FTG II Testimonials

To give you a little infusion of inspiration each day, we have decided to feature the new testimonials incrementally so that you can breathe in each experience all on its own.

As we move towards Fire the Grid I, this list will grow. We welcome you back regularily to read new testimonials from FTG II on July 28, 2009 at 19:19 Rio de Janeiro time.

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The 3 of us sat under my 9-fold pyramid that usually resides above my bed. We opened up a multi-dimensional portal using it to channel the Love and energy. I saw lots of plasmic shapes in my vision. More than the usual amount. I was passing through into the plasma it seemed, which I have never seen really in my mind's eye. One shape in particular was a circle in my bottom right of my vision and it had intense radiation coming from it. I felt it was Earth's grid being fired up with us all, today. How nice. :) I Definitely was feeling my kundalini firing up, with my forehead tingles. I was sending energy with everyone using my ring of spheres technique. Surrounding my 2 other friends and myself, then to all others. As well as bringing the Light up from the earth, and down from Heaven to reside on our Hearts, then burst out to all others on the planet. Thank you.
- BJ W. (Austin, Texas, United States)


As I sat in front of my altar, I was acutely aware of the net of others I was connected to as I connected into the grid. Some where human and others, not. I needed to release some intense grief before I could get to the joyful vision I wanted to hold for the Earth and humanity. I had been told that same day that it was the Jewish holiday of Tish 'a B'Av - a long mourning period - the next day. It is said that we can't move on to joy until we mourn the losses. I had never heard of this practice, but it was born out in my meditation. There was no stopping the tears and feelings, so I spoke them and cried them , and felt relieved. The highlight of the meditation was a burst of light that opened in my heart chakra 3/4 of the way through, that was like I was burned clean through front to back! It was a powerful opportunity to join together again and feel the huge connection around the world of "like mind". Thank you for setting this up!
- Carol P. S. (Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, United States)


I lit some incense and listened to the music of Anael & Bradfield (Buddha Spirit and some other songs as well). I prayed for Gaia and all Humankind. I experienced the energy as rings of Golden Light passing around and through me. After the energy passed through me, I was bathed in a Golden Light like warm sunshine on a summers day. It was an experience I will not forget. Thanks to all who participated. I love you all.
- Miles (Syracuse, New York, United States)


The hour of meditation felt like 15 minutes. We saw different lights and different colors. There were visions shared of landscapes seen from above. The meditation was done outdoors and suddenly all outer sounds slowly receded and dissipated. For myself (Walt) I kept receiving the message "Breathe the World". And also, this date was my 50th birthday. In Human Design terms, it's the beginning of true life. Thank You for this fantastic opportunity.
- Elsa & Walt (Crystal, Minnesota, United States)


It was an experience above all others! We felt a great deal of joy, peace, happiness honor & humbleness with Grid - 1. The feeling in Fire the Grid - 2 was off the scale. To realize how many other souls we had joined for this event was beyond comprehension.
- W. Family (Clarksville, Tennessee, United States)


My meditation lasted exactly and precisely two hours ñ not one. I looked at my watch on concluding my final closing prayer and the time was exactly 10.19am! The first vision I had was of all of us ñ the millions of us throughout the globe that had gathered ñ as lightening rods. Each one of us, an energetic rod, rooted into Mother earth, acting as conductors of Light from Source. From the beginning of the meditation, one of my crystal skulls became the principal tool for me to anchor the energy for Firing the Grid. This is a brand new member of my skull family ñ a beautiful clear rock crystal being - which arrived with me only the day before yesterday ñ obviously timing its arrival for this event! The first major activation came when, as the channelled song came through me, I was guided to kneel on the floor bent over this skull. I saw my spine light up and became aware of much energy at the back of my heart chakra, as a key was inserted there to open it. Then, as the skull physically found the front of my heart, I became immediately aware of a very sore spot just to the right of that chakra in a physical bone protrusion. As the skull massaged this point of pain, the tears started to flow huge grief started to pour forth as my body rocked to and fro. I felt the love come through the crystal skull being, softening the blockage in the heart both back and front but particularly, I felt it was opening ëthe right chamber of the heart. This process was not just personal to me ñ I felt this was happening for all of us taking part today. As the tears flowed, the words Mother Love came, and I felt the Divine Mother ís love envelope me. The realisation unfolded that this is where most of our grief lies. We have been separated from our Mother ís love for so, so long. Today, we are coming back. The tears continued as the skull proceeded to activate the other lower charkas ñ solar plexus, sacral and base. As the grief released itself from each one, my body finally came to rest. I felt totally connected with Mother Earth ñ fully rooted into her energy field. This is an unusual experience for me as I have always found it difficult to be completely grounded into and onto this Earth plane! I saw us then ñ the millions of us, with spines of pure white crystal Light! A knowing descended. we have become crystalline energy and then, the words, repeated over and over, Clearing the Crystal conduits of Light; Clearing the Crystal conduits of Light; Clearing the Crystal conduits of Light...So, I think this is truly what we are what we have become. We are the Crystal Conduits of Light. We are the Lightening Rods. Through us and in us, the Crystal Conduits - The Light from Source And the Light from Mother Earth, Become one. We are indeed the sacred vessels of the Light. Much love and many Blessings to you all - my fellow Crystal Conduits of Light.
- Lia S./The Sounds of Sirius (Cairns, Queensland, Australia)


I did it! I put on music from Bradfield & Anael on my ipod so I could drown out the background noise in my house and I visualized an abundance of food, prosperity & love for us all as well as restored health to the sick, life being restored to whatever has been depleted on our planet. I meditated on our planet being restored to its natural state of beauty and well being. Then I listened to Heal the World by Michael Jackson and I could literally feel the energy moving through me. It was amazing. The song ended at exactly 7:19 EST!
- Maryann M. (Levittown, New York, United States)


Very peaceful. Could feel pulsing energy of all of us believing a new world in existence. I had pictures of all my teachers and a very special one too who just held my hand as I told him I simply wanted to change and change is the world. I felt a joy in the halfway point of the meditation. No more pain. Only joy, and love.
- Kaur (Long Island, New York, United States)


Amazing! I sat in the water in a beautiful lake in the mountains, surrounded by trees, animals, and stillness. I received deep insights and direct guidance to stay strong, and that "it is coming soon". I felt a deep sense of ease, and joy during my meditation. I felt a strong calling to stay connected to the Earth during the process that lies ahead...
- Ethan S. (New Paltz, New York, United States)


I sat in a beautiful cabin overlooking the lake with my partner, my mother and a dear family friend. We began a couple minutes late and before we started I could feel the increase in vibration, knowing the meditation had already begun around the world. It was one of the most joyous meditations I have ever experienced. I witness myself and every being on the planet frolicking, dancing and singing. All it took was for someone to look into another's eyes with love and their fear was completely disarmed. I saw us all in deep awareness that we ARE the Earth and it is us. As a result of this awareness, we healed and so did the Earth. I could see the energy rising from the crystal beds, being gathered by our intention and harnessed for the creation of a new earth. I am so very grateful to those who organize this monumental event and to all of us to are lovingly and consciously creating an experience on this plane of love, abundance, peace, and joy. What an historic moment in Creation to be a part of!
- Kathryn H. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


I read about Fire the Grid II in an article by I was amazed by the idea and instantly marked my calendar. The time of the meditation was 29th July at 1:19am, Kingdom of Bahrain. So at the specified time I got up and start it by praying for 10 minutes and said my prayers for the peace and love to be spread all over the world. Then I sat for meditation for the remaining 50 minutes. The energy was so strong, a path opened in front of my heart chakra and I received lots of energy in it. I imagined that all the human beings live in peace and love. That our beautiful earth free from all the problems and pollution. I imagined that all the nations live peacefully together. Overall, since knowing about the shift of energy I increased my mediations. I sincerely hope that all the prayers have been answered.
- Amal (Qalali, Muharraq, Bahrain)


I had a very powerful experience that moved me to tears. In my meditation I created a counter clockwise torsion field around myself, than after envisioning a future full of abundance with free energy technology, morphed this spinning circle unto a beam of golden light and launched it straight up into the sky, and into the earth. At this point a felt a sensation that I have not experienced, like waves of warmth in my mind. Then without my direction this beam encompassed the entire world in a golden toroidal field.
- Arthur P. (Tacoma, Washington, United States)


We were all so happy to be a part of the world meditation. Knowing that we were adding to the collective positive energy gave us such joy. We all felt the power of what we were doing. We also thought about the idea that we could meditate so at any time, and there would without a doubt be others doing the same at that moment to add our energy to. How joyful is that?!
- Solar Yoga (Longmont, Colorado, United States)


To start my FTG story I need to re-collect the experience I had in July 2007 where after my meditation firstly a white butterfly and then a black butterfly appeared in front of my eyes. Next thing I saw and my heart was absolutely filled with joy: a huge black-white whale (Orka) gently passing by right next to the shore (I was meditating down by the beach 100 km south of Broome that day). It confirmed for me what I felt when I saw the two butterflies: BALANCE re-stored and REUNION of the male and female. Two years later (July 2009)I find myself in the center of Australia picking up a rock from Kata Tjuta (sacred MEN aboriginal site)and placing it the next day at ULURU near a sacred WOMEN site (guided by Spirit) and again I could feel what I felt already 2 years ago: BALANCE re-stored and REUNION accomplished. It felt very sacred and I was invited to be initiated to be one of 'them'. Loka Samasta ... may all beings in all the worlds be happy! Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
- Britta (Denmark, Western Australia, Australia)


What a beautiful and wonderful hour that was for us. The time was perfect as well because here on Long Island in New York, it was nearing sunset so the sky was absolutely breathtaking! There is one thing that I wish to share with you that I noticed at precisely 6:19 pm (my start time) on Tuesday. My granddaughter and I were already in Avalon at the Fairy Pond for about half an hour prior to 6:19. We were both pretty quiet, just breathing in the beauty of our favorite place. The forest in the evening is buzzing with noise. Numerous birds settling down to roost, nocturnal birds just waking, insects buzzing, gentle breezes rustling through trees, the sound of the tiny waterfall there and even children with their families still hiking through the area. I kept checking the time and calling it out to my granddaughter. Finally, I said "It's 6:19!". I tell you the planet went totally silent! Not one sound. Nothing. As I was noticing this, my granddaughter came around to the large rock I was sitting on from her perch near the waterfall and she said "Grandma! Did you notice how quiet it just got?". It was amazing. The only sound that I could hear was the gentle splashing of the waterfall. I smiled to myself as I realized that everything on the entire planet felt that first immediate shift of energy at 19:19 whether they were conscious of it or not. As if the planet just held it's breath before exhaling all of the energy, the Love, the Light, good intentions, and affirmations of hope. That one single moment will forever stand out in my mind as defining FTG ll. The moment the planet woke up and took notice. It was beautiful.

It saddens me to see that Shelley will be moving on from all of this, but I so clearly understand her need and desire to do so, and I wish her everything that she dreams of and more. I am grateful beyond any words for what she has done for me personally and for all of humanity. Shelley has facilitated uniting a planet with LOVE. Something no person, no organization, no country and no political group has ever been able to do in history. Why? Because she knew this to be truth. There are no 2 things in this universe more powerful than LOVE and TRUTH. I am grateful also that I have had the most beautiful opportunity to connect with and work with you and Annie. I am also grateful that because of FTG and all 3 of you, that I have been able to connect with so many like minded people and to also share and teach what I have learned and experienced. Thank you. For everything. For you, your beautiful music that has brought my soul to its knees, for Annie's Angelic vocal chords, which brings my soul and my heart to places that are not of this Earth and which moves me beyond words, and for the work that you both have done for and with Shelley, to help unite Mother Earth and all of her children, as we usher in a whole new world. Thank you. Thank you. With more Love and more Light, today, tomorrow and always.

Diane, Angel Talk Cafe with Joy (United States) 










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