The Synchronicity with Bradfield

I have spoken somewhat of Bradfield and my connection with his music in my talks and I would like to share with you in more detail information surrounding how Anael and Bradfield's work is directly linked to my own.

It was late 2005 when I met a beautiful young woman who shared a vision with me that resonated so strongly with my directions for Fire the Grid that I could not ignore the coincidence. That woman was Anael. I will not go into the incredible experiences we shared at that time but suffice to say we became dear friends and she introduced me to Bradfield. Once meeting Bradfield I again discovered we had much more in common than it first appeared.
My beings have told me that when the three of us came together, we created an alignment. Apparently Bradfield and I have come here before as a paired link and we create the most challenging of human circumstances to come together, both bringing pieces of the puzzle that would be woven together. In this light, it isn't surprising that Bradfield was inspired to share his music with me but much to my surprise, I heard not only the angelic voice that is Anael but I heard something more, something below the music and words that were lulling me to a place of peace. Under the beautiful poetry and enchanting music, I heard tones. These tones played over and over in my ears as I listened to the music and embedded in these tones were the instructions for Fire the Grid. Bradfield and I were linked.

The link was obvious to us but for what reason. At the time I did not know but I do know now. The truth of all we are is tonal. The universe communicates in only one way: the use of tone and frequency. The universals tones embedded in Anael & Bradfield’s music spoke to me and guided the building of everything concerning FTG. While listening to Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey, everything from the encoded symbol which was painstakingly produced with exact measurements; to the pictures under the stones, even the colours we used for the text and links. It was wonderful. It was like having a graphic designer presenting the details and Bradfield masterfully followed the instructions I heard built within the tones of his own music. He himself did not know the tones were there. He had embedded them without knowing he had done it. This in itself is an incredible story.
Subsequently, I began to hear tones in much of Bradfield’s music. The Beings explained this was a method of reaching me and teaching me to listen and then translate what I heard so I could share it with the world. I listened to the tones and they told me the story. They explained Bradfield is a channel for the uplifting tones and frequency of the universe. In his connected state, although his human isn't even aware, his soul hears these life changing tones and he has the ability to embed them in his music.  

I have been instructed to use another CD of Bradfield’s for the second phase of Fire the Grid, Buddha Spirit. Interestingly, it is an album I also used in the early stages of preparing FTG III, and I have been told more now about its importance. With the Tibetan mantras, Bradfield has saught out the highest of frequencies humankind has experienced for a very long time. The Buddhist monks know truth because their God center is open and they use the mantras as expressions of this connection. When Bradfield combined the timeless Sanskrit words from the East with his own channel, the result is incredibly powerful. Coincidentally, Buddha Spirit is also exactly 1 hour in length, the length of time of the 2nd meditaion. There are no coincidences in life, only Divine right order. I will be listening to Buddha Spirit on the second FTG day. I look forward to the download this soul lifting album provides. Again humanity will benefit from the residual tonal energy.

Speaking of tonal energy, when I was pulled back to the bathtub with “Spiritual Beings” again almost 3 years later, I heard the album in a whole new way, it was not the same music that held the instructions. So, the instructions have been given again, but in different pieces. The French song Etre Sans Age (roughly translated this means "Timeless Soul" held something this time. Two or three other sentences stand out in my mind – “Trace the hand of God” is one of the songs that has made me feel incredibly connected. Embedded into “Trace” is “Hold your place, now your worth, feel your Divinity. This is your truth. Another one is "Let your Love flow, reach into the heart divine, youèll find itès shining..." I listened to this album over and over for almost 6 months just getting all this information and absorbing it and utilizing it. There’s a piece of it that speaks to the soul, that gives me instructions, but Bradfield's words, at my most desperate times, also spoke to my human. 

I would like to share another synchronicity that happened only recently with Bradfield's music. Over thirteen years ago, long before we had met, he and Anael wrote a song called "Upon a Restless Night" and it appears on Anael's debut album Light of Refinement. Just recently, my Light friends spoke to me of my mandate and they told me that Bradfield wrote at that time of what he knew would be the future, the messages already contained in his own coding. And what I heard was truly incredible to me. Almost line by line, this song resonates directly with my life, describing my experiences. It speaks of how I was taken up in the sky and played all these tones. They took me into a room where everything was made of liquid light and taught me about these tones and how to translate them. They told me that "each tone was a note in the symphony of truth." The chorus in particular feels like he wrote this just for me. Man’s plight is your truth, in his spirit: your mandate defined, this life’s yours but to give, the light won’t leave you denied...” Everything I speak of is based around the truth and the next line was like a shot in the forehead: your mandate has been defined by the truth of mankind's plight, and having to give from the place of life to have that connection and joy. The second verse is just as poignant:" Lifted from my earthly ties, there atop that mountain, I felt the love that I live to disperse; one by one, they harmonized, soon a choir of ageless cries, heralding epochs of wisdom and verse..." As a child, I spoke of love all the time and it's only recently that I have begun to truly remember that. As I listened further, other songs on this album contained tones as well, in particular the song without words entitled "Birthing Clouds." This piece sent my body into gentle convulsions of pure pleasure.

Bradfield’s music is delightful to the ears but more importantly, this music holds encoded energy from beyond our world. it is not heard by the ear but by the soul and the frequency of truth is apparent. I will mention one other thing here, Bradfield was asked by these Beings to give many pieces of music to the project for free. Without question he did this. I thank him for this gift. The reason for the request was to leave millions with the tonal energy without cost, and this was achieved as we have given away over 10 million free downloads thus far.

This music has been shared the world over with wonderful experiences. Bradfield’s music works wonders with children and adults experiencing ADD and other attention difficulties. I know the tonal resonance has been used in many healing sessions and by teachers trying to reach children that appear to be unreachable. I encourage everyone to experience this wonderful music that has changed my life forever.

Much Love,
Samoiya Shelley Yates


Buddha Spirit


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