Music Downloads
These songs have been graciously donated by Anael and Bradfield as free downloads to assist with the meditation. All files are in the .mp3 file format.
NOTE: To download these files to your hard drive, hold your mouse over the links below, "RIGHT CLICK" and choose "SAVE AS...".
Sky Sent (Disclosure) Sky-Sent.mp3
Heaven & Earth Spirits Heaven & Earth-Spirits.mp3
Be Still Thy Soul Be Still Thy Soul.mp3
Printable lyrics for Sky Sent (Disclosure)
Printable lyrics for Be Still Thy Soul
Other Song and Album Downloads
Other individual songs and albums may be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Music Store (search for Anael or Bradfield). These are legal and authorized versions and the artists will be payed a portion of each sale. If you do not have the iTunes software program, it is free and may be obtained here for either Windows or Macintosh.

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