bent down and placed the red fire on the string connecting me to the others and saw the fire catch like lighting a fuse. It whooshed out with tremendous energy and I saw the whole grid of energy catch fire and turn red. Many of our Wiccans were doing the same thing at that moment and we were connected together in that space. Since then I have been looking for signs that the world has changed. One thing that has happened is that my dear friend and husband who has been ill with terrible depression for three years is suddenly not depressed anymore. He is happy, in a good mood and singing. He loves his new job and says that he is almost recovered. So I don't know if that was a coincidence or not (but I thank the Goddess!!!). Also I feel as if the love and connections in our Wiccan community have become stronger. Has the world changed? Or have we? Blessed Be!
- SLANE /Wiccan Sacred Circle (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)


The hour began with the Tibetan practice of Tonglen for the planet which consisted of inhaling all the suffering of Panchamama - the Spirit of the Earth, all of her wounds inflicted by human beings. Holding this anguish of the Earth in the Heart and responding with compassion, empathy and love for the life she embodies. In haling the suffering and hatred of all humanity - and holding it in compassion, exhaling a rain of luminous lotus petals upon all those thirsty for love and affection, starving for food or drink. Embracing all the lost souls on the planet with this compassion - asking their forgiveness - and holding the balance for the Earth holding the breath out. In haling again all the pesticides, poisons and pollutants made by human hands, drinking and eating this poison into my own being, manifesting compassion - seeing healthier more intelligent ways being given to Humanity - exhaling all the organic vegetables into the store and a new policy abolishing the use of pesticides , favouring a renewed sensitivity and caring for the ecosphere. Holding the balance. I began to feel a golden light like a pillar entering my being as I continued the practice of tonglen for the lost will of the Earth....I saw rainbow coloured lights moving into the heart of the Earth from all the intentions broadcasting in harmony. My friend participated with me...though she didn't know the meditation - she felt the energy flow. My friends in Colorado shared their experience of a red coloured divine loving rose light being trickled into the Earth for healing and how she saw it change over the hour from pink to rich brilliant gold coloured light. My other friend also saw the rainbow coloured lights....Afterwards we all felt as if a tremendous burden was in the process of being lifted up.
- Makane O. M. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)


I got up with my hubby and daughter early and went outside in the yard to admire the beauty of the world around us. We sat outdoors and thought of the things which make us happy, hubby scooted around getting ready for work but I know he was also firing the grid along with us... 2 of my sons slept in and the other is up in the woods, he is also aware of how special today is and had agreed to enjoy his time in nature and find thanks in his heart. I braided my hair last night and undid the braids this morning as a symbol of letting go of past confusion to make way for a new rebirth of awareness, I also made a small fire and burnt up the 20 year old journal of sorrow, getting rid of the old to make way for the new. Bright Blessings across the globe!!!
- Jennifer (Pabos, Quebec, Canada)



We had such a great time on July 17th!!! It was a lot of fun. There were 91 of us!!! I was impressed - this was early in Saskatchewan! We gathered in Wascana Park, by Wascana Lake, in Regina, at 5:11 am. One person came early and stood drumming as everyone gathered. The mist (so rare for SK) was all around, making like a room that we were in, so that we could hear from across our big circle. We stood together and touched the earth with our feet. Different leaders guided us through meditation, connecting with the light in us and the earth and all around us, remembering our true natures, remembering joy, becoming aware of our connection to all things, including all the others firing the grid at the same time, and inviting healing divine light to surround the earth, the people and ourselves. We chanted, too, and at the end, we hugged everyone other in the circle, and thanked each other or said peace. There was a First Nations man who had brought his smudging bowl, so some of us smudged at the end. The place was full of joy. I felt the trees as part of the group and all the birds were singing so loudly!!! One woman saw the trees glowing - she sees auras. And one woman had brought her dog. The dog was jumping around everywhere! She said usually the dog was really calm! But everything was so joyful and feeling connected. Afterward, I stayed in the park and stood by the trees, communing with them. A friend of mine rode her bike around the lake, and when she came back, she sang me a song she had just sung (for the first time ever) to the trees - it was about how we are light, that we come from the light and return to the light. That all are light. It was beautiful. Since then, I feel more connected to myself and nature. Feelings from the past come up more quickly, ones I need to let go of, and I am able to release them more easily, or deal with them in other ways - I can look at them more closely without feeling the need to turn away. The trees are contacting me in different ways - not always with strength, but sometimes with needs now. And I am receiving their love and healing, rather than always trying to put out to them. I generally seem lighter, more joyful. I am acting more with a goal in mind - a goal of love. It's easier to move toward this goal. It is really great. I am very thankful that we all were able to be involved in this. I'm glad, humbled and in awe that I was able to be an organiser of this event in Regina. I was given lots of signs to make me get into this: synchronicities: from the date being my birthday, to happening upon Shelley giving a sermon at a church, on the other side of the country, just because I had to return a guitar (and we all wanted to go to that church that morning)! :) The night before, I tried to plan the meditation I would lead, in words, but it was just lots of loving energy, and a drawing. That morning, I asked for God's guidance, and said what seemed right, and people were really touched by it. All the meditations and activities were beautiful. Peace to you. Love and light.
- Rachel M. (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)


It was 5:11 in the morning my time. I woke up at precisely 5:11 and did a meditation focusing on the joys in my life and being grateful for them. I got up after about 20 minutes and did some yoga stretching then returned to bed to do some more meditation sending the earth and universe my love. Throughout the experience I felt a huge energy connection to the others who were participating. I could tell the meditations had a lot more energy behind them than normal and I felt very good to be able to participate. I am a very recently awakened Lightworker and happy to do my part. I first began investigating spiritual and metaphysical information in December 2006 and feel like I have been running ever since.
- Fay T. (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)


My spiritual group and I got together yesterday to join the 11:11 meditation. In our time zone that was 5:11 a.m. We had 11 people who participated. Afterward we had figured out 1% of the square root of our small city's population was very close to 11 people. How that came up was the a friend of mine had said that it takes 1% of the square root of a population in order to raise the consciousness so we figured just for fun we would see what our number was. We all went to the park across the street and sat around a huge tree. We couldn't have had a more beautiful morning. The mist against the tangerine and magenta sky was enchanting. Lots of us saw flashed of colour like purple, golds and greens as we were meditating. As I often do, I received some messages from our guides and angels. I'm not sure if you believe in Faeries but one of my first visions as I closed my eyes was a bunch of little people climbing out of the tree to join us in sending energy. Thank-you for giving us this opportunity. Sincerely
- Tekeyla Gathering Place (Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada)



I was so happy to be participating in an event of this importance and magnitude. At 4:11am in the wee hours of a Yukon summer I prayed for our sacred mother and that she would be healed and purified so that us, her children could finally get about the business of doing what we were meant to do, to spiritualize the matter of our precious bodies and begin to co-create our own earthly paradise. It will happen. Bless you Shelley for going through this life changing experience and being able to listen to and hear the voices of our Elder Brothers.
- Heidi M. (Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada)


My plans were always solo for FTG, and became more so when I had to look after a house for someone the night. FTG happened at 4:11am for me, so I caught about 3 hours sleep before hand. I'm not an experienced hand at meditation as it is, so I decided well in advance my approach would be my own prayer and just reflecting on the wealth of joy and love I have. It's not something I think many people do. I know I don't have much time for it normally, so the hour was really blissful. By the end I was grinning from ear to ear just listening to sweet, slow music and feeling my connection with everything else. The last 20 minutes or so seemed to stretch into a glorious euphoria. I woke up this morning feeling so blessed. It's a beautiful day. I know there is so much I have to still do in my life but there is hope. Thanks.
- Marie C. (Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada)