From day one, Fire the Grid has been a project of pure Love, directed by my friends from the Light and based on their instructions. They shared with me that every aspect was to be done benevolently so humanity will see how to unite for a common good. When we have truth, money will not matter, that is what is coming for us in the future. All will act with open hearts because it will simply be impossible for us to turn our heads.

That is the essence of how we proceeded with FTG. In the beginning, such a concept seemed overwhelming to me as I had no knowledge of how to create such a thing, yet at each step of the journey, someone would be placed on my path right when that need was greatest. And as we grew, everyone who joined us applied the same principles, helping us expand into 14 languages in a matter of months, ultimately reaching millions of humans.

For phase two, we will continue to offer of ourselves freely for the FTG project and it will remain that way right through the final event. Everything presented on this site is of direct correlation to the messages I have received, and it it shared herein with the objective of assisting humanity in the various stages of this transition to the new time.

It is worth noting that with a high volume traffic site such as FTG, considerable revenues can be generated through online advertising incentives such as Google's AdSense, if this was indeed our goal. We have been directed however right from the outset to keep the purity of the messages intact and thus the site will continue to remain as it always has, without paid advertising or marketing of any sort. The costs of creating and maintaining our website are covered through the small income generated by the sale of various "Billboards for the Cause", promotional items to spread awareness of the events. (The majority of these revenues actually go towards the manufacturing costs of the promotional items themselves)

In our regular lives aside from Fire the Grid, both Annie and Bradfield had successful artistic careers before I met them, and they continue to create sublime, beautiful recordings, many of which hold embedded tones of special significance. I have been blessed to have them on my path as they have responded with incredible generosity both towards Fire the Grid and towards me personally.

Finally, as Fire the Grid is not a foundation or an organization, we are not setup to accept your financial contributions or donations. If our work resonates with you, the greatest way you can support it is to participate by Sharing your Joy.

Much Love,
Samoiya Shelley Yates


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