Why do we manifest from the heart?

The idea in manifesting from the heart is that all you do comes from a place of highest good for all. In understanding that this kind of manifesting really sticks, we create permanency in what we intend. Heart manifesting is the best way to create a new world filled with love and compassion. Therefore it must first come from a place in the heart where we see others before ourselves. That is not to say that we do not place ourselves in what we manifest, only that creating our own joy must follow the principles of the heart. First do no harm, apply honesty and integrity in all that you do and then find your personal joy while expressing gratitude.

Let me explain. When we manifest from a place of mind, we forget that what we need for a new world is the sharing of resources. Manifesting from a place of mind without heart puts us squarely in the ego of our being and in this place we tend to put ourselves first instead of the greater good of all. Therefore manifesting our intention from mind omits the truth that as great creative beings our first goal is each other and harmony and abundance for all beings not just ourselves. Eventually, it will break down for as we move into this new time, the self is less important then the whole.

Therefore when I utilize the word mind with reference to manifesting and creating our intention, it infers change your mind change the world, but only if it resonates with the new high frequency of a shared earth. Using heart energy keeps us honest and in integrity with our intentions. When you remember who you are from the heart space, you have no choice but remember who each other is. We are all Divine Beings in form and to see yourself as so is to remember who everyone else is. We are family. To many in this age, this means little as family has turned on each other throughout the annals of time. But this new family is one of truth. It is the Light family from whence you came. It is your true family and as we step into this new way of thinking with love as our guide, we will not let each other down. We will be present with each others' needs and we will understand that the best for all is the prosperity of all the species of the planet. Through the heart space, we remember to include the best for the planet and for our connection to the stars. We simply remember what it is to be whole and in harmony with each other, the planet and our Source, the Brilliant Infinity.

It is relevant to point out that when you manifest the best for all, it does mean that your personal joys and preferences are not important. What I am saying that our personal intentions follow our collective intention for a better world, then we add our personal flavour, again doing so from heart space. I remember speaking to a group of people one day and when I discussed the concept of do no harm, honesty and integrity and find your joy live it fully and give thanks a man in the back of the room stood up and shared that his joy was to rob a bank. My only retort at that point was to say “well if you can do that without harming anyone and with honesty and integrity then by all means go for it.” He was not understanding the heart component of intention and manifesting. First we build a wonderful world full of sharing and abundance for all, then we bring in anything else that we intend that inspires joy both personally and collectively. If you bring the joy of hot air ballooning to the grid, then the intention is that it is available to all who wish to experience that particular pleasure.

It is imperative that we create from the heart space during the Fire the Grid event. It is our highest collective frequency. We are collectively charging the new grids of the planet and birthing the dawn of a new humanity. In understanding the “I am” of our Being, we also understand that this creates “we can” for anything we desire for the new time. Remember who you are and then everything you do comes from the heart as there is simply no other choice. In that remembering, we instinctively connect with the heart. Also remember that in all of this, you first connect to your Source in whatever means you use. For those who have no connection ritual, I suggest you first agree that, YES, I am a Divine Being in form. This states your truth and intention to the universe therefore I am entitled to connect to my true source of being. Now that I remember who I am, I CONNECT. Say it out loud, write it down or sing it. In whatever way you choose, connect with intention, make it real in the action of doing of it. This is where we each contribute in our own way without rules of another stipulating how it must be done. Your heart remembers truth and it knows that you can choose the way that works best for your own human.

These Beings have brought many messages but the underlying truth from them is this : connect with your own highest self. It remembers truth and it knows exactly what your own human needs to feel that truth. This is the time of “to thine own self be true”. If something does not resonate for you, then don’t do it. Pursue that in which you feel truth. Unite in your similarities. Our greatest similarity is that we are all Divine Beings in form, each having a human experience upon this earth. You are first a human of the earth, not a human of a country nor an individual. You are one of billions. Remember who you are, create from heart and dream a better world into being.

Once we have met the first tier of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for every human and we have balance within ourselves and the planet, then we can bring on the personal joy. We are spiritual beings in human suits and these suits are built for pleasure. Our true nature is to seek out pleasurable experiences, live them fully then express gratitude for all that we have received. Do this while being vigilant on the principles of doing no harm and staying in honesty and integrity. Create from your heart and you can do no harm.

It is the time of the great awakening to truth and this is our first great truth. If something does not feel right for you then adjust it until it does. If nothing feels right, use your own Being to guide you to your highest truth and connect. When we are alive in our connectedness and feel it as truth, this is where we are most powerful with our intentions. Remember, remember, remember : that is what they want most for us. Everything else will fall into place once we remember who we are.


Much Love,

Samoiya Shelley Yates







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