FTG II video invitation

We are very excited to have been able to create a broadcast quality video ad for Fire the Grid II. The two (2) minute video is freely available to anyone who would like to feature it on their local television station, cable network, PBS, at your local events and even on your individual websites. Send it everywhere and help us spread the word!

If you need a different video format for broadcast, please contact us and we will be happy to do the conversion for you.

Files are in the Quicktime .mov format, a free download from Apple. To stop or lower the music while viewing, simply use the PAUSE or VOLUME controls in the top righthand window.

  427x240 (5 MB)
  641x360 (7 MB)
  854x480 (10 MB)
  854x480 High Quality (27 MB)
NEW 427x240 short Email version (1MB)





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